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2012 Putah Creek Tour

Mission Statement

Table of Content Mission Statement Safety Fighting Fish Safety Standard Rods Reels Standard Lines Leaders Tippet Indicators Weighting Knots High Stick Setup Recommend Equipment & Flies Regulations Informational Websites Notes Putah Creek Map

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Lance Gray & Company is introducing “Fly Fishing Tours" – tours for anglers who want to learn more about particular fisheries, species or styles of fly fishing in Northern California. Kirsten and I are proud to bring you these special tours. They will focus on all aspects of fly fishing, from Lake Almanor to chasing steelhead on the north coast to fishing private water. They are just a special way to bring you, our guest, a valued experience based on what you have come to expect from Lance Gray & Company. The tours are designed for anglers wishing to gain knowledge of access points, hatches, flies and needed equipment in order to expand confidence, develop skills and log valuable experience while being directed through the process. They'll dramatically shorten the learning curve for anglers who want to fish these waters on their own. Our goal is to provide the best knowledge possible for our guest. Lance & Kirsten 2|Page

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It is always easier to fight a fish when you are not submerged or injured!

Safety Safety is the number one priority while fly fishing and the successful angler must be prepared with a minimum of the following standard safety equipment: Wading Boots & Waders Sunglasses Proper Clothing Sun Screen

Recommended Equipment Rods

Wading Staff Hats Water

Once the angler is prepared, he or she must wade smart and safe. One good rule of thumb, “If you ask yourself “should I?” Follow your instincts and choose another path. Always error on the side of caution and you will catch more fish. Remember take your time and always use a wading staff. Slow and steady wins the race. Fighting Fish Safety If the fish runs into a swift water way, let it go. Do not try to run after it on the bank or while wading. Trust your equipment, let the reel do the work, and be prepared to work the fish downstream slowly. Remember, waters are often slippery and/or unstable.

Standard Rods Putah Creek anglers need a rod that needs to have a soft tip to protect small 6x tippet, but it also needs the power to lift and fight large fish. Most medium action rods fit this description. Medium action rods have reserve power. They allow you to cast with little effort, as well as be able to punch through the wind. The perfect Putah Creek fly rod is 9’ 5 wt rod. When purchasing make sure the rod is a medium action and that the butt has reserve power to give that extra punch. Good soft tip rods should have a flexable feel to it when test loaded.

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Reels Trout reels are another animal all together. The angler must have a reel that is hard working and capable of have having at least 100 yards of backing behind a standard line. It should be constructed out of material that can withstand the elements. The drag must have a low inertia start up factor and must be able to withstand long runs but still be able to handle the short bursts of wild, frantic, hard-fighting trout. Another key requirement of the angler’s reel is low maintenance. 4|Page Lance Gray & Company Putah Creek Tour Handbook Š 2012

ends makes for easy rigging and fast leader changes. The highly visible tip can be used as an indicator especially when Czech nymphing.

Standard Lines RIO’s new indicator line has been designed for the specific application of casting indicator rigs with ease whether for trout or steelhead. The thick diameter tip and short front taper easily turns over the largest of indicators, while the ultra-long head and back taper make it very easy to mend and control the way the fly fishes at great distance. The line is manufactured with RIO’s latest high tech coatings: XS Technology for a super slick, dirt repelling coating, AgentX for an ultra smooth surface and high floating running line and Super Floatation Technology that creates a high floating tip. The line also features RIO’s DualTone color concept to easily show the angler the perfect loading point for each line size. A welded loop on both 5|Page Lance Gray & Company Putah Creek Tour Handbook © 2012


Leaders & Tippets

POWERFLEX TROUT LEADER New for 2012. RIO's new Powerflex Trout Leaders are designed to turnover with ease under a variety of conditions. Manufactured to exacting tolerances using the latest technology and materials These leaders are the strongest possible and turnover under the most demanding conditions, whether casting dry flies, streamers or an indicator with weighted nymphs

Fluoroflex Plus is 100% fluorocarbon and the strongest, thinnest fluorocarbon on the market with incredible strength, for example: 5 lb for 5x material and is nearly invisible to fish. Fluoroflex Plus is incredibly supple and ties excellent knots even to nylon tippit. X"













































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Non-toxic shot only.

Indicators, Weighting & Knots

The indicators that a Putah Creek angler’s need for the “Dead Drift” and “High Sticking” techniques is Greg Vinci’s Insta-Set Indicator. Knots We use only one knot, the nail knot. It is an extremely strong knot. It performs every task you need to do.  It joins fly line to fly line backing.  It joins a butt section to the fly line.  It joins two different diameters of monofilament or fluorocarbon.  Connecting flies to tippet.  Forming loops or running dropper flies of the main leader. 7|Page Lance Gray & Company Putah Creek Tour Handbook © 2012

High Stick Setup

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Putah Creek Gear

Fly Shops Kiene’s Fly Shop 1-800-400-0359

Standard 9’ 4-5 wt rod Weight Forward Floating Line Rio 9’ 5x Leaders Fluorocarbon Rio 5x Tippet Fluorocarbon Rio 6x Tippet Fluorocarbon

The Fly Shop 1-800-669-3474

Flies Serendipity Red Size 18 Serendipity Green Size 18 San Juan Worm Red Size 16 Midge Red Size 18 Midge Black Size 18 Putah Riffle Special Size 18 Gray’s X-May Olive Size 18 Tiger Midge Black Size 20 Tiger Midge Red Size 20 Gray’s Ice Nest Size 16

Sierra Stream Fly Shop 1-530-345-4261 Bulletin Boards Kiene’s Fly Shop Greg Bonovich Guide and Bulletin Board

Putah Creek Regulations 147) Putah Creek (Solano and Yolo cos.) from Solano Lake to Monticello Dam.

All year. Only artificial lures and barbless hooks may be used.

For up to date information from DFG


California Fly Fishing Creek Flows cy_cd=USGS

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Thank You For attending Lance Gray & Company’s Putah Creek Tour.

We proudly use these products.

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Putah Creek Tour Guide  

A guide for Putah Creek in Northern California

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