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Jocelyne Clemente Hello Jocelyne, and welcome to LandEscape. I would this start this interview with my usual introductory question: what in your opinion defines a work of Art? And moreover, what could be the features that mark the contemporariness of an artwork?

A work of art is the expression of our human qualities. Art is reflexion, emotion. It is a language which unites ages and territories; it is a tool of knowledge. You can study works according to their original context or other criteria, but it is not my way of doing so. I establish connections between the art of the past and today's works, for me, they exist in the same contemporaneity. Would you like to tell us something about your an interview background? I havewith read that you graduated in Fine Arts from Saint-Etienne Art School: how has formal training influenced the development of your artistic practice? Moreover, are there particular experiences that have impacted the way you produce your art nowadays?

I have always been very receptive to images since my childhood. Shyly, I began visiting museums during my adolescence. I felt a very strong attraction for some works, even if I knew nothing about them. I did not have any cultural references in my immediate environment. I did not feel authorised to go to art school straight after high school. First I had to think of earning a living, in spite of my desire to study Art. After studying English at university, I passed exam to become a teacher. It was at the very start of my teaching career that I met students from Art School, I was very attracted by their lifestyle, and I understood that I needed to involve myself in art, to try this experience.

Jocelyne Clemente citing because they were confusing. It was not expected that you just know how to draw well, in reaeality I did not understand what was expected of me. It is a place where you are challenged, where you have tremendous meetings, where you learn what is freedom and commitment. If you are not 62

Landescape Art Review - December 2013  

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Landescape Art Review - December 2013  

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