LandEscape Art Review - April 2013

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Brooke Knight

Not to mention that art should have an effect, should communicate something. Do you think art’s purpose is simply to provide a platform for an artist’s expression? Do you think that art could steer or even change people's behavior?

Art can't help but communicate! If you logically follow my definition of art, it is the receiver who has the art experience. How that experience is internalized by the viewer is up to the individual. However, artists often have an intention, and sometimes that intention is to change the viewer's behavior. My intention is to point things out and to ask questions, not to determine how the viewer should react -- that would be propaganda. Your work deals with new media technology: do you think that new media art will definitely fill the dichotomy between art and technology? By the way, in these last years we have seen that the frontier between Video Art and Cinema is growing more and more vague: do you think that this "frontier" will exists longer? Your artworks have been shown in several international and regional exhibitions: what experiences have you had exhibiting in different countries? By the way, what is the difference between exhibiting, for example, in USA and exhibiting in France, or in Germany?

In most cases, for me, there is little difference between exhibiting in the States or in Europe. Most of the submissions are done online in email or through a form for juried group shows. I think there are more of those opportunities in Europe. Having said that, most of my solo exhibitions in museums and art galleries have been in the US, due to the fact that I can meet and develop relationships with the curators. That means a lot. 41

I think the dichotomy between art and technology is a false one. All art employs technology: the painter's brush and the potter's wheel were technological breakthroughs at one time or another. If I use a DSLR, is that any different, really? Technology opens up new possibilities, and I think it is incumbent upon artists to test, explore, and even break that technology. I think that dividing art by the medium used is silly -- technology is transitory. I also have trouble with dividing art by genre, but that's a long story.