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Issue No 40 - June 2013


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Issue No 40 - June 2013

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Arundel Village Pharmacy, Billy's Meats, Medicine Chest, Strathaven Pharmacy, Michael Gelfand Clinic, Lewisam Butchery, Ballantyne Pharmacy, Village Pharmacy, Titles Bookshop, Kentons, Various Vets, Mukuvisi Woodlands, Reps Theatre

Issue No 40 - June 2013


(Struthio Camelus) By James Bennett - Kuimba Shiri Birdpark Photos by Michelle Mesley


ith their large eyes, long necks and scaly legs, Ostriches are without doubt one of the world's easiest-to-identify birds, and historically one of the most useful to man. Originally found throughout Africa, Ostrich populations in the wild are now very small with most birds occurring in the deserts of Botswana and in National Parks. The adult male has a striking, black body plumage with white wing tips along with scaly red legs which brighten in colour during the breeding season. The females, by contrast, are a drab grey-brown colour which helps them blend in to their surroundings while incubating their eggs during the day. In Zimbabwe, the breeding season

Male ostrich during breeding season - red legs and beak


Issue No 40 - June 2013

peaks in July to September, where males conduct elaborate dancing displays to ward off competing males and attract willing females. The nest is a scrape on the ground dug by the male in sandy soil, and several females may lay in it, resulting in clutches of up to 20 eggs which are incubated during the day by the dominant female and at night by the male. One ostrich egg has the equivalent volume of 22 chicken eggs, and provides a very important source of protein to Egyptian vultures, jackals, monitor lizards, python and mongooses. The incubation period is from 39 to 53 days, and newly hatched birds resemble a large brown hedgehog; by the age of 3 days, the young birds can run very fast and feed themselves. Both males and females protect the chicks, and males have been known to rip the stomachs of jackals by kicking out with their fearsome claws on their two-toed feet. The chicks also protect themselves by lying flat on the ground so as to escape detection by predators which include jackals, lions, wild cats and many species of birds of prey. Ostriches eat mainly vegetable material and grains, although they will also eat ants, termites and various insect larvae. Because they have a very primitive digestive system, they need to ingest pebbles and small stones which help grind up all the roughage in their stomachs; this habit has led to early prospective miners following the birds to see if they may have diamonds in their droppings! Ostriches have proved useful to man for many years, and have been farmed successfully in most African countries. Their feathers have been used for feather dusters and to make fashionable hats for Victorian ladies, and the meat is popular throughout the world. They can live up to 40 years in captivity, but wild birds are not expected to live to more than 20 years. It is believed that the term "bird brain" was derived from the ostrich, whose eyes take up more space in their heads than their brains! Although not the most intelligent of birds, they are surely one of the most beautiful and will capture our imaginations for many years to come. Contact Kuimba Shiri Bird Park, 0772-226635, 0772990082,

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013


This month’s events

Please send all event details to us by 15th of the month to appear the following month. Email:

Sat 1st June FUNDRAISING FOOD FAIR Celebrating the Art of Food and Drink at the Harare Gardens. The Friends of the Gallery are organising the event with food and drink from around the world, live music, entertainment, local crafts and cooking demonstrations. From 10am to 7pm. Tickets:$5 adults, $2 children and pensioners. To reserve a stand please contact Chemwi Mutiwanyuka on or Sharon Waterworth on Benefits of taking part include: increased product and brand visibility; the opportunity to sell goods and services and the opportunity to network with others in the business. PETERHOUSE PETREANS VS. FALCON OLD BOYS TOUCH RUGBY FESTIVAL from 9am at Peterhouse, Marondera. Contact: for more details and to enter. ROKPA FILM CLUB KSDH Zimbabwe an afternoon of entertainment and thoughtprovoking discussion over drinks and snacks. Film starts 2.30pm prompt at the Rokpa Centre, 34 Quendon Rd. Mother-Daughter Wisdom, a film by Dr. Christiane Northrup an obstetriciangynaecologist who helps empower women to tune into their inner wisdom and take charge of their own health (90 min) followed by a discussion led by Dr. Ginny Iliff. Cost: $10 including refreshments. Contact: 04-304202, mornings only, Sun 2nd June ART FESTIVAL at Wild Geese Lodge. Artists from all over Zimbabwe, live music, great food. Contact: Leslie Johnson 0773-507888, BIRDLIFE MUKUVISI WOODLANDS WALK Meet at 7am Turn off the Chiremba Rd into Ford Rd (opp. Queensdale shops), cross over Longford Ave, bear left down to the T-junction on Blatherwick Rd. Turn right and gate is about 150 metres on left. Contact Tony Alegria 0772 438697, 04-490375 (h),

Sun 2nd June GYMKHANA PONY CLUB AND ARC SHOW at Chapungu. Contact: Rose Wicks 0773-253400 MINDFULLNESS in Buddhist Context - Mia Harare Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Kagyu Samye Dzong Harare (KSDH), 7a Ernie's Lane & 34 Quendon Rd, Monavale, Tel/Fax: 04-304 202 (am only, email:, website: HARARE WINTER FAIR A fabulous charity Fair from 9am to 4pm at 7 Dungarvan Close, diagonally opp. Borrowdale Village. Arts and Crafts of a high standard and other high quality goods will be on sale. Tables and chairs will be set near the food stands for you to enjoy a snack/meal/tea/coffee. Gentle live music during the lunch hour. Safe guarded parking. Entrance $2 adults, $1 children and pensioners. Contact: Barbara 0712-214332, or Peter 0712-216002, Wed 5th June WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY Fri 7th & Sun 9th June PHOENIX & HARARE MALE VOICE CHOIRS Clive Bishop will conduct the above choirs and guest singers in a performance of Gabriel Faure's “REQUIEM” at St George's College Chapel and Iona Jones will conduct the choirs in a short programme of sacred choral music. The programme will last one hour. Performances: Fri 7th at 6.30 pm and Sun 9th at 4pm. Tickets available at door or pre-booking through any choir member. Admission $10, Pensioners $5. St. George's College staff and students Free. Tea will be available by donation after the Sun performance. The Choirs wish to sincerely thank St. George's College for the use of the venue. Sat 8th June BIRDLIFE DOMBOSHAWA HILL WALK Meet at 7am at CABS, Northridge Rd. Contact Tony Alegria 0772 438697, 04-490375 (h), Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

JUNE in Sat 8th June CLEAN-UP OF BELGRAVIA SHOPPING CENTRE and surrounding area, organised by Belgravia Shopping Centre Owners' and Tenants' Association with support of Miracle Missions. Starts 8am, ends 12 noon. Volunteers needed – come along to help clean and bring brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows etc if poss. For more info contact aquarius@ or Any help given will be appreciated, or sponsor something or donate water/fruit for the cleaners busy morning? Sat 8th, Sat 15th June & Sat 6th, Sat 13th July TIME TRIAL BICYCLE SERIES from 2pm to start from the 1km peg on the Shamva Rd. Entry fee $10 per event, series and spot prizes to be won. All entries to be in Fri lunchtime before the race. Contact: Linda Davidson 0772-603557,, Wayne Davidson 0772-601087, Sat 8th – Sun 9th June SHOW JUMPING Horse Society of Zimbabwe at the JR Arena. Contact: Rose Wicks 0773-253400 SCHOOL BOYS/JAMAICAN INVITATION SERIES at Bushman Rock. Contact: Ashleigh 0772-320192 BUSHMAN ROCK POLO CLUB is hosting a weekend of Polo. Combined team from Jamaica and USA playing against Zimbabwe. Full bar and catering, music and live commentary. Pony rides, jumping castle and entertainment for children. Picnic baskets by Pre-Order. Gate entry to Charity. Dress warm, bring picnic blankets. Contact: 0732-476549, 0778-408061 (Whatsapp), for more info. Sun 9th June RESTORING THE BALANCE Pt 2 - Pam Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Kagyu Samye Dzong Harare (KSDH), 7a Ernie's Lane & 34 Quendon Rd, Monavale, Tel/Fax: 04-304202 (am only), email,

Sun 9th June RHINO AWARENESS DAY at Raintree for a fun, environmental picnic day for the whole family. 10am-4.30pm, Umwinsidale Rd. Activities for kids, live music - Hellenic Orchestra, Quartet and more. Full bar, picnic meals and other food. (No cooler boxes or hampers). Tickets from Hellenic Academy, Master Angler (sam Levy’s), Reps Theatre. Advance tickets $5 - limited tickets on the day. Contact: Tracey Hugil 0772261079 or SPAR FAMILY FUN RUN in aid of Childline at Old Georgians Sports Club. 5km walk or 10km run. A fun day for the whole family! Full bar, catering, kids entertainment. For more info Mon10th June MACULAR DISEASE SOCIETY The next meeting will be held at 9.30am at Dandaro in the main lounge at the Community Centre. This time: ‘Tips for living with low vision’. Contact: Jean Sat 15th June WINTER WARMER - INTERSCHOOLS Ballroom & Latin Competition Presented by ZADSA. PROMPT 6pm start, Jubilee Hall, Hartmann House. Full bar and catering available. No spectator will be allowed to bring in any food, drinks or cooler boxes. Please respect this request! All seating will be available at the door $5 each for floor seats. Table tickets will be presold due to limited seating. Contact: Kerry for details and tickets 0772-515894, or WINTER BALL 3 course fine dining and dancing to live music from TSOTE. To be held at the exclusive Meikles Hotel, Jason Moyo Ave from 6.30pm. Tickets: $50 per person, $90 for a double-ticket or $400 for a table of 10. All proceeds go to Oasis Zimbabwe's work with street girls and other vulnerable young people. To purchase tickets or reserve a table please contact either Mavis 0772-752965, mutungwazimavis50 or Lisa 0778-408029; Sat 15th - Sun 16th June DRESSAGE Horse Society of Zimbabwe at the JR arena. Contact: Rose Wicks 0773-253400 Sun 16th June HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Issue No 40 - June 2013


JUNE in Sun 16th June BIRDLIFE MONAVALE VLEI WALK Meet at 7am BS Leon side of Fenella Dr. Contact Tony Alegria 0772 438697, 04-490375 (h), SOCIAL BOWLS MORNING at Highlands Sports Club from 9am – 12 noon. The club has spare sets of bowls to use and a few of their members playing in teams that have never played before. We will have trips (3 vs. 3) and fours games being played on different rinks depending on the number of people who arrive. No experience is necessary, so do not worry if you have never played or feel you are not a sporty type. Just pitch up at about 8.30am – with or without a team – and we will fit you into one of the games. The bar will be open so please do not bring your own drinks! Highlands Club have organised lunch $5 each – please support them. THE FEAR AROUND US - Jonathan Harare Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Kagyu Samye Dzong Harare (KSDH), 7a Ernie's Lane & 34 Quendon Rd, Monavale, Tel/Fax: 04-304 202 (am only, email:, website: Tues 18th – Sat 22nd June MY BIG FAT SHONA WEDDING a brand new play opens at Alliance Francaise new theatre in Herbert Chitepo Ave. Five performances only from 6.30pm nightly except for Fri and an extra show on Sat at 3pm. ‘Mrs Mupasa of Borrowdale Brooke is marrying off her only daughter Auxilia to a wealthy businessman, Tendai, and you are invited to attend. It is the

wedding of the year, the cathedral is organised, the restaurant booked, the cake baked and the bride is ready’. Play written by Elinor Kennedy, directed by Simba Masusela. Tickets $5 on 18 June, $8 pre-booking at Alliance Francaise, $10 at door. Contact: 0712-05929 or 0772-18366 Thurs 20th June BIRDLIFE TALK: “What do birds eat” by Dave Rockingham-gill 5.30pm at Avondale Bowling Club, Brighton Rd btwn 2nd St Ext/Upper East Rd. Cash bar and a guard. Contact Tony Alegria 0772-438697, 04-490375 (h), Sat 22nd June FUNDRAISING GYMKHANA at Glamis Arena. Contact: Rose Wicks 0773-253400 Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd June JUNIOR OPEN POLO TOURNAMENT at Harare Polo Club. Contact: Ashleigh 0772-320192 Sun 23rd June BIRDLIFE OUTING TO RUWA Meet at 7am at Mukuvisi Woodlands car park, Hillside Rd. Contact Tony Alegria 0772 438697, 04-490375 (h), Wed 26th June SCRABBLE NIGHT Fundraising for Fistulas at Queen of Hearts, Enterprise Rd. $10 each (all going to operation expenses). Please bring own board if possible (but welcome without). We hope to pay for one whole operation with each scrabble night. Contact: Andrew Strang Sat 29th June SILVER LININGS ANNUAL FUN WALK at Borrowdale Race Course from 10.30am. Entry $2 per person. People of all ages are welcome as are bicycles but NO dogs please. All proceeds will go to people with special needs. Contact: TASTE OF AFRICA at Mukuvisi Woodlands 12 noon until dusk. Celebrating one of Africa's most endangered species – Painted Wolves, (African Wild Dog). Tickets $55 each, proceeds towards Painted Dog Conservation. Dress: smart/casual, wear a hat or fascinator, or your favourite bush hat, walking shoes advised for the short foot safari. Complimentary award winning Painted Wolf Wines by Jeremy and Emma Borg. Learn about the Pedals for Paws bicycle ride taking place. Exciting tastes of Africa with cuisine by Lee Vermaak and Katie Burt. Art Exhibition by various Zimbabwean artists - a chance to buy fabulous paintings and photos. Entertainment by Continued


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

JUNE in Continued

Tony Vas and the Chisipite String Quartet. High quality auction and spot prizes. Tickets from The Framing Centre, Veldemeers and Mukuvisi Woodlands. Contact: 0774-198009 Sat 29th - Sun 30th June CHAPUNGU SERIES III DRESSAGE at Chapungu. Contact: Rose Wicks 0773-253400 Sun 30th June THE ANNUAL BORROWDALE CRAFT FAIR at Old Georgians Sports Club, full Bar and catering and lots of fun for the whole family. Tues 2nd - Sat 6th July THE BARNYARD THEATRE PRESENTS ROUTE 66, another amazing musical hit, at Twin Rivers School, hot on the heels of the Fab Four show. Contact: 0772-277678, 0774-180932, 0772324270 for tickets. Sat 6th July GRADE SIX 2014 ENTRANCE TESTS for Springvale House from 8.30am. Would you like your child to benefit from an education within the Peterhouse Group of Schools? If so, register your Grade 5 child (born in 2003) now at

Springvale House for the entrance test into Grade six 2014. We double stream and take in approx. 15 children who are chosen on merit. If your Grade 5 child is not yet registered with us and you would like them to sit the test on July 6, please contact the school office: or phone (0279) 23598. For more information visit our website Sat 13th July MEIKLES HOTEL PRESENTS CHRISTMAS IN JULY in the Stewart Rooms, from 7.30pm. Full Christmas dinner with entertainment and a chance to dance the night away. A five-star evening for all. Book from June 1 by calling Meikles reservations on 04-707721 or email MOVIES AT STER-KINEKOR Please check with these contacts what movies are showing as they change during the month. Westgate and Eastgate: To receive Line-up and promotional messages send a ‘call me back’ to 0774-208449. Show times: 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm, 8pm. Contact: 04-701933 (Eastgate) 04332253 (Westgate), email

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

Reps Theatre All bookings at the Spotlight call 04-308159

Reps est.1931


For up-to-date info on what’s on at Reps visit MAIN STAGE

Fri 31st May – Sun 2nd June THE MARDEN SINGERS, under the direction of Margot Dennis, celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and mark it with a special concert show called Let's Make A Night At The Opera, performances 7pm Fri and Sat, 2.30pm Sun. They have gathered all their members plus guest singers, and a number of acting personalities, to present a show that will be enjoyed by lovers of opera and people who do not perhaps know opera quite so well. A musical treat. Wed 5th – Sat 8th June MAKE IT COUNT – a dance and song extravaganza directed by Michelle Nativel (well know as one of Zimbabwe's leading dancers and a teacher and dancer with June Cloete's Academy). This features several singers and dancers and will be exciting and entertaining. Only a few performances – preview night Wed 5th (pensioners free and all others $6), Thurs 6th to Sat 8th - 7pm each night plus matinee Sat 2.30pm. Thurs 13th – Sat 22nd June A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGED – an Emlyn Williams murder mystery directed by John Dennison, featuring Tim Harrap, Paul Shephard and others in a play that makes it well worth while coming out on a winter night. Preview Wed 12th, 7pm (pensioners free, all others $6). PREPS (theatre training and fun activities for the under-12s) guided by David Bvumbe and Faith Ganyau, Saturdays at 9.30am (in the Adrian Stanley Room).

