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LEADERSHIP COACHING Stay competitive in today’s fast paced business world Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate one or more people toward a common goal. Whether you realize it or not, you influence people all the time in the workplace. To get results and have a positive impact on people and projects, you need to work to your strengths. Coaching is a challenging, rewarding, and efficient way to get the results that your career demands.

Some of the benefits of coaching... • Learn to solve problems • Improve leadership and interpersonal skills • Improve relationships with colleagues • Identify and act on development needs • Boost confidence • Improve work performance • Adapt to change • Improve work–life balance • Reduce stress levels




The best leadership tool is a mirror...


We kickoff our coaching sessions with a powerful Leadership Assessment. They’re a quick and easy way to help you identify your personal strengths and challenges, improve workplace relationships, and maximize your productivity.

In-person coaching is available in New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania, & South Florida USA.

Leadership starts with you and your ability to understand your natural strengths and how your behavior affects those around you. Recognize others with a DiSC assessment and understand why people act the way they do while at work, their priorities, what motivates them, and what stresses them. Take action by completing one of our assessments, you’ll get a comprehensive 20+ page report that’s customized just for you.

Do you want to accelerate your career?

Our coaches are available when YOU need them.We utilize the latest technology to connect with you so the coaching experience is convenient and powerful.



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Karen Bowser

Will Corrente

Timothy Dey

Holly Landau

You’ll find the right coach to help you tackle your challenges, identify your blind spots, and start working to your strengths. We have experienced coaches with proven track records across a broad range of industries. Each is an expert in their respective field. Benefit from their work experience, business savvy, and fresh/honest perspective during your coaching sessions where you are both supported and challenged. Learn more about each coach: visit

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that 93% of managers believe coaching should be available to all employees regardless of seniority? *Chartered Management Institute

What’s included in my coaching session? • Pre-coaching questionnaire to determine your needs/priorities • DiSC Workplace Assessment: complete it online (takes about 15 mins), you get a 20-page customized report ($46.50 value!) • Action Plan template to use during your session • 60-minute customized coaching session

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Book your coaching session today! Visit: Email: Call: 570-985-7068

Landau Leadership Coaching eBrochure  

Discover the HOTTEST business tool around - leadership coaching with Landau Leadership!

Landau Leadership Coaching eBrochure  

Discover the HOTTEST business tool around - leadership coaching with Landau Leadership!