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Genesis Chronicles Part One Chapter 1 Joshua sits in the class, listening to another maths lecturer whine about ‘how important Calculus is and how it will define the world in the future’. “The variables of how things change according to a finite object caused the basic underlining of Calculus. You must understand class; the world shall be modified according to minds that understand and use these mathematics,” The white coated lecturer said, beaming at his class. All that Joshua could think about was that the lecture was about to end soon enough. High above the lecturer’s shiny bald head, the school clock hung on the wall—testing the patience of the class. With each swinging motion that the second-hand made across the numbers, Joshua could feel his pulse racing. It was nearly three o’ clock. Soon, the math lecturer would be defining his weekend with hordes of variables to set for tests, while Joshua would be defining his with the soft, sensual kiss of Jennifer’s lips against his body. She’s waiting for me, Joshua thought. Joshua’s right knee started bobbing up and down in excitement. Two minutes left. The whole class seemed to come alive with an ecstatic aura filling the space between the dull words of the lecturer. The sound of pencils twitching in hands, the low growl of bags being closed by the zippers and the quick eye shifts signalled the heralding of the weekend for the students. “And so we have the exponential function of ‘y’ moving across...” The lecturer’s voice was drowned out by the din of the bell and the shuffle of feet moving towards the hall exit. Joshua is first out of the hall and dimly overhears the lecturer’s feeble attempts at requesting the students revise the chapter for next week. Joshua feels an overwhelming exhilaration of happiness and freedom. He is greeted with the warmth of the afternoon sun and the stares of a group of giggling blondes. “Afternoon, ladies,” Joshua nods, extending a warm smile to them as he walks by. Control yourself, Josh. You’ve already got yourself one. Joshua makes his way across the vast Stanford University grounds towards Palm Drive. He searches for any hint of the frat boys. His blood is filled with adrenalin. It pulses through his veins, making his palms sweaty and his hair damp.

I can’t believe this is happening. I’m actually going to get lucky with her, Joshua reminded himself. As Joshua reaches a palm tree, he sees a blue Chevy SS roaring up the road towards him. “Whoo-hoo! Yeah, man!” Josh’s frat brother, Michael shouts out to a shy Joshua, hiding behind a palm tree. “Hey, Josh! What you doing? Hugging trees again?” Bruce, the driver asked. The two other frat boys in the car laughed at the remark. “Don’t worry, Josh, you’ll enjoy it! C’mon!” Michael spared some encouragement. Joshua disliked Bruce’s arrogant persona, it made him think twice about going along. However, the thought of Jennifer being there and being willing to make him experience his first time, as she promised, was enough to impel Joshua into the blue Chevy. “At the back, little scoundrel,” Bruce said, motioning with his head. A grey sedan was parked about twenty yards down the road from the blue Chevy. The familiar shutter of a camera captured the images of Joshua climbing into the vehicle. The camera clicked away as it zoomed onto the registration number. “We’ve got him. He’s on the move. We’re tailing him now,” the driver of the grey sedan said into his cellular phone. He put his phone away in his black suit and started the car. He turned to look at his partner in the passenger seat. The driver nodded his head, and the gaunt-looking man in the passenger seat put his camera away and took out his gun. “Let’s go,” the passenger said. The grey sedan swerved away from the curb and followed the blue Chevy towards San Francisco Bay. The blue Chevy pulled up in the parking lot at San Francisco Bay, with its speakers blaring music by Linkin Park mixed in with shouts and cheers from the frat boys. “Look, look, there’s the party! It’s happening, man!” Michael said as he pointed at the large fire situated at a hundred feet down the coastline. The faint figures of male and female students moving in a drunken trance-like state could be seen in the distance. “Well, c’mon! What are we waiting for!? Let’s go!” Joshua said. Bruce turned to face Joshua and gave him an askew smile. “What are we waiting for, boys? Let’s make the virgin a man,” Bruce added. The laughter in the car pierced Joshua’s bravado. He fought hard to suppress his anger at the comment.