Booking in June for July performances ALICE IN BOLLYWOOD – the National Ballet's 2013 season is a specially-created ballet with a difference, in the wake of their success with their HIFA show it will well worth seeing. Running first week of July on Main Stage. THE SOUND OF MUSIC – Sue Bolt directs this family favourite, back by popular demand, starring Christina Jenkins and Marc Thomas. Entertainment for everyone, from those who have seen it many times before to the new generation who have not yet experienced this Rogers and Hammerstein gem. Advance booking open. Jul 18 - Aug 3. IN THEATRE UPSTAIRS another movie fortnight in July, week one featuring Oscar Wilde movies and second week a selection of musical biopics. The Oscar Wilde movies include The Importance of Being Earnest (a schools set book this year and next), three of his other plays, a documentary about him and the 1990s film about him starring Stephen Fry, simply called Wilde. The biopics include La Bamba (about Richie Valens), Sweet Dreams (Patsy Cline), Star! (Gertrude Lawrence, Funny Girl (Fanny Brice), Walk The Line (Johnny Cash), De-Lovely (Cole Porter) and Ray (Ray Charles). Season tickets for those seeing everything. SOCIAL EVENTS Mon 3rd June An Evening of Words, Fri 7th June A new young jazz group, Sun 9th June The June fun pub quiz at 11.15am, Fri 21st June Adam and Cheryl Snape together as ACE, Wed 26th June A fun darts evening in the Club Room, Sun 30th June Mahogany band, after a new event being planned for that morning – a scavenger hunt! Keep watching for more info about this, but diarise now!

REPTEENS (fun and training for the 1319 age group) under the guidance of Kyla Render, Fridays at 5.30pm in the Repteens Room. REPROBATES (theatrical training for adults, whether experienced or not), headed by Jonathan Hall (6pm, venue changes) – all welcome. THE SPOTLIGHT Harare’s Central booking office at Reps Theatre, Belgravia Shopping Centre, for all Reps productions and many other events and shows in and around Harare. Open Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm, Sat 9am to 12 noon, and one hour before shows start in the two theatres. Contact: 04-308159, REPS Office Mon-Fri 8am to 4.30pm (04) 335850, 336706 Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

Issue No 40 - June 2013


Birding in Harare By Debbie Wiggins Black-backed Puffback


ne of the most familiar birds to many people is the 'Butcher Bird'. The correct name for this bird is the Common Fiscal, but it earned its popular name 'Butcher Bird' due to the unique habit of impaling its prey on twigs or thorny shrubs to hang out and dry. In fact, this rather macabre habit is practiced by shrikes in general, and is a means of anchoring the food for tearing up using the lethal barb on the tip of their bills. This also allows the bird to store the food for later consumption. The Common Fiscal was thought to be named in honour of the fiskaal, a taxman with the Dutch East India Company, who wore black and white whilst viciously preying on people's money when collecting year-end taxes. It falls into the group of birds known as ‘Shrikes’ which comprises a number of sub-groups: the beautifully coloured Bush-shrikes, the Boubou Shrikes, the Tchagras, the gangs of hoodlum Helmetshrikes and what may be referred to as 'true' Shrikes, such as the Common Fiscal. This article touches on some of the 'true' Shrikes. Possibly one of the best known of the Shrikes is the Common Fiscal,

especially since, as its name suggests, it used to be commonly seen in our gardens up till about 25 years ago. In fact, these birds were so fiercely territorial that they often used to chase off other bird species from the garden, making it a rather unpopular resident at times for the bird enthusiast. However, this prevalence in the suburban garden has, in some cases, tailed off over the years, due to increased development, to the point where it has become something of a treat to spot a Common Fiscal in our gardens nowadays. Instead, they may quite often be spotted perched on electricity wires alongside vleis and open ground. From this or other conspicuous positions like a tree top, they drop to the ground to catch their prey, returning to their perch often with a wag of the tail. Of all the Shrikes found in Southern Africa, only two are migratory. The RedCommon Fiscal

Backed Shrike and the Lesser Grey Shrike both breed in Eurasia but are non-breeding summer visitors in Southern Africa. Here in Zimbabwe, the Red-Backed Shrike, striking with its grey head, russet back and heavy black eye-stripe, may be seen in a variety of habitats and altitudes, from high up in the Nyanga Downs to dry thornveld, while the

Birdlife Mashonaland Branch organises regular bird walks for its members and non-members free of charge (however there may be entry fees e.g. National Parks or a tip required depending on the location). For further information please contact Tony Alegria 0772-438697, 04-490375,


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Lesser Grey Shrike, similar in appearance but with a uniform grey back, has been more often sighted in March or April during its northward passage return migration. The Common Fiscal, Red-Backed and Lesser Grey Shrike are all usually solitary which ties in with their territorial behaviour. In contrast, the Magpie Shrike, formerly known as the Long-Tailed Shrike, is found in small groups of up to 12 birds. Their range in Southern Africa is quite wide within the northern half, where they are generally found at lower altitudes in Acacia savanna Red-backed Shrike

Lesser Grey Shrike

and bushveld. In Harare, they have been seen at Borrowdale Brooke. Last but not least is the rather endearing Black-Backed Puffback, with its snowy white underside from chin to rump, black upper parts, enclosing red eyes (in the males), and black and white streaked wings. They have a very distinctive call, a repeated click-whistle, easily recognisable even by the most amateur of birders. These small Shrikes move around in pairs or family groups in the canopy of trees, often as part of a bird party and may be found in quite a variety of habitats. Their name derives from the male's courtship display when he puffs up downy white feathers on his back to impress his lady!

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

Full Moon. On June 23, the moon turns full at 11.32 GMT, and just 32 minutes earlier it will arrive at its closest point to the Earth in 2013 at a distance of 356,991 km, making it a so-called supermoon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. There will be a large range in ocean tides (exceptionally low to exceptionally high) for a few days. June 12 - Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation. The planet Mercury will be at its furthest angle from the Sun, known as greatest elongation. It will be at its highest point in the night sky after sunset. This is the best time to try to view Mercury since it stays so close to the Sun and doesn't usually climb very high above the horizon. June 8 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 15.56 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. Issue No 40 - June 2013


26 22

Issue No 40 - June 2013

By Tendai Murahwa

“To serve, to strive and not to yield�, says the plaque at the Outward Bound Centre in Lesotho and to complete the gruelling three day Mosheoshoe Walk, one has to practice all three. The expedition attracts hundreds of participants every year, mostly Basotho, South Africans and a few Tswanas. Organised by T-Connexion Tours, the 116 kilometre route follows the course taken by King Moshoeshoe I in 1824 when he left Menkhoaneng for Thaba Bosiu. The route is manageable in parts but a couple of river gorges, steep ascents and harrowing declines see many participants giving up half way through the second day at Ha 'Makhoroana in Berea. This day is the toughest, with a 4am start and a 10pm arrival at Malimong. I shudder when I recall my first experience in 2011 - I was a straggler and got to know the plain clothed policeman who brought up the rear quite well. On the second night, while climbing the dreaded cliff of boulders to Malimong (pronounced Madeemong); I begged them to leave me in any of the village huts overnight. Thanks, in part, to my inadequate training, my muscles and joints were excruciatingly painful and liberal helpings of delicacies such as mangangajane (dried peaches), did not help my cause. In 2012, I vowed to learn from my mistakes. I invested in a pair of hiking boots and this time I was careful about what I ate. I arrived at Thaba Bosiu, our final destination, in the frontline, toyi toying with the best. Having just returned from the March 2013 walk, which still had a few surprises for me despite my knowledge of the route, I would recommend this trip to anyone who holds an interest in our local history or just a love for hiking through difficult terrain. Villagers organise board and lodging at two schools and those who prefer to, may also sleep in tents. Thankfully, the tour company transports our luggage throughout. I now await my third certificate of completion, signed by Lesotho King Letsie III. For more information on this trek, contact me on Issue No 40 - June 2013

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Issue No 40 - June 2013

Colin Anderson's words: “Blue Cross was conceived late in 1990 because of an argument about the position of the lowest point in Zimbabwe. Subsequent rigorous mapsearching pinpointed the Save-Runde confluence as the spot, right on the border and 150 metres above sea level. A look well northwards towards Nyangani, the highest point, revealed a fantastic intervening variation in terrain. So the distance was measured and found to be 500 kilometres. The round figure prompted some five years of thinking about an ultra-marathon in aid of charity. In 1996, the event finally kicked off with eight Light Infantry and seventeen Pedal Bikers, all most uncertain of what lay ahead. It worked, twenty-four of the twenty-five came home and $80,000 was grossed, enough (in those days) to justify a second try." Sadly, Colin is no longer alive but, from his vision, the challenge has drawn participants from around the world every year since 1996 and it has been completed over 700 times by 430 people. They have proudly written their names into the Blue Book, signed at the beacon on top of Mount Nyangani. The Blue Cross has grown into the largest single fund raising event for the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The event has evolved over the years with an off tar road version as well as the traditional route shown in the map. In 2013, the Walkers will start on 27th July, the Mountain Bike riders on the 4th August and the Traditional Mountain and Road cyclists on 5th August, all finishing together on 9th August. They will have covered more than 5 Comrades Marathons in distance and climbed over 7180 metres in total ascent (higher than Everest). It is not easy, but most people are unaware of their own capacity to endure some discomfort. Visit and find out the details of this challenge. There you will also see all the names of the people who have achieved their Blue Cross Medals in the past, the list is impressive.

Above: The pioneer group of riders seen here at the start of the first Blue Cross event in 1996. Setting off from the airstrip at Mahenya. The Blue Cross Route

If you can get on your bicycle and ride 100km, or walk all day, you are fit enough, but have you got the courage? Why not let 2013 be the year you find out? If you would like to follow the event, send a Friend request to the Facebook page Zimbabwe Blue Cross or email to Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

Sunday 2nd June 2013


n July 2012, Wild Geese Lodge hosted their first Art Festival – a first for Zimbabwe! This year the Second Art Festival will be held on Sunday 2nd June from 10am – 4pm. We have over 100 artists and sculptors registered; coming from all over Zimbabwe to show their work. The rolling lawns below Wild Geese Lodge provide ample space for the artists. They will each be responsible for their own display and stand. They will have time to meet and inter-act with the public and make their own sales. This year not only can visitors enjoy delicious cakes, scones and Chelsea buns with your tea and

coffee, but there will also be drinks available and tasty lunch options. There will also be two painting demonstrations! In the morning a group of nine artists are tasked to create an “Art Happening” and in the afternoon Chisipite School Art Department will do another demonstration. The band EVICTED will provide live music all day. Our artists are coming from Bulawayo, Mutare, Chimanimani, Marondera, Harare and Vic Falls each bringing their own individual style and talent.

Bring the whole family out in the fresh air and sunshine. Come and join us for a wonderful day of visual pleasure, scrumptious food and lively music in the beautiful surroundings of Wild Geese Lodge. Issue No 40 - June 2013


African Harrier-hawk (Gymnogene)


Issue No 40 - June 2013


fun Social Bowls Morning was held at Avondale Bowls Club on Sunday 5th May. There is nothing quite like playing sport in a relaxed environment with like minded people. Following on from our successful Masters Swimming Relay gala, we recently held a social bowls morning at Avondale Bowling Club. We had 84 participants who all seemed to enjoy the light hearted atmosphere on a lovely autumn day with the sun shining and the laughter flowing. Many of the people there had never played the game but, with the able help and advice of the regular bowlers, most seemed to pick it up very quickly. Some were even spotted by the Avondale selectors as possible competitive players and are currently being head hunted by the leading bowling clubs in Harare. Bowls is a sport that can be played by almost anyone. One can either enter competitions or just play a friendly game at Avondale, Highlands, Alex and City Bowling club where it is played every Saturday afternoon. Why not pop down to one of them on a Saturday at about 12 noon. You will be accepted with open arms and they all have spare woods to play with. Remember to wear flat soled shoes - and don't forget the Sun Screen! SUNDAY 16TH JUNE - SOCIAL BOWLS MORNING at Highlands Sports Club from 9am – 12 noon. See full details under events on page 10. Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

DRESSES, TROUSERS, SKIRTS, BLOUSES, JERSEYS, JACKETS, SCARVES the very best of ladies' seconds… new stock coming in regularly. Prices from $4 to $10. Spacious, relaxed, quiet, feel at home. 9 Hawick Rd, Pomona. Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-12.30. Out of hours by appointment. Contact: 04-882316 ECOTRUSS COMPANY specialists in treated (CCA) roof trusses/garden sheds. Situated at 20 Simon Mazorodze. Contact: Craig 0712-637390,, Simba 0773017704. ELITE DRIVING SCHOOL For all your driving lessons (collect & drop from school, home or work). Driver Awareness Courses - 4 hour courses for inexperienced drivers. Provs Cd (NEW) to help students learn for the provisional test. For more info contact Amanda on 0772241901, Offices at Chisipite Shopping Centre (above Supreme Butchery) Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm. INDIGENOUS TREES FOR SALE Pure Earth offers many varieties of trees and various sizes for sale. Moir Close, Mandara. Contact: Wayne 0773-599548 or Dean 0772259871 or visit our website INDIGENOUS TREE NURSERY Support our Monavale Vlei conservation programme by buying our trees. The Nursery is located at the end of Fenella Drive, Monavale. Contact us on 04-308382, 0772-772771, 0712-636458, MBIZI GAME PARK AND LODGES We offer picnics, accommodation - DBB and self catering, conference, workshops, team building and activities - game drives, canoeing, fishing, horse riding, boat cruises. Daily. Phone 04-700676-8, 2915737, 2935031, 0772-248372, 0773339298/310 PIANOS, SALES, TUNING AND MAINTENANCE Come and see our quality pianos. We also sell and repair wind and string instruments. Contact us for further information: 04304298, 335592, 0772-376506, 0712-210013, 0712-210013 and SILVER CREATIONS No 1 Van Praagh Ave, Milton Park. Corner house at top end of road on right. We have a wide range of jewellery, ethnic designs, sculptures, charms, wedding rings, earrings, starting from $5. Lovely gifts for all occasions. Call in and browse, or bring your own designs for us to make. Tel: 2933211, 0712-603228 SHARON CAITHNESS JEWELLERY & VALUATIONS For all jewellery requirements in gold and silver, make-ups, repairs, engraving, valuations, pearl re-stringing. Sharon 0772-345729 SUSAN'S FASHIONS 78 The Chase, Mt Pleasant. Leather shoes, boots and designer handbags coming in. Winter stock now in for all occasions – skirts, trousers, etc. Items are trendy one-offs. Prices range from $7 to $35. Contact: Susan 0772-635607 WILLOW LODGE is up-market hospitality located on 3 Willowmead Lane. Accommodation is on a Bed & Breakfast basis with other meals available on request. There are 6 ensuite rooms all furnished with the regular luxuries, DSTV, free internet etc. Contact: 0773-599548, 0773-256648 or email: YOUNG HEARTS KIDSWEAR SHOP at 78 The Chase. Mt Pleasant. We offer an excellent range of quality kids clothing. Our winter stock includes vests, cotton rich socks, nursery tights, school tights, girls shoes, boys and girls pyjamas and warm track suits. Open Mon - Fri 8am – Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013


unyararo Children's Home is situated in Marlborough, Harare and is the result of a dream that its founders – Peter and Tsitsi Kanetsa – had for the less fortunate children they encountered in the Marlborough area. Peter was himself an orphan in a remote area, east of Zimbabwe. As one who experienced loneliness and rejection, he felt driven to being part of a solution to the growing problem of orphans in Zimbabwe. As a result of this drive, Peter and Tsitsi partnered in 2008 with Harvest Church and Hands of Hope to open the home. Their main vision is to: a) Take into their home a number of children from the area, aged 3 to 18 years, who do not have parents or a family that can take care of them. b) Offer them a safe environment to live. b) Provide the comfort of a loving family environment. c) Educate, feed, house and look after them. d) Care for them medically, emotionally and spiritually.


