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Juerg Luedi (Switzerland) An artist’s statement

My art practice refers to stories of reversion, representation and displacement. I understand my art work as multidimensional collages of opening spaces of intercultural contentions. It intends to evoke in the eye of the beholder individual, collective, socio-political and religious representations. I like to shift, to shuffle and to superpose places, objects, artefacts, events and meanings to make perceptible, observeable and apparent, how our perception is situational and constructed. The strategy of alienation, displacment and transformation is a search for making social conflict zones visible, to provide an insight to the public to think and perceive space and time on a different way. The artistic intervention in public spheres reflects social processes. The process of alienation scrutinizes the perception: Is it a minaret? What is a symbol? What is a sign? How and what do they evoke? What is the impact of forms on our imagination? What creates a pictorial space? How do we move or are we moved in space and places? cuttings - vita activa 9|93 - 11|13

Juerg Luedi

Installation, 2013


Landescape Art Review - November 2013 - Special Issue  

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