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Find Your Inner Xena, Warrior Princess By JaLynn West

Yesterday was one of reasserting myself. It reminds me of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in 5th grade. A classmate named Cheryl kept trying to pick a fight with me as I walked home from school. “Bok! Bok! Bok!” the hecklers said as they called me “chicken”, hoping to egg on a West Texas cat-fight. Of course, the conflict was over a boy and now that I think of it, he really wasn’t all that cute. I wasn’t raised to fight and couldn’t comprehend why someone would want to hit me over a short guy named Curtis, or for any other reason for that matter. Walking beside me on that stressful afternoon was my best friend, Susan, who was my rock. Seeing that my feathers weren’t ruffled enough to tangle, Cheryl charged me and knocked the books out of my hands. I stood there, shocked and angry at her audacity, and something within me snapped. I wasn’t going to allow her to bully me anymore. I vividly recall blurting out, “If you want a fight, you’ve got one!” and I came out swinging! We fought like girls, lots of scratching and hair pulling. Finally, I knocked her to the ground and said something triumphant, feeling much like Xena, Warrior Princess. Susan and I continued our walk home but, much to my chagrin, one of our neighbors saw the rumble and called the police. Again, I am mortified as the cop pulls up in his car and summons me. Seriously, can anything else go wrong? I unfairly get the lecture of a lifetime, in which I’m informed that girls aren’t supposed to fight. I assured him that I was aware of this, but he may want to inform my assailant with his divine revelation. Feeling the entire world was against me, I went home that day, never telling my parents about the fight, realizing that it would create even more unwanted drama. At home, I let Mom dote on me and prepare my favorite afternoon snack, chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled generously on top. I chilled to an episode of Gilligan’s Island as my frustration with the day ebbed into only a memory. Ironically, I ran into Cheryl at one of my high school reunions. We hugged and laughed at our 5th grade rumble. It’s no big surprise that after graduating, she became a performing artist in the New York theatre. She always had a flair for the dramatics. Occasionally I still find myself putting up my dukes and saying, “Bring it on!” And I still feel like Xena, Warrior Princess at the conclusion of each battle. How about you? Have you tapped into your warrior princess lately?

In This Issue Recipes 03 | Nutella Hot Chocolate 22 | Winter White Cosmo Articles 02 | Find Your Inner Xena 03 | Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus 04 | Marketing Tips from JaLynn 06 | Habitat for Humanity 07 | 7 on 7 10 | Bilingual Children’s Book by Alma Hall 11 | True Christmas Spirit 13 | Taking Your Meds The RIght Way 16 | Impacting Teen Moms, YoungLife 17 | Live Young. Live Univera. 18 | Letter from Lizzy, Youth & Family Counseling 19 | Community Service Becomes Contagious 21 | From Classroom to Dorm Room 22 | CASA of Denton County, Inc. 23 | Oak Alley: A Place Worth Visiting

Features 05 | Our Talent 08 | Where’s Mr. Bill Rules 09 | Woman on the Move 15 | Making Good Choices: Youth at Work 24 | What’s Happening Around Town? 26 | LEADS Power Networking 28 | Sudoku 28 | SuperBowl Snack Time 29 | Calendar of Events 30 | Our Distributors 31 | Why Advertise in OCM? Photos 02 | On Our Cover 02 | Our Community Awards 04 | Our Community at City Hall 08 | Our Community Events 18 | Youth & Family Counseling Wreath Auction 25 | Flower Mound Chamber Fiesta 25 | Women’s Business League 27 | Lewisville Area Chamber Events

On Our Cover Left to Right: Kimberly Gronberg - Orthodontist Jennifer Mattingly - Principal Jack Lacy - Highland Village Paramedic Charlotte Wilcox - Mayor of Highland Village Officer David Harney - Highland Village Police Kronda Thimesch - LISD School Board Member Angie Cox - LISD School Board Member Thank you to our Community Leaders for sharing your vision, drive and hard work to make Southern Denton County a wonderful place to be.

A Collaboration of Friends A special thank you to Marsha Thomas of TNT Promotions for OCM’s Winter issue. At OCM we strive to work with people within our community to make this a true community magazine. The talent of this issue is a reflection of the strength of friendly collaboration as both TNT and OCM celebrate 6 prosperous years in business.

Our Community Awards


Melissa Johnson

accepted the accepted the September 2016 Business of the Month October 2016 Ambassador of the award from the Lewisville Area Month award from the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce.


Our Community’s Own

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus By Jamie Augenstein White

Marsha and Bill Thomas, owners of TNT Promotions, are two of the most selfless business owners whom I have had the privilege of knowing. Their involvement in our local communities will cause one’s head to spin. One or the other is on the board for Metrocrest, Lewisville, Flower Mound and GLBT Chambers of Commerce, and Marsha is starting an Argyle Chamber Women’s Division. In addition, they serve on the boards of the YMCA and Cloud 9 Charities. Furthermore, they are very active in Meals on Wheels and CCA Christmas Angels. Marsha is currently helping to feed sixteen seniors without families through her local church. I’m exhausted just thinking about all that the Thomas’ do as I write about this amazing couple! Marsha and Bill are always the first ones to offer support to anyone in need. Even with the generosity of their personal time they still manage to run a successful business, TNT Promotions. Don’t think just pens and coffee mugs when you think of promotional products. A large portion of their business is in logo apparel and trade show services. They have designed trade show booths for NBC 5 and The Dallas Morning News. Kudos to TNT Promotions which was recently awarded Business of the Month from the Flower Mound Chamber and was voted best promotional company in Denton County! Marsha speaks very highly of her staff. Shelley and Konner Hunter are her sales, presentation and customer service gurus. Behind the scenes, also playing a key role is Tamara Lisby. Both TNT Promotions and Our Community Magazine have just celebrated their 6th year in business. Under the leadership of JaLynn West, Marsha Thomas, Mary Jacoby and Lori Fickling, the establishment of Women’s Business League was formed, which meets the 4th Friday of the month for lunch at Korner Café in Lewisville. These ladies NEVER slow down! In spite of some tough situations they have weathered over the past few years, Marsha and Bill always present smiling faces with wonderful positive attitudes. I would be remiss if I did not mention that they are the proud parents of Boris and Lola, two precious rescue dachshunds. Very simply, I believe that Marsha and Bill Thomas are successful not only in their personal lives but also in their business because they define success as doing what’s right, the right way and at the right time. I wish this wonderful couple the merriest of Christmases and I hope Santa is very good to this richly deserving couple!

