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LandEscape 111 Art Review

Glen Farley Lives and works in Oslo, Norway

An artist's statement


create kinetic, or moving, sculptures and installations. My goal is to encourage people of all ages to reflect on various subjects and themes, and to amuse and entertain. This includes me. My art practice is inspired by the motion and mechanics of Jean Tinguely and Arthur Ganson but my machinery is concealed in found and created objects, so only the pure motion of the objects remains. The art is totally free of electronics and digital technology and therefore has a nostalgic, tactile feeling to it. I am inspired and obsessed by the possibilities of motion in art, and by the hundreds of small and large mechanical and artistic challenges that arise in the process of creating each of my works. Although my artistic expression could be seen as old-fashioned, the themes I explore are current and yet timeless and include the war on terror and surveillance, e-waste, social

research, family secrets and memories, and refugees and immigrants. My works are particularly popular with children and the young at heart, even though they address serious issues. I believe that a whimsical or humorous treatment of serious themes can be an effective invitation to reflection and discussion. I am particularly interested in how viewers interact with my works and to that end have collected hundreds of comments from them. My future artistic ambitions are to create ever more conceptually and technically ambitious works and exhibit them more widely, not only in my adopted homeland Norway but abroad. I am also organizing one of the first-ever group exhibitions of leading kinetic artists in Norway.

Glen Farley

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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015