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LandEscape 96

Monika Szpener

Art Review

feature of your approach that invite the viewers' perception in order to challenge the common way to perceive not only the outside world, but our inner dimension... By the way, I'm sort of convinced that some information & ideas are hidden, or even "encrypted" in the environment we live in, so we need -in a way- to decipher them. Maybe that one of the roles of an artist could be to reveal unexpected sides of Nature, especially of our inner Nature... what's your point about this? € You are right when relating the Foucauldian idea of heterotopia to the Meble project, as I use to materials excluded from the world of life, materials that are excremental, that are to be eliminated from the space of the “always-thenew” of consumerism. In that way I try to contribute to the fight against the hegemonic position of late capitalism; fight – not in the aggressive meaning but softly, not trying to break anything but to transform our perception and understanding, and due to that also to change our worldview and the ways we act in everyday life. This is the responsibility of the artist – not arguing, but acting on the level of form and senses, as well as of emotions and intuitions. Of course, here again appears the another Foucauldian idea that our fights can be only local and dispersed. We cannot and we should not try to make any sort of bloody revolution as this changes nothing. We should change the way people relate themselves to the world thanks to the small transformation of relations with this what is the Other to the system: to the sensible body of us and of other beings and things in the world. The hegemony of “the use”, “the function” should be tresspassed. This is a truly liberating practice. We should not just ask about the function, as many years ago Herbert Marcuse had already been writing; we should ask different questions and liberate our sensibility on all the levels. For this the project Meble is done. It calls us to ask

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015