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of

What you’’ll need:

4 c. low fat/skim milk 2 Tbsp Nutella 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 2 Tbsp sweetener of choice/sugar Optional Toppings: Marshmallows, Chocolate chips Crushed hazelnuts or peanuts


What to do:

Heat milk in a medium sized saucepan on medium - high heat until beginning to warm and steam. Add the spread, cocoa powder and sugar, and whisk until dissolved and combined. Bring to a gentle simmer while stirring, and take off heat. Serve with your desired toppings

Marketing Tips from JaLynn

In the midst of so many “local” publications, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to invest your hard-earned advertising dollars. We all promise to increase the brand awareness, visibility and growth of your business. We assure you that print is a valid form of advertising. Here are some other nuggets of wisdom when it comes to marketing a successful business in the 21st century. Your experiences help create your brand because they drive you. They’re integral to your passions. Here are some ways you can promote your brand. 1. Get out there and meet people. Get involved and find groups you identify with; be a giver. Find a cause you believe in.

After 75 years, we know how to help you succeed. • Personal advisor from day one

2. Get Social: Facebook (personal and business), LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Meet Up (to name a few)

• Online and on-campus classes • Friendly transfer policy

972-829-2150 •

3. Website, newsletters, blogging

National American University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission - - 800-621-7440. 4/16

4. Advertise: Print (business cards, marketing material, newspapers, magazines, billboards), television, radio, internet, promotional products.

Our Community at Lewisville City Hall

Closing thoughts – The 3 Be’s: 1. Be genuine 2. Be passionate 3. Be tenacious Over time, your brand will evolve. It’s a natural process and necessary for your survival. Notice trends in the marketplace and consider adapting some of your services to keep a competitive edge. Study people and businesses you admire and learn from them. Remember, when it comes to your brand, the ball is in your court. For more in depth conversations about your brand, feel free to contact me. JaLynn West Owner/Publisher Our Community Magazine 214.497.6579


Jamie Augenstein White

Our Talent

has lived in Flower Mound for 25 years. She has been actively involved in the community for over 15 years and is currently on the board of directors for Women of Flower Mound and Youth and Family Counseling.

At OCM, we are very lucky to have a talented group of individuals who dedicate their time and their talent to making sure that our publication is the best that it can be. Please help us thank them by visiting their businesses and letting them know that you saw them in our publication the next time you’re out and about.

“Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Shelly Dodge is the President and

owner of Visionary Financial Group. She and her family have lived and been active in the Flower Mound area for almost 20 years. Her passions are helping and working with children, as well as, assisting people with their financial needs.

JaLynn West

Entrepreneur, marketing strategist, publisher, founder and CEO of OCM, social media guru, photographer, speaker, trainer, humorist, lover of life

Lori Fickling is a writer, political

junkie and a social media specialist. She also owns iTrendz Communications, a social media marketing company. She is one of the founding members our the Women’s Business League that meets once a month.

Marsha Thomas is the President and

Owner of TNT Promotions, LLC. Marsha has over 25 years of experience working in goal-oriented environments, developing and managing programs in the Human Resources sector. She has managed both client and employee facing initiatives and has a strong focus on brand awareness.

Martin Mussey

is a radio personality and an ActionMAN himself. Martin’s passion and purpose is to help business owners have a better life for themselves and those close to them. Coach Martin does this by teaching the skills and strategies for a harmonious life and a profitable business through what he calls, The Art of Business.

Melissa Johnson is a our graphic

designer as well as a contributing photographer. She is not only a native Texan, but she has lived in the Lewisville/ Flower Mound area her whole life. She is the proud wife of an Army Veteran. Together, they have 3 children, Jackson, Shelby & Aaron. Melissa loves being a part of the local business community, volunteering as a mentor at Lewisville High School and enjoys capturing special moments with her camera.

Dennis Song RPh, CHC

is the only integrative pharmacist practitioner in the southern Denton County area. He has served his community for over 30 years and was named, “Innovative Pharmacist,” by the Texas Pharmacy Association in 2003.

Nary Vang

, our website designer is the owner of NV Designs. She joined the Our Community Magazine team in 2014 as our graphic artist. She shares her talents with the OCM team by collaborating with clients about ad conception and design, producing the publication’s graphic works, and handling the publications’ website . Email: nvdesigns@ Phone: 214.998.3911

Christina Thomas is the owner of

Storyteller Adventures, a local travel company. She believes the adage that “Travel will leave you speechless then turn you into a storyteller.” She enjoys helping people from all walks and in all seasons of life to make their travel dreams come true.

Tamara Lisby is not a native Texan,

Bob Weir began a writing career

but got here as fast as she could! As a Texas Resident for over 40 years, she has enjoyed the last 17 of those years in Southern Denton County. She enjoys her free time with her husband, Jerry and two children, Fox and Fawn. She loves being involved in the community and serves on the Park and Recreation Board for the City of Highland Village.

about 15 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He went on to write and publish a total of seven novels. His books are available on and other online booksellers. He’s also a former newspaper editor and a syndicated columnist under the title, “Weir Only Human.” Read his blog online at:


Habitat for Humanity: Christmas is the Time of Giving! By Jamie Augenstein White

Doesn’t everyone love to watch HGTV with the fabulous home makeovers? It is so fun to watch the new home owners thoroughly overwhelmed when they see their homes. You too could experience that amazing feeling of helping someone less fortunate realize their dream! How can I make a difference you migh task? You can volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Denton County, a non-profit Christian ministry that builds energy-efficient, affordable housing for disadvantaged families living in Denton County. Since their inception in 1994 they have built 93 Habitat homes in Lewisville, Roanoke, Pilot Point, Sanger and Denton. Habitat also provides rehab services for existing homes and a “Brush with Kindness” program that helps perform minor repairs for low-income owners. All funding is provided by businesses, organizations, churches and individuals within Denton County. Habitat focuses on hard working families that are needing a” hand up rather that a handout.” Carol Kyer, the Executive Director, shared with me that Habitat’s current initiative is “50 in 5”. Habitat wants to help 50 families in the next 5 years with their homes, whether it is a “Brush with Kindness” project or a new home. Carol also told me that Habitat offers a wide selection of donated construction materials at their ReStore discount home improvement outlet. The public can buy items at a reduced price for home maintenance projects. With Christmas in our hearts, what a wonderful way to give! Habitat is not only seeking monetary donations, but also donations of time. The relationships that are built last long after the completion of homes!


