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Annual Report


Dear Friends, We are pleased to report that 2010 was another year of growth and accomplishment for your Land Conservancy. We expanded our membership base, realized our financial goals and, most importantly, protected additional special lands in the Rogue Basin. In partnership with the City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Woodlands Association, we successfully negotiated a conservation easement on another park within the City: The Grove, seven acres of unique habitat with public trails for hiking. This addition brings the total area of conserved land comprising the Jacksonville Woodlands to 130 acres, all protected by conservation easements. This is a premier regional asset which annually attracts more than 2,000 visitors. Earlier in the year, we protected twenty acres of prime farmland and riparian habitat along Bear Creek. Historic Eagle Mill Farm, which borders the Bear Creek Greenway, includes a producing vineyard and brings over 2,000 students to the property each year to learn about how food is grown, harvested and prepared through the Rogue Valley Farm to School Program. Partnering with us in this project were Cycle Oregon, Friends of Jackson County and numerous individuals committed to keeping this property intact for generations to come. We have a number of significant projects currently in process. With each day we gain confidence that the natural beauty and rural character which we value will be here for future generations, because of the support we receive from you, our members and community partners. Thanks for making it possible.

For the Land,

2010 Financial Snapshot CONDENSED BALANCE SHEET Stewardship Fund Endowment Lands Project Fund Property Operating Reserve Opportunity Fund Cash and Receivables

$234,610 $5,700 $46,000 $57,500 $94,000 $6,000 $90,643

Total Assets


CONDENSED STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Revenue Contributions Special Events Grants Investment Income

$132,086 $37,761 $53,720 $20,302

Total Revenue


Expenses Programs Special Events Outreach & Education Administration

$165,751 $8,000 $22,000 $30,984

Total Expense


Change in Net Assets Diane Garcia Executive Director

Bill Morrish Board Chairman

2 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2010 Annual Report


Membership Increased Five-Fold Since 2000

Percent of Total Income 500

Membership Contributions 54%

400 Investment Income 8%

300 200 100

Special Events 16%

Grants 22% 10 20 09 20 08 20 07 20 06 20 05 20 04 20 03 20 02 20 01 20 00


Percent of Total Expenses Programs 73% Special Events 3% Outreach & Education 10%

8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 10 20 09 20 08 20 07 20 06 20 05 20 04 20 03 20 02 20 01 20 00 20

Administration 14%

Protected Lands Increased Ten-Fold Since 2000

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2010 Annual Report 3

8,300 Acres of Southern Oregon land, permanently safeguarded. 976 Elementary school children engaged in our outdoor

classroom program, Loving the Land, since 2006.

44 Unique properties permanently protected. 32 Years of conservation success.

Clockwise, from top left: Jack Shipley is congratulated by Board Member Rich Whitley as he receives the 2010 Conservation Award. Jacksonville Mayor and Board President Kara Olmo sign The Grove Conservation Agreement. Board Member John Bruckman, Trustee Bill Thorndike, and Executive Director Diane Garcia at a house party.

4 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2010 Annual Report

Thanks to Our Members! Board of Directors Kara Olmo President John Bruckman, PhD. Vice President Bill Morrish Chairman Donald Rubenstein Secretary Steve Bradley Treasurer Pat Acklin Tom Atzet, PhD. Charles Bennett Dan Kellogg Julie Lockhart Donna Rhee Sam Whitford Rich Whitley

Trustee Council Deborah Ameen Al Buck Paul Imperia, M.D. Judson Parsons Christine Pellett Harry Piper Sarah Sameh Karen Smith Steve Swearingen Nancy Tait Jeanne Taylor Bill Thorndike, Jr.

Staff Alex Liston Dykema Attorney Diane Garcia Executive Director Su Rolle Conservation Manager Michael Stringer Development Director Leslie van Gelder Office Manager