e) Teach them skills and responsibilities so that they can be contributing, employable members of society. The home currently accommodates 13 children in Harare and a piece of land has been purchased in Domboshawa to assist in looking after several more orphans in that area who have no home. The home endeavours to be self-sustaining through a vegetable garden, tilapia fish project and chickens. Over the years, we have had folk from the community contribute goods, furniture, food and equipment. Another Orphanage in the area sunk a borehole at the home and Harvest church has committed to financially support the Orphans and the home monthly. In 2012, and again this year, 2 members of Harvest church – Keith and Abi Hepworth - ran the 2 Oceans Marathon and used the opportunity to raise funds for the Orphanage. They raised $7,000 last year and were aiming at $10,000 this year. The monthly costs of running the home are around $3,500 per month. We consider it a real blessing to be involved in alleviating suffering and contributing meaningfully wherever we can and have really connected with the children at Runyararo in a tangible way. Not only are the children thriving, but they have a sense of belonging, feel like they have something to live for and have been given hope. To all those who partner with us on this project – you have made a difference in each of their lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you would like to help in any way please contact: Dave, Chrissie and Ian (Harvest Christian Fellowship) or Peter and Tsitsi Kanetsa (Runyararo Children's Home). Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

By Mike Garden Safe swimming for children

Fishing from the beach

Cavern in the rocks

View from the deck


Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

Pomene View Lodge - Continued

Sunrise over the sea

Canoeing in the estuary

Lodge exterior Lodge interior

Pomene Shopping Centre

Clint’s 33kg Kingfish Issue No 40 - June 2013


Harare Restaurants & Coffee Shops Exclusive Amanzi 158 Enterprise Rd, 04-497768, 480883, 0772 336224 Emmanuels - French cuisine Bronte Hotel, J Chinamano Ave, 04796631-5 La Fontaine   Closed lunch weekends, Meikles Hotel, 04-250551-5, 251705, 707721 Victoria 22   Sat/Mon dinner only 22 Victoria Ave, 04-776429, 0733 464646, 0732 222222/3

Up-Market Alo Alo     10 Forest Row, Arundel Village, 04369198, 369257, Lesley 0712 602 245, Adrian 0773 265 933 Da Eros Pizzeria - Genuine Italian Food   86 East Road 04-332044, 0772 191135 Dv8 Restaurant - Steakhouse       Kamfinsa Shopping Centre, 04-497477, 497773 Fishmonger     50 East Rd, 04-308164, 302285 Imba Matombo Albert Glen Close, 0712 403530, 0774 514235 Leonardo’s     Sam Levy’s Village, 04-883158, 0772 247990 The Mill   Shop 19 Ballantyne Park, 04-882747 Monos Restaurant     Crowne Plaza Hotel, 04-704501-30 Wild Geese Lodge - The Goose     2 Buckland Lane, 04-2917977, 0772 145103

Speciality Exotic Arnaldos - Portuguese         7 Bessemer Cres, Graniteside, 04-773877, 0772 744669 Arnaldos Kensington Shopping Centre   0772 238306, 0712 348525, 0772 729306, 04-705617 Apple Gees   Newlands Shopping Centre, 04-252279-80 Bavarian Restaurant and Bar   116 Baines Av, Cnr 3rd and Baines, 04252362, 793877, 0772 590774


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Speciality - Exotic The Butcher’s Kitchen     Sam Levy's Village, 04-884445, 884573 Chang Thai Restaurant   Shop 4, 1 Harrow Rd, Doon Estate, Msasa, 04-485609, 0773 222276, 0775 763666 China Restaurant   17 Rowland Square, Milton Park, 0772 945077, 0773 637677, 0774 934934 The Circle   Borrowdale Shopping Centre (next to TM), 0772 572816, 0775 608007 Coimbra - Portuguese   61 Selous Ave, 04-700237 The Codfather - Seafood     15 Dacomb Dr, Chisipite, 04-498021/3, 0773 388813, 0712 409801 Deli Palace - Indian   Gaydon Rd, Greenstone Park Shopping Centre, 04-883178, 885358, 0778 464393 Endaweni - The Place Traditional 20 Maarsdorp Ave, Alex Park, 864 405 1561, 864 405 1517 Great Wall - Chinese     94 East Rd, 0712 616 282, 04-334149 Giuliana’s Restaurant - Italian     New management Rumbavu Park, Enterprise Rd, 0772 363292 Globe Trotter - African Cuisine   Lot 1, Good Hope, Old Mazoe Rd (2km from Westgate Shop Centre) Traditional L’Escargot - French   Courteney Hotel, 04-704409 L’O de Vie - French/Belgian     Newlands Shopping Centre, 04-252269, 0779 878645 The Olive Restaurant Veg/Health       11 College Rd, Alex Park, 0773 246860, 0774 455714 Mojos Churrascaria - South American     10 East Rd, 04-705993, 761639 Paula’s Place - Portuguese   314 Samora Machel Ave, 04-497950 Peppers Restaurant - Family   147 The Chase, 0772 276319, 0772 320110 Picobello Pizzeria - Pizza     47 Glenara Ave, 0733 436191 The Pointe - Portuguese     3rd Street 04-2931603, 734240, 0772 468123, 0772 468131 Rose Courtyard     Newlands, 0779 530254

St Elmo’s - Pizza Avondale Shopping Centre, 04-334980/2, 0772 241722 Shangri La - Chinese   155 Enterprise Rd, 04-443263/4, 0773 288717, 0733 415857 Silver Spur - Steakhouse   Holiday Inn, 0772 312545 The Sitar - Indian     No 2 Cecil Rhodes Dr, 04-746215, 2906169, 0712 616562 Sizzlers - Indian Cuisine   No 1 Rushmere Lane, Ridgeview, 0772 402893, 0772 352121 Steakout Butcher & Grill   Avondale Shopping Centre, 0714 885005, 0779 182153 The Tandoor - Indian   Hurtsview Rd, Sunrise Sports Club, 04785928, 0778 263667 Tinkerbell Restaurant Portuguese and more   4 Upton Road, Ardbennie 04-661697, 664745, 0774-532184 Wing Wah International Chinese   84 Glenara Ave, Highlands, 0773 967999

Family - General Adrienne’s   Enq. re specials Fairways Building 2nd St Ext, 04335602, 0772 742326 Arancies     Newlands Country Club 0772-303138, 0775-245803 Artsky Restaurant     68 Enterprise Rd, 0712 413640 Bannie’s     Cnr 2nd St/J Nyerere, 04-251450 The Bistro Restaurant     The Corner House, 2 Kingsmead Lane/ Borrowdale Rd, 04-851231 Butlers   Newlands Shopping Centre, 0776 270702, 0772-693172 Café Afrique   Cresta Oasis Hotel, 04-790861-4 Carriage Halt Restaurant   117 King George Rd, Avondale, 04303394, 0778 842403 Chatters   Cresta Lodge 04-487006, 486214, 0772437801/2 Colcom Kitchen Resto   Sam Levy’s Village, 0776 617750










Family - General Coffee Shops Elcombe's Restaurant   114 Seke Rd, Graniteside entrance Stevenson Rd, 0777 466942 Gaby’s   Plaza, Mazowe St, 04-700094 Gecko Gardens   Ecoweb 306 Glen Lorne 04-494612/71 Harvest Garden     Rainbow Towers 04-772633 Kombahari   Rainbow Towers, 04-772633 Miller’s Café     Sam Levy’s Village, 04-853137 Restaurant, 04-853138 Nico’s Kitchen   new management Sherwood Golf Club, Warbury Rd, 0772-350097, phone for specials Park View   Crowne Plaza 04-704501/30 The Palms Restaurant   Bronte Hotel, 132 Baines Ave, 04707522-7 Sandawana   Jameson Hotel 04-774106 Utano Restaurant   30 Bath Rd, Avondale 04-764347 WillowBean     216 Rolfe Ave, Borrowdale, 04-850294

Coffee Shops Antique Rose   72 Second St Ext, Golden Stairs Nursery, 0771 131896 Bottom Drawer       14 Maarsdorp Ave, 04-745679, 0772 235566 Brentos       16 Greendale Ave, 04-497504 Café Espresso     49 Cork Rd 04-797491-2, 0776 270702 Café Noir   Free Internet Helensvale Shopping Centre, 0772 816858 Café Nush     Avondale Shopping Centre, 04-335201 Café Xpresso     First Floor, Shop 51, Bond Street Shopping Complex, Mt Pleasant, 04304600, 304819 Connections     Hot Spot: Ecoweb 162 Swan Dr, Celebration Centre, Borrowdale, 04-850880/88-92 ext 246

40 Cork Rd Café     Kwamambo Gallery, 40 Cork Rd, 04253586, 0772 191136 The Cottage   8 Coltman Rd, Mt Pleasant, 0772 355514 The Corner   Arundel Spar 04-369669/72 Delicious   Sam Levy's Village 0772 329355 Freshly Ground       Borrowdale, 0772 688823 Gazebo - Buffet   Crowne Plaza, 04-704501 Giovanni’s       51 Quorn Ave, 0772 440043, 04-369734/5 Greek Sizzler Café       Pomona Shopping Centre, 04-883621 House of Sach Garden Café     4 Fletcher Rd, Arundel, Mt Pleasant, 0772 754792, 0773 990586 Jack Sprats Coffee Shop       14 Hindhead Ave, Chisipite, 0772 359144 Kingfisher Farm 61 Prices Ave, Emerald Hill Le Jardin       Intermarket Life Towers, 0733 563797, 0772 365946 La Patisserrie   Rainbow Towers, 04-772633/9 Lucullus Café Restaurant       Athienitis SPAR, Fife Avenue ,Shopping Centre 04-704228/703621 Meikles Lounge   Meikles Hotel, 04-707721 Mukuvisi Coffee Shop       Mukuvisi Woodlands, 04-747111/23 ex 102, 0772 613023 Noah’s Park   New management Umwinsidale Rd, 0772 357189 The Plot Café       9 Carrick Creagh Rd, Quinnington, 0776 638385, 04-2930531 Pistachio - Café/Restaurant   Shop 19 Sam Levy's Village, 0774 280507, 0773 494520, 0772 142030 Queen of Hearts     Wifi 1 Hurworth Rd/cnr Enterprise Rd, 0779 948835 Shop Café - Vegetarian       Doon Estate 04-446684 Sopranos     No 6 Argyle Rd 04-333833, 0772 191130 19 Fernleigh Rd, Pomona

Sorella’s Pizzeria & Café 1 Fisher Ave, Rolf Valley (opposite St John's College) 0778 842016/088 Spring Fever Café - Plaaskombuis     2 Rowland Sq, Milton Park, 0772 711985, 0772 687344 The Tea Shoppe     8 The Chase, 0772 738196 Theos House of Coffees       167 Enterprise Rd, 0772 881877 Upper Crust 1st Floor Batanai Gardens, 04-751339, 756663 Vali’s Bakery Café & Pizzaria     Kensington Shops, 04-706857, 794948 Vanilla Moon         8 Seagrave Rd, 04-333394 Veldemeers   1 Harrow Rd, Doon Estate, Msasa, 0712 603886, 04-486169 Village Café   Sam levy’s Village Spar, 04-853021-7

Pubs & Bars Blue @ 2 Wine Bar     2 Aberdeen Rd , 0772 308258, 04-339135 (Members Bar) Explorer’s Bar   Meikles Hotel, 04-707721 Lunch daily Fusion Café Bar 0772 616802 Gazebo Cocktail Bar   Rainbow Towers, 04-772633/9 ext 4469 The Goose Bar & Rest   Free Wifi Wild Geese Lodge, 2 Buckland Lane, Teviotdale, 04-2930379, 2917977, 0772 164987, 0772 145103 The Lounge     Cigar, Wine, Whiskey Bar Newlands Shopping Centre, 0776 270702 The Maiden     Harare Sports Club, 04-702669, 700037 Mekka Cocktail Lounge       Sam Levy’s Village, 0772 781709 Numero Uno Bar Lounge and Café     226 Carrick Creagh Rd, Greystone Park, 0772 831504 O’Hagans   Sam Levy’s, Borrowdale, 0772 616802, 0774 453657/8, Borrowdale Brooke Red Bar Newlands Shopping Centre, Old Enterprise Rd, 0773 213714, 04-782945 Please send changes to email:

Issue No 40 - June 2013


They live in the Turgwe River w i t h i n t h e S a v e Va l l e y Conservancy. During the terrible drought of 1991/92, the last 13 Turgwe hippos were kept alive. We built them a cemented pan and water troughs, as their river eventually dried up completely. Karen Paolillo, the founder of the Turgwe Hippo Trust, personally fed these hippos an amount of about one ton of food each night as there was no natural grazing left in the bush. At the end of the drought, they were the only hippos left alive. All others either died or moved far away, never to return. Since then nearly 40 hippo calves have been born. They are living in the Turgwe River system near Hippo Haven. By adopting one of the hippos in the two study groups, you will help us to implement a number of projects, which will ensure the long-term well being and survival of these Turgwe hippos. To find out more and adopt one of these hippos please email:


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Focus on t r a v e l By David Hulm

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

Article and photos by Rosie Mitchell


hinamhora, and neighbouring Masembura, are an undiscovered paradise, not far from the capital city. These are communal lands, sparsely dotted with picturesque, traditionally built homesteads, some cultivation and livestock. The reason it is so sparse is because the terrain comprises massive 'whaleback' granite domes and mountains, rendering these areas, apart from the interspersing plains and plateaux, inhospitable for agriculture. For this reason Chinamhora and Masembura would be hard to differentiate from a pristine, uninhabited National Park! I first began exploring these areas a decade ago. Over a few years, I discovered just how beautiful and wild these places really are, and how charming and hospitable the people who live in the valleys and plateaux between the mountains are. Following a scenic 45 to 90 minute drive out of Harare on the Borrowdale Road, which becomes the Domboshawa Road, one could spend a lifetime enjoying and exploring these massive, granite mountains and the surrounding forests and plains. Many of us who grew up in Harare went on family trips out to Domboshawa, the closest significantly large granite hill to the city, which has San rock paintings and is a great place for a ramble and picnic. For many years the local residents have provided guarded parking and will guide you, if you wish, up and around the sites. There is an interpretive centre, and even a bar and restaurant. However, if you have not yet ventured further than this place, with its happy childhood memories, it is time to explore further! Drive another 20 minutes or so beyond Domboshawa hill, and be amazed - by the

dramatic moment when Ngoma Kurira first appears before you, a massive conglomeration of granite, rising seemingly out of nowhere, which soon completely dominates the scene. This sight will take your breath away. For those of us who also spent some formative early years in Bulawayo, and weekends exploring the beautiful Matobo hills, you will have discovered your own 'Matobo near Harare' - because the landscape is similar in so many respects. Ngoma Kurira draws visitors in need of a healthy dose of nature and the scenic outdoors irresistibly to its majesty. It is also a source of income for local residents who charge modest fees to guard cars. Curios are also sold, and if you Continued


Issue No 40 - June 2013



would like, you can hire a guide. There is an easy-to-follow trail up the mountain, steep, but enjoyable hike nonetheless. Once near the top, the San rock art is found on the massive vertical rock face below the summit. For serious rock art enthusiasts, there is another rock art site in a cave on the opposite side of this dramatic rock face, which is more of a scramble to get to and has sadly been defaced in recent years to some extent by graffiti. To see examples of these San paintings, estimated to be between 2 000 and 30 000 years old, which have survived aeons painted in natural dyes, is a rare privilege. The San people were the first in Zimbabwe, tens of thousands of years ago, and were also some of the earliest people on the planet. Sub Saharan Africa is the cradle of Homo sapiens, and the San, one of 14 remaining populations from which all modern humans evolved. In 100 000 BC, the San, once called 'bushmen', were the only people living in eastern and southern Africa, and remained so, right through to the first two centuries AD. Then the Bantu people from North West Africa invaded their vast territory. Since then, the peace-loving San have tragically been all but annihilated both by the Bantu and then by the various tribes and peoples who have arrived

since. The few alive today, live in the Kalahari Desert. The early San lived a peaceful hunting-gathering lifestyle in harmony with the environment. Their priceless, fascinating and beautiful art is found across our entire country, in caves, under rock overhangs and on rock faces, and in Chinamhora and Masembura, where they once roamed widely, there are many examples. Well worth a visit are Chikupu Caves, a series of four excellent sites, in the side of another massive and lovely mountain to climb and explore. This requires driving well beyond Ngoma Kurira, bearing left at the Makumbe Misson Road intersection, onto the dirt road. After enjoying the paintings, explore further, revel in the stunning views, and realise how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country. There is a veritable, unexplored paradise out in these vast communal lands, and if entertaining visitors from abroad, and time does not permit a walk or hike, drive through Domboshawa towards Makumbe Mission and then onwards all the way to Bindura. It is tar the whole way and the scenery is spectacular, taking you right through the finest examples of these dramatic mountains. But it is far better, of course, to hike.