Executive Director Carol Kyer

7 on 7

with Martin Mussey

Welcome to the winter edition of 7 on 7! Local Business Coach, Martin Mussey, has interviewed another great business owner in our community. Why? So we can get to know them, learn about their success, lessons learned and what it means to be a part of ‘our community’. Meet Frankie Lynn Moon, owner of Baskets by FrankieLynn and member of Flower Mound Rotary, Argyle Chamber of Commerce and a board member of Cloud 9 Charity: 1. Can you tell us about your business and what makes it unique? I bring a lot of experience to the themed basket business having been a part of it for 12 years. I worked for Wine Styles for 10 years as a Manager and after that I was still getting requests to make baskets for realtors. I would consider myself an “accidental” business owner because I am doing something I love to do for others. We make all kinds of theme baskets where we make it happen in the budget you need. Theme examples include; sports, realtor’s closings, doctors, nurses, hunting, baby shower, holidays, and many more… What makes us unique is that we custom make the baskets and ask lots of up front questions about the recipient and then provide ideas along the way. If the client has run out of ideas we have a portfolio with pictures of past baskets that helps. My oldest son, who is wounded vet at 32 makes leather key chains for some of the baskets which adds a nice touch. We also always provide before and after pictures for the client so they can agree on the final product before we wrap it. We can then ship and deliver the final product. I have a Personal Assistant who can talk to the clients as well. 2. What made you want to start your own business? I had an Aunt who did gift baskets, I worked with her for a couple months 30 years ago when my husband was deployed overseas. I learned a lot from her. I worked in a variety of jobs in different careers; nursing for 10 years, High School teacher for 4 years, a Dental Assistant, and finally my work at Wine Styles. Near the end I found I was not having any fun and it was stressful. My husband actually encouraged me to go back to doing something I loved and had fun doing. Speaking of fun, being from South Carolina parents usually call their children by their middle name. It is a very southern thing. That is why I decided to name my business Baskets by FrankieLynn. 3. What do you consider your greatest achievement in business? (Interviewers comment: FrankieLynn provided us a pure answer that is genuine. From my perspective it is exactly who you want when it comes to personal gift giving, her answer was…) “Making clients happy”. 4. There are always challenges in business, what is the best lesson learned in business? Don’t wait to get 100 baskets done! So, never procrastinate. My youngest son has is own cross fit garage gym and is a former military member. When I told him I was afraid to fail in business he told me that “Failing is not an option”. It is my mantra and I call on it every day to figure out what needs to get done and just do it. 5. What is the best advice you ever got? Face your fears when challenges arise. I had a brain tumor back in 1997 and I came through it and accomplished more than what was thought possible. With faith ALL things are possible. 6. Do you have a mentor or somewhere you look for inspiration in business? I have two that I would mention. Kim Cloud on the board of Cloud 9 Chairty who tells me to “never quit” even when I am having a bad day. The other is Marsha Thomas of TNT Promotions who has helped provide guidance, learning, and support in my business. 7. What do you like best about being part of the local business community? I love that it is close knit and they provide “community”. The community is where I found my mentors. I also want to make a special mention of my “Little VP” Ashley Jackway who has been with me in my business since August. She promised to never fail me and I owe her a big THANK YOU for all she does! Baskets by FrankieLynn phone 214.636.3392

Ashley Jackway & Lynn Moon


Ohh noo!

Where is Mr. BILL?

Find Mr. Bill somewhere in this issue of OUR COMMUNITY MAGAZINE. He may be obvious and he may not be… Don’t over think it – but be conscious as he may be anywhere in the issue. Mr. Bill may be in a photograph at someone’s business, he may be in an article, he may be on the road traveling around our community, he may be in a local restaurant have a cool beverage. When you think you find Mr. Bill’s picture, you have to E-MAIL “Mr. Bill” with the PAGE NUMBER, and description of where you think he is. This will time stamp each entry email and the first one to correctly identify the location of Mr. Bill will win

a $100.00 shopping spree at TNT PROMOTIONS. You may use this for part of, or your entire purchase. However the certificate has no monetary value. Only good for TNT Promotions purchases only. Only one winner will be declared. Winner may not transfer this to any other person and must be used by winner or winner’s employer. OUR COMMUNITY MAGAZINE will send out and email and a FACEBOOK post when the winner is announced. TNT PROMOTIONS will also post the winner on FACEBOOK. So stay tuned for more clues as to “Where is Mr. Bill”. Email findings to:

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Woman on the Move Debbie Sardone Debbie Sardone is a woman on the move… locally, nationally, globally! A Flower Mound resident, Debbie is already well-known in Denton County. She grew her cleaning business, Buckets & Bows Maid Service, from one employee (herself!) working out of the trunk of her car to now serving as president of her 40+ person staff. Buckets & Bows has given back to hundreds of people in our community by providing free house cleaning to women battling cancer, wounded veterans and first responders. Debbie, with her husband Steve (a retired police officer), also owns Speed Cleaning, the branded, eco-friendly cleaning products that she’s used at Buckets & Bows for over 25 years. For all of her local work, the Women’s Division of the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce named her “Women of the Year” in 2016. For most of us, having such a positive local impact would be plenty. But Debbie dreams bigger and, in recent years, she’s extended her reach to a national level and beyond. Her passion to serve women battling cancer moved her to start her non-profit, Cleaning for a Reason in 2006. Partnering with maid services around the US and in Canada, Cleaning for a Reason has provided free house cleaning to over 23,000 cancer patients. In recognition of her growing impact, Debbie was featured in Reader’s Digest’s “25 Best Things In America” edition in 2014, and was recently named a “Women Of Worth” by L’Oréal Paris, chosen from thousands of nominations. Not content to just do well herself, Debbie’s global consulting agency, KYSO Consulting, Inc., has helped hundreds of small business owners around the world experience business success and extend their impact by starting their own non-profits. That’s why Debbie Sardone is OCM’s prestigious Woman on the Move for our Winter 2017 issue.

Been Busy Shattering the Glass Ceiling?

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Come Home to Spotless... Love Where You Live!

One-of-a Kind Bilingual Children’s Book Released Introduces Healthy Mexican Food Recipes On November 2, 2016, Latina Foodie and Author, Alma Jimenez Hall announced the release of her new bilingual children’s book, Tacos and Tortillas: Noe Saves the Day. The book contains a warm and engaging dialogue, in English/Spanish between Abuelita and her grandson, Noe, as he spends his first day in the kitchen cooking with her. The readers will join Abuelita and Noe in this fun cooking adventure and will learn how to make two authentic Mexican meals, while witnessing the bond between a loving grandmother and her grandson. What makes the book unique is that in addition to the recipes in the story, the author also shares some healthier options for the recipes. Alma Jimenez Hall is a Wellness Educator, Speaker, Bilingual Author and all-around Foodie. She has been a spokesperson on weight loss, cooking, wellness, fitness and health, on all mainstream media channelsboth locally and nationally. She has appeared on shows like “Good Morning, Texas,” Women’s World Magazine, and national radio.

Tacos and Tortillas can be found at or at Alma can be contacted at to book her for speaking engagements or book readings.

