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Nurturing Talent Agenda 9.30am

Introduction and Objections  Welcome and introduction to the course  Personal objectives for the day Overview of People Development

 The benefits of nurturing talent  The systematic approach to people development  Identifying skills’ gaps  Selecting the right way to develop someone  Identifying individual learning styles 11.30am

Coffee Training

 The Progressive Demonstrative way of teaching  Planning for training and top tips Coaching

 The benefits of coaching  What it is  Structuring a coaching session;  Coaching techniques and skills 1.15pm

Lunch Coaching Tools

 GROW - A model to develop others and set clear goals Practicing Successful Coaching

 Individual and group activity – planning and delivery of one to one / group coaching sessions 3.15pm

Tea Delegation  Why delegate?  What prevents effective delegation?  A critical checklist for briefing Giving Feedback

 Giving effective feedback to enhance performance and confidence Action Plans

 Personal action plans  Briefing for project work 5.30pm


Nurturing Talent Agenda