View of Ngoma Kurira from Chikupu Woods

Inyauri River Valley

Rock paintings on the side of the vertical cliff


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Game you might spot include klipspringer, reedbuck, duiker, various mongooses, vervet monkeys, dassies, baboons, genets, civet and serval, and bird life is teeming. Who said you have to travel far to enjoy the best of what our country can offer as a wilderness experience? You are unlikely to see a soul the entire day once up in the hills. As you drive out there, choose a mountain that inspires you, park near a homestead, greet the residents if they are around and explain politely that you would like to walk in their area. They are very friendly folk and will be delighted by your visit, nor will you be pestered for car parking fees or anything else. Then head off into the unknown, go climbing and discover Zimbabwe at its most beautiful! If the thought of doing this without any guidance is too daunting, contact the Mountain

Club and join one of their trips out to Chinamhora or Masembura. The Mountain Club is a wonderful, long-established institution comprising a core group of Zimbabweans, passionate about our environment, wildlife, great outdoors, and appreciating these by exploring them together, whether on several day intrepid hikes or a casual afternoon stroll. For more information on the Mountain Club contact: Rob Jarvis 0777-747286, or Lorraine Regadas 0772-416024,

Issue No 40 - June 2013


Pears can be eaten on there own or prepared in a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. Delicious in cakes, desserts, salads and main dishes, pears can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Health and nutrition: They are high in fibre and a good source of Vitamin C and E, as well as potassium and magnesium. Pears are low in fat and calories and therefore eaten regularly in the diet can bring significant reduction in weight and blood LDL cholesterol levels. They contain high levels of antioxidant nutrients critical in building up the immune system. The dietary fibre pears contain helps to maintain a healthy digestive system aiding with the protection against colon cancer. Eating a pear can be a great pick-me-up if you feel sluggish in the afternoon as your body absorbs glucose, which is converted into energy. Grilled or baked pears are a great way to serve this winter fruit. They go well with grilled pork or sausages, but even better when served with ice cream or frozen yogurt for dessert.


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Focus on t r a v e l

By Helene Donohoe


ituated only 3km off the Mutare Road behind the Ruwa Club and nestled amongst beautiful, granite rocks and lovely gardens, lies Mapumula Lodge and Function Centre. Consisting of 2 lodges and a large outdoor gazebo, this facility can sleep 10 people and is ideal for small functions, conferences, workshops of up to 30 delegates or merely for a peaceful weekend when one needs to escape the bustle of the city. The large lodge sleeps 6 in 3 ensuite bedrooms, and the smaller lodge sleeps 4 in 2 twin rooms with a bathroom. Suitable for a family of 4 or 5 and very attractive with one bedroom up in a pretty loft (a great hit with children), there is a swimming pool, 2 dams (seasonal), beautiful walks and excellent bird watching. Children are welcome to bring their bikes and ride as there are lovely sandy roads in and around the property. They offer full catering for all conferences, workshops and functions. Situated very close to Ruwa Golf Club, this is also an ideal place for those seeking a golfing weekend out of town. Self drive tourists may also find this an ideal overnight stop, as it is very peaceful and quiet after a long drive. Contact and enquiries can be made on 0772-308234 or Issue No 40 - June 2013




Issue No 40 - June 2013

Aberfoyle Lodge: Honde Valley, Antelope Park: 054-251923, 251949, 251913, 0712-362220, 0778-354002,,, Arcadia Dam: 0773-045590, Bushman Rock Safaris: 0712-365392, 042932453, 2932531, Chengeta & Pamuzinda Safari Lodges: 062844100, 0772-573022, 0772-568832,, Domboshawa: Borrowdale Rd, through Domboshawa town, on the right. Eden Lodge - Eden Estates: Fresh Water Rd, Upper Bvumba, 0733-337771, 0736-036390,, Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens: Enterprise Rd, past Enterprise Club, signpost on right. Far And Wide M'tarazi Cottages:, website Haka Game Park: along Mutare Rd, opp old Jaggers, 0712-404160, 04-701330

Hideaway Lodge: 0773-109334, 0772-191356, Hildemara: 04-776673/8, 746201/5, 0772273901,, Hippo Creek: Masvingo. 0775-464455, 0773026317-9,, Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp: 04-747929, 0773-050670, 0772-337355, Imire Safari Ranch: 022-22094, 0772-522201,, Inns of Zimbabwe: Pine Tree Inn; Inn on the Vumba, Inn on Rupurara, Kuimba Shiri Bird Park: 04-2926136, 0772226635, 0772-990082, 0772-955044, La Rochelle - Botanical Gardens: 020-22250, 0772-306560, Lion & Cheetah Park: 04-292782, 0775181750/4, Mavuradonha Wilderness: 0772-320297, 0772256434,,, Mbizi Game Park: 164 Samora Machel Ave/Cnr 7th St, 04-700676-8, 0732-475503, 0712-602305, 0772-248372, Monavale Vlei - Wetlands Conservation: 04304298, 0772-772771, Mukuvisi Woodland Nature Reserve: 04747123, 0774-198009, Mwanga Lodge: Newlands Shopping Centre, Murandy Sq West, 1st Fl, Room 8, 04-776341, 0772-300935, 0772-226854, Ngomakurira: 28km down Borrowdale Rd, turn right by sign “Ngomakurira Conference Centre” Pungwe Cottages: Raintree: Open every Sunday, weekdays by appointment only. Cindy 0772-333965, Ian 0772236864,, Rhodes Nyanga Museum: 029-3195, 0736497648, 0774-892538 Twala Trust Animal Sanctury - Sara Carter 0772-592944, 0733-0436239, White Horse Inn: Bvumba, 020-60325, 0712-

The National Museums and Monuments: 107 Rotten Row, 04-752876, 774208, The National Archives: Borrowdale Rd, Gunhill, 04792741, Tsindi Ruins - National Monument: Peterhouse Girl’s turnoff along the Mutare Rd, Marondera. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe: Cnr Julius Nyerere/Park Lane, 04-704666/7, Gallery Delta: 100 Cnr Livingstone Ave/Ninth St, “Robert Paul’s Old House”, Greenwood Park, 04792135,, Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

By the Humanitarian Information Facilitation Centre

Our Water Crisis ... and the REAL root of the problem! The adequate provision of potable water by the Government to its citizens is a human right enshrined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 7.C, which is to: Halve, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. The new Constitution for Zimbabwe 2013, Section 4.24, states that “everyone has a right to sufficient safe food and potable water and the state must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within its available resources, to achieve the progressive realisation of this right�. Municipalities have a mandate to provide rate payers with clean water. The City of Harare currently provides only 60% of its rate payers with water, with the remaining 40% obliged to pay for water which they do not receive. Today, only 6 of the 14 pumps are operational and water rationing has been imposed on the City. BUT: whilst much mention is made in the media of the shortage of water due to reticulation, pumping and purification issues, little is said of the importance of our City's only actual SOURCE of water: Its WETLANDS - otherwise known as VLEIS. Dotted about, citywide, are the Open Green Spaces, which become water-logged in the wet season. This is where ALL our water comes from - there is NO other source, as our city

is placed at the highest point in this whole area and its surrounds. It is the vleis that collect, store and clean our water, after it falls as rain in the wet season, without any cost involved! From here, the cleaned water (contaminants superbly filtered out by the dense, dark soil of the vleis) trickles underground at a steady pace, into the rivers that in turn feed the dams that supply us with our life-sustaining water. Without these vleis, the rivers on which we rely will dry up, our dams cease to be fed and our city could die. There is already a massive humanitarian crisis in high density areas, arising from this on-going loss of vital wetlands, and this situation is escalating fast. Just one example is Dzivarasekwa where the suffering residents rise at 3am to queue for water at three boreholes. Municipal water is rationed intermittently three days a week, in this area. The wetlands in Harare are under very serious threat, primarily through a lack of understanding of their importance and functions by the authorities, both national and local, which in turn allow development, informal agriculture and so, pollution. These vleis are Harare's only source of water for its downstream supply dams, Chivero and Manyame. The current fragmented approach to administering the existing legislation for managing wetlands, appears to offer neither clear Continued

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013


guiding principles nor policy, or an enabling environment, to protect and carefully manage these vitally important lifelines to our city water. With the current onslaught on these areas by would-be developers, illegal cultivators, dumpers of rubbish and industrial polluters, those in pristine condition still able to perform their natural water storage and cleaning functions, are fast vanishing. As they vanish, so there is even less water for our populations in suburbs city wide. If anything, there is a focus on manipulating the legislation to justify development on these precious and fragile water bearing areas, instead of focussing on their protection and restoration! To address this problem, HIFC facilitated the creation of a platform for sharing information and collectively seeking solutions with all stakeholders as well as increasing media coverage relating to the imminent humanitarian crisis associated with the loss of Harare's only source of water – the headwaters of the Manyame catchment basin. Led by HIFC, the first meeting was held, and officially named, The Wetland Survival Forum, on 22nd January 2013, attended by some 40 attendees representing 30 organisations. These included representatives from humanitarian, water security and environmental organisations, wetland experts, hydrologists and geologists, journalists and concerned Harare residents. Relevant national and local government agencies were also well represented. Since then, two further meetings of the Wetland Survival Forum have taken place and vital matters, including the zoning of wetlands, and their relationship with open green spaces, were discussed at length, and some agreement reached, and ideas for the way forward formulated.

So there is an URGENT need to: - Increase awareness of the threats to the wetlands in the provision of water; - Create and disseminate a far better understanding of the relevant legislation; - Upgrade the laws so that they are in favour of wetland protection: Greater communication and co-operation is needed between the various authorities in this endeavour. Should these fundamental issues be resolved, there will be no further development permitted on Harare's open green spaces (vleis, wetlands) and its threatened water sources will be better able perform their functions for the benefit of Greater Harare as a whole and its water supply.

Introducing - the Humanitarian Information Facilitation Centre - HIFC HIFC was established in 2009 to address an urgent need to streamline the flow of information from the humanitarian sector to the general public and decision-makers, using the media. HIFC is premised on the idea that knowledge forms the basis for all change and people have a right to unfettered access to information for informed decision-making. HIFC comprises two components: A media development component which supports and teaches journalists to increase the quality and quantity of humanitarian reporting; A component which assists humanitarian organisations effectively to put together and disseminate their information to various constituencies and to strengthen their relations with the media.

Any residents associations or individuals wishing to participate in forthcoming Wetland Survival Forum meetings, or receive correspondence and information, please contact Kathy Manase at HIFC on 250638 / 707959 or 0779 455525. Email or, 38 Harvey Brown Ave, Milton Park. Issue No 40 - June 2013


Bushy Landscapes & Nurseries No No 34 34 Kenmark Kenmark Crescent, Crescent, Bluff Bluff Hill Hill Industrial Industrial Park Park (off (off Faber Faber Road) Road) For For Palms, Palms, Cycads, Cycads, Indoor Indoor Pot Pot Plants, Plants, Shrubs, Shrubs, Ground Ground Covers Covers and and Garden Garden Chemicals. Chemicals. Open Open Monday Monday to to Friday Friday 8am-4.30pm, 8am-4.30pm, Saturday Saturday 8am 8am – – 1pm. 1pm. Contact Contact ::Bushy Landscapes John John 0772 0772 917 917 109 109 & Nurseries Ernest Ernest 0775 0775 420 420 675 675 Mandy Mandy 0772 0772 211 211 461 461 Lorra


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Issue No 40 - June 2013






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By Morag Flight

Termite control you can trust. Phone for a free quote.

