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Users create rides or join rides.

Users are both can be carpoolers and various corporations. Ride visibility can be group specified. Users find rides which can be shared with other users. Ride creation (1/2) 

Ride can be recurring or can schedule multiple rides in same week.

Each ride has own type.

Ride Events possible.

User responsible for ride content. Non legal-compliant rides or drivers to be removed. Particular service usage conditions and rules described on website. Ride creation (2/2) Search Create Rides Join Rides (1/2) 

Right now, passengers and drivers contact each other. This is flexible. One could decide that users joined after a certain time have an obligation to take ride. Feedback allows to triage best drivers and passengers.

Join Rides (2/2) Groups 

Example: The group for company X only allows Company X visibility for company X specify rides. Users can be added to this group by group creator. Next Steps 

Do you like

If so, why not join beta and drop with suggestions. Possibilities for new features are endless.


Startup presentation fr carpooling.

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