Author Alma Jimenez Hall with Illustrator Wanda Grice at the Book Launch Party, November 18

A one stop shop for all your beauty and wellness needs. Schedule Your Appointment Today! Visit the Lewisville location on:

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TheHEALTHDepot.US 817 944 6004 We continue to make people feel great (again) with BalanceOil. 10

The True Spirit of Christmas by Bob Weir

What is it about the Christmas season that brings out the best in people? It seems

that during this time of year we develop more insight into our character. Perhaps it’s the warm feeling that comes from knowing that we’re part of something so awesome that billions of people around the world are similarly influenced by the sheer magnitude of its scope. You don’t have to be a Christian to feel the genuine solidarity among people of all ages, races and religions as they go about their days with smiles and joyful greetings for everyone they meet. For some, it’s a hectic time of year because of the heavy traffic at department stores and the long lines at checkout counters. Still, in most instances, people have more patience and tolerance for situations that, at any other time of the year, would bring out the worst in them.

It’s all about attitude and, if you have a healthy one, you have the power to turn those frowns upside down.

A long time ago, someone told me that it’s almost impossible to put a big pleasant smile on your face and think negative thoughts at the same time. Wouldn’t that be a good practice to engage in all year long? For most of us, the season includes the delightful anticipation of social gatherings with relatives and friends we seldom see during the year. It’s also a time to show off our creative skills with outdoor ornaments, sometimes engaging in a rivalry with those homes in the vicinity.

Several years ago, after moving into a new neighborhood during the Christmas season, I put up a string

of lights around my front door. That night I noticed that my neighbor across the street had put up lights around his front door and a string of lights tracing his garage door. So, the following day, I put lights around my garage door, and, because I had some extra space on the string, I made a small design on a shrub next to the garage. That night I went outside to gaze admiringly at my work, while looking smugly toward my neighbor’s house.

The following evening, after watching TV in my den, I glanced out the window and did a double take. Now,

my neighbor had lights interlaced throughout his shrubbery, from one end to the other. “So, you think you can outdo me, eh?” I said quietly to myself. When the next day dawned, my plans were formulated. Foraging in the attic, I found ornaments and lights I had accumulated over the years and I began to put my plans in operation. By the time the daylight ended I had lights outlining the perimeter of the house, the fence, the trees and the lawn. There was a reindeer on my roof, elves peering from behind bushes and an artificial snow-covered fir tree in the middle of the lawn.

Collapsing on the couch when it was all finished, I softly murmured, with a devilish grin, “There, let’s see

them top that!” The following night I noticed no changes in their exterior design. “They can’t compete with me,” I thought triumphantly, as I laid back on my recliner and began to channel surf. My wife, who was unaware of my private quest to ‘keep ahead of the Joneses,’ was in the study, reading. We both responded to the doorbell at the same time and were greeted by the neighbors from my private competition. They stood outside with their 3 beautiful children as they began singing Christmas carols.

After applauding them, we asked them in for some hot chocolate.

They gracefully declined, because they said they had a lot of other homes to visit, but they took the time to compliment us on the sparkling decorations that adorned the outside of our home. As I watched them walk down the street toward the next house, I became acutely aware of my own arrogance. They had taught me a valuable lesson: It’s not the lights outside, but the love inside, which best illustrates the true spirit of Christmas.


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Celebrating 6 Years of Service to You!


Taking Your Meds the Right Way by Dennis Song Medications can make a world of difference—if you take them the right way. Half the time, though, this doesn’t happen, at least when it comes to drugs doctors prescribe for chronic conditions.1 Sometimes people miss doses. Or they might stop refilling the prescription or never get it filled in the first place. Why does this happen? Well, certainly cost or side effects of drugs can be an issue. Also, complex dosing schedules or multiple drugs can be really confusing.2 You might feel as though you need a multi-page spreadsheet just to keep track! The problem is not taking medications the right way can threaten your health, increase complications, and lower your quality of life. And sometimes skipping doses can increase the risk of resistant strains of certain “bugs.”2 Do you need help with taking your medications the right way? Lean on me. I can help you increase the benefits and decrease the risks of taking your medications. When we talk, it’s helpful to know about all the medications you’re taking and about any problems you’ve had in the past, such as allergic reactions or trouble swallowing.3

I can also answer questions like these: • How soon can I expect to feel better? When I start to feel better, can I stop taking the drug? • Do I need a refill, or can I stop when the bottle is empty? • Are there any drugs, supplements, or foods I should take while taking this medication? • Is there a vitamin or herbal supplement that I can take in place of the prescribed medication? • Are there any special directions for taking or storing this medication? • Is there a generic version available? • What should I do if I have side effects? What are the most common ones? • What should I do if I miss a dose?3 I can also help you learn how to better manage your prescriptions. We can discuss a few tricks of the trade like these: • Make it a habit. Connect your medication routine with another well-established habit such as brushing your teeth. • Keep drugs in sight. Put them where you won’t miss them. For example, if you need to take drugs with food, keep them on the dinner table or TV tray. • Use dosing containers. These contain labels for days of the week and dosing frequencies. You can find them in our store. • Track it with technology. Options range from reminder pagers and wristwatches to smartphone apps and voice-command medication managers. We can discuss what might work best for you.2 You can also simply create a printable medicine record with columns like these: • The name of the drug • What it looks like • How much to take • When to take it • Start and stop dates • How it helps • Who to contact if there’s a problem4

Flower Mound Pharmacy. The One and Only!

Whether it’s filling your prescriptions quickly or taking the time to discuss your medication needs, Flower Mound Pharmacy, always has your best health in mind. Affordable prices. Professional advice. Personalized care.At Flower Mound Pharmacy, we make your health our business. Most insurance accepted. Bring this ad in for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more.

As you can see, taking medications isn’t a time to wing it! Fortunately, I can assist you. All you have to do is ask.

Flower Mound Pharmacy

I would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy and a very Merry Christmas. Nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or is a substitute for professional advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other medical professional if you have questions or concerns about a medical condition. Sources 1. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: “Multiple interventions offer pathways to improved medication adherence.” Available at: research-activities/13aug/0813RA5.html Accessed 4/6/14. 2. FDA: “Are You Taking Medication as Prescribed?” Available at: forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm164616.htm Accessed 4/6/14. 3. FDA: “Stop -- Learn -- Go -- Tips for Talking with Your Pharmacist to Learn How to Use Medicines Safely.” Available at: Accessed: 6/8/14. 4. FDA: “My Medicine Record.” Available at: ReportsManualsForms/Forms/UCM095018.pdf Accessed: 6/8/14.


1001 CROSS TIMBERS RD #1170 FLOWER MOUND, TX 75028 972-355-4614 One coupon per customer. Certain restrictions may apply. See store for details. Non-prescription items only. Not valid on prescription co-pays or any government funded programs. Not to be combined with any other offers. No cash value. Valid only at: Flower Mound Pharmacy. This pharmacy is independently owned and operated under a license from Health Mart Systems, Inc.