Termite Control David Lowe 0772 206655 744906 (home office)

Flowe rs to plant now

Also rats, ants, mosquitoes, fleas and flies.

www.facebook/AlmondTermiteControl Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

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Issue No 40 - June 2013


for JUNE MON 30th ADRIENNE'S DINNER DANCE Contact: 04-335602, 0772-742326 SAT 29th ALUMNI PORTAL DEUTSCHLAND SPRECHSTUNDE every LAST SAT of the month at the Zimbabwe German Society, 51 Lawson Ave, Milton Park. Contact: 04-704045, 705753 WED 12th AVONDALE FLORAL GROUP monthly meeting on the SECOND WED of the month at 2 for 2.30pm at OG's Sports Club. Contact: Trish Reynolds 04-882883 Fri 28th & Sat 29th AWIDE FARMERS AND CRAFTERS MARKET, every last FRI and SAT of the month. On sale fresh and processed organic farm produce, herbs, handmade crafts and more at 158 Fife Ave. SAT 1st BASIC FIREARMS SAFETY/ HANDLING COURSE usually held on the FIRST SAT of the month with the Cleveland Pistol Club at Harare Shooting Sport Complex, off Arcturus Rd, registration at 8.30am. Course starts 9am sharp. No entry after course has started. Contact: Nick Muller, THUR 6th BORROWDALE FLORAL GROUP monthly meeting usually on the FIRST THURS of the month at 9.30am at St Gerard’s Hall, Stonechat Lane, Borrowdale. Contact: Sheana Crous 04-882368 SAT 1st CAR BOOT SALE held on the FIRST SAT of each month at Borrowdale Country Club, Carrick Creagh Rd, Helensvale from 8.30am - 12 noon. Entry $1 per person, sellers $5. Contact: Karl Pinkel 04-861168, 0712-864560


Issue No 40 - June 2013

SAT 1st CHARITY CHALLENGE The Run/Walk for Life/Innovate Fun Challenge on the FIRST SAT of every month at Innovate High Performance Centre, 100 The Chase, from 7 for 7.15am. Entry, a charity donation – we will adopt a different charity each month. Distance: 4,8 or 12km (or 16km if you wish!). All welcome. Contact: Mel 0773060235 THURS 20th COUNCIL FOR ZIMBABWE NETWORKING HOUR bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds every THIRD THURS of the month from 6 – 7.30pm at Niche Bistro, 328 Herbert Chitepo Ave. Admission is Free. Contact: SAT 29th DOON ESTATE FOOD, WINE AND BOOK FAIR LAST SAT of every month, from 9am - 1pm. Fresh market goodies, tasty treats, plants, new and second hand books. Also many interesting shops to visit at Doon Estate. 1 Harrow Rd, Msasa, next to Chapungu Village. Semona 0772-301212 TUE 11th & TUE 25th ENGINEERS TOASTMASTERS CLUB on the SECOND and FOURTH TUES of the month. Engineer your presentation and leadership skills at The Rotary Centre (Senior Citizens Club) Cnr Fife Ave/Colquhoun St, behind US Embassy, 5.50 - 7.30pm. Contact: Emmanuel Lisapo 0772-806890,

SAT 1st FARMERS MARKET Arundel Village Shopping Centre rear car park. Every FIRST SAT of the month. Various cuisines to select from. Entertainment for parents and children, free entry. Contact: 0773-379360, SAT 8th FOOD MARKET at Brookfields, 177 Enterprise Rd, Chisipite. Every SECOND SAT. Fresh gourmet delicacies, baked goods, spices, meat, fruit and veg. Open 9am - 1pm. Free entry. Contact: Peter 0712-216002, TUE 18th GARDENING MEETING at Quorn Nursery, 50 Quorn Ave, Mt Pleasant 9am on the THIRD TUES of the month. Contact: 0772-225774, 0772-224023, 0772-237845, SUN 30th GLENARA AVE MODEL TRAINS operation day usually the LAST SUN of every month, opp. Runiville shops. A wonderful experience for children, from 2.30pm onwards! Contact: Petrus Erasmus 0772-388449, Andre Jacobs 0772-687380 SAT 8th & 22nd GOLF LADIES CLINIC at Chapman Driving Range EVERY TWO WEEKS from 9.30 - 11am. Contact: 0775464666 SUN 9th HARARE GARDEN CLUB meet on the SECOND SUN of the month at 2.30pm, visits and talks. Venues change, confirm with Geraldine Melrose 04-495172 (eve) or Tawny Stidolph 04-496738

for JUNE FRI 7th SCRAPBOOKING, WINE & PIZZA EVENINGS FIRST FRI of every month. Scrapbooking lessons in a secure home environment with pizza, wine/ refreshments, laughter and fun. Kits supplied, photo printing offered. Just arrive with basic tools. From 6.30 - 9.30pm. Beginners welcome! For bookings call Siobhan 0772-412750, 0714-304664,

SUN 16th & SAT 23rd TREE SOCIETY OF ZIMBABWE usually has its main outing on the THIRD SUN of every month at 9.30am and the FOURTH SAT at 2.30pm, venue varies. Membership (only $5 annually) is open to all who have an interest in trees and wish to know more about their identification and distribution. Contact: Isla Grundy 0779-530463,

SAT 1st LIONS CLUB OF HATFIELD meets on the FIRST SAT of every month from 2pm, at 139 Northway Hatfield. Contact: 0772-998236, 0712-403747

WED 26th SEEFF PROPERTY TALK on different topics, LAST WED of the month from 5.30 - 7pm at Seeff Properties Zim, 1 Kent Rd. Pertinent questions answered. Contact: Karen on

SAT 15th MASHONALAND PHILATELIC SOCIETY meets on the THIRD SAT of the month, in the Orchid Society Building at Mukuvisi Woodlands from 9am. Stamp displays, auctions, talks, swopping, etc. Contact: Ian Johnston 0772-859759

SAT 22nd SOROPTIMIST HARARE CLUB hold business meetings on the FOURTH SAT of the month, venue to be advised. Contact: Shirley Sutter 04333026, 0777-781524,

SUN 16th VINTAGE CLASSIC CLUB OF ZIMBABWE ‘OUT AND ABOUT’ meet outside Pomona Food Court between 10am and 12noon every THIRD SUN of the month. All welcome. Bob Rose

TUE 18th MASHONALAND PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY meets on the THIRD TUES every month at 5.30pm. For details, please SMS 0772-400102 with the word “MPS”, include your name and email address and they will reply.

TUES 18th TATAGURA GARDEN CLUB usually on the THIRD TUES of the month at 2.30pm. Contact: Morag Flight 0772238807,

TUES 11th HIGHLANDS FLORAL GROUP monthly meeting on the SECOND TUES of the month at the Larmenier Club, 4 Ridgeway North at 9.30am. Contact: Gail Beamish 04-497730 SAT 8th & 22nd LADIES MINI AEROBATHONS at Eve's Exercise Studios, ZB Sports Club from 5.30 - 8.30am, $10. Contact: 0772-436366,

SUN 30th MUKUVISI WOODLANDS WALK/RUN on the LAST SUN of each month from 6.30am, cut and marked trails of 4km, 6km and 10km. Variety of birds, trees, tame animals and butterflies to see. $5 for walk/run plus $1 per pooch. Breakfast available at the Woodland Coffee Shop. Contact: Barbara 04-747123, 0774-198009 THURS 13th NEEDLECRAFT GUILD meet on the SECOND THURS of the month, all forms of needlecraft, knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet from 2pm at Greencroft Presbyterian Church Hall, Stoney Rd. Contact: Deirdre Appel SAT 9th NORTHWOOD FLORAL GROUP monthly meeting usually held on the SECOND SAT at Pleasantways. Contact: Eve Strannix 0712-201479,

MON 3rd & 17th TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL Learn to communicate effectively in a supportive environment, increase leadership potential and become more successful in your career. Chapman Golf Club from 5.50 - 7.30pm. Contact: Priscilla 0772974837,; Marco or Blessing MON 10th & 24th TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE CLUB Meets at Chapman Golf Course from 68pm. You are a great speaker and an effective leader. Join Toastmasters and we will prove it to you! Contact: Lloyd 0712881824,

SUN 9th ZIMBABWE ORCHID SOCIETY usually meets on the FIRST/SECOND SUN of the month at 9.30 for 10am at Mukuvisi Woodlands. Contact: Glyn Vale 04-304902 for details.

Simple, yet effective, Payroll Software with automatic calculation of PAYE, NSSA, Medical Aid and NEC. Clear Payslips with numerous reports including Cost Centre Analysis and Journals. All the required Year End Procedures, Excel Files and Clock Card interface.

SOFTRITE Contact: 853238/39/40, 0712 408 439

WED 26th ONE DAY GARDENING COURSE Every LAST WED of the month under the direction of Ann Hamilton King. Beginners $40, Intermediate $50 and Advanced $60. Borrowdale Brooke Nursery, Cnr Hogerty Hill/Crowhill Rd. Contact: 04860175, 0733-438933, 0772-683175 SAT 8th PATCHWORK AND QUILTING GUILD meets on the SECOND SAT of the month at 9am at Larmenier Club House, Larmenier Village. Talks, demonstrations and workshops on all aspects of patchwork and quilting. Contact: Georgie Fraser THURS 6th & 20th QUIZ EVENING at Blu@2 Wine Bar every SECOND THURS from 6.30pm. Teams of up to 4 people, all welcome. Contact: Simba 04-339135, 0772308258 See our Important Numbers Pages for emergency and help Issue No 40 - June 2013


Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself. ~Havelock Ellis The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. Mata Hari


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Advertise in Ndeipi Magazine. 4000 copies printed every month, distributed to various outlets in and around Harare as well as Mutare, Nyanga Kariba & Bulawayo. Email:

ACOUSTIC GUITAR CLASSES All age groups, cost $15 for 1hr sessions, $10 for 45min, $5 for 20min. 106 West Rd, Avondale West. Contact: 0773-705924, MON - SAT 8am-6.30pm ART EXPLORE Workshops and Art Classes, beginners and not-so beginners with Sarah Fynn and Pip Curling. Contact: Sarah: 0712-430606, or Pip 0773-253307, 04-882443, Beginners workshops WED - THURS 9am-3pm. Water-based painting MON 2.30-5pm. Oils TUES 9.30am-12pm ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE at the Book Café, Fife Ave Mall/6th St. Contact: 0774-435272,, 5.30-7pm FRI, SAT. Developing artists featured in 3 hour perfomance slots, lively afternoon entertainment including many genres. 2-5pm SAT ARTS AND CRAFTS - PEARLITES 8 Maiden Dr, Newlands. Ideal for children 5 yrs and above, also adults. Contact: Pearl 04-776203, 0772-317622 MON to SAT ARTMOODS art workshops for adults. Join Vanessa Hounsell for creative workshops using a wide range of techniques and mediums. Specialised workshop dates to be appointed. Contact: 0772-565313, See for project examples. THURS, Open Studio FRI BALLROOM SOCIAL DANCING Adult beginners at Borrowdale Scout Hall, opp post office. Learn to dance in a friendly, social environment. Contact: Hans Neilsen 0772282936, Matt Murrel 0772-324375 Term times. 7-9pm TUE BELLY DANCING CLASSES Exercise naturally releases chemicals in our bodies that make us more relaxed and feel good. Improving our bodies increases our feelings of self worth and confidence. WED 8.30 - 9.30am - The Optimum Health Centre 131 Enterprise Rd. Contact: 04494251/ 0773-614925 to book a place. TUES 6-7pm Emerald Hill. Contact: 0773-614925. BOOK CAFÉ OPEN MIC at the Book Café, Fife Ave Mall/6th St. Contact: 0774-435272,, From 7pm MON DANCESPORT FOR CHILDREN at St Gerard’s Hall, Greystone Park. Beginner classes in Ballroom and Latin American Dancing. Contact: Les Covarr,, 04-885713, 0772-250820 mornings only please. Term times only. From 2.15pm FRI DANCE CLASSES with Debbie Fleming, all classes 67.30ish pm. Teenagers and up; guys and girls! Contact: Debbie 04-492314, 0772-303332 Beginners MON, WED | Advanced MON, THURS DREAM FLORA DESIGN STUDIO Floristry Lessons, Ikebana Classes and Western Floral Art Lessons (Traditional and Modern) offered - as well as access to best quality Proteas, roses and fillers. Latest trends taught by International Floral Art & Horticulture Judge. Small classes ensuring personal attention, in Avondale West. Function Floral Decor co-ordination also undertaken with over 15 years experience. Contact: Felicity Ambrose 0772-262546, KARAOKE AND DANCE at the Pointe Restaurant, 3rd St. Prizes to be won! Contact: Tendayi 04-492010, 734240, 0772-468123 FRI KARAOKE at The Cage Bar and Restaurant, Mabelreign Country Club. 4-8pm. SAT KIFOC AT THE KABIN Kids In Front of the Camera (KIFOC) are holding weekly acting, singing, hip hop dancing and photo modelling sessions all under one roof, for girls and boys aged 6 years and above. Preparations for Allied Arts beginning in May. To find out more about this programme, including enrolment and payment details please contact Beverley 04-570869, 0733-402-696, FRI afternoons, SAT mornings LIVE MUSIC - EVICTED AT AMANZI! Contact: 04497768, 0772-336224, 7.3011.30pm THUR LINE DANCING Everyone all ages welcome. Contact: Roy Combrink 0772-240721 or Sue Garden 0773-303340 COUNTRY AND MODERN - to music from Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and more.

M&MS DANCE FACTORY Dancing for all ages, 3 to adults. Mixed styles- jazz, modern, broadway, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. Braywick Lane, Borrowdale. (Borrowdale Rd - 4km from Harare Dr, right into Whyte Ladies Lane, right into Braywick Lane, 3rd Gate left). Contact: Mitzi 0772-268930, Melany 0773-949367, Natz 0773-358054. Advanced Adults - MON, THUR 5.306.30pm. Beginner Adults - TUE 5.30-6.30pm MANICS CERAMICS Children can put their creative side to work through pottery painting. From 3 years upwards, at 65 Rhodesville Ave. Contact: 04-498792. 10am-4pm. MON to SAT MAWENJE ART CLUB For Kids: 9 to 13yrs old can spend an exciting 1½ hours with artist Leslie Johnson at her home creating fun and inventive art projects. Classes WED and FRI afternoon. Contact Leslie 04-497494, 0773507888, MINI MASTERS art workshops for 6-10 year olds. Children build creative confidence whilst learning to use a wide range of techniques and mediums, in an experimental way. Contact: 0772-565313, Term concurrent with school dates. TUES MODERN JAZZ DANCE EVENING CLASSES At the DTZ (Former National Ballet), 109 East Rd, Belgravia. Contact: Soukaina 0772-368523, Adults and teenagers (15+) 5.30-7pm TUE 6.30-8pm THUR MOZAMBICAN DANCE Youths and adults, classes taught by a professional, experienced dancer and choreographer. Contact: 0712-418544, 0772-702976. 11am- 12pm SAT MUSIC LESSONS Piano, Guitar, Recorders, Violin and Voice. Private and group lessons. Contact: 0776988285, DAILY PAS DE DEUX classes at the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe, open to anyone at $7 per class. Contact: Eve Strannix 04-336776, 0712-201479 before classes begin to ascertain class size. 2-3.30pm SAT THE PETER BIRCH STUDIO GALLERY 308 Herbert Chitepo Ave. Teaching children how to put their thoughts to paper in a pleasant and calm environment with our “Children’s Happy painting” batiks, drawing and pottery. Contact: Mr Kwenda 04-708508. School leavers Mon-Fri 9am - 12noon, Children 5-12 yrs Sat 9am12noon. MON to SAT PHOENIX CHOIR MEETING in the Loyola Hall, St George’s College. Contact: Clive Bishop 0772-338067, At 5.30pm MON PREPS, REPTEENS, REPROBATES, REPTECHS - Theatre Training Groups. See Reps page for details. SINGING TUITION at the highest level, by Lorna Kelly (L.R.S.M.). 45 yrs experience in teaching and classical vocal performing. All styles and genres of singing covered. Contact: 04-331478, 0775-080925, STRETCH AND TONE DANCE CLASSES Contact: Debbie Fleming 04-492314, 0772-303332, Mixed Modern Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop Broadway, at 14 Epping Rd, Mt Pleasant. Beginners 6-7.30pm MON Advanced 6-7.30pm TUE, THUR Advanced 6-7.30pm, at Snazzy Dance/Fitness Studio, Mt Pleasant WED VOICE LESSONS with Liza Abulencia contact: 0778768800, DAILY XPRESS YOURSELF DANCE CLASS for women of all ages and fitness levels. Work at your own pace. Incorporating: Belly dance, trance, tribal, free movement and club. Contact: Odette 0772-286864, Mushamatombo, Emerald Hill, 6-7pm WED

