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Monika Szpener An interview by Josh Ryder, curator with the collaboration of Katherine Williams

Monika Szpener explores the liminal area between the expressive potentials of traditional media and the emerging languages that comes from a careful multidisciplinary approach. Her gaze on contemporariness doesn't simply deliver a mere report on new aspects of reality but also offers a personal view on what's behind our the experiences mediated by our perceptual process. Her work nieDAsie (noCANdo) that we'll be discussing in the following pages clearly shows the multifaceted nature of Szpener's approach: I'm very pleased to introduce our readers to her refined artistic production. Hello Monika and a warm welcome to LandEscape: to start this interview, would you like to tell us something about your background? You have a solid formal training and after graduating with a master's degree in Sculpture at the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun, you eventually pursued a Ph.D degree in Fine Arts. €I would like to ask you how these experiences have influenced your evolution as an artist and how training has informed the way you currently conceive the works that we'll be soon discussing. €

Artistic studies are not anymore concentrated around only traditional techniques but they inspire personal research within the ways of seeing, perceiving the world. Studying in Torun

was a very important part of my artistic development and has strongly influenced my artistic, aesthetic and general consciousness. It is extremely important in the contemporary world to be able to define and express each personal perception on the world and ways of its investigation. However, the same importance has to be paid to flexibility and fluidity that are inherent moments of the world. Then, studying both practical subjects and theoretical ones helped me to make my personal artistic perception conscious and to define flexible borders of the things in the world, which are all interconnected. Of course it has also allowed me to understand my reasons for creation that are mostly based on intuition and non-verbal emotions. Due to that I have achieved another level of investigation of my sources of inspiration and I have learned to formulate my beliefs passing them into the art and creating my own picture of contemporary world. €

Now let's focus on your artistic production: I would start from nieDAsie, an extremely interesting piece that our readers have already started to get to know in the introductory pages of this article: and I would suggest our readers to visit directly at in order to get a wider idea of your multifaceted artistic production. Meanwhile, would you tell us something about the genesis of this interesting project? What was your initial inspiration? €

nieDasie project is an experimental piece, fluid and developed with logic of intuition. It is Juerg Luedi

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015