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Mandy Williams (United Kingdom)

An artist’s statement

I am a photographer and video artist who is interested in the social dynamics arising from contemporary culture - particularly how personal identity is affected by environment and how our social and affective lives interconnect. My interest in the psychology of place and how a sense of home is created and sustained has been a catalyst for both autobiographical and voyeuristic projects, documentary approaches to more conceptual ones. Much of my photographic and video work highlights the domestic environment, although projects sometimes refer more broadly to place and sites in transition. My recent landscape work and photographs of the built environment share an underlying narrative about human interaction or presence and the psychology of a particular place will always lead me to research and initiate a project. Some of these ongoing series include Unseen Landscapes (2012-14), which uses Google StreetView captures as a starting point to create somewhere otherworldly; Disappearing Spot (2014), about the last seen locations of missing people, and Riverbed Stories (2012-14), photographs documenting polluted riverbeds in South East London.

Mandy Williams #196 Winter 1

LandEscape Art Review - May 2014  

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