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” John Holmes Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Contact: 04-741770, Paul 0772-594709, Ann 0712-212424. MON Beginners Meeting 5.30pm, Zimcada, Drummond Chaplin/Princes Rd. TUE AA Meeting 5.30pm at Zimcada. AA Meeting 5.30pm, Scout Hall, Queen Elizabeth Rd, Greendale. AA Meeting 5.40pm, St Annes Hospital . WED AA Meeting 5.30pm, Zimcada. THUR AA Meeting 5.30pm, Renfrew Rd, Eastlea. AA Meeting 5.40pm, St Annes Hospital. FRI AA Meeting 5.30pm, Zimcada. SAT AA Meeting 10.30am, Athol Evans. Sat Morn Breakfast Group 8.30am, Zimcada. SUN AA Meeting 10.30am, Zimcada. AL-ANON MONDAY MEETING FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF ALCOHOLICS Please phone to find out where it is being held. Contact: Carol 0772-302633, Anthony 0772-239960, Duncan 0772-572894. 1 - 2pm MON AL-ANON THURSDAY GROUP FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF ALCOHOLICS Highlands Presbyterian Church, Enterprise Rd. Contact: Maureen 04-495788, 0772-409729, Lynda 0772-342941 (Family/Friends of Alcoholics) Cheryl 0712-882847 (for Teenagers) Meets at 5.30pm THUR ALCOHOLICS VICTORIOUS meeting from 5.30pm at Baptist Bible Church, 6 Midvale Rd, Chisipite. Contact: Nick 495750, 481903, 490865 THUR CoDA - ARE YOU CO-DEPENDENT? Do you have difficulty identifying your feelings? Do you value others’ approval of your thinking, feelings and behaviour over your own? Learn to have healthier relationships, embark on a journey of self discovery, learning to love ‘the self.’ at Zimcada from 1pm. Contact: Carol 0772-302633 (Mondays), Dharmika 0774-736861 for details. THUR OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS Are you a compulsive overeater? There is help and hope. Meetings at the Living Word Tabernacle Church, Cnr. Aberdeen/King George Rd. Park in rear. TUE at 5.30pm GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB Flanagan Dr, Braeside (behind Macro), right off R Mugabe into Chiremba Rd just after railway crossing, right through islands, right onto small dirt road. The Club’s sign is straight in front. Obedience dog training. Most Suns at 9am. Contact: Gordon Grierson 04-301729, 0772-346991 SUN KIDS IN DIVORCE SITUATIONS is a 10-week course for children aged between 4 and 12 yrs who are facing divorce, separation or death of a parent. Children often find it hard to express their feelings. This is a chance for them to relate in small groups with loving, confidential facilitators. Baptist Bible Church, 6 Midvale Rd, Chisipite. Contact: 04-495750, 481903, 490865 or email Lorraine: or Chantelle: for further details. KENNEL CLUB OF HARARE Hampden St, first road left after Showgrounds. Obedience dog training. Any dog is welcome. Please bring Parvo and Rabies Certificates. MUST have lead, collar and titbits for dog. Contact: David Lamb 0772-220516, Gladys Little 0772-354964. 9 - 10am SUN

KOMANI MICROLIGHT CLUB Active at weekends, visitors are welcome. Contact: Dave McComb 0772-215222, Alan Graham 0772-400397, SAT LIONS CLUB OF HATFIELD 139 Northway, Hatfield. Meets 2pm first Sat of the month. Contact: 0772998236, 0712-403747. SAT MACULAR DISEASE SOCIETY Contact: Jean MEDITATION at the Harare Cancer Centre, 60 Livingstone Ave, from 1 - 2pm. Contact: 04-707444, 707673, MON MINDFULNESS MEDITATION at Rokpa No 34 Quendon Rd, Monavale. Beginners welcome. Contact: Debra Chimukaf 0772-336017, 5.30 - 6.15pm, followed by soup. MON PEOPLE LIVING WITH CANCER (PLWC) Group, individual and exercise support network for all people living with cancer. For more info email:, or phone 0777-255319 RELAXATION CLASSES at the Harare Cancer Centre, 60 Livingstone Ave, 11 - 12pm. Contact: 04707444, 707673, MON, THUR ZIMBABWE ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT GROUP Contact: Counsellor Sue Cox 0772-253319, or Don Mitchell 0712-717104 for more info. ROTARY CENTRE MEETINGS: Avondale - TUES 1745 hrs, Harare - THUR 1300 hrs Harare CBD - MON 1730 hrs, Harare Central - THUR 1730 hrs, Harare City - TUES 1230 hrs , Harare Dawn WED 0700 hrs, Harare West - MON 1230 hrs, Highlands WED 1230 hrs, Hunyani - MON 1730 hrs, Msasa - MON 1230 hrs, The Bridge - THUR 1730 hrs, Rotaract Clubs FRI 1800 hrs. Contact: Bruce 795415 for info. Other: Borrowdale Brooke - THUR 1800 hrs Golf Club Chitungwiza - WED 1230 hrs - Utano Health Centre ROTARY CLUB OF HARARE est 1930 (the first Rotary Club) at the Rotary Centre 60 Colquhoun St, (Senior Citizens Club) 12.45 to 2pm. Contact: Dave Fluck, Secretary 0773-402464; email:

If you know someone, family or friend, lonely or in an unhappy situation, encourage them to contact one of the helplines on these pages. Help them feel cared for and loved!

Issue No 40 - June 2013


RECYCLING Collection Points in and around Zimbabwe. You can now take your paper, glass, plastic and cans to these various drop off points:

Recycling Association of Zimbabwe 76 Queen Elizabeth Rd, Greendale Tel: 04-492143/152 Monavale Recycling Centre BS Leon, Lyndhurst Rd Contact: Jane Soper Tel: 0772-141746 Greendale Recycling Centre 76 Queen Elizabeth Rd, Greendale Tel: 04-492143/152 recycling@ Avondale Recycling Centre King George Road, next to Barclays Bank recycling@ Fife Avenue Spar Recycling Centre and Fife Avenue Shopping Centre, Harare

Join the Clean Up Zimbabwe Campaign Launched in 1993.

Organise and register your Clean Up or carry out a Clean Up at your school, in your community or at work. Be PROUD and do your bit for our country. Visit this site to find out more... www.environmentafrica .org/clean-ups/


Issue No 40 - June 2013

AKERVOORT RIDING SCHOOL 146 Coronation Avenue, Greendale. Horse riding lessons. Contact: Neill 0772-336508, 492639 MON TO SAT AQUATOTS Baby swimming classes from 6 months. Learn to swim, stroke correction for older children. Heated pool, SA qualified. Contact: Tonilee 04-744655, 0712-430777, 0772468480, DAILY AQUA - YVONNE'S SWIM SCHOOL heated pool, Mt Pleasant. Ages 4-8yrs. Beginners, stroke work and correction. Contact: Yvonne 0712-204269, 04 334764, MON TO SAT ARCHERY meets every weekend from 8.30am at Cleveland Gun Club, Arcturus Rd. Field archery shooting every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month 2.30 to 5pm. Target archery every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month 8.30 to 11.30am. Contact: Field Archery, Oz Clark 0772-782990, Target Archery, Vic Bartosz 0772-254856, Iona Bartosz 0712209838 SAT, SUN ARCHERY LESSONS with Certified Archery Instructors at 31 Ridgeway South, Chisipite. Contact: 04-497653, 0772251072, DAILY BOWLING Learn to bowl at Avondale Sports Club. Contact: Jack Shiel 0772-105243. From 4.30pm FRI BROWNIES - 26TH MOUNT PLEASANT BROWNIE PACK meet at the Mutevedzi Scout Hall. For girls between the age of 6 - 11 years old. Contact: Kala Antao 04-302137 8.30 - 10.30am SAT BMX Old Georgians Sports Club. Contact: Audra Duplooy 0772-259993, From 2.30pm SAT CAPOEIRA CLASSES at Avondale West Scout Hall, 5 Kerry Rd. Brazillian dance fitness. Contact: Farai 0734140525,, 6.30 7.30pm MON - THUR 6.30 - 7.30pm CAPOEIRA Afro-Brazilian martial art classes at M&M Dance Factory, Borrowdale (past Helensvale shops). Classes $5 per person per class. Contact: Mutsa Samuel 0774-570362. From 5.30 - 7pm WED CLIMBING at Cleveland Quarry. Contact: Lyn Gilmour 0774-626848, if use of MCZ climbing gear is needed. From 4pm WED CYCLE RIDES Contact: Dave Martin 0773-349423. Email Leave Rolf Valley Gym at 7am SAT CYCLE RIDES Contact: Ath Squire 04-882779 Leave Arundel Spar 7am SUN DANCE FITNESS CIRCUIT All fitness levels. Personal Trainer and dancer Bibi trains posture and cardio-vascular fitness in a circuit style class. Lean, long look, weight-loss. Venue to be advised. $6 per class, $5 if purchasing advance, wear anything comfortable to move in - no training shoes necessary. Contact: 0775-649908 from 5.45 to 6.45pm TUE FIT CLUB - test your fitness. Fit Club suits all needs, from classes, gym training, home training and coaching. Whether group or individual. Like our Facebook page and receive free training tips. Contact: Danisa Mucheche 0772-383042, or Sheree Creed 0772-886952, FRIENDS IN FITNESS 30 minute high intensity interval training for all age groups, all outdoors. Contact: Tara Anderson 0778-198088. MON – FRI 7.30am and 5.15pm GOLF AT COUNTRY CLUB HIGHLANDS New members and visitors welcome. Contact: Allen Robinson 0772-269712. WED GOLF JUNIOR CLINICS At Royal Harare - all juniors welcome. Contact: Range office 04-702928, 0775-403841 $5 SAT 9 - 11am. At Chapman - all juniors, $5 per person at Chapman Golf Club Practice Range. Contact: 0775-464666. SUN 9 - 10.30am GOLF4U JUNIOR CLINICS at Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club, all welcome. Contact: Golf4u Range office 0775464666. 9 - 10.30am SAT

GOLF4U LADIES CLINICS all welcome. Contact: Golf4u Range office 0775-464666. Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club 9-10.30am TUE, Chapman 9.30-11am every 2nd SAT GROUP INDOOR CYCLING (SPINNING) at The Total Health Zone Gym, Avondale. MON 5pm, TUES 6.30am, 6.15pm, THUR 6.15pm, FRI 6.30am, SAT 7.30am Contact: 04-307174, 0772-226042 GYMNASTICS classes offered in Mt Pleasant Gymnasium, Upper East Rd, Zimsec Complex. Contact: Dominic 0772943196/0734 - 161884. MON & THURS 4-6yrs: 1-2pm; 7-8 yrs 2-3pm; 9yrs and above 3-4.30pm. SAT 4-6yrs: 9-10am; 7yrs and above 11am-1pm HACKERS Harare Associations of Canoeists, Kayakers and Explorers of Rivers. When it’s raining, a group of kayaking enthusiasts join together, from beginners to experts, all welcome. Contact: Andrew Shoesmith 0772-601069, 0733922188, HARARE SHOTOKAN KARATE ACADEMY Contact: Arnold 0779-479176, at 3 Victor Dr, Eastlea. MON, WED 4 – 4.30pm: Beginners, 4.30 – 5.30: Advanced, FRI 3– 4pm: All, SAT 10 – 11am: All HORSE RIDING LESSONS For all ages, tiny tots to adults, beginners to advanced, dressage, jumping, hacking. Contact: Chantelle 0772-256550, MON TO SAT HORSE RIDING LESSONS Beginner to Advanced, all disciplines. Chapungu Riding School, 11 Honister Dr, Borrowdale. Contact: Jay 0773-275679, Carole 0772-214521 MON TO FRI INDOOR ACTION CRICKET at the Italian Club in Strathaven. The Mixed League with mixed adult, juniors and all girl teams offers fun for all the family. Previous experience in cricket is not essential as it is very quickly learnt, and there is no need for all the protective gear of the outdoor game. Contact: Jim Marshall or the Italian Club 0774-417598. FRI evenings JUDO LESSONS at Rolf Valley Judo Club in the Gym Centre (opp. St John’s school). Contact: Pat Warren 04490085, 0772-607285 JUDO LESSONS For Adults and Teens at Prince Edward School. Contact: Simba Mashayi 0772-860034 From 5.30pm TUE AND THUR KARATE AND SELF DEFENCE CLASSES at Alex Sports Club 5.30 - 6.30pm. Contact: Sensei Joshua 0773411505 TUE KAYAK SKILLS COACHING 5pm-7pm. 85 Harare Dr, Marlborough. Practice Eskimo rolls in the safety of a warm pool and get coaching and tips on paddling technique. Contact: 0772-125819 or for more info or attendance TUE KIDI-SPORTZ a comprehensive programme incorporating all muscle groups using gymnastic skills as well as ball skills, flexibility and strength. 12 Peebles Rd, Eastlea. Contact: Belinda 0773-213765,, Pre-schoolers 2.30 3.15pm WED and 2.15 - 3pm, Grade 1-2, 3 - 3.45pm THUR KIMURA SHUKOKAI INTERNATIONAL KARATE at Rolf Valley Gym. Contact: Sensei Lorraine 0773-227265, Sensei Gavin 0772-272078.WED-FRI 5.30-7pm LONG DISTANCE RUNNING Contact: Mark Pozzo Chairman, 0772-600369, Paulette Jarvis Club Secretary, 0772-245953 From different locations, 16km - 40km training. SUN MASHONALAND TURF CLUB 4.6KM WALK FOR CANCER at Borrowdale Race Course, $2 Donation to Cancer Association. 4 - 6pm THUR MODEL AIRCRAFT CLUB fly almost every weekend at the Thornpark Pologrounds, on the Mazowe Rd about 3kms out of town, on the left. Contact: Kevin Dolphin 0777-627199. From about two o’clock on SUN


“The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” ― John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

MOM ‘N’ ME BABY GYM at Rolf Valley Gym. Contact: Sarah Hill 0772-269553, 3.30 - 4.30pm (1-3 yrs) MON, 10 - 11am (2-3 yrs) TUE, 10 11am (1-2 yrs) THUR MOMS AND TOTS Classes two hours of fun for you and your child. Contact: Kirsty 0776-271321, www.m TUE & FRI for Tiny Tots (10 – 22 months) from 9.30am WED for Tots 2 – 3 ½ years from 9.30am MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDES Contact: Trevor to confirm Leave 3pm from Domboshawa WED Leave 3pm from Arundel Village SAT NIA CLASSES An expressive, holistic movement practice teaching body connection and movement. Contact: Megan 0773-991079, 14 Epping Rd, Mt Pleasant 5 - 6pm MON, WED and 8.30 - 9.30am SAT Backstage Studio, Sam Levy’s Village 8.30-9.30am WED OPTIMIST SAILING For children 8 - 15 years, every second Sun at Jacana Yacht Club. OCRA Zimbabwe has Optimists to hire and coaches to teach children to sail. Contact: Lorna McCosh SUN PAINTBALL at Sherwood Golf Club. $15 per hour for all ages includes all equipment and balls, ½ Day Session Special $25. Birthday Party Specials include options of a jumping castle, slip’n slide, zorb balls. Contact: Rob Lamb for more information DAILY PAINT BALL at Kingfisher Park (Prices Ave, Emerald Hill) and 167 Enterprise Rd, Chisipite. $15 per game ($23 for two games). Choice of 3 courses including an adventurous bush course. Contact: Hamish Mellon 0773-011672, 0712805556, DAILY 9am - 5pm. PILATES Mat and Reformer group classes. Individual sessions as well as rehabilitation following injury or surgery. Come and experience the vast array of exercises in our peaceful well-equipped studio in Pomona. Professional, individual attention. Contact: Judy Amira 04-883036, 0772600624, MON TO SAT PILATES Private/Group Sessions in a garden gazebo at the Centre for Healthy Living, 5 Hurworth Rd, Highlands. Contact: Mandy de Chassart 0712-204323,, skype: TUE PLAYBALL CLASSES To develop independence, selfconfidence, discipline, concentration and listening abilities with sport and movement. Contact: Sonia 0772-320096, Various classes for age groups 2 - 9 years. MON TO FRI ROWING The world's best exercise at Hunyani Rowing Club, Mazowe Dam, 30km north of Harare. THUR evenings and most SUNDAYS. Contact: Robin Barrett 0772-345651 RUGBY 7S at Old Georgians Sports Club. Contact: Bruce Hobson 0712-200638, 5.30pm MON, WED RUGBY REFEREEING Meetings at 5.30pm in the Cricket Pavilion, Prince Edward School. Contact: Rob 0712221186 or Marty 0777-747286 MON RUN/WALK FOR LIFE at Hellenic Primary School and Innovate Gym. All fitness levels and ages welcome. Contact: Mel 0773-060235. Hellenic - MON, WED 5pm, SAT 7am. Innovate - TUES, THUR 5.45am RUNNING at Old Georgian’s Sports Club. 1st Fri of month 8km time trial. 3rd Fri 4km time trial. Social runs every other Fri. Stay on afterwards with fellow runners. Start between 5.15 - 5.30pm. Contact: Marc Pozzo, Chairman, 0772-600369, Paulette Jarvis, Club Secretary, 0772-245953 FRI For 8km at 5.15pm MON, WED RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS For girls at Rolf Valley Gym. Contact: Cheryl 0772-337763. 3.30pm. Other days and venues available. FRI SAILING ON LAKE CHIVERO Jacana Yacht Club, for more details contact: Commodore Ray 0772-905064, Rear Commodore Frances 0772-308544, Secretary Anne SUN SCUBA DIVING LECTURES 72 King George Rd, Avondale. Contact: Craig Kongkow 0712-200624, 04-304001, 5 - 7pm TUE, WED, THUR SCUBA DIVING with Scubaworld SAT Padi Dive course at Mutorashanga Quarry: Open water skills & 1 quarry dive. SUN Padi Dive course - at Chinhoyi Caves: Enjoy dives

