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Glen Farley

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everyone came with suggestions for improving other aspects of the work. Your investigation about the dichotomy between the superficial and the real is expressed in Just Going Through the Motions: in particular, as soon as I happened to get to know this work I tried to relate all the visual information and the idea of regular movement to a single meaning. I later realized I had to fit into the visual rhythm suggested by the work, forgetting my need for a univocal understanding of what it symbolizes. Rather than Hermetism that often marks out contemporary sculpture, your work seems to express the desire to enable us to establish direct relations: it speaks with clarity... Would you say that it's more of an intuitive or a systematic process?

This work does operate on a couple of different levels. The metaphorical, to which you refer, explores the difference between what we promise and what we actually do - our personal reliability compared to these machines, which have kept lawns, bushes and trees alive for several generations. This leads to the other, more easily accessible dimension of the work - the esthetic and mechanical beauty of the sprinklers themselves, which for obvious practical reasons we seldom get to see up close (without getting very wet.) Another interesting work of yours that has particularly impacted on me and on which I would like to spend some time is entitled Research, which can be considered an allegory of current sociological and political themes. I have appreciated the way your

Just Going Through the Motions (photo by Lavasir Nord

approach forces us to evolve from being a passive spectator to more conscious participants to the act you perform... By the way, although I'm aware that this might sound a bit na誰ve, I have to admit that I'm

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015