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Melissa Moffat

Art Review

La Vie est belle

the comic book collages, I would choose to make art of characters that are popular. € I often do commissioned Collages so in that case the audience is very important. € Recently€€censoredmy art because of though to the audience. €With this "Ohh La la" collage i was thoughtful about how much nudity i would show, of how it would be looked at as too erotic or xrated if i showed images of full body nudes verses just topless.


Thanks a lot for this interesting conversation, Melissa. Finally, I would you like to tell us readers something about your future projects. Anything coming up for you professionally that you would like readers to be aware of? € I've started to work with€Alexander Arnoux Pierre Curator of Pictura Agency. My collages will be the feature art in a new urban gallery opened in downtown Montreal Urbana Gallery,€I will be exhibing there€€june- july and

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015