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Dear Friends, L

ast year we celebrated 35 years of conservation in Southern Oregon! It was an outstanding year; together we protected five new properties, all of which are featured in this report. These five properties represent what is truly spectacular about our region: beautiful forests, small family-run farms, clear streams, fish, bird and wildlife habitat and natural areas like oak woodlands and chaparral. Conserving these properties contributes to the amazing natural beauty and character of our region. Thank you for making this possible! We started the year on the heels of a successful campaign in 2012 that launched the VISION 20/20 initiative. Many of you participated in that campaign and because of you, we were able to hire our first Conservation Project Manager one year ago. Craig Harper joined our ranks in January and jumped in with both feet to implement our Conservation Plan with an aggressive goal of protecting 20,000 acres by 2020. With the support of several Oregon foundations, our members and partners, we are expanding the scale of conservation in Southern Oregon. We’re nearly halfway to our goal, and we know we can protect an additional 10,000 acres of high priority land with you by our side. In the 2013 Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey, 78% of Oregonians used words like “natural landscapes,” “cleanness of air and water,” “green landscape,” “forests and mountains,” and “open spaces” when asked to share what they value about Oregon in their own words. This shouldn’t be surprising; we live in an extraordinary state! But the challenges to conservation are ever present—population growth, climbing land values and increasing pressure on farmland, forests, open space and wildlife habitat. As the recession comes to an end and the economy of Southern Oregon picks up, we have to work harder to ensure that precious lands are not lost. Protecting our land and water is not something we can leave to others. Each of us must make the commitment to preserve our rivers and streams, family farms, forests, open space and wildlife habitat. These places are what make our corner of the world not only beautiful, but productive and sustainable. People and nature need each other, so let’s continue to work together to save what we love about this very special place. To all of you who have been involved with us over the past thirty-five years as members, supporters, volunteers, hikers, advisors or just plain land lovers - thank you for 35 remarkable years. We look forward to many more years working with you, protecting and enhancing precious lands in the Rogue River region!

For the Land,

Diane Garcia Executive Director

2 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report

Pat Acklin Board President

Board Staff and Board Photos: Judith Pavlik; Diane Garcia, Kristi Mergenthaler: John Bruckman


Diane Garcia Executive Director Leslie van Gelder Office Manager

Michael Stringer Development Director

Alex Liston Dykema Attorney

Kristi Mergenthaler Land Steward Craig Harper Conservation Project Manager

Julie Lockhart

Pat Acklin President

Dan O’Connor

Bill Morrish Treasurer

Lands Advisory Board Max Bennett Greg Clevenger Eric Dittmer Keith Emerson Chuck Fustish Kate Jackson

Marty Main Su Maiyo Jim Pendleton Dennis Vroman Lee Webb Randy White

Tom Atzet, Ph.D Charles Bennett

Donna Rhee Past President

Dave Picanso Eric Poole

Dan Kellogg

Donald Rubenstein Secretary

Kathleen Donham

Trustee Council Al Buck Karen DeBoer Paul Hill Paul Imperia, M.D. Kara Olmo Jud Parsons

Sarah Sameh Karen Smith Nancy Tait Jeanne Taylor Bill Thorndike, Jr. Sam Whitford

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report 3

Thanks 5 Precious Places Protected I

n 2013 we protected 759 acres of lovely private lands in Jackson and Josephine County including working forests, farm land, oak woodlands, fish bearing-streams, wildflower meadows, and wetlands. We conserved habitat for Pacific fisher, elk, coho salmon and even zombie worms! We worked with outstanding landowners who have dedicated their lives to maintaining these lands to protect their unique natural features. We were more than happy to make their nurturing spirit a permanent feature of these outstanding places with conservation agreements. Our first achievement was at Woolfolk Reservoir near Eagle Point. The conservation agreement protects 289 acres Jim and Elise Scheffel of beautiful wildlife habitat, including the 33-acre reservoir. The property is visited by many different animals throughout the year and is listed by the state as “Very Sensitive Big Game Winter Range Habitat�. 4 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report

