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statement of intent Seeking to obtain a challenging technical support posi on in a dynamic and energe c company, an interes ng posi on with a growing company, and increase personal technical eec veness. I have recently earned my Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Communica on with a German minor. Because of my background, I enjoy trying new things and mee ng new people. I have been on the Dean’s list mul ple mes and achieved a high GPA throughout my me at Arizona State University. While a ending the University, I studied Architecture, design, mul media, and Sustainability. Though I have held down 24 separate posi ons since I was 9 years old, I s ll remain enthusias c about each new opportunity. Most recently, I worked at an architectural design firm in Phoenix where I gained most of my architectural experience. At the design firm, I gained valuable knowledge in both 2D and 3D CAD programs. My knowledge extends from being able to handle shop drawings to pu ng together construc on documents on mul ple pla orms. I have also had experience in 3D Studio Max in both anima on and s ll renderings for presenta on purposes. The passion of designing new solu ons to complex challenges creates an overwhelming inspira on for me, which allows me to excel.



michael rickey perez 3239 south jason place west valley city, utah 84119 - 801/205-3817

experience professional:


10/06 – 12/11 DLR Group Phoenix, Arizona Provide dra ing and CAD technical service for Educa on K-12 and Jus ce Facili es. Gather and evaluate product informa on, materials and specifica ons. Designed and customized mul media and graphics for marke ng purposes.

6/05 – 8/05 Belter Cuƫng Technologies Salt Lake City, Utah Responsibili es included opera on of a 3D plo er and produced CAD drawings for steel rule dies.

8/05 – 12/11 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Bachelor of Arts in Communica on with a German minor

6/03 – 6/05 Salt Lake - Tooele Applied Technology College West Valley City, Utah Automo ve, Computer Networking and Computer Hardware Training.

1/04 – 6/05 Salt Lake Community College Salt Lake City, Utah Basic CAD and Board Dra ing Skills Cer ficates



•Autodesk Revit •Autodesk AutoCAD •Autodesk 3D Studio Max •Autodesk Maya •Adobe CS3,4,5 Crea ve Suite

•Google Sketchup •Microso Office •Windows OS - XP, Vista, 7

•Dean’s list •Magna Cum Laude



k-12 educa on

this project is a middle school in Arizona which transformed a challenging exis ng campus, designed to merely func on, into a fully dynamic learning environment, designed to foster crea vity and collabora on.

courtesy of DLR Group 3


2006 - 2011


every new client requires a special approach through cri cal thinking and quick ac on. the following projects are examples of cri cal listening, collabora ve design and challenging me lines.

2006 - 2011

courtesy of DLR Group professional 4

special projects

using a wide variety of computer programs, these projects came alive. through the eorts of the en re team, all phases meshed smoothly.

2006 - 2011

courtesy of DLR Group 5


design by hand

As with most educa onal se ngs the first part of the curriculum revolves around placing “real world� into comprehensible hand drawings. Conceptual design is also done by hand, so that the designer is able to have a be er feel of the project.

Arizona State University

2010 - 2011




a er the design is set in stone, the me has come to take the ideas, hopes, and dreams and form a solid model to display the inten ons. the inten on of these models were to bring the drawings to life.

2010 - 2011

Arizona State University



conceptual thinking

beyond thinking about how people interact with the space, one must venture outward and begin to think about how technology interacts with space and people.

2009 - 2011

Arizona State University



revit dra ing

through the use of revit architecture the following examples are produced as construc on document details. the details followed the project from the schema c to construc on phase.





a small block in shanghai required revitaliza on to increase urban infill and promote sustainable living. this project was designed to combine the beauty of the natural landscape meshing with the sustainability of the future urban world.


Team: Michael Perez competitive



the name of the game is sustainability and the method is future mobility. this project represents the mesh of luxury, gra fica on and sustainability by crea ng urban infill.

Team: Ted Wright / Brandon Kunkel / Michael Perez 11




this compe on required the research of how sound works and crea ng a tranquil environment which users can interact and become lost in thought.


Team: Ted Wright / Michael Perez



respec ng

these compe ons required a second look at environments and hidden gems which were brought to life in these projects. the idea was to preserve the inten ons of the future users as well as preserving the environment.

Teams: Ted Wright / Brandon Kunkel / Michael Perez 13


2010 - 2011


through the explora on of new so ware and new materials, the following renderings were developed to display capabili es. each rendering was modeled in one program and rendered in another.

2010 - 2011



raw outputs

out of 3Ds MAX, these renderings were created for dierent projects ranging from anima ons to compe on design. all of the following renderings are raw from one program.



2010 - 2011

up close

beyond the modeling of massive structures, these renderings take a closer look at material and the beauty of detail.




anima ons

using various programs architecture and design meets anima on and film in order to display conceptual designs and fun ideas.

2010 - 2011

courtesy of DLR Group

video portfolio available upon request



Professional Portfolio  

Architectural, Animation, and Visual portfolio

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