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Kees Ouwens An interview by Josh Ryder, curator

Kees Ouwens harmonizes the expressive potential that comes from Nature with a rigorous formal approach: taking advance from traditional japanese heritage he accomplishes the difficult task of making gardens which reflect the period in which we are living now, establishing a symbiosis between Tradition and Contemporariness, into a coherent, consistent unity. One of the most convincing aspect of Ouwens' practice is the way he creates an area of deep interplay that invites the viewers to explore the crossroad between human emotion and Nature's geometry: I'm very pleased to introduce our readers to his refined artistic production. Hello Kees and welcome to LandEscape: to start this interview, would you like to tell us something about your background? You have a solid training and after your studies at the Royal Horticultural College in Utrecht you moved to Japan to study Japanese art and garden architecture, an experience that has deply impacted on your evolution as an artist. In particular, would you like to tell our readers the main added values of this experience? How did it informed the way you currently conceive and produce your works?

Well it is quite another culture in japan compared to the european.Your way of

perception of things dramatically changes and you learn about values you never ever thought existed at all.You get more deeply involved with yourself and your direct environment and nature.In a way you discover the roots of all again and how to make use of these in your work as an artist to find a balance and adding values to the works you make, may it be paintings ,sculptures,installations or spaces. Through my experiences here in japan for a long time now I gained a certain way of seeing my environment in a more bigger,deeper way which has a great impact on the works I produce and I was able to find my own style of working. Before starting to elaborate about your production, would you like to tell to our readers something about your process and set up for making your artworks? In particular, what technical aspects do you mainly focus on your work? And how much preparation and time do you put in before and during the process of creating a piece?

I try to make a work that fits into its surroundings as best as possible and that has a balance in its proportions and its use of materials.I first inspect the site and adapt my idea and designs to the place and think about another way of making the work.I never want to produce the same works always looking for something new. Also I like to use locally available materials to make it all more harmonious and respoding to its site and Juerg Luedi

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015