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Melissa Moffat Canada

Kees Ouwens

Monica Szpener

Glen Farley



The Netherlands

Sergey Sobolev

My main focal point of interest were stone arrangements, which are the fundamental part of garden making in Japan. If the stone compositions are not done in a proper way, the whole garden will appear as an unbalanced, not well designed one. So I ended up working 3 years with stones only, selecting, arranging, and moving them around various places in the gardens I worked on.


Aesthetics and the General orientation of the creativity of Sergey Sobolev can be attributed to minimalism, futurism, symbolism and eco-design. Almost all of his work are based on the philosophy of humanism, esoteric and metaphysics. They are distinguished by the detachment, contemplation, study of the field of the unknown and focus on absolute concepts.

Monika Szpener, uses characteristic materials, e.g. various recyclable materials, worn out and useless items. Most of her works are interdisciplinary and combine various artistic techniques. In 2011 she got a doctor degree in fine arts at the university. She deals with sculpture in a wider sense, including portraits, installations, objects, and artistic actions.


I create kinetic, or moving, sculptures and installations. My goal is to encourage people of all ages to reflect on various subjects and themes, and to amuse and entertain. This includes me. My art practice is inspired by the motion and mechanics of Jean Tinguely and Arthur Ganson but my machinery is concealed in found and created objects, so only the pure motion of the objects remains.

Melissa Moffat is a fine arts collagist painting with the paper of different publications. Through her collages, Moffat breathes new life into magazine and comic editorials by removing them from the spine of the book and deconstructing them. Ultimately, the goal of her work is to take existing images and reuse as well as re-appropriate them to give the viewer a cornucopia of archival pictures that are meant to be examined with a whole new lens.

Faridun Zoda USA

In my artworks, I try to find a visual language in which to express how I see the uniqueness of forms in nature and in the visual expression of ideas. I try to animate the uniqueness into a tapestry by use of composition, design and color. My approach to my artworks encompasses diverse themes serving as stimuli, and each artwork is based on its own approach.

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015