Bruce climbed out, and the others followed suit. Joshua hated being part of Bruce’s pack. He was after all, second-in-charge of The Omega House Fraternity, and it gave him large influence amongst the students. I’ll be the leader of the pack one day, and I’ll make sure that you’re not part of the house, Bruce, Joshua thought. Bruce and the frat boys got out of the car, with Joshua climbing out last. He surveyed the area and took in a deep breath, inspired by the sound of the waves and the open space. Bruce and the others started to make their way down to the beach. Joshua was about to follow them when he suddenly felt a sharp tinge in his stomach. “Ouch,” Michael, who was the last person to walk down the stairs leading to the beach, heard Joshua’s call and saw him stumbling ahead, holding his stomach. Michael walked up to him. “Hey, are you okay?” Joshua looked up and Michael jumped back in shock at the sight of Joshua’s eyes turning red for a moment and then changing back to normal again. “Jesus, man! What the hell was that?!” Michael asked. Joshua’s pain slowly subsided as he looked up at Michael and saw the horrified look on his face. “What’s going on, Mike? What’s on me?” “There’s nothing on you. It’s something in your eyes. It was your eyes,” Michael said as he kept his distance, watching Joshua find his balance again. “Are you okay?” Michael asked. Joshua wiped his forehead and stared out on the beach. “Yeah, I think so. My stomach hurt there for a moment. I don’t know why,” “Well, you better make sure you’re in shape. You’ve got the appointment with Jennifer,” Michael gathered some courage to walk next to Joshua down to the beach with an ever wary eye on him. The grey sedan was parked a hundred feet away, near the side of the road leading up to the bay. “Did you see that?” The gaunt-looking man said to his driver in the car. “Yes, it’s nearly time for the transformation,” the driver replied. “We’ve got to move now,” the driver said as he climbed out. He opened up the passenger door and grabbed the silver-coloured mini crossbow lying on the seat. Both the driver and passenger of the grey sedan surveyed the area for any authorities. “It looks clean, no surveillance cameras,” the gaunt-looking man said.

They quickly walked down to the beach and stayed near the edge of the woods, following the frat boys walking towards the party zone.

Chapter 2

When Joshua saw Jennifer dancing along to a popular song with her group of sorority girls near the fire, his body started to ache with sensual longing from the earlier kiss that she gave him as an invite for the private beach party. The large off-road vehicle that served as the DJ’s power source for his music, had gathered a healthy amount of half-naked students on the beach. “Yo, Bruce!” A half-drunk freshman called out, as he fumbled up to Bruce, holding out a beer for him. Bruce took the beer and then shoved the freshman on the forehead, letting him stumble backwards for a moment before falling on a group of girls sitting around the fire. The crowd laughed, and Joshua watched with seething hatred as Michael laughed along. “What are you laughing at?” Joshua asked Michael. Before a shocked Michael could answer him, Joshua felt a primal urge to be with Jennifer, and without realizing it, he suddenly had found himself to be standing behind her. Joshua’s body felt hot—real hot. The sound of the drums in the song made him sway to the ancient motion of rhythm. Jennifer’s long blonde hair swished past Joshua’s face. Her shampoo scented hair caused his mind to drift in a sea of lust. Jennifer saw that her friends were staring past her, and she hadn’t realized anything, until she felt that there was someone behind her. She slowly turned around and let her grey eyes lock onto Joshua’s cute face. Her smile said it all. Michael went to grab himself another beer in the cooler box by the large off-road vehicle. He was still thinking about Joshua’s snap at him when he laughed at Bruce’s joke. He never knew his friend to be so impulsive, and it bothered him. He opened up the beer and just as he was about to bring it up to his lips, he saw Joshua and Jennifer walking in the distance towards the edge of the woods. “Now that’s something I gotta see,” Michael said to himself as he took a swig of beer. Joshua felt inebriated. He knew he was sexually excited, but this was something else. His vision was starting to become blurry. His forehead was wet with perspiration. He kept losing his balance now and then. Jennifer would giggle and hold his hand, thinking that he was slightly intoxicated. They had entered the woods and the sound of the beach party could still be heard in the distance. Joshua found a perfect spot—a hollow groove in a large tree. “Over here,” Joshua said as he pulled a giggling Jennifer along. When he got to the groove, he quickly pulled Jennifer towards him and backed her up into the tree groove. He sank his lips deep into hers and felt her yearning for him as his hand slipped up her thigh.

