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about the dangers of artificial intelligence from Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking show, there are reasons to be concerned that the boundary between human and computer creativity could blur in the future. I see my works as part of the tradition of art as “a tactile materialization of an idea,” as you put it. That this view could be seen as a form of nostalgia does not bother me. There are many exciting developments in new media art, and the use of technology can multiply the artist’s possibilities while simplifying his or her production. I myself have experienced many times that it would have been easier to solve some of my motion, sequencing and control challenges by just popping an Arduino* board into my works! However, I have consciously steered clear of digital components and methods, favoring purely physical interaction with the viewer, and old-fashioned electric and mechanical components. I am joined in this approach by a whole group of contemporary kinetic artists. In other words, it is not that we cannot use modern technology (we are submerged in it and exploit it on a daily basis); it is that we choose not to use it in our art. As long as technology is the servant of people in the creation of art, and not the reverse, I will be happy. * Arduino is a simple programmable microcontroller that can sense and control the physical world –

Another feature of your approach that has particularly impacted on me is the way you have been able to bring a new level of significance to signs, and in a wide sense to re-contextualize the concept of the environment we inhabit in. This is a recurrent feature of your approach that invite the viewers' perception in order to challenge the common way to perceive not

Surveillance (photo by Lavasir Nordrum)

only the outside world, but our inner dimension... By the way, I'm sort of convinced that some informations & ideas are hidden, or even "encrypted" in the environment we live in, so we need -in a way- to decipher them. Maybe that one of

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015