The reservoir serves as a stop-over for migratory birds. Most of the property is covered by oak woodlands interspersed with mixed evergreen forest, chaparral, and meadows. The owners Jim and Elise Scheffel want to be sure the property is never subdivided and that it retains its excellent wildlife habitat. Next, we worked with Kathy Mechling and Jim Gurley to conserve 122 acres along Clear Creek. This property near Selma contains a mixed evergreen forest, a healthy riparian forest along Clear Creek, a perennial stream home to coho salmon, dry and wet meadows, small pockets of oak woodlands, and an open area known as a serpentine bald supporting unique plants. Kathy and Jim donated a conservation easement to protect this important wildlife habitat. Alexandra Dilworth

Jim Gurley and Kathy Mechling

to You... 759 More Acres Conserved donated a conservation easement on 122 beautiful acres in the Babe Creek watershed east of Ashland. The property, next door to a 1,700-acre easement held by The Nature Conservancy, contains perennial streams, ponds and wetlands, riparian forests, oak woodlands, meadows, and mixed evergreen forests on the hillsides. The forest has been selectively harvested to reduce fire hazard and to increase forest resiliency. The property also contains unique volcanic rock formations and meadows, and features outstanding views of the Siskiyou Mountains and Bear Creek Valley.

clear-cutting, and preserve the wetlands, springs and wildlife habitat. He decided to work with the Land Conservancy to develop a conservation agreement that will permanently protect the land and its working forest while allowing sustainable timber harvest.

Good Oak Farm is sixty acres of oak woodlands, chaparral, riparian habitat, farmland and a mixed evergreen forest. Bonnie Johnson and Paul Torrence worked with us to protect their land with a donated conservation easement. This property near Williams off Watergap Road is next to a large piece of Bureau of Land Management land that is connected to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Cougars, which have been seen on the land, could walk from here through federal lands to the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Thanks to generous and conservation-minded people like you and these landowners, we now permanently safeguard 9,348 acres of irreplaceable lands.

Finally, in the waning moments of 2013, Jud Parsons signed a conservation agreement to protect 166 acres along Slide Creek. This property is located between the Mount Ashland Ski Road and I-5. Jud wanted to protect his property from development, prevent

The property is home to a wide range of wildlife including the Pacific fisher, Roosevelt elk, black bear, cougar, and declining bird species like the band-tailed pigeon, pileated woodpecker, olive-sided flycatcher and northern goshawk. It contains many wetlands and springs which feed small streams in the headwaters of Bear Creek.

Bonnie Johnson, Board Member Dan Kellogg, and Paul Torrence

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report 5

58 Protected Places 9,348 acres of Southern Oregon land, permanently safeguarded 24







4 20



41 53 54

55 11


42,43,44, 45,46,47



32 57 6


20. Ranch Creek, Gold Beach 21. Burkhalter Woods, Jacksonville Woodlands 22. Sams Valley 23. Wagner Creek 24. Walker Creek 25-26. Colestin Valley 27. Sykes Creek 28. Myrtle Creek 29-31. Colestin Valley 32. White Oak Farm 33. C2 Ranch 34-35. Rocky Creek Farm 36. Siskiyou Summit 37. Greenwood Preserve (inset map) 38. Myrtle Point Wetlands

6 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report

16 17,18

5,7,8,9, 21,48,50

14 15

1. Wolf Creek 2. Siskiyou Mtn Park, Ashland 3. Golden Forest 4. Dog Creek 5. Beekman Woods, Jacksonville Woodlands 6. Sucker Creek 7. Britt Woods, Jacksonville Woodlands 8. Begley Woods, Jacksonville Woodlands 9. Beebe Woods, Jacksonville Woodlands 10. Oredson-Todd Woods, Ashland 11. Cheney Creek 12. Buckhorn Springs 13. Sucker Creek 14. East Fork Illinois River 15. Althouse Creek 16-18. Little Butte Creek 19. Alder Creek Community Forest



5 23

49 2 10 25,26 58 29,30,31 36



39. Woodcock Mountain 40. Twin Creeks Park, Central Point 41. Wood House 42-47. One River Farm 48. The Quarry, Jacksonville Woodlands 49. Eagle Mill Farm 50. The Grove, Jacksonville Woodlands 51. RHP Mountain Lodge, Howard Prairie Lake 52. Williams Creek 53. Agate Desert Vernal Pools 54. Woolfolk Reservoir 55. Clear Creek 56. Babe Creek 57. Good Oak Farm 58. Slide Creek