His stomach clenched as he felt himself grab Jennifer hard against him. As he broke the seal of their kiss, he turned his head to the side, trying to ignore the pain in his abdomen. “What’s wrong?” Jennifer asked. Joshua was too dazed to focus upon Jennifer. The pain had somehow spread through his body. He was leaning against the tree trunk when he heard voices approaching him. “Well, well, well, look what we have here,” Bruce said, walking up to Jennifer with Michael and two frat boys by his side. “I thought I’d join in on the fun and see what I was missing,” Bruce added. Joshua felt a surge of rage overcome him, and he turned to snap at Bruce, who seemed to be too fast for him. Joshua fell to the ground on his hands and knees. “Whoa, hold on tiger. There’s no need to fight. She’ll share, won’t you, honey?” Bruce said as he walked up to Jennifer and kissed her cheek. Joshua was shocked to see that Jennifer did not resist Bruce’s advance on her. He wanted to snap Bruce in half, but the excruciating pain in his body paralyzed him. “Michael?” Joshua managed to say, as he looked at his friend who only smiled at him without sympathy. Joshua looked away and tried to hide his face in shame, when his hands suddenly split in half, revealing a black hairy paw. “Whoa!” Michael said. Joshua coughed in pain, with his voice suddenly changing pitch into a deep growl. His body arched upwards with his legs turning into thick, hairy and muscular hind legs that broke through his jeans. The others watched in horror as Joshua’s face contorted and changed into a dog’s face with blazing red eyes. Joshua’s transformation was complete—he was now a wolf-creature. “Oh my god!” Jennifer screamed. The creature’s blazing red eyes focused upon Bruce. As the others turned to run, Bruce was left standing alone, staring at the creature. With one big leap, the creature was on top of Bruce. Bruce’s terrified face watched in horror as it growled at him and lifted its thick, sharp-clawed hand up, ready to tear his face apart. Bruce cowered in fear. As the paw came down, a small arrow lodged itself deep in the wolfcreature’s side. It howled in pain as the arrow dug itself deep into its side. Three more arrows suddenly hit its body. Bruce scurried to his feet and watched as the small arrows contained a silver liquid capsule, similar to mercury, being pumped into the creature’s body as the arrows drilled deeper into its side.

Two tall men with dark suits suddenly appeared in the forest. Bruce saw them and turned to run. As he did, the gaunt-looking man took out a large weapon from his side and fired a net at Bruce. The net engulfed Bruce and the gaunt-looking man made his way to him. The man took out a white handkerchief with two clear-coloured capsules in it. He crushed the capsules in the handkerchief, and a white mist came forth from the handkerchief. “Let me go! Let me go!” Bruce screamed, trapped in the net. The gaunt-looking man bent down and put the handkerchief on Bruce’s face. Bruce took one breath and lost consciousness. “Shh...don’t struggle. When you wake up, you’ll forget everything that happened in the woods. You’ll go back to others and tell them that they were seeing things because they had too much to drink,” The gaunt-looking man said. The gaunt-looking man stood up and looked satisfied as he saw the still body of Bruce lying on the ground. He turned to look at his partner who was standing beside the wolf-creature. The creature was dead, and the man looked at its mouth. He lifted the upper lip of the creature and saw that it had large incisors that were slowly starting to break through its gums. “Its teeth were not properly developed yet,” The man said to his gaunt partner. “But it had done a full transformation, didn’t it?” the gaunt-looking man asked. “Yes, but according to the Intel, this transformation was not due for another two years. Something’s off,” The man stood up, took his cellular phone out and dialled a number. “It’s me. Yes, the creature was killed, but according to its dentures, it was not supposed to have transformed until only two years later. Yes? Uh-huh...but it was just a kid. Okay...yes, I understand.” The man put his cellular phone away and looked at his partner. “It looks as if we’re going to the North Pole.” Chapter 3 The dry and cold, high winds of the South Pole, buffeted the modified Bell 407 helicopter as it trekked across Antarctica. The journey was hard enough with the darkness, and now the storm winds threatened to stop the operation for a good couple of hours. “I won’t be able to land it on the spot, agent Flint” the pilot said to a man behind him, “This wind is going to rip the rotors off my baby.” “Just get us close enough. We’ll find our way,” Agent Flint said. “We’ll have to land her at the Amundsen-Scott Station.” Agent Flint gave his thumbs up to the pilot and looked at his gaunt-looking partner, agent Crowe. Ten minutes later, the chopper landed at the South Pole Station.