exploring the caves, social divers welcome. Contact: 04-304001, 0712-200624, SELF DEFENCE LESSONS FOR WOMEN AND TEENS Contact: Pat Warren 04-490085, 0772-607285. For either one-on-one or group sessions. SAT SOCIAL BOWLS at Mabelreign Country Club. Come along to play or be instructed by one of the Club Bowlers. Bring-and-braai and cash bar at lunchtime. 8.30 for 9am SUN SOCCER - 5 A SIDE at the Italian Club. Contact: Sandy 04-302610, for info From 5.15pm TUE SKYDIVING at Charles Prince Airport. Tandem skydive or enter the First Jump Course. Contact: Rob Bishop 0772605181, 0712-600566, Prior booking essential. SAT, SUN All Swimming available during the summer months. SWIMMING HIGHLANDS Municipal Pool All welcome. Maintained privately. Get a season ticket and swim before work every morning. Swimming lessons available at $5 per session. Contact: Gift 04-495806 DAILY SWIMMING Mabelreign Pool, behind Reserve Bank Sports Club, Walbury Rd, off Sherwood Dr. All welcome. Maintained privately. Entry adults $2, children $1. Stroke correction, screw kicks see Simon (Shark’s coach) between 10am - 6pm daily. Contact: Simon 0712-546864 DAILY SWIMMING LESSONS Mt Pleasant, 1 Windsor Close, off The Chase. Splish Splash Academy, teaching you to teach your child to swim. Children of all ages and standards welcome, lessons run summer school terms. Contact: Kim Grantham 0778-769921, 08644-050237, SWIMMING - MASTERS Highlands Swimming Pool, 12noon – 1.30pm TUE & FRI TAEBO CLASSES at the Borrowdale Scout Hall. Contact: Amanda 0712-616630, amanda@auafrica.com5.30 7pm MON, THUR TENNIS Borrowdale Country Club, Carrick Creigh Rd. Join us for social tennis. Families welcome. 3pm WED, FRI, SAT THE GREENDALE WALKERS CLUB Choose your distance/pace and walk around the polocrosse field at the Greendale Club, Grove Rd. A donation of $1 per participant goes to Greendale Club. 5 - 7pm WED TOUCH RUGBY at Old Hararian’s Sports Club 1 - 2pm, at St John’s Cricket field 5 - 6pm. All welcome. MON, TUE, WED, THUR VOLLEY BALL at Prince Edward School Contact: Willex Chisvo 0773-046560. 5 - 7.30pm TUE, THUR 9am - 12pm SAT WEDNESDAY CLUB GOLF at Sherwood Golf Club, 9 Notley Rd, Mabelreign, play 9 or 18 holes. Full cash bar and catering, all welcome! Contact: Mr Kazie 0773-701990 WED YOGA for beginners and experienced students, bring a mat, mosquito repellent, water bottle and a warm jersey. At 9 Kirkwood Rd Old Alex Park TUE & THUR 5.45-7.15pm, SAT 8.30-10am or Body Active Gym by the Borrowdale Racecourse MON 12.30-1.30pm, WED 4-5pm or FRI 5.456.45am. Contact: Meera 0777-620516 YOGA CLASSES at 207 Josiah Tongogara. Contact: Heather 0772-353479, Tahir 0773-242989. 5.15 - 6.15pm WED, FRI YOGA FOR GOLFERS at Borrowdale Brooke Gym. Yoga is harmony of the Mind, Body and Emotions through stretching exercises and good breathing; holistic strength from the inside out. Contact: Allan 0772-345159, 2.45 - 4pm TUE, THUR ZIMMA – Zimbabwe Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of several different combat sports, including Thai-boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, at the Rolf Valley Gym, Fisher Ave. Contact: Dean Green 0772-412858, 5.30 - 6.30pm MON, THUR ZUMBA CLASSES WITH ZORRO at Italian Sports Club, Strathaven. Contact: Zorro 0773-047087, 7.30-8.30am MON - SAT except THUR, 5.30-6.30pm MON - FRI except TUE Issue No 40 - June 2013


ADMIRAL’S CABIN AND KUIMBA SHIRI BIRD PARK A family day under the trees, overlooking Lake Chivero, tasty buffet lunch. Free flying bird display daily. Contact: 04-2926136, DAILY AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES at Harare Showgrounds, every Thurs children from Children's Homes enjoy the rides for free. The Park is open throughout the year to the rest of the public. Rides include the Dive Bomber, Octopus, Paratrooper, Tilt a Twirl, Slide, Jeeps, Horses, Dodgems and Swings. Contact: 04780963-5, or visit FRI TO SUN BRAIN TRAIN A study skills programme teaching senior school pupils study and memorisation techniques. Will improve grades, reduce study time, help with concentration. 7 Shortheath Rd, Chisipite. Contact: Brenda Bell 0772-601465, 04-496166, Afternoons MON TO FRI BRIDGE CLUB - Harare Expect a warm welcome for various pair’s competitions and Thursday evening for teams. Contact: Amanda on for more information. TUE, THUR, SAT 1.45pm THUR Teams at 6.45pm CHARITY SHOP at ZNSPCA 156 Enterprise Rd. Good quality, donated 2nd-hand items. Books, toys, sporting goods, clothes, household and more! All proceeds go to help SPCA branches countrywide and ongoing animal welfare projects. Goods can be dropped off Mon - Fri. We thank you for your support, without which we would not be able to care for animals. Contact: Shelly 0772-308647, 04-776827, MON, WED, FRI 8am - 2pm COOKING, BAKING AND HOUSEKEEPING COURSES FOR DOMESTICS Start the first WED in every month for four WED mornings 9 - ll.30am, housekeeping last three TUE of every month. Beginners and Advanced Courses. Contact: Gayle 04-746673, 0772343575, Leanne 0772-334604,

FILM SCREENINGS at The Mannenberg, Fife Ave Mall/6th St. Contact: 0774-435272, pamberit@, WED 6 -8pm FRENCH MOVIE English subtitles at 6pm at CINEMALLIANCE, Alliance Francaise, 328 Herbert Chitepo Ave. Contact: 04-704801, 704795, TUE THE FRENCH CLUB is a nouveau club, launched in Jan, orientated towards youth interested in immersing themselves in an environment that is French whilst obtaining diverse exposure to its culture in a fun and social setup. We offer an array of activities for different tastes. At Alliance Francaise, Herbert Chitepo St. email: SAT LIFE COACHING Do you feel in need of changing your live? Want better relationships, a healthier body, be happier, more successful and less stressful? To open the door to the wonderful being that you are. Contact a Certified Master Life Coach and Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner Angie 0773-022261, DAILY LOSING WEIGHT - for bloating, indigestion, heartburn and weight loss, try natural remedies for best results. Contact: Paola Thompson 0712-614646 MON TO FRI MORNING MARKET AT MOJO'S from 9am at 10 East Rd, Belgravia, Mojo's Restaurant. Fresh fruit and veg, baked goods, hand-made basketware & pottery, pickles, preserves, jams, frozen meats, fresh dairy produce, plants and more! Free admission. Contact: Peter 0712-216002, OPEN POOL COMP Friendlies and Challenges. All Welcome! The Cage Bar and Restaurant, Mabelreign Country Club. 7.30pm till late. WED, FRI . Contact: Peter 0712-216002; WED SCRAPBOOKING The Scrap Stop, Scrapbooking supplies and lessons available. Beginners to advanced and everything inbetween. Bookings essential for lessons. Contact: Siobhan 0714-304664, 0772-412750,, MON to FRI SHEEPDOG TRAINING Specific training with sheep at Bramber Farm, Ruwa. Contact: Rose 0712-208590, From 3pm TUE From 8am THUR SPCA CHARITY SHOP (Harare) is situated along Cranborne Rd, Hatfield. Opening times: 9am - 12pm. Looking for donations in cash or kind. For collection please phone: Lee 0772 434 195, Sheila 0772 310 327 DAILY TWA Weekly House Sales WED from 12-5pm and THUR from 8-10.30am. Entrance fee $1 and deposit $100. Contact: 0712410402/ 0772-718846, UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System) is a fun and affordable 2 hour a week programme that will improve children's imagination, mental arithmecy, speed, memory, concentration, mathematics and much more. St Giles (step ahead primary) Weale Rd, Belvedere. FRI, SAT. Contact: Ms Seedat 0773-865624, Fatima 0772-306727. Visit 'UPMARKET', a fresh farmer's produce market at The Double Storey, 12 Maasdorp Ave, Belgravia. Free entry, free tea and coffee in pleasant gardens, rustic cheeses, health and gluten free breads, organic vegetables and free range eggs, organic cocoa, sushi, Ethiopian, French/Belgian, Indian and Thai cuisine, specialised meats, honey, jams, preserves, chillies and pickles and solar powered lighting... come and join us! Contact: Richard Fox WED & SAT 9 - 12pm THE WEZ SHOP at Mukuvisi Woodlands open Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm, Sat: 9am - 5pm, Sun: 9am - 1pm. Our shop is full of gift ideas: notelets, aprons, tea towels, books, jewellery and more. Come and visit us, see for yourself. Contact: 04-747859 DAILY ZIMEVENTS' THREE MONTH TRAINING COURSE in event management. Equips the student with conceptualisation, co-ordination and event implementation skills. The training programme includes modules such as identifying the types and purposes of events, compiling the event proposal, strategies of event pricing. Pre-requisites are 5 "O" Levels including English. Admission to the training programme is also based on mature entry. Students have the option to enrol for week-day classes or week-end classes. There are three intakes per year: January, June and September Intake. Enrolment is in progress. For further details on the courses please contact 0772-205212.


Issue No 40 - June 2013

SCOUT GROUPS: 2ND BORROWDALE SCOUT GROUP 5.30 7.30pm Opposite post office, across road from food court. Beavers 6 - 8yrs, Cubs 8 - 11yrs, Scouts 11 18yrs. Chuck Gardener 0772-386837, 3RD/8TH MUTEVEDZI SCOUT GROUP (Mt Pleasant) 5.30 - 7.30pm Behind open area on Morningside Dr, off Pendennis Rd. Cubs 8 - 12yrs, Scouts 11 - 18yrs. Di Roberts 0772-339270, 6TH AVONDALE SCOUT GROUP Kerry Rd, off West Rd. 5.30pm - 7.30pm Beavers 6 - 8yrs, Cubs 8 - 11yrs. 5.30 - 9.30pm Scouts 11 - 18yrs. Ann Brown 0772-811780, Provincial HQ - Amy 0775-810261 ... We are looking for COMMITTED adult leaders FRI (All the above) BLAKISTON SCHOOL SCOUT GROUP at Blakiston School, opposite Kensington Shops. 1.30 3.30pm for 11 - 18 years. WED

Help keep the Harare SPCA alive - become a member. Membership fee: adults $20; pensioners and children under 16 $10. Payment can be made at Harare SPCA on the Airport Rd, Hatfield or at the ZNSPCA offices, 156 Enterprise Rd, Chisipite. To become a member of the fundraising committee in order to assist the Harare SPCA with its dire financial needs please email: See important numbers for reporting lost or injured animals. The Charity shop at ZNSPCA 156 Enterprise Rd. See our wide range of good-quality, donated secondhand items. Open Mon, Wed and Fri from 8am - 2pm. All proceeds from the sale of goods in our shop go towards our various ongoing animal welfare projects. For more information please contact Shelly on 0772308647 or

VAWZ Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe is spearheading as a private trust organisation all manner of animal welfare activities. Activities include regular and routine inspections, investigations, training and liaison. The organisation needs support. Should anyone wish to find out more about the organisation or make a donation please contact Helene Donohoe on 0772-308234 or email The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe relies on donations, sponsorship and fundraising initiatives for its income and need volunteers to support them. The street collection is one of Cancer Association's fundraising initiatives. Please join our team of collectors and help us raise funds to keep our work going. If you are interested in participating in our street collection Please contact Linda or Hildry on 04-707444, 705522 or email us on Our Weekly and Monthly Activities are regularly updated. Pse email with changes Issue No 40 - June 2013


TEL : 04-614626 04-2927082 0772-321746


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Father's Day Sun 16th June: Ingredients 1½kg meaty pork ribs 1 bottle barbecue sauce (350g approx) 2 pork stock cubes 2 bay leaves 1 tsp coriander seeds 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 tsp peppercorns 5 potatoes 1 tablespoon olive oil 3 tsp mixed herbs 1 tsp salt

Method Put 4 tbsp barbecue sauce along with the rest of the ingredients into a slow cooker. Top up with enough water to cover meat (roughly 1.5l and slow cook on low heat for 8 - 9 hours until very tender but not completely falling off the bone. (This can be done the day before) Once done, baste in barbecue sauce, cover and refrigerate before oven-cooking or braaing the next day.

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6 9 8




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For potatoes, slice into quarters – cleaned but with skin still on. Add olive oil, mixed herbs, salt and roast in oven alongside ribs for 20 - 30 mins or until golden brown. Serve on a platter with crisp salad.

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9 3

5 1



6 9 2 8


Heat oven to 220oC. Remove ribs from slow cooker using a slotted spoon or tongs. Handle them carefully as meat will be very tender and may start to fall off. Baste with remaining barbecue sauce and lay on foil-lined oven tray. Cook for 20 - 30 mins until starting to crisp on outside. Alternatively, cook on the braai (with a small grid otherwise the meat may fall through!), turning from time to time until piping hot throughout.

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To play Sudoku Complete the grid so every row across, every column down and every 3x3 box is filled with the numbers 1-9. Each row adds up to 45- but there is no maths required just logic and reasoning. Good Luck!

Issue No 40 - June 2013



Issue No 40 - June 2013

RECYCLING is the process of turning used waste and materials into new products. This prevents potentially useful materials from being wasted as well as reducing energy use and pollution. A wide variety of different materials can be recycled, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, textiles and electronic equipment. Help our environment - Start a recycling system at your home or school using different bins to throw away items such as cans, soft plastics, glass, cardboard boxes etc. Once full, the bins can be taken to different recycling centres listed on page 64!