It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Coffee! INSIDE THE CUP OF OUR COFFEE IS HEALTH AND WEALTH! Ask me how Organo offers 8 ways to earn income! John G. Kapten

Health, Wellness and Wealth Advocate Independent Distributer 817-586-9575 Email:

Visit us on for event information.

Owners, Karen & Steve Severance

219 E. Hickory St. Denton, Texas 76201 (940) 312-1034 14


good choices:

Our Youth at Work Emma Francis lives in Highland Village and is a freshman

at Marcus High School where she is a member of the freshman cheerleading squad, and student council. Outside of cheer, Emma has participated in different community service projects such as DCAC back to school drive and Our Village Glows. Along side Cheer Athletics Icon philanthropy program she has helped to organized canned food and toys drives as well as be in a position of promoting positivity and encouragement to younger athletes as well as her own team mates in the gym. Currently a member of Spirit of Texas All Star cheer program, she is looking forward to her 10th year in competitive cheerleading. Emma has spent 5 summers at Sky Ranch Christian camp and 1 of those years in a peer leadership position. She will be continuing on for her 2nd year of leadership in hopes to one day be a counselor. In her spare time Emma enjoys being with family and friends.


Screening and HR Solutions 105 Kathryn Dr., Bldg. 3 Ste. D, Lewisville, TX 75067 Office: 800-972-2054


“Watchdog is the most efficient company in providing products, invoicing, and customer service. They have gone above and beyond to make sure my facilities’ product needs are met.” Collene Lowe, UBH of Denton, Denton, TX

Impacting teen moms. Shaping Generations. In Young Life, we don’t wait for teens to clean up, grow up or show up. We go to them, crossing barriers to build bridges of authentic friendship. More than twenty years ago, Young Life answered God’s call to run headfirst into the chaos of teenage motherhood with the hope of Jesus… and YoungLives was born. We enter their world with no expectation of who they should be, but with every hope for who they can become. Mentoring is the heart and soul of YoungLives, mentors “do life” with our YoungLives families encouraging girls to finish school, parent well and complete dreams and goals for their future. Lewisville-Flower Mound YoungLives launched April 2010, we have been serving the teen and young moms in our area reaching over 200 girls, babies and fathers. We feed our families dinner at each of our meetings, plus provide diapers, wipes and baby essentials. Every summer we


take our moms and babies to YoungLives camp. Camp is an amazing opportunity for our girls to get away from their daily drama, spend meaningful time with their leaders all while having the time of their lives and hearing about the love of Jesus. Our ministry could not exist without the generous support of our community. If you are interested in learning more about our ministry or finding out ways your church or business can get involved with YoungLives, please contact Melissa Gomez. Melissa Gomez, YoungLives Coordinator Lewisville Flower Mound Young Life P.O. Box 292561 • Lewisville, TX 75029 817.343.5163

Live Young. Live Univera. by Peggy Campagna

How would you like to kick up your heels and dance at your grandchildren’s weddings? Imagine your quality of life over the next 30 years. Whether you are 20 or 120, are you ready to start aging younger? I am grateful to share that at 72, I am working out with 40 year olds, building muscle, teaching Tai’Chi Gung, running 5K races to raise money for local kids, moving effortlessly, and feeling phenomenal!

Get Started NOW for: Youthful Vitality - Mental Clarity and Focus - Stress Reduction - Joint Comfort and Flexibility It was not always like this for me. I was hurting and my energy was changing in ways I did not appreciate. A trusted friend helped me understand every morning that I can be better, by 300 billion new cells! The choices you make everyday determine whether those cells leave you older or younger every morning! Try the life changing nutrients from Univera. There is no fear as you have 90 day money back guarantee! Now my passion is to share my winning formula with women over 50 who want an active lifestyle and the ability to continue to build muscle and age younger, 300 billion cells everyday! Start today! Take a 90 Day Challenge like I did and see, feel, and measure improvements! Peggy Campagna 214-206-6665

No more shaving, tweezing, or waxing. Your unwanted hair could be gone


Call us today to set up a consultation. Let us show you what we could do for you. 1001 Cross Timbers Rd. Ste 2350, Flower Mound, TX 75028

682-593-1442 - http://ww Mention this ad when you set your consultation and receive 25% off your first electrolysis treatment.


Letter from


My mom says that what I do is important. I’m not sure about that, but I know that people sure need my kisses when they cry – it usually makes them stop. I get lots of hugs for kissing them, so I hug back. And give more kisses. Sometimes it even makes them laugh… I like that. Over the years, my mom has taken me to lots of places. Hospitals, schools, treatment groups, even reading with kids at the library. I even help mom raise other service dogs at our house, so they can go to do this job for others. But I think I like the groups the best. I get to hug and kiss on lots of folks, and it seems like they feel better when they leave. I am supposed to be on my best behavior, when I wear my jacket, and I usually am. But, sometimes, someone is so distraught, I have to go to them right away. Because my mom says that’s my job – so I take that seriously! It took lots of practice, and having to go to “Doggie College” to get that jacket, so I try to do my best. Now my mom works at Youth and Family Counseling. My mom, Terri Donsbach is the new Executive Director there. I get to go to work there sometimes, and that is pretty awesome. I get the opportunity to work with many different people; my biggest job is just to listen, while the therapists do their job. Oh…and don’t forget the kisses. My mom says that taking commands from the clients, helps them learn patience, communication, boundaries and understanding. So I do them for everyone. Youth and Family Counseling is a place that people can go when they are sad, worried, scared or having a hard time with just about anything. Since I don’t talk (people talk, anyway) I used to think that talking wasn’t worth much. But I see everyday, that when people talk about things, they seem to get better. My mom says I have intuition, whatever that means. Either way, people that come there don’t seem to be as sad or angry after coming a few times. Youth and Family Counseling has two programs: the First Offender and At Risk Kids Program and the Community Referral Counseling Program. Important people, like school counselors, police and probation, and teachers recommend that kids and their families come to see me and the therapists, to help with issues that make them hurt inside. Or sometimes, they call in on their own, to start to feel better. Mom says that in 2017, we will also start having groups, like Parenting and Anger Management. Since they have two offices, one in Denton and one is Lewisville, there sure is a lot of work to be done! But I know that I am up for the task. My siblings at home (well, to be truthful, they are horses, cats, donkeys, goats and cows) tell me that I get special treatment, because I get to go with mom all the time, and they don’t. I just think I have a bigger job than they do. But truthfully, what the therapists do for the people that come to Youth and Family Counseling is pretty amazing…. Even if I am “just a dog”. Terri Donsbach, LCSW-S, is the new Executive Director for Youth and Family Counseling, in Lewisville and Denton. She began her career in the 1990’s in nonprofit, providing therapy for Trauma, Abuse, Sexual Offenders and as a Batterers Facilitator. Since that time, she has done Hospice, Forensic evaluations, Court assessments, and inpatient/outpatient care. She has been an adjunct Professor at the University of South Florida, and moved into management in the late 90’s. Since being in Texas, she was the Practice Manager for UTSW’s Department of Psychiatry, and the Clinical Director and Risk/PI Director for two UHS hospitals in Denton. She is extremely excited to be returning to Non-profit work, where she believes that true Community Mental Health work is best completed. She looks forward to expanding the Denton and Lewisville office hours, and to begin responding to the community’s outreach needs, through providing groups services in a number of areas – Parenting, Anger Management, Depression and Anxiety.