"Wait here until we return, okay?” Agent Flint said to the pilot. “Roger that.” Agents Flint and Crowe left the chopper and sprinted towards the station. He checked his watch and saw that it was only 2pm. The first sign of the storm subsiding could be seen in the distance as the moonlight filtered through the thick clouds. Five minutes later, both men were on snowmobiles, heading out into the now calmer environment. Both men were going to a location that had no GPS coordinates. They were about to get themselves lost. At the undisclosed location, agent Flint switched cut off his snowmobile engine before a large snow covered hill. Agent Crowe was shivering, so he kept his engine on, trying to get some heat from the engine. “Switch it off!” Agent Flint said. “But I’m cold.” “Switch it off! There must be no radiation coming from us! This place is very sensitive.” Agent Crowe reluctantly switched the engine off and hugged the snowmobile seat to get some warmth. Agent Flint looked about and thanked the gods for letting the storm subside. The dark sky was lit by the faint glow of the moon. The silence all around was deafening. Agent Flint smiled and knew that this was just an illusion. “I know you’re down there,” Agent Flint said as he looked at the snow beneath his feet. “Crowe, I need you to unpack the blaster.” Agent Crowe pried himself off the warm seat and unpacked the microwave blaster. It was a ‘neat’ technology designed by NASA scientists for digging up delicate meteorites within frozen environments without largely disturbing the area. The microwave blaster was set. Agent Crowe unlocked the interface pad. The blaster’s nozzle was aimed at the ground below it, pre-programmed by agent Flint. Agent Flint punched a code on the blaster interface pad and stepped back. The microwave blaster started to give off a winding sound as if it were powering up. The power status bar on the interface pad showed that it was going from green to red. As it hit the last red bar, the blaster shot a high velocity thin beam of microwave energy into the ground. The ground moaned and groaned for a moment, giving off deep, low frequency waves before it died down into complete silence again.

About five miles below the surface, the microwave beam made its way towards a target—a halfnaked body that was embedded in a solid block of ice. The body was placed within a secret temperature-controlled laboratory with wires connected to the slab of ice that covered it. Two male scientists were recording its data. They heard the low rumblings coming from above them. Then, as soon as the rumblings died down, the body in the ice slab suddenly had its heart rate increased. The machines started to flicker into confusion for a moment with an emergency siren going off. The laboratory was thrown into a hue of red and yellow flashing lights. “What’s going on?” The scientist with the thick spectacles asked. The other scientist was too focused upon the body in the slab to answer his colleague. The eyes of the body in the ice slab suddenly opened, and the scientist watching it jumped back in shock. “Oh my god! It’s looking at me,” The scientist said as he ran to the computer and tried to unlock the security doors that held the ice slab in place. “What are you doing?” the thick spectacled scientist asked as he laid his hands over his colleague’s. “He’s alive. We must get him to... “No, we were told to monitor him, and if anything happens, we should let the General decided what to do.” Their thoughts were interrupted by two security soldiers standing outside the laboratory, punching their access codes in to enter the laboratory. The sound of a crack developing in the thick ice slab turned their attention to the half-naked body. As the two soldiers entered the laboratory, the ice slab broke into two pieces, with the one piece flying towards the scientists. They jumped out the way, nearly being hit with the ice piece. “Where is he?” the one soldier asked, holding his pistol ready. The thick spectacled scientist pointed at the broken ice slab with no body in it. The cold mist made the visibility difficult as it hovered two feet above the floor. The soldiers inched forward, trying to get a better look. The mist near the ice slab suddenly bulged up and broke to reveal the powerful naked back of a man. “Don’t move!” the soldier closest to the body said. The soldiers watched with intrigue as the body’s face appeared above the mist. Two crystal blue eyes situated on a young-looking face stared at the soldiers. “I said, don’t move!”

The crystal blue eyes quickly spun on the nearest soldier, and the young-looking man spoke with a thick and strong accent. “There is no harm here.” “There is no harm here,” the soldier repeated, eyes dazed out like a moth hypnotized by light. “What are you saying?” the other soldier asked his colleague. “Kill him,” the young-looking man said. The hypnotized soldier turned his gun on his colleague and shot him in the head. The two scientists screamed as the body of the soldier fell to the ground. The young-looking man stared at them and then said to the soldier, “You are no longer needed.” The soldier looked disappointed. He quickly put the pistol to his mouth and pulled the trigger. The scientists were shocked and screamed as the young-looking man stared at them. “Give me your coat,” The young-looking man said. The thick spectacled scientist gave his coat to the man. “Where’s the emergency exit?” Both scientists pointed to the emergency elevator in the passageway outside the laboratory. “Thank you,” the young-looking man said. He walked past the open laboratory door and stepped into the passage. The emergency escape route was shown at the end of the short corridor. Two more soldiers appeared at the end of the passage with their guns aimed at the man. As they fired away, the young-looking man dodged each bullet with ease as he walked up to them as calm as ever. Before the soldiers could reload their pistols, the young man was on them, disarming them with a quick motion of his right arm and leg. He gave each soldier a quick punch and both of them flew with a loud thud against the passage wall. As the young man stood before the access panel for the emergency escape elevator, he looked up and said, “Now what was that pin number again?” Quick flashes of images with the soldier pointing the gun at him appeared in his mind’s eye. The young man smiled and said, “Aah yes, that’s what it was.” He quickly punched the pin number into the access panel and saw the green light appear on it. The elevator doors opened up, and he stepped inside. He turned to look at the soldiers groaning on the floor. “Thanks for the practice session, gentlemen.” The elevator doors closed, and the elevator shaft shot up to the surface at a high speed.

