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LandEscape 119 Art Review

circle of caring often stops just short of the thousands drowning in the Mediterranean or the millions languishing in refugee camps. I just want to us all to think about this and maybe take a small positive action. Multidisciplinarity is a crucial aspect of your art practice and you seem to be in an incessant search of an organic, almost intimate symbiosis between several disciplines, taking advantage of the creative and expressive potential of each of them: while crossing the borders of different artistic fields have you ever happened to realize that a symbiosis between different disciplines is the only way to achieve some results, to express some concepts?

Although all my work has elements from several different disciplines, one piece, Secrets II, is probably the best example of your insight that a symbiosis between different disciplines is the only way to achieve the desired result. For this work I collaborated with two other artists based in Norway. Graphic artist and photographer Sarah Rosenbaum produced a series of 80 collages using pictures from the family albums of all three artists. Mats Claesson, who is an associate professor of music technology at the Norwegian Academy of Music, composed and produced seven original soundtracks. Each time the sculpture is activated, eight images are projected and one soundtrack is played so the viewer has a completely different experience each time. because I am ambivalent myself. When a family member is in trouble we do whatever we can to come to their aid. We are willing to do a bit less when it’s a neighbour, and a bit less still when a fellow citizen of our country is in need. Our

Combining these disciplines, and especially using professionals from each discipline, raised the quality of the work immensely, and not just in the separate disciplines but across them as

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015