Landmark Members General Membership

Individual donors, organizations & businesses contributing $500 or more. Anonymous Elias Alexander Tom and Jackie Atzet Fran Aversa and Tom Johnston Rick and Debra Barth Senator Alan and Laurie Bates Steve Bradley John and Barbara Bruckman Alfred W. Buck† Eileen and Victor Chieco Lurline Coonan* Sid and Karen DeBoer Cathy DeForest and Leon Pyle Annette Dykema* Daniel Erchul and Mary Krystine Thomas Fealy Full Circle Real Estate Friends of Jackson County Anne and Bill Glaser Kenneth Glasgow† Glen Guttormsen Richard L. Hay† Douglas and Kerri Hecox hundredth monkey foundation Paul and Laura Imperia Jackson Co. Home Builders Assn. Jacksonville Woodlands Assn. Don Johnson Sara Johnson† Bob and Martha Karcich Dan and Lynn Kellogg* Ogden Kellogg Sr.* Julie Lockhart Daniel and Devon MacEachron Howard and Deborah Miller† M.L. Moore Eva Marie and Bill Morrish Judson Parsons and Diana Gardener* Robin Pike M.D. Harry and Mary Piper Donna and Dr. Kenneth J. Rhee John and Debra Riha Paul Rostykus Donald Rubenstein Susan P. Rust† Sarah Sameh Eleanor Savage and David Gildersleeve Jim and Elise Scheffel Richard and Mary Schultz Neil Sechan and Matt Messner Karen Smith† Nancy Tait and Jeff Monosoff Jerry and Jeanne Taylor Peter and Cathy Tronquet Tim and Toby Tuttle* Vanguard Charitable Endowments Debra and Larry Wolfson * Life Member

Anonymous (3) Martha and Robert Abshear Pat Acklin and Ken Kigel† Eileen Adee† Gina Marie Agosta Anne Ainsworth Elizabeth Aitken Barbara Allen and Jim Batzer Jeff Allen and Martha Bennett Susann and Marc Allen Edward Alpern Diane Amarotico Deborah and Fritz Ameen Nancy Ames* Geraldine Anderson Jon Anderson Dr. Rosemarie Anderson William and Janet Anderson Terry Ansnes and Anne Bellegia Bob and Jeanne Arago Drs. Alan Armstrong and Victoria Sturtevant Ashland Insurance David Atkin and Lori Maddox* Michael and Elin Babcock Fritz and Ginger Bachem* Arthur and Laura Baden Janet and William Bagley Ron and Vava Bailey Bonnie Baker Michael and Linda Baker Sandra Baker and David Speigel Scott and Laura Bandoroff Brenda Barca Maria Barnes and Matthew Terreri Sandra and Will Bartell Karen Basin Annette and Andy Batzer Deborah Beauchamp Thomas Becker Verne Beebe* Don and Nancy Begnoche Robert and Carol Benner* Charles and Diane Bennett Greg and Sharon Bennett* David Berger and Jeane Lind Gary and Coralie Farnham Barbara Bobes Janis Bogdanovich Janet Boggia Chip and Clara Boggs* Gleneda and Marc Borton Hugh Brady Frances Brayfield Jill Brenkman Ann and Paul Brenner Aaron Brian Peter and Susan Brown Dr. Will Brown and Judith Ginsburg Kenneth and Joline Buccino

Annette Buchanan Arthur and Carolee Buck Tom and Nancy Burnham John Burns Roger Butterfield and Lois Schlegel Don Byrd* Daniel Campbell Jr. Tom and Kathy Carstens Keith and Patricia Casebolt Renee Casteran Katy Cauker and Gerry Senogles Mary Jane Cedar Face Richard Chambers Gary and Sunny Chang David and Susan Chapman Wesley and Karen Chapman Peter and Diana Chasar Dr. Sylvia and Noel Chatroux Andy and Lynn Christensen Stephen and Judith Clinton Inga Coates Mary Cody and Andy Kubik Richard and Susan Cohen Marshall Cole* Robert and Dea Collins Philip Colvard Deborah and Jim Coonan* Romain Cooper and Christie Dunn* John Corson M.D. Marilyn Costamagna Dr. Joshua Cott and Caraway Timmins Dr. Richard Cottle Drs. Sandra Coyner and Joseph Graf Norman and Joanne Crane James C. and Gloria Craven Vern and Jean Crawford Stephen Cross Georgene Crowe Allen Crutcher Mary and Gary Curtis Alice and Tom Cushman Carol and Clark Custodio Russ Dale* Jack and Julie Davis† Susan Delles* Wayne Delp Mary Ann Delsman Paco Despacio* Llyssa and Ken Deveney Richard and Dianne Di Vita Charles and Sandra Dibb Alexandra Dilworth Dominic DiPaolo Carol Doty† Kathleen Dougherty and David Timmins Ellen Downes Judi Drais Michelle and Dean Duarte