2013 Financial Snapshot

Percent of Total Income

CONDENSED BALANCE SHEET Stewardship Fund Endowment Lands Project Fund Operating Reserve Cash and Receivables Property & Equipment Pledges Receivable Deferred Revenue Mitigation Bank Endowment

$376,882 $5,924 $110,000 $69,211 $190,919 $57,101 $5,746 $102,161 $49,014

Total Net Assets


Membership Dues & Gifts 39% Investment Income 3%

Contributions to Lands Projects 30%

Special Events 9%

VISION 20/20 Campaign 7%

Grants 12%

CONDENSED STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Revenue Membership Dues and Gifts Contributions to Lands Projects VISION 20/20 Campaign Grants Special Events Investment Income Earned Income

$173,247 $130,643 $30,000 $51,253 $41,365 $14,345 $470

Total Revenue


Expenses Programs Management & General Expenses Occupancy & Equipment Fundraising Expenses

$265,373 $76,992 $26,356 $48,800

Total Expense


Percent of Total Expenses Programs 64%

Fundraising 12% Management & General Expenses 18%

Occupancy & Equipment 6%

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report 7

Jud Parsons Receives Conservation Award


t our Annual Meeting last June, Jud Parsons received the Land Conservancy’s 2013 Conservation Award. We give this Award annually to a local person who has made a significant contribution to protecting our landscape. Jud was born in 1935 and grew up in Seattle, but spent his summers on family lands in the Rogue Valley: Hillcrest orchard, which his grandfather purchased in 1908, and 2,000 acres of forestlands at the Siskiyou Crest that his family purchased in 1918. Spending summers on these lands in his youth inspired Jud to want to live a rural life. Jud has demonstrated over many years that working lands and conservation go hand-in-hand. Maintaining the historical legacy of his grandfather and many Parsons family members has been a big part of Jud’s commitment. To maintain that heritage, Jud has placed conservation easements, held by the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, on four of his properties.

Jud and Board Member Dan Kellogg at the Award Presentation Ceremony at our 2013 Annual Meeting

These easements will protect and maintain important conservation values into the future: the Wood House, RHP Mt. Lodge at Howard Prairie Reservoir, Sams Valley farm land, and, most recently, Slide Creek in the Siskiyou Summit area. Congratulations, Jud!

Landmark Members

We honor the individual donors, organizations & businesses contributing $500 or more. Thank you for making 2013 a success! Annette Dykema*† Anonymous(2) Evogeneao Susann and Marc Allen Elizaeth G. Maughan Charitable Ashland Food Co-op Foundation Ashland Springs Hotel Daniel Erchul and Mary Krystine Tom and Jackie Atzet Robert and Carol Fischer Fran Aversa and Tom Johnston Mark Forney*† Art and Laura Baden Full Circle Real Estate Ron and Vava Bailey† Ann and Phil Gagnon† Barbara Allen Group Diane and Dave Garcia† Rick and Debra Barth† Gardner Grout Foundation Karen Basin Beth Geismar and Torsten Miroslav and Eileen Bobek Heycke Steve Bradley Bob and Suzie Given Alfred W. Buck†L Bill and Marilee Grimm*† Robert Butler James Gurley and Katherine Victor and Eileen Chieco Mechling* Jeanne and Thierry Chouard Glen Guttormsen†L Sandra Coyner and Joseph Graf Barry and Maritza Hamann Megan Danforth and Tom Pike Robby Harfst and Associates Sid and Karen DeBoer James Harper Lucy Dilworth L Richard L. Hay† Kathleen Donham and John Kerri and Doug Hecox Jackson

8 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report

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10 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report

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L Legacy Circle Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2013 Annual Report 11

P.O. Box 954 Ashland, OR 97520 541.482.3069

Photos: Front Cover, Clockwise from top-left: Staff member Craig Harper visits the Colestin Valley; Limnanthes pumila flowering on Upper Table Rock; Local 5th Graders participate in our Loving the Land Program at the Oredson-Todd Woods; Woolfolk Reservoir. This Page, Clockwise from top-right: Paul Torrence runs the bush hog at Good Oak Farm; Mount Ashland with the City of Ashland in the foreground; Larkspur flowers in the Jacksonville Woodlands.

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