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Kees Ouwens

LandEscape 19 Art Review

this way or do you seek to maintain a neutral approach?

Well I feel that people have lost their connection with nature in ournew society where everything is convenient,fast and clean,we do not suffer or struggle any more and are just looking for and easy and secure life style without complications.We lost our ability to wonder and dream we just life a boring,tasteless lifewithout any reason at all. So through my works I would indeed send at least a message out to the world to see and understand. Another interesting work of yours that has particularly impacted on me and on which I would like to spend some words is entitled Tanbo project: in particular, when I first happened to get to know with this work I tried to relate all the visual information and the presence of primary elements as water to a single meaning. I later realized I had to fit into the visual unity suggested by the work, forgetting my need for a univocal understanding of its symbolic content: in your work, rather that a conceptual interiority, I can recognize the desire to enabling us to establish direct relations... Would you say that it's more of an intuitive or a systematic process?

Tanbo project is the usage of rice fields like a garden or canvass in which big primary colored wooden boxes are placed without floors and ceilings.These boxes form together a sculptural installation but inside the boxes you can enjoy the art works made by invited artists. When you enter each box has a James Turnell feeling looking up into the framed sky. This contrast between the outside world of the total installation in the rice fields and the inside compact art space is the main motive of this work, a combination af man made art and nature.

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015