Youth & Family Counseling Annual Holiday Wreath Auction Friday, November 4, 2016


Community Service Becomes Contagious by Lori Fickling

In 2015, the Cross Timbers Rotary Club received their official charter to begin a new club with 62 members and an enthusiasm for “Service Above Self.” The club enjoyed an unprecedented first year, as membership quickly expanded from an original founding group of six to an impressive 62 members at the time of their charter just a few months later, and now nearing 100. The majority of them were first-time members to Rotary International, fulfilling a desire to serve the local community, not just with money but with hands-on projects, as well. To enhance the development and growth of new members, the club emphasizes personal friendships, participation in numerous social events, and involvement in local and international service projects. Serving the community is a priority for the Cross Timbers Club, and the members have done several local projects, in addition to funding international projects. In their first year as a club, Cross Timbers Rotary awarded grants totaling $10,000 to 14 different local charities, including Communities In Schools, Children’s Advocacy Center, Friends of the Family, and Ainsley’s Angels, just to name a few. For more information on becoming involved with one of the most reputable service organizations in the world, with 35,000 clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide, email Cross Timbers Rotary at


Rotary women from both the Cross Timbers Rotary and the Lewisville Noon Rotary Clubs mentor fourth and fifth grade girls monthly as part of the Communities In Schools “Lunch With a Leader” program at Hedrick Elementary School.

Cross Timbers Rotary proudly honored area veterans at the November 11 Veterans Day meeting. Each one introduced themselves and shared with the group about their military experience.

Our Community Events Special Abilities of North Texas Open House August 25, 2016

Cross Timbers Rotary Garage Sale September 17, 2016

Visionary Financial Open House October 13, 2016

Lewisville Western Days September 23 & 24, 2016

FloMo Food Truck Festival ~ October 9, 2016



Classroom to Dorm Room…

College Savings Plans are Great for the Future! by Shelly Dodge

We all have dreams of being able to send our children to college for a higher education. A good education will pay a lifetime of benefits. In fact according to the College Board, college graduates will earn 60% more on average than high school graduates. However, as the costs continue to rise, college savings is one of the biggest financial demands most families will face. What plan of action will you take? A College 529 Plan is a great way to be able to save over time to ensure that your children will have a jump on the road to a brighter future. It can be used to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, books and other qualified expenses. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends can all contribute to the account. If plans change and the child does not attend college, the account can be switched to another family member, including to you. Furthermore, you control the account for the life of the account, even when the child reaches legal age. Five Things You Should Know About 529 Savings Plans: • The Benefits of less borrowing A 529 account can help reduce a student’s debt burden resulting in lower monthly loan payments and decreased loan terms. • Applies to any college Proceeds from an account can be used at any accredited college to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, books and other qualified expenses. • The tax advantages Pay no federal income taxes on earnings while account is invested, or when the funds are withdrawn for qualified college expenses. Because the earnings in your account are not taxed, your savings will accumulate faster than in a taxable account. • Estate planning exclusives In certain cases, contributions to the account can be removed from an estate for tax purposes, yet account owners retain control over the assets. This benefit is unique to 529 plans. • A gift of added tax benefits A special gift tax exclusion allows five years’ worth of gifts to a single beneficiary in a single year without triggering the federal gift tax.

For more information on this or other ways to save for family’s needs for the future, call Shelly Dodge to set up your financial review and begin your college savings plan today. 972-539-0002 Source: Putnam Investments Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses associated with 529 plans before investing. More information regarding 529 plans is available in the issuer’s official statement. Please read the official statement carefully before investing. Investors should also consider, before investing, whether their home state or the home state of the beneficiary offers any state tax or other benefits that are only available for investments in such state’s qualified tuition program. Although plans are established and maintained by states, the states do not provide guarantees against investment loss, except in certain very limited cases. As with any investment in a mutual fund or other equity security, an investment in a 529 college savings plan can decrease in value. Earnings on a distribution not used for qualified expenses may be subject to income taxes and a 10% federal penalty. Please note that the availability of tax or other benefits may be conditioned on meeting certain requirements such as residency, purpose for or timing of distributions or other factors as applicable.


CASA of Denton County, Inc. A Powerful Voice for Children in the Child Welfare System



IN COURT. EVERY CHILD HAS A CHANCE —IT’S YOU. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA volunteer, you can keep abused and neglected children safe while they reach a safe, permanent home. CASA volunteers speak up for a child in court. You are not a foster parent, you are a voice making a difference at a critical point in a child’s life. Visit BecomeACASAorg to learn about becoming a volunteer and find a CASA program near you.

CASA of Denton County, Inc. Monthly Information Sessions Offered. Go to for more information

Jennie and Ryan, ages 3 and 2, were removed from their mother because they were not gaining weight or growing on a consistent basis. They were placed in foster care, but failed to thrive. The children’s health declined, but went unnoticed as they moved from place to place in the foster system. CASA was appointed to this case, and the Advocate began looking at the children’s medical records. There she found that a pediatrician had diagnosed them both with a condition that caused slow growth and developmental delays. She helped the children’s mother find speech, physical and occupational therapists, and a daycare to accommodate the children. They were reunited with their mother and are happy and growing. This is one of many examples of the work of CASA with children in the local child welfare system every day. When a child enters the foster care system, CASA is appointed to the case by the judge to represent what is in the child’s best interest. Advocates complete stringent background checks and 30 hours of training before being teamed up with a staff mentor and being assigned a case. The advocate focuses on one case at a time, offering a unique perspective to the presiding judge on the case after investigating the child’s circumstances. This individualized advocacy is extremely important in ensuring that the child’s special needs are met while they are in the foster care system, and that they are eventually placed in a permanent home that is best suited to meet their needs for stability, safety and love, long term. CASA served 507 children in 2015 and 543 in the first 10 months of 2016, but we are not serving all the children who need a voice. The biggest barriers to serving more children are a lack of volunteers and operating funds. CASA operates solely on grants, donations from the community, special events and volunteers. They need your help! Please consider offering your commitment as a volunteer and share generously your resources. CASA of Denton County, Inc. 614 N. Bell Avenue Denton, Texas 76209 940.243.2272

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Winter White Cosmo This Winter White Cosmopolitan from the Bonefish Grill in Denver, Colorado is the perfect holiday drink!