† Member for 10 or more years

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2010 Annual Report 5

General Membership (Continued) John and Suzanne Duncan Eco Teas Carolyn and Cliff Edwards Ida Edwards JoAnne and Joel Elias Michael Elich Dr. Diane and John Engelhardt Joan and Richard Enloe† Dr. William and Sarah Epstein* Dianne Erickson and Lois Pettinger Pam Erwin and Susan Unger Bob and Nola Ettner Kris Ettner Robert Ewing Ellis and Patricia Feinstein Carol Ferguson and Peter Schroeder

Les Gottlieb Donna Gould David M. Grant, M.D. Michael Graybill and Jan Hodder Marcy Greene Karen and Douglas Green Bill and Marilee Grimm* Joseph and Joan Guadagno Dan Hagan Lloyd Haines Lauren and David Hall Barbara Hansen and Richard Vanderwyst James and Sharon Hardy Craig Harper and Theresa Selvy James F. Harper† Christine Haynie Gerhard Heiter Dean Hellemansen Beth and Marc Heller† Richard and Sandra Hendrickson Douglas Henry Herb Pharm Suzanne and William Hering Maryen Herrett Karl and Carole Hesse Barbara Hetland Priscilla High Paul and Ann Hill John E. and Mindy Ferris† Rod and Barbara Hinds James and Beverly Fety David and Sabra Hoffman Claire Fincher Seth and Kathleen Hofstetter Gerald and MaryAnn Flanagan Ray and Lois Holdridge Gene Flory Chris and Molly Holzshu Mark Forney* Barbara Hopfinger John and Carol Fox Elizabeth Hoskinson Greg Freer Helon Howard Wendy and Richard Frey, Jr.† Roger Howe Randall Frick Dan and Geneva Hughes Lenny and Dusty Friedman Celia Hulett and Joan Hoss* Sherry Friedman Ron and Noreen Hulteen Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett Bob and Gretchen Hunter† Kaethe Fulton Dean and Gina Ing Ann and Philip Gagnon Carol M. Ingelson Alan Galka and Dorre Ray Florence Hancock Inman† Diane and Dave Garcia Robert and Catherine Izor Ron and Paula Gardner Jerry and Linda Evans Bill and Dale Gates Susan and Richard Jacquot Cindy and Ted Gaty† Roberta Jaffe Beth Geismar and Torsten Heycke Joan Jensen† David Gent and Jacqueline Derek Johnson Parrish† Don Johnson M.D. Betsy and Doug Gentry Kay and John Johnson Timothy and Cathy Gerking Rita and Stuart Johnson Jack and Jennifer Gibbs Steve Johnson Tilly and Ted Gibbs Helen E. Jones Kari and Steven Gies Peter and Beverly Jorgensen Glennifer Gillespie Paul Jorizzo M.D. Dr. Tom and Mary Glatte Brian Kearns Allan Goffe Narcissa D. Kelley* Jeff Golden E.W. Kellogg III Stephen and Patti Goldman Ogden and Cindra Kellogg Dr. Kirk Gooding and Shannon Rio Kerry KenCairn Patricia Gordon†

Larry Kenworthy and Anna Suttman Kenworthy Robert Kevan Roy and Sheila Kimball Andrea King-Brockman and Jenna King Lawrence and Virginia King Bob and Carolyn Kingsnorth Thomas and Kathleen Kirchen Robert and Ann Kistler Marni Koopman Paul and Mary Korbulic Marilyn and Ted Kovtunovich Carl Krack† Mark and Katherine Kralj Arlene Kramer and Roy Lichtenstein Betty LaDuke and Peter Westigard Jeff LaLande† Susan Lander and John Barker Leland Pestana Lois Langlois Tom and Vicki Lavagnino† Suzanne Lavine Cynthia Lawrence Dr. Don and Sharon Laws Jim and Myra Lawson Dr. Jonathan and Denison Lee Bill Leever Mary Lesher Lynn and Lorraine Levitt John and Janice Limb Conny Lindley Jan Lippenholtz Alex & Jennifer Liston Dykema* Claudia and Ron Little Dr. Harry and Margaret Litts Stanley and Hazel Loer Porter and Corrinne Lombard† Cynthia Lord*

Aric Ludwig Kenneth and Linda Lund Jeff and Connie Lynn John and Julie MacDiarmid John and Therese MacGregor Ann Marie Magill Marty Main and Peggy Strong† Alex and Lillian Maksymowicz Marshall and Suzan Malden Suzanne Marshall and Michael Marvinny Barbara and George Massey Tom and Barbara Mathieson David and Adelia Maurer * Life Member