Ostriches are the largest birds in the world and live in the wild in Africa. A wild ostrich can live to be 30 to 40 years old. They only have two toes and one claw on each foot – did you know that the ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain? Even though they have wings, ostriches cannot fly, but their powerful legs enable them to reach speeds of 60km per hour with a huge stride. Their strong legs can also be used for selfdefence. If an ostrich is cornered and cannot run from danger, it will kick with a force mighty enough to kill a lion. When danger approaches, an ostrich will often lie low to hide, stretching its neck along the ground. From far away, this position can look as though the bird has buried its head in the sand. Many people thought that was what ostriches did when they were trying to hide, but that is not true. Ostriches never need to drink water because they produce it internally and ingest it in their food. Ostriches sometimes eat stones and pebbles which help them to digest their food. They often live in herds with other ostriches. A typical herd will have around ten birds, but some herds have been known to be as large as 100 birds. These herds help them stay safe as well. Each herd has one big nest where all the eggs are laid. A communal nest may have from 15 to 60 eggs in it, and each egg can be up to 15 centimetres long and weigh 1.5 kgs! In ancient Egypt, ostriches were sometimes used to pull chariots and in some places, there are ostrich races where people ride on the backs of the giant birds. They even have special saddles and reins for them.

Issue No 40 - June 2013


IMPORTANT NUMBERS EMERGENCY SERVICES FROM A LANDLINE DIAL 993 OR TOLL FREE FROM A CELLPHONE DIAL 112 Econet, 114 Netone, 911 Telecel Harare Hotlines: 705905, 771221, 706034, 0772235461, 0772792800, 0712600002 These numbers will give you access to Ambulance Services, Fire Brigade and the Police across Zimbabwe.

CENTRAL POLICE STATION EMERGENCY: To report ACCIDENTS.....04-777777, 777618, 777623/4/5 POLICE Special Tactic Team: ............................04-497906 Inspector Meyaphi .......................................... 0772-461395 CID Homicide DS Milward .....0772-859598, 0773-025695 ARMED Robberies, Chief Superintendant Magwenzi Office Hours................04-758031, after hours 0712-322709

EMRAS ............................................04-250011/2 797479 NETSTAR Ambulance Service .................. 04-797589/90 ...................................................0774-828888, 04-2900251 MARS Ambulance ................04-791074, 706034, 790392, 705905, 0772235461, 0712600002, 0712980632/633 Control Centre, Ground/Air operations 2 Fairbridge Ave, opp Pari Hospital main gate CITY Ambulance .............................04-994, 04-783985-7 FIRE Brigade and Ambulance Services.......04-783980-7 Emergencies ................................................... 04-772375/6 Administration .................................................04-783981-4 St John Ambulance...... 04-253046, 753911, 0774-452233 Trauma Centre, Hospital & Ambulance 15 Lanark Rd, Belgravia ..700666-8, 707072. 24hr Hotline 0775-427076

HOSPITALS Avenues Clinic ................................04-251143, 251190/99 52 Baines Avenue 24 Hour .....................04-705434/49/64 Emergency Medical Centre Corporate 24 6 Bath Rd, Belgravia .............................04-700401, 700410 email: Parirenyatwa Hospital ...................................04-708864-5 St Annes Hospital ...........................................04-339933/6 Rock Medical Centre .....................................04-338878/9 92 Norfolk Rd, Mt Pleasant ........................ 0774-812481/4 Ambulance ........ 04-301974, Pharmacy ............ 04-338876 Michael Gelfand Clinic ....................04-251067, 708844/5 ER 24 53 Josiah Chinamano Ave .....................04-762937-9 ......762937/8, 2932121, 0772-863708 Pharmacy 04-762940

POLICE EMERGENCY .........................................................04-995 Central .................................................04-748836, 777777 Avondale ................................04-336361, 336608, 336663 Borrowdale ...................................................04-860067/61 Highlands ............................................04-495340, 495504 Mabelreign ........................................................04-336000 Marlborough ZRP .............................................04-301853 Milton Park .........................................04-336000, 708113 Monavale ...........................................................04-336613

Alcoholics Anonymous Anne 0712-212424 or 04-332851, Paul 0772-594709, Clive 0772-307270, Neil 0772-335116 Al-Anon for Family and Friends Alcoholism can tear a family apart. Al-Anon can help! Maureen 0772-409729 or 04-495788, Lynda 0772-342941 or 04-860220, Carol 0772-302633 Alateen for children ages 6 to 16 If your home is unhappy because someone drinks too much - we can help! 0712-882 847 Cheryl, 04-2930925 (evenings) Anti Hijack Trust National Hotline number to come. email: Emergencies only - 0772221921 Childline Zimbabwe ...............................04-796741 116 any cellphone. 24 hour toll-free helpline to children and their families 365 days a year in 3 languages (English, Shona and Ndebele) 31 Frank Johnson Ave, Eastlea, Harare. CoDA or Codependents Anonymous Open to anyone involved with a chemically dependent person or may be chemically dependent themselves. We meet on: Mondays at Highlands Presbyterian Church, 5.30 - 6.30 pm. Contact: Duncan 0772- 572894. Christian Counselling Centre Counsellor training, parenting teens, personal growth, effective and loving discipline. 8 Coltman Rd, Mt Pleasant. Tel: 04-744580, 744212, 0773-547544, 0712-719626, Island Hospice 04-701676-7, 791606, 0712-207634 6 Natal Rd, Belgravia Narcotics Anonymous Jan 0772-200888, 0772268177 or Duncan 0772-572894 Nuffield Funeral Home 19 Kay Gardens, Avondale. 04-798380, 793545, 764172, 0733-778267 Parkinson’s Support Group Anyone interested in joining our Parkinson’s support group is welcome. We exchange personal experiences, up-dated information and helpful tips etc. Contact: Clare Cullinan 0774-186355, 04-308102, Passion Funeral Assistance Professional and Efficient service 24 Hours. Speak to Stuart Mapuranga, Simba Mukorera or William Honiball for Policies, Burials or Cremations. 58 G. Silundika Ave, 04-793860/1/2/3, 0772-136863/4, 0773-389853, 0779-4111051, 0773-212212,

Zimbabwe Public Relations Dept. ROAD BLOCKS Superintendant Ncube ..................04-708176, 0712-769768 Spokesperson Traffic: Insp. Chigombe............0772-965030 Inspector Chakanza .........................................0772-496586 24hr Service number .........................................04-703631 Senior Assist. Commissioner Chari .................0712-867797

TCF (The Compassionate Friends) an international organisation dedicated to offering friendship, understanding, comfort and encouragement to bereaved parents. For information email Kathy Hull or Janine Milliken or phone Island Hospice.........................................04-701676/7


ZARDA (Zimbabwe Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Association) meet on FIRST THURS of the month at Island Hospice, 6 Natal Rd at 1pm. All interested parties welcome. Contact: Jan Wood: 04494409, 0772-238418, to confirm.


81 Baines Ave, within the EMRAS premises. Contact: 04704488, 704489, 2916307,, Website: Issue No 40 - June 2013

Road Angels 24hr assistance for flat tyres, batteries, towing, recovery, lost keys or locked in the car. 23 Ceres Rd, Avondale 0772-122122, 0732-122122, 04-334418 Road Rescue Recovery Vehicle recovery throughout Zimbabwe, 24hr technical assistance, courtesy vehicle avail. Contact: 29 Mazoe St 04-793768/9, 0773-300800, 0773-133000, 0714-899899, 04793828 Automobile Association (AA) emergencies within 100km radius of Harare. Contact: 2 Kenilworth Rd, Newlands 04-788173-6 (head office), 04-776760, 0712-404913, 0712-603633, 0712-448876 (24hr emergency nos) ZESA 24hour faults Avondale, Mabelreign, Milton Park, Monavale .....................305707, 310377 Central ............................................ 704236, 2923103 Belvedere ..................................................... 2906939 Borrowdale ..................................... 851277, 2923102 Highlands ......................................... 497508, 497500 Zesa Balance Enquiries: Send a text reading: Balance Enquiry Please for Account Number (Your Account Number) to 0778-651036/37 or email CITY OF HARARE Water faults, burst pipes ................... 791101, 772453 Call Centre - Eng. Zvobgo ............................. 700087

Blood Bank ................04-707801/4, toll free 0800-4116 Mazowe St North, Avondale

Avondale Vet ...................04-339971/2, 0772-342241 0777-006248 King George Rd Belvedere Vet .................0772-732940, 0777-635635, 0733-778082, 128 Rudland Ave Borrowdale Lane Vet .........04-883099, 0712-451328 0712-451328, 0774-166065, 4 Borrowdale Lane Chisipite Vet ..................0712-402062, 0772-253318 04-494862/3, 494824, 303 Harare Dr Friends Animal Foundation .................04-2930442, 0772-225845, 0773-429152, 0733-816804 Harare Central Vet ...................04-747458, 747204 24 Nigel Phillips Ave, Eastlea ................0773-049687 Harare SPCA .........................04-576356/7, 581347 0712-211900 Cnr George/Airport Rd, Hatfield Highlands Vet ....................04-490629, 0773-037034 4 Aintree Rd/Cnr Enterprise Rd Kamfinsa Vet .......04-497237, 480361, 0772-312896 Cnr Court Rd/Arcturus Rd. After hrs: 04-497237, 494154 Pets Express Transport Services: 04-305907, 0773-260542, 0772-333319 Second Street Vet 24 Hour clinic ...........04-303518/9 Cnr Second St/Upper East Rd ................ 0772-112279 Waghorn and Rees Vet .....04-300089, 0712-231446 54 Marlborough Drive VAWZ - Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe Contact: 0774-168218,, UZ Vet Hospital in the UZ grounds, Churchill Rd. 24 hour emergency .................................0774-449783 The Animal and Wildlife Area Research and Rehabilitation Trust (AWARE) Contact: 0772430014, 0712-886650 ZNSPCA 156 Enterprise Rd ........04-497574, 497885

St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre 10 Drummond Rd, Milton Park ........04-740955, 741856 Attic library 11 Churchill Ave Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 9am-12pm ........0776-400769, Harare Clean-Up Campaign “OUR ACTION, OUR FUTURE� Waste Management: To report littering from vehicles with registration number, type of litter and where: .....................................................................04-705661-2 To report illegal dumping ..............04-780127, 770362 Support the anti-littering and illegal dumping campaign, for info contact: .0772-240442, Engineer P M Pfukwa, Director Engineering Services. .........04-752464, 775082 Engineer C M Zvobgo, Director of Water and Sanitation 04-700087, 704193, 705654,

ANIMAL AWARENESS To report abused animals: 0774-168218, Bernard 0775-722449, Mel 0778-431528 To report illegal selling of puppies on street corners: Contact: Highlands Police Satelite Station 04-870233, 495504, Stella SPCA (weekdays) 0712211900 or VAWZ 0774-168218 Lost and Found Radio Programme on Power FM Free every Wed/Thur .45pm. Lost or found dog, cat, ID etc, send SMS to: 0712-200839. Message will be read on radio. Snakes - Advice and removals Snake Park ............................................. 0772-236099 Steve Durant .....(Avondale) 04-335336, 0772-251684 Chawatama Marimo ...(Greystone Park) 0772-269647

Bulawayo Emergency Harare Emergency No: 04-797589-90 No: 09-881051 Hotline: 0774 828 888, 04-2900251 Hotline: 0778 681 949 0733 411 144 Galen House 78 Fife Ave/Mazoe St, Harare 9th Ave/Josiah Tongogara Rd PO Box # CY 659 Box 395, Bulawayo Causeway, Harare Tel: 09-884471/72 Fax: 04-797588 Fax: 09-67692 Email:

Please report any hit and run incidents or abandonments of dogs to our SPCA inspectors 04-497574, our manager 0712-211900 or the emergency number 0778-844196. Or where an animal is injured and assistance is required, please phone VAWZ on 0778-431528, 0774-168218 or 0773-476009 The removal of dead animals from roadsides: Phone Harare City Waste Management Services, 04-752637. It is recommended that the nearest veterinary surgery and the SPCA (04576356) be informed with description and whereabouts of the animal. Issue No 40 - June 2013


IMPORTANT NUMBERS Organisations in need of DONATIONS in cash or kind: AWARE: 0772-430014, 0712-886650,, Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary: 497588, 0772-592944, 0774-312887, Braille Library: 251116 Donated Book Trust: collecting books for distribution to needy schools countrywide. All types of books greatly appreciated. Please drop with Sue Evans, No 3 Carissa Close, Dandaro, can be left outside door. Contact 04870330, 0733-410248 for details. Chipangali Animal Rescue: Childline Zimbabwe: 734252, 796741, 793715,, Fairhome: 04-494426, Fairways Home for Aged Persons 68 Bodle Avenue, Harare. Tel: 04-703243/4/792279 George Fleming House: 764358, Good Shepherd Orphanage: 0772-268699, The Green Zambezi Alliance:, Harare Cancer Centre: 04-707444, 707673, The Harare Children’s Home: 04-747058, 747086, 0773-292325, Homefield Centre: 04-308035, 0772-440987, 0772-440987 Island Hospice: 6 Natal Rd, Belgravia,04-701674/7, 791606,, The Just Children Foundation: 04-781890, 0772-240168,; KIDZCAN: Lions Club of Hatfield: Box 2484, Hre. A charity organisation, looking for second-hand items. We collect and hold a mini mart, money collected goes to help the under privileged. Please call Lion President: Basil Fraser 0772998236, 04-447320 or Jackie Silva 0712-403747 Malvern House Trust Retirement Home: Mvurwi 02772442, Miracle Missions: 0772-232741, or 0774-136239, Monavale Vlei and The Conservation Society of Monavale (COSMO) Trust: 0772-376506, 04-304298, Mukuvisi Woodland: 04-747111/123/083, 0774-198009 Rescu: Sheltered workshop for mentally handicapped. 04777772-3-4 e-mail: Sharon Cohen Special School: 0774-687781, 0772-200508 Shingirai Trust:, Silver Linings Trust: Chairman Jeremy Brook 0772-248272, 0772-661226, S.O.A.P.: Supporting Old Age Pensioners 0712-401047, St John Association for the Republic of Zimbabwe: 102 Baines Avenue, 04-253046, 736911, 0774-452233, Takunda Children's Trust: 0778-414208,

Thank you to all those who help to keep all these organisations alive and cared for!


Issue No 40 - June 2013

Baptist Bible Church .....04-495750, 481903, 0772-310879, Cnr Enterprise/ Midvale Rd, Christian Science Services Cnr Sam Nujoma/Selous Ave. Sun Services, Sun School; Wed Testimony Meetings..... 04-764035 Church of the Nazarene ......04-302030, 333919, 2ndSt Ext/Aberdeen Rd Greek Orthodox Church ...04-250104, 0772-353297, 224 Leopold Takawira or Josiah Chinamano Highlands Presbyterian Church Enterprise Rd ............04-496213, 481810 Kingsmead Chapel Cnr Kingsmead/Rayl Rd, Borrowdale. Family Service 9am, Sun School 9.30am 04-884040 Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Dutch Reformed 04-774738 , 35 Samora Machel Ave Northside Community Church 8 Edinburgh Rd, Borrowdale 04-883230, 883554 ONEchurch SUN, 6pm Church of the Nazarene, Belgravia. St Gerards Stonechat Lane, Greystone Park 04-860117 or contact Louie 0733215647 St Josephs Catholic Church ..04-339440 9 Jean Lane, Strathaven

Bee Keeper Association Rene Fischer 04-495443, 0712-611253 Mike and Dustin Wilcox 04-496212, 0772-231683 PA Davis 04-301553, 0772-909509 Miracle Missions 0774-136239 Jacque Anderson, Office 04-496138. Provides assistance into Zimbabwe prisons

Can you help someone? See our list of people and places needing donations, help or just a friend.... Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Animal Shelters, Environmental Organisations, Medical Care Centres, Child Care Centres and more.

Ndeipi june 2013 complete  

Ndeipi Magazine, June 2013 Edition

Ndeipi june 2013 complete  

Ndeipi Magazine, June 2013 Edition