What you’ll need:

3 Frozen or sugared cranberries 1 Mint Leaf 1/2 oz Lime juice, Fresh 1/2 oz Simple syrup

1 1/2 oz Cranberry juice, White 3/4 oz Cointreau 1 tbsp St. Germaine elderflower liqueur 1 1/2 oz Vodka



Oak Alley:

a place worth visiting by Christina Thomas

A couple of years ago, my mom and I went “plantation-ing,” which is not hard to do in South Louisiana. In fact, you could spend an entire vacation just visiting plantations (a dream of mine). One plantation that we visited was Oak Alley (, a famous one in Vacherie, which is a few miles off of I-10, halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Summers in Louisiana are sunny, hot, and humid, and this particular July day was no different. Since we knew we would be outside most of the time, we took our sunglasses and prepared to sweat it out. We started, of course, by purchasing tickets, which are $22 for adults. The grounds includes a number of buildings, including the “Slavery at Oak Alley” exhibit, which features recreated slave cabins and information about the slaves’ lives. It is sobering and should not be missed. Your admission also includes a guided tour of the main house. Tours are given every half hour by tour guides in antebellum costumes. You can also go out on the front balcony to take pictures of the famous “oak alley,” and after the tour, you can sit out on the front porch and enjoy the same. To expand your experience, you can spend the night at Oak Alley in one of their cottages. We didn’t do this, but it looks like it would be a nice location for a romantic getaway. After the tour, exhibits, and leisurely exploring the grounds, you can also visit the expansive gift shop, featuring quality, authentic souvenirs and gifts, and get a bite to eat at the restaurant or snack bar. As I stated, Oak Alley is a few miles off of I-10 in Vacherie, halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, so you could choose to stay in either large city, or in one of the closer, smaller towns like Gonzales. Gonzales is between Vacherie and Baton Rouge, and it is home to a large outlet mall and the annual Jambalaya Festival, held every Memorial Day weekend. Airfare to New Orleans can be found quite cheaply, and if you are not keen on renting a car and driving out to the plantation yourself, there are several tour operators that will take you there, such as Cajun Encounters and Tours by Isabelle. Besides Oak Alley, Laura and St. Joseph plantations are on the same road. San Francisco Plantation is closer to New Orleans, but also in the same general area. Of course, if you are willing to drive further in any direction, you will find not only other plantations, but museums, restaurants, and other evidence of the active, lively south Louisiana culture. Because a picture is worth more words than this article, enjoy my photos from Oak Alley Plantation, then consider taking your own trip. Christina Thomas Owner/Travel Consultant/ Knowledgeable Traveler 214.501.6839 StorytellerAdventures


What’s happening

around town?

Joe Adair, Vice President-Regional Manager of PointBank in Lewisville presented a check for $5,000 to Lewisville Library Director, Carolyn Booker to be used for whatever plans it may have. The funds are proceeds raised from PointBank’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

PointBank in Lewisville celebrated their 20th Anniversary in the Lewisville Community with a party and re grand opening ceremony. Over 130 guests attended as Joe Adair, Vice Present presented a 20 Year Service award to Robert Fogle (Original Branch Manager).

Leadership Lewisville Class 31 continues to make a difference on this day by refurbishing Durham Middle School Science Garden as part of their Non-Profit, Charities and Civic Clubs Day.

North Dallas Netweavers meets every Thursday from 11:30am - 1pm at Korner Cafe. Come join the networking fun! For more information, visit

AWARD WINNING VIOLINIST TO PERFORM IN FREE CHAMBER CONCERT Hao Miao, 2015 winner of the Concerto Competition at the University of North Texas College of Music, will perform on Friday, January 27, as a part of the Lewisville Lake Symphony’s International Chamber Series. The artist was born in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China. He began playing violin at the age of four and later moved to Shanghai to study. He gave his first full recital at the age of eleven and has performed yearly recitals since that time in Shanghai and Inner Mongolia. He has won awards and contests in both Europe and the US. He is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree at UNT. Pianist and composer Arsentiy Kharitonov will accompany Mr. Miao. Placed in the “top ranks of keyboard players today” by The New York Observer after his triumphant debut at Carnegie Hall, Kharitonov has performed with orchestras in Russia, Europe, Asia, and the US. He started playing the piano at the relatively late age of 16 and was giving solo recitals within three years. The concert is at 7:30, Friday, January 27 at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 5500 Morriss Road, in Flower Mound. The concert is free, but donations are gratefully accepted.


Flower Mound

Chamber of Commerce FIESTA!


Business League

WBL Founders

JaLynn West, Lori Fickling, Marsha Thomas & Mary Jacoby


Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce LEADS Power Networking Every Friday, 7:45am-9am For more information including meeting location, please visit


Lewisville Area

Chamber Events


20% off one item. Does not include sale, preorders or SCE dĂŠcor items.

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OCM Winter 2016-2017 Calendar of Events December 12/2 Lewisville Leads 12/3 Breakfast with Santa at the Old Town Holiday Stroll 12/3 Santa Day at Highland Village Fire Department 12/3 Story Time with Mrs. Clause at the Shops at Highland Village 12/7 Women of Highland Village Meeting at 6:30 at Bistecca 12/7 Pet Pictures with Santa at the Shops at Highland Village 12/8 FM Chamber after 5 Mixer at North Star Bank 12/9 Lewisville Leads 12/9 Christmas Tour of Home for Women of Flower Mound 12/10 Story Time with Mrs. Clause at the Shops at Highland Village 12/13 FM Leads 12/13 FM & Lewisville Chambers Joint Holiday Luncheon 12/13 Women of Flower Mound Meeting 12/14 Pet Pictures with Santa at the Shops at Highland Village 12/15 Lewisville Chamber Night Out 12/16 Lewisville Leads 12/17 Story Time with Mrs. Clause at the Shops at Highland Village 12/21 LISD Winter Break Begins 12/21 Pet Pictures with Santa at the Shops at Highland Village 12/27 FM Leads

January 1/4 1/4 1/5 1/12 1/14 1/16 1/17 1/20 1/27


Women of Highland Village Meeting at 6:30 at Bistecca LISD Back in Session Flower Mound Rotary Blood Drive Salerno’s Women of Flower Mound Meeting Wine Tasting Fund Raiser for Women of Flower Mound LISD Student Holiday LISD Student Holiday Women’s Business League Korner Café Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Luncheon Flower Mound Rotary Vine & Dine



