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Contracts Desk - Building for Success Facilitated by: Grainne Martin Agenda 9.15am

Introduction and Objectives Welcome and introduction to the course Individual objectives How well do you know your Market? Stress test your market knowledge client and Contractor Owning your contractors Growing a 1st Class Contractor Micro Database


Coffee The Strategic Consultative Sale Expert to expert advice for clients Peer to peer solutions provider


Lunch Investing in your Contractor Platform Forming relationships with your contractors How to become synonymous with your vertical market Proactive strategic marketing of excellent contractors Engage for long term investment The after sale service


Tea Spring Board your Service Maximise current base for you and the company Target competitors base for future business wins Incentivise Contractors to share information with you Grow a Contractor Networking Forum Involve Contractors in your success Action Plans Individual action plans from today's session



Contracts Desk  
Contracts Desk  

Contracts Desk - Building for Sucess