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direct way. This documentary was part of Gyumri Biennial in 2012 and you can find the shorter version on my vimeo page under the title "Fool Tool" . In the cinema world, Pasolini has this great neorealist way of working; even in his documentaries and video journals where he finds a common tongue to reach out to the masses in Italian or Indian or African villages , and that is very much inspiring. As far as the look of Elizabeth of Nazareth, I was interested in the alienated look of the factory scenes in Michelangelo Antonioni's "Red Desert" film. I admire his meticulous attention to image detail and design over the narrative story in creating his mood pieces. The direct but refined composition of "Elizabeth of Nazareth" has some references to the concept of heterotopia elaborated by Michel Foucault. What has mostly impacted on me is the way you have been capable of bringing a new level of significance to signs, and in a wide sense to re-contextualize the concept of the environment we inhabit in. This is a recurrent feature of your approach that invite the viewers' perception in order to challenge the common way to perceive not only the outside world, but our inner dimension... By the way, I'm sort of convinced that some informations & ideas are hidden, or even "encrypted" in the environment we live in, so we need -in a wayto decipher them. Maybe that one of the roles of an artist could be to reveal unexpected sides of Nature, especially of our inner Nature... what's your point about this?

I've seen a fascinating lecture by William S. Burroughs for a creative writing class that was designed to develop the students' habits of observation and awareness. He devises an exercise for increasing the range of focus and attentiveness of "what we know and what we don't know that we know". The exercise starts off with taking a walk, and paying close attention to what you see and hear, and

particular attention to what you were thinking "when you read that sign past that person who walked by that car". After doing this for a few

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015