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Joon Sung

LandEscape 133 Art Review

normally recognized by public. I always tend to scan things around me as a discovery process. Shooting video is about learning to see differently and to think in a different way. I am collecting video, hunting for video, and editing is how I make them. My video therefore is centered on a process of personal experience and realization. It also follows intuitive and unconscious approaches to the video as visual poems in which I grapple with all visual phenomena that I meet. This piece is minimalist poetic video that is made by without an interactions with the contents or manipulation in composition. It consists of a series of discontinuous moving images containing all experimental and non-objective forms, and its intent is aesthetic rather than representing reality in nature. Your recent work is particularly concerned with invariant beauty generated by digital technologies and the way it transcends time and space, in a way that has reminded me of Henri_Bergson's view on the nature of Time: the impetuous way modern technology has nowadays came out on the top has dramatically revolutionized the idea of Art itself: in a certain sense, we are forced to rethink about the materiality of the artwork itself, since just few years ago it was a tactile materialization of an idea. I'm sort of convinced that new media art will definitely fill the apparent dichotomy between art and technology and I will dare to say that Art and Technology are going to assimilate one to each other... what's your point about this?

artist directly perceives and experiences. I think that one of the main roles of an artist is like an explorer to discover something that are not

In the history of art, many art movements have risen and declined. While some of them are treated as anachronistic forms that do not function anymore, some are still valid and influential to many contemporary artists. New art-making tools are emerging at breakneck speed and are being applied creatively to

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015