6 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2010 Annual Report

Shahoma McAlister and Prasad Boudreaux* Marie McCabe Margaret and Timothy McCartney Julia McFadden Margaret McGoldrick and Scott Nelson James McIntyre Kate McKenzie Dick and Di McKinney-Sly Nancy McLeod Bill McMillan and Kim Shelton* Nancy Menken Joan-Marie Michelsen and Greg Holmes Mary Kay Michelsen Jacquie Milikien Donald and Martha Miller Karen Miller-Loessi Maria Miller and Steve Mason Edwin and Martina Mills Gary Milner* Mike Milner* David Minter and Kim Larson Fred Mittleman† Edith G. Montgomery† Blair and Carol Moody Bret Moore* Jim and Sharron Moore† Marion Moore Ian Mooser Dr. Mada Petranovich Morgan Howard and Sue Morningstar Celia Moss Alice and Larry Mullaly Lee and Diana Murdoch Lawrence Nagel Dr. Douglas and Eleanor Jane Naversen Bruce and Jean Nelson Anita and Bill Nevison John Paul and Julie Newman Dennis and Carin Niebuhr Jerome and Esther Nitzberg† Julie Norman Gordon and Miriam Nunnally John and Laura O’Connor Drs. Matt Oliva and Davis Wilkins Gary and Kathleen O’Neal Vincent and Dorothy Oredson* Ramona Osburn* Dakota Otto and Anna Cassilly Susan and Bruce Patterson Amy and Kent Patton Larry and Ginnie Pearson Paul J. Pearson Tracy Peddicord Christine and Gary Pellett Bonnie and Bruce Perry Dr. Reider Peterson Frances and Heriberto Petschek Brian and Karen Phelps Maureen and Tom Phillips Paula Phillips Elaine Plaisance and Jim Duncan† Louis Plummer and Sidney Brown † Member for 10 or more years

General Membership (Continued) June Poe and Diane Novak Anne Pollack Jim and Ginny Post† Gary Powell John and Geri Procetto James D. Proctor* Eleanor Pugh* Maggie and Pat Purves Marc and Marjorie Ratner Robby Harfst Nando Raynolds and Sharon Bolles Dr. Jay Reeck William Reeves and Rebecca Ostrom Don and Phyllis Reynolds John and Betty Jo Reynolds† Amy Richard Ginger and Dieter Rilling Jim and Sandi Risser John and Lorraine Roach* Hope Robertson and Neil Anderson Christopher Robinson Evelyn Roether and Spencer Lennard† Kathryn Roether Scott Rogers Su and Wayne Rolle† Dr. Jani Rollins Brian Rosenthal Terri and Harold Rose John Ross Ron Roth and Kathleen MacMichael* Julia and Brad Roupp Paul Rowland and Kathleen Kinzie Rowland Dr. Daniel and Ellen Rubenson Grant and Patti Ruiz Barbara Rumer Kathy and John Sager Laurie Sager Samantha Sager and Mark Fischer Elwood and Claire Salmonson Ernest and Marilyn Salter Laurel Samson and Scott Swindells Bruce and Leslie Sargent* Sallie Rose and Allan Sandler Angelica and Victor Sansum Leah Saturen and Chris Chambers Erwin and Diana Sawall* Richard and Sharon Schaefer Richard and Linda Schaeff Mary Schamehorn Mark and Gwen Schiveley Donald and Virginia Schreiner Bob and Lisa Schroeter Peter Schuyler and Lisa Stratton Colleen D. Searle Lee and Kristi Seater Suzanne Seiber * Life Member

Dave and Mary Sergent† Jim Shames and Heidi ParkerShames Betsy Shanafelt Cathy and Rick Shaw Jack and Suzan Shipley* Bruce Short Joyce and Arthur Sideras Douglas and Ann Sierka Ron and Myra Silverman Charles and Mary Sinclair Sandra and Dennis Slattery Larry Slessler Earle and Vanya Sloan Michael Smith Barry Snitkin and Meadow Martell* Herbert and Judith Sockman Bryan and Paula Sohl Barry and Pim Solof Patricia Soltys Diana Spence Taylor Starr* Janet Stavenhagen Joan Steele Janie Stewart and Neal Strudler John and Janie Stewart Clem Stockard and Bonnie Brown Norma Stovall† Evie Strauss Michael and Kathryn Stringer John and Jane Stromberg Marianne Strong and Harvey Rupp Jim and Gwynn Sullivan Jobie Summer Marge and Roy Sutton Steve Swearingen Kevin and Barbara Talbert Joel and Donna Taylor Robert Taylor Bill Templeman and Don English Ann Leslie Tennyson The Yogurt Hut

