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LandEscape 63 Art Review

Sergey Sobolev Lives and works in Moscow, Russia


ergey Sobolev is well known Moscow artist, designer, sculptor.A graduate of the Moscow state academic art Lyceum and the Moscow academic art Institute named after Surikov.

important of them is the theory of metadesign, the theory megaform, the concept of tactile design, experiences form therapy. In the framework of the project "Morphology" has created a series of sculptures of "Simple forms", "Circles", "Vessels", "Fruits".

Participant and winner of numerous competitions in the field of art, design and architecture. Participated in more than forty thematic, group and solo exhibitions.

Aesthetics and the General orientation of the creativity of Sergey Sobolev can be attributed to minimalism, futurism, symbolism and ecodesign. Almost all of his work are based on the philosophy of humanism, esoteric and metaphysics. They are distinguished by the detachment, contemplation, study of the field of the unknown and focus on absolute concepts. His sculptures and objects peculiar to biomorphic and brevity of form.

Over the past years has been developing projects in environmental design, product design, light design, eco-design of residential interiors, creative concepts of public spaces, conceptual architecture, design logos and volume of logos, creation of landscape and urban sculpture, symbolic forms, interactive and socially-oriented art objects. Hi developed theoretical foundations in the field of design, sculpture and architecture. The most

Sergey Sobolev is the head of the Studio "Ars forma". Member of Moscow Union of artists, Union of Moscow sculptors and Moscow Union of designers.

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015