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Promoting Your Justgiving Page Handy Hints and Tips!

Personalise your message - The best pages tell a good story, if you tell people why you are raising money for LandAid they will be more likely to donate. Add photos & video - A personal photo makes your page more engaging. You can even add your own FlickR photos and YouTube video. Tell everyone! Email your friends & family first. The most generous supporters should be targeted first as people tend to match what has already been given! Then email your colleagues and the rest of your contact book personalising MOO CARDS

your message each time.

Publicise - Print some Moo cards with your page URL on the back and give them to everyone you meet. Use the ‘widget’. It’s a little mini version of your sponsorship page, which you can post anywhere online, from blogs to web pages The power of Facebook - Add the Justgiving application to your profile to promote your fundraising, Facebook is really good for telling your story, use your status updates to update your network on your fundraising progress and remember to include your JustGiving page address. Post photos of your training or take a videos with your phone/camera, to share your progress.


Put a Link on your email signature - add your page’s web address or ‘sponsor me’ badge. Keep your page up to date - Post regular updates and upload new photos. It gives people WIDGET

a reason to come back to your page.

Personalise your thank you - The basic thank you email JustGiving automatically sends to donors can be edited. Go to your account and click on ‘Do some basic page editing’. Don’t stop after the event - 20% of all donations come in after the event has taken place.

JustGivng Online Fundraising Advice  

Advice sheet on using JustGiving to fundraise online.

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