Paul and Marcella Theeman Angela and Bill Thorndike, Jr. Karena Toal Kip and Barbara Todd Paul Torrence and Bonnie Johnson Pepper Trail and Debra Koutnik Jack and Barbara Traynor Laure Trickel Oshana Turtle Catranides* Miriam J. and Marshall F. Umpleby

Jacob and Maria van Cuilenburg† Leslie Van Gelder Augustus and Julia Janeway Nick and Sooney Viani† Dale Vidmar and Karine Gabrielle Estelle and Jim Voeller Ron and Jan Waitt Carol Walker John and Carol Walker† Marilynn Walther Claude-Marie Ward Richard Warren Mary and Ted Warrick Charles and Karin Watson Mills Watson and Sue Milburn Alissa and Mark Weaver Lee and Pat Webb Seth and Sharon Weintraub Allan Weisbard Paul and Gail Weller Ruby Whalley Alice White-Hoppe and Joseph Hoppe Virginia Whitener† Sam Whitford and Kurt Bernhardt Richard Whitley and Joan Resnick Judith Wible M.D. Jennifer Wicklund Dave Willis Jack Williams and Cindy Deacon Williams Charley and Jeanena Wilson Paul and Regina Winans Annie Winch Elaine Witteveen† Kathy Wixon and Abe Genack† Patty and Vince Wixon Kara Olmo and Greg Paneitz Norma and Fred Wright Nancy Yie Bernard and Gloria Young Barbara Zollinger Larry Zowada and Katherine Wolfe


Cycle Oregon Land Trust Alliance Meyer Memorial Trust Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board The Nature Conservancy The Oregon Community Foundation The Oregon Parks Foundation Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

In-Kind Donors ($100+) Ann Hathaway’s B&B and Garden Suites Steve Asher Ashland Outdoor Store Blackstone Audio David and Patty Brill C2 Ranch Callahan’s Siskiyou Lodge

Chozu Bath & Tea Gardens Jerry Cole of Reinholdt & O’Hara Insurance Coming Attractions Theaters Country Willows B & B Cowhorn Vineyards

Bob Cremins John Dowling David Gibb Photography Applegate Valley Wineries Flora by the Sea Fly Water Travel Foris Vineyards Winery Giordano Architecture & Planning Greensprings Inn & Cabins Hakatai Enterprises Hardgrove Landscape and Design Heart and Hands Beth Heller LMT Herb Pharm Hummingbird Studios B&B Illinois River Hideaway Jacksonville Inn Kellogg Kin Farm KenCairn Landscape Architecture Kokopelli River Guides La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club Frank Lang Bill & Eva Marie Morrish Napa Valley Land Trust Northwest Nature Shop Oregon Caves Chateau Oregon Shakespeare Festival Paschal Winery Rogue Valley Runners Sam Whitford and Kurt Bernhardt Sawyer Paddles Screenmobile of Southern Oregon Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine Karen Smith Barry Snitkin South Stage Cellars St. Clair Productions Standing Stone Brewing Co. Swing State Dick and Elaine Sweet, TCK Photography The Grotto Angela and Bill Thorndike, Jr. Casey White, Atty. Wild Birds Unlimited Willow-Witt Ranch Wooldridge Creek Winery Xanterra, Crater Lake Lodge Zweifel Art Glass

† Member for 10 or more years

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2010 Annual Report 7

P.O. Box 954 Ashland, OR 97520 541.482.3069

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Nonprofit Org. Postage PAID Ashland, OR Permit #75

If you are interested in only receiving the electronic version of our annual report, contact us today at 541-482-3069 or We would be happy to accommodate your request.

Photo credits: Cover photo of girl with gourd and photo of boy next to plants: Rogue Valley Farm to School; Closeup of Flower: Lee Webb; Photo of Bill Morrish: Judith Pavlik Photography; Photo of Uhtoff Family at Mike Uhtoff Trail: Jeff McFarland; Darlingtonia (above) and Lewisia (pg. 6): Pat Acklin; All others: staff photos.


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