2/2 Ground Hog Day 2/2 Women of Highland Village Meeting 2/2 Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Luncheon 2/3 Lewisville Chamber Leads 2/7 Flower Mound Leads 2/7 Women of Flower Mound Meeting 2/10 Lewisville Chamber Leads 2/14 Valentine’s Day 2/17 Lewisville Chamber Leads 2/17 LISD Student Holiday 2/20 President’s Day/ LISD Student Holiday 2/21 Flower Mound Leads 2/24 Lewisville Chamber Leads 2/24 Women’s Business League Korner Café 2/25 PediPlace Gala

3/1 Women of Highland Village Meeting 3/2 Highland Village Business Association Community Coffee 3/3 Lewisville Chamber Leads 3/7 Flower Mound Leads 3/10 Lewisville Chamber Leads 3/12 Daylight Savings Time 3/13 LISD Spring Break Begins 3/14 Women of Flower Mound Meeting 3/17 Lewisville Chamber Leads 3/17 St. Patrick’s Day 3/21 Flower Mound Leads 3/24 Lewisville Chamber Leads 3/31 Lewisville Chamber Leads 3/31 Women’s Business League – Korner Café


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ABC Vet Adecco Angelina’s Anna’s Alterations Bank of the West Barber Shop Batteries + Bulbs Beasley’s Jewelry Big Jack’s BBQ Blue Anjou Brian’s Automotive Repair Bridal Boutique Care Now Carter Blood Care Chick-fil-A Chasin’ Tail BBQ Children’s Advocacy Center City Garage Cleaning for a Reason Colonial Savings Comfort Smiles Community Care Pharmacy Community Pet Outreach CoWork Suites DATCU D & D Collectibles Donut Palace Einstein Bros Bagels Fairytale Tea Time Family Dental Care Fat Cow BBQ Firehouse Subs Firestone Automotive Fuzzy’s Tacos Goodyear Great Clips Green Massage Goodyear Tire Shop H & R Block Hair Envy Hampton Inn Suites Huffines Chevrolet It’s Greek to Me Jack in the Box Janice James, Keller Williams Jason’s Deli Kellie Stokes, Freedom Title Korner Cafe Lake Cities Motors La Montage Gallery Lewisville Dentist Lewisville Public Library Legacy Salon Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Lewisville City Hall Lewisville Oncology Lewisville Senior Center Lewisville Volkswagen Dealership Main Street Mercantile Main Street Salons Marco’s Pizza Massage Green McFarland Oral Surgery

The Tutoring Center Dazzle Dental Care Todd Weaver Real Estate Deluxe Nails Town Center Chiropractic Driver’s Edge Town View Dental Care Element Therapeutic Massage Turner’s Martial Arts Elite Dental Care Turning Point Dance Studios Elite Hair and Spa Weichert Realtors Elsey & Elsey Law Firm Which Wich Envy Nails Wild Birds Unlimited Enzo’s NY Pizza WinKids Extravaganza Gifts Woodfired Gourmet Pizza Fantastic Sams Yellow Rose Fidelity National Title Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce Yogurtland Flower Mound Dental YMCA Flower Mound Pharmacy Flower Mound Nail Spa Flowers on the Mound Floyd’s Barber Shop Foot Solutions Animal Medical Center Foster Chiropractic Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream Hair Diddle Diddle Blue Goose Cantina Health Kick Brightside Boutique Hollymead Discount Tire Jenny Lane Bakery Dunkin Donuts Jersey Mike’s Subs Excite Gym J-Kin Donuts H & R Block J Nails Highland Nail & Spa Johnny Brusco’s Java Juice Judy Butler, State Farm Insurance Jamba Juice Dr. Kiran Harpavat Kolache Bakery Kris Tees t-shirts Luxury Nails Kwik Kar Wash and Detail Massage Life Center LA Tan My HV Dentist La Peep Nestle Tollhouse Lifetime Family Medicine Palio’s LISD Admin Rapid Med Luxury Nails Salons on 407 Mainstream Boutique Salon Vincent Marble Slab Snuffers Market Street Potbelly Sandwich Shop 5 Star Cleaners Massage Envy Phillip Senhart, DDS Alfa Nails Mathnasium Splurge Salon Allegiance Title Max Health Family Medicine The Flour Shop Anne Lakusta, Keller Williams MacFarland Orthodontics Tutor Time Associates in Periodontics Medical Center of North Texas WalMart Back in Time Barber Shop Mel’s Barber Shop Yogurt Story Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Messina’s Shoe Repair Baylor Family Medical Center Dr. Monica Olivier Bella Nail Salon Dr. Jack Johnson Edward Jones, Bill Collins Dr. Steven Titensor, DDS Blissful Bark My Fit Foods Lantana Pediatrician Bridlewood Club House My Ideal Weight Center Country Lake Family Dental Bocelli’s NCTC Kroger Pharmacy Burgers & Brats Nationwide Insurance Tokyo Samurai Café Green Bean Northstar Diagnostic Bartonville Capital One North Texas OB-GYN Bartonville Veterinary Center Cardiovascular Specialists Obstetrics Gynecology & Assoc. Guidance Pediatric Academy Celebrations & Invitations Orthopedia Physical Therapy Hollywood Feed Cloud 9 Salon & Spa Oval Dental C9 Boutique Palm Beach Tan Family Staffing Solutions Pazzo! Flower Mound Senior Center Premier Gallery Freedom Title Quail Hollow Tack The Schlichting Group, Dallas Fuzzy’s Tacos Quest Diagnostics Chick-fil-A Rambling Oaks Courtyard Chili’s Re/Max, DFW OCM is available free at locations Center of Dermatology Rhodes Team, Keller Williams throughout Denton County. Not all Chiro One Wellness Center Rosewood Assisted Living locations will always have copies Choice Building Solutions Snazzy Cleaners in stock. You can enjoy the magazine for Coldwell Banker, Jeanetta Collier Sports Clips free on your desktop iPhone or tablet. Cross Timbers Animal Medical Center Subway We no longer offer mail subscriptions. Curves Swirl Bakery Cutting Edge Physical Therapy Download your copy at: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Gift Shop DATCU Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital MCL Grand Theater Medical Center of Lewisville Meyer Heating and Air Mickey’s Florist MRI Specialty Clinic Miracle Home Health Care Mobility Health Care Quest Diagnostics The Pain Clinic, Dr. DeSilva Panda Express Pre-med Care Regency Beauty Institute Redman’s Automotive Re/Max Advantage Re/Max Cross Country Repairs Unlimited Robert Payne Photography William Peck & Associates Rusty Beagle Salons by JC Schlotzsky’s Springhill Suites Subway (various locations) Tierney’s Café & Tavern Urgent Care Velvet Snout Verizon Wireless Vicker’s Oral Surgery Vista Ridge Chiropractor We = You Youth and Family Counseling Watchdog Solutions

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