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Reasons To Choose Land Broker MLS

There are numerous real estate companies, land brokers and agents everywhere. This excessive proliferation creates a great dilemma for perplexed buyers as they are bombarded by one broker after another offering a ‘still better’ property portfolio.

To help the confused land buyers that seem to be always running from pillar to post in search for that elusive dream property, an extremely useful system of Multiple Listing Service has evolved over the years. By bringing diverse property listings of different brokers and sellers under a single umbrella, an MLS is definitely the answer to many a harried and befuddled buyer’s prayers. Time to breathe a huge sigh of relief, is it? Alas, the irony is that gradually a number of land MLS companies have also started mushrooming all over the United States. So, how should the once-again-bewildered buyer decide which MLS to choose from the pack? More importantly, how should confused brokers and agents choose a preferable land MLS company to list their available properties and services? Here are a few pointers that make buyers, sellers and brokers favor Land Broker MLS over other offerings:

Land Broker MLS has pan America coverage. The nationwide property listings make it quick and easy for buyers to search and find real estate located all across the USA. For brokers and sellers, it ensures maximum national exposure for their properties.

Land Broker MLS is exclusively limited to rural real estate property listings only. This makes it the single source for all kinds of premier rural estate from vineyards, hunting land, equestrian properties, timber land, ranches and farms for sale to recreational properties, raw land and land for development in the rural countryside.

Land Unlimited LLC is the parent company of Land Broker MLS. It also publishes the leading magazine, Open Fences for the high-end rural real estate market. The website is featured in every issue of this nationally distributed magazine thus garnering additional promotion for the property listings.

Land Unlimited was formed by John Hayter, a ranch real estate professional and 6th generation Texas rancher himself. He is driven by the passion to help land brokers bring buyers and sellers together in the quickest possible manner.

The website is user-friendly with comprehensive property search criteria and detailed advanced search options making it easy to filter out suitable properties from the massive portfolio of over 30,000 listings.

Additionally, the website features an extremely handy Local Business Directory as well.

Membership of Land Broker MLS is solely limited to licensed brokers and agents only!


Member brokers gain substantially from the exclusive features and benefits offered to them. Apart from posting unlimited listings, buyer alerts, website links, templates for making newsletters, brochures and postcards, members also gain access to proprietary information like market data, market trends, co-brokering information and news updates on issues pertinent to farm and ranch real estate.

 So whether you are interested in buying or selling a Colorado home for sale or Texas land for sale or any other farm land for sale, is THE place to go!

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