Chapter 4 Agent Flint and Crowe heard the slightly winding sound of a machine coming from the ground. It seemed to be increasing every second. “Something’s coming,” agent Flint said to Crowe. The winding sound suddenly stopped, and an elevator shaft broke through the snow surface and landed on its side. The elevator shaft burst open. A man dressed in a white lab coat appeared forth with his back towards the agents. Agents Flint and Crowe quickly trained their weapons on the individual. “You there, don’t move!” Agent Flint said, running up to the soldier. “Put your hands on your head!” Agent Crowe added. The man with the white coat froze and slowly put his hands up as the agents walked up to him. “Slowly now, I want you to turn around with your hands on your head,” Agent Flint said. As the man turned around to face the agents, agent Flint instantly recognized the face. It was the face of a young man with crystal blue eyes. Agent Flint smiled and said, “Luzaro, we need your help.” “And who might you be?” Luzaro asked. “We’re the guys that rescued you. We need you to come with us,” Agent Crowe said.

Luzaro stared at them for a moment and then in a flash, he put his hands out and pulled the weapons of both agents straight into his hands. The guns were now pointed at the agents. “Wait, don’t...we’ve got Intel that the Lycans are transforming at an unusual rate,” Agent Flint said. Luzaro showed interest. “What Lycans? You mean, the Anubians? They’re supposed to be dead about fifteen thousand years ago,” Luzaro said. “They’re not. We killed one yesterday in San Francisco Bay and it was a premature transformation.” Luzaro lowered his weapons. “Look, I’ll show you the images, but I need you to trust us to show you what we’re up against,” Agent Flint said. The hill behind Luzaro suddenly started to give off a deep rumbling sound. “They’re after you,” agent Flint said, “Come with us and we’ll give you the information.” Luzaro stared at the agent for a moment and made up his mind to join them. The low frequency rumblings slowly increased and the beginning of a dark slit appeared on the face of the hill. The agents quickly climbed onto their snowmobiles. As agent Flint was about to start the engine, he felt a soft bump and presence behind his back. He turned around to see Luzaro sitting passenger. “What? You needed me,” Luzaro said. Agent Flint smiled and said, “I guess I did. Hold on.” The two snowmobiles silently dashed off from the unknown location into the night. Back at the underground ice station, Director Skarlo, an ex-military advisor to the Joint Chief of Staff, surveys the damage down to the laboratory where the prisoner, Luzaro, code name: LXD-12, had been held. The thick-faced director, wearing a dark grey suit, maintained his urge to kill the two scientists who were being interrogated by the security soldiers. The emergency siren with its flashing lights was at full blast and the director managed to vent his anger on it. “Will someone turn that goddamn thing off!?” The director clenched his fist and tried hard to calm himself down. His assistant, Jake Gallow, a young and smart dressed man carrying a large electronic PDA walked up to him, adjusting his glasses before he spoke. “The physical damage is minimal but the Security of Defence wants to know if he needs to destroy this facility as it has been breached. Director, we need to release the prisoner.” Director Skarlo quickly turned on his assistant.

“You want me to release another potentially dangerous prisoner loose to find the one we lost? He’ll get ideas!” Director Skarlo said, whispering vehemently to his assistant. Jake Gallow cowered slightly and inched forward. “Sir, I know this sounds insane but that’s the only chance we have...” Director Skarlo felt an internal struggle of morality as he chewed on the decision. He knew that the world had once fallen into darkness under the reign of the prisoner that he was about to release. The Fall of Babylon, they had called it in the bible. Director Skarlo would never forgive himself for causing the world to go into another Dark Age, but this time, the prisoner LXD-12 was far too dangerous to be left unhandled in the world. I’ll handle the least dangerous last. “Sir?” Jake asked. “Release prisoner SXD-12,” Director Skarlo said as he walked off, soothing his moral choice. Jake Gallow simply nodded his head in silence. To be continued...

Genesis Chronicles  

When a seemingly normal boy attends a beach party, his transformation into a creature thought to be extinct, causes a chain reaction which l...

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