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Spring/Summer 2011

Develop your team... These are challenging times and your team needs the skills to adapt to the constant changes of the global economy and genuinely connect with internal and external customers. Make the commitment to excel today.

Work to your leadership strengths!

We want to make sure your team gets exactly what it needs. Using a thorough Needs Assessment process, we'll help you figure it out. We start with this simple question: "What does success look like for your team?"  Once we confirm specific learning objectives, we can build a training solution that works for your team.

Choose a course from our current workshop menu below, if it meets your needs. Or we can modify it to better suit your needs. In person workshop, virtual web-based training, or individual coaching? We’ll make it happen.

Create your own recipe. Choose from the following ingredients (learning topics): customer service, sales, resolving conflict, project management, Six Sigma, influence skills, coaching, behavior-based hiring, leadership for new leaders, delegation, building trust, motivating your team, problem-solving, business etiquette, goal setting, strategic thinking skills for executives, listening skills, giving and receiving feedback, refining your leadership style, leadership for women, stress less for corporate types, corporate or non-profit board strategies 

Cost-effective solutions for all industries. 

Combine two or more courses to create a customized solution for your organization. Add an additional day on a specific topic if your team needs in-depth understanding, or shorten a course length if you have less time for training. www.LandauLeadership.com

A GREAT PLACE TO START... Defining & Refining Your Leadership Style Do you know you have a leadership style? We all have one. We all have a preferred way to interact with people in the workplace, whether we're aware of it or not. The single most important leadership skill is the ability to understand your leadership style and, more importantly, the impact that your style has on others. This insight will help you influence, communicate, and motivate to get results. Self-awareness is a powerful state of being. Get ready for aha moments!

This is an important foundational course for everyone on your team


LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Identify and understand your natural leadership style • Leverage your strengths and learn to adapt your style in various situations • Develop strategies to prevent and reduce conflict with others • Enhance your ability to collaborate by clarifying your needs and the needs of others • Improve workplace communication by understanding various communication styles WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Individual Contributors and Managers of all levels may attend as individuals or as work teams (i.e., everyone) TRAINING FORMAT: Classroom, Virtual Training, or Individual Coaching

HOT TOPIC... Managing Change in Challenging Times Change is all around us in today’s shifting economy. Applying strategy can help you to navigate through the inevitable change more quickly and easily. In this workshop, you’ll explore several tools and techniques that will give you visibility into the contributing forces of change. These tools and techniques will help you anticipate roadblocks and challenges when trying to manage new projects or implement new ideas. They can also help you transition

yourself, your team, and your organization into the desired, improved state.


Learning Objectives: • Understand and anticipate the forces that contribute to change • Learn and apply the Change Management Model • Anticipate change and prepare the team/dept by aligning resources

Who Should Attend: Everyone in your organization who needs to adapt to or lead changes in policies, procedures, systems, and structures. Attend as a team or as individuals from different departments/ branches.

Training Format: Classroom or Virtual Training


Apply our unique Change Management Model to address your work challenges


Finally, a course designed to take the mystery out of meetings! Your team deserves high-impact, dynamic meetings where everyone contributes to powerful decisions and solutions. This one day course can change the way your team operates and reduce the waste of ineffective meetings, conference calls, and webinars. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Learn meeting preparation tips • Understand your personal meeting style and how you process information during meetings • Discover the 7 Secrets of Successful Meetings • Learn the importance of assigning roles during meetings • Realize the power of post-meeting follow-up

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who coordinates, attends, or leads meetings, conference calls, or webinars (i.e., everyone) TRAINING FORMATS: Classroom or Virtual Training


No more unproductive meetings!

SIX SIGMA STRATEGIES: Process Improvement for Everyone Learn the process improvement secrets successfully used by major corporations like Motorola, GE, and Toyota to improve your current business processes. You don’t have to be a statistical expert to use the basic tools of this structured problem-solving approach.  Discover how you can gain better visibility into your operation to make strategic improvements.  Suitable for all levels of the organization from entry level to CEO, these Lean and Six Sigma tools generate conversations that will challenge the status quo and harness innovative ideas. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Learn how to ask the right questions to identify which areas need improvement • Identify gaps in current processes and find critical problem areas • Create and scope an action plan and vision for your work team • Find the ‘low-hanging fruit’ to make rapid improvements in your business • Develop implementation strategies and manage change

Lean Six Sigma

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Supervisors, Managers, Project Managers, employees who work on project teams, and support staff. No Six Sigma background is necessary. Employees with a Six Sigma background can attend this workshop as a refresher. TRAINING FORMATS: Classroom and reinforcement coaching


FINALLY, BECOME A DYNAMIC SPEAKER... The Art & Science of Powerful Presentations Go from fear to fabulous. Capture and keep the attention of your audiences. Get people to take action and understand your key points. Learn the secrets of powerful public speaking. Apply your new skills when speaking on conference calls, delivering formal presentations, leading team meetings, or meeting with customers. Don’t just share information, tell a story! LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Overcome your nervousness by learning specific physical skills • Understand what your audience sees, hears, and takes away from your presentations • Identify and share the key points of your presentations

• Handle tough questions about your presentation topic • Use storytelling, imagery, and visual support to get your message across • Practice your skills in a safe, supportive environment (small class size) WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who presents information to colleagues or customers, formally or informally, in meetings, speeches, conference calls, or webinars TRAINING FORMATS: Classroom


Go from fear to fabulous with this workshop!

LEADERSHIP EXPERTS Holly Landau is the CEO of Landau Leadership. She is a former US Army Officer, earned a BA in Sociology, and is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at Cornell University. Her areas of expertise include leadership, management, presentation skills, change management, project management, and workplace dynamics. She is a Certified DiSC Facilitator and is the featured Leadership Expert for the 2010 American Express OPEN Book on Leadership. For over 20 years, Will Corrente has been creating process based solutions for corporations and entrepreneurs to be connection ready and poised to reach the next level of business success. Will’s areas of expertise include business leadership, small business consulting, and strategic resources include: sales/marketing strategy, management best practices, operations, client development, growth planning, and relationship management.

Karen Bowser is a Certified DiSC Facilitator, earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology/Organizational Behavior from Yale University, and a Master’s degree from Columbia University in technology and education. Her career includes a decade at JP Morgan Chase where she held Quality Assurance, Process Improvement, and Program Management roles. Karen’s areas of expertise include career coaching, communication skills, work/life balance, creating healthy and effective work relationships, and workplace dynamics.

Joe McIver is a process improvement professional and Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over a decade of proven results in the areas of operations, sales, process improvement and training. His areas of expertise include Lean, Six Sigma, change management, and project management. He earned a BA in Management, Business, & Economics from Virginia Wesleyan College and a Master’s of Science degree in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University.


TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVEL Get the training and development you need.

• Flexible training methodologies: workshops, live virtual training, individual coaching, keynotes, breakout sessions, and eCourses • Dynamic master facilitators who travel to meet your global needs • Timely business topics • Customized curriculum to meet the needs of your team and organization

PENNSYLVANIA 2669 Shillington Rd Suite #322 Reading, PA 19608

570-985-7068 info@landauleadership.com Our New York office has a training space to accommodate up to 20 training participants.


NEW YORK 55 Broad Street 13th Floor New York, NY 10004

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Leadership Training Brochure 2011  

Take your team to the next level. Get the training and development you need. Cost-effective, customized solutions to meet your global traini...

Leadership Training Brochure 2011  

Take your team to the next level. Get the training and development you need. Cost-effective, customized solutions to meet your global traini...