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SPRING 2017 The Source for Pet and Animal Information in Lancaster County, PA

The Source for Pet and Animal Information in Lancaster County, PA The Source for Pet and Animal Information in Lancaster County, PA

Percy & the Barnstormers

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• Separate or Communal cremation at a competitive price • Pet Burials • Keepsake memorial jewelry that holds a small portion of your beloved pet • Pet urns, caskets, and we capture the paw and nose prints for Buddies keepsakes



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Rescue Highlight




Percy & the Barnstormers Read about Percy, Lancaster’s local celebrity disc dog. Additionally, learn about the pet friendly Clipper Magazine Stadium that hosts him.


Letter From Editor Sports with Pets




Tips Quick facts about pets, including emotional support animals and choosing a puppy

Pet Rats Find a furry friend in a pet rat, the pocket pet that shares similar qualities with our canine friends! With the right love and dedication, pet rats are gentle, intelligent, and entertaining pets. BY SAMANTHA ST.CLAIR


Events Local events from April-June, 2017


The Good Stuff Our favorite products from around Lancaster


Pet Lover Goose, a rescue horse turned champion

16 Pet Rats


Community Interview with Chad Snyder of the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes


Meet the Breed The distinctive Dalmatian


Seasonal Spring tips and facts


Rescue Highlight Leo’s Helping Paws


Fun Focus Visit pet friendly Lancaster City


Nutrition Pharm-Aloe K-9 Aloe Treats


Health Care for the Pet Caregiver


Vet Insights Individual Care with Dr. Bret Greenberg


Behavior & Training Barn Hunt


Pet Services Information on various local businesses


Around Lancaster Spring pet photos provided by LCP readers


Information Pet Resources and contact information



The Source for Pet and Animal Information in Lancaster County, PA

The Source for Pet and Animal Information in Lancaster County, PA

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ACTIVITIES WITH PETS IT’S FINALLY SPRING, AND YOU’RE PROBABLY TIRED OF SITTING INDOORS, WHICH means your pet is also ready to get out and be active. One of the many enjoyable aspects of owning pets is that they get us moving and thinking. They make us social, active, and adventurous. It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply solely to dogs and horses. Depending on their personalities, cats, pocket pets, and various farm animals enjoy learning and exploring, too. When my dog was younger, we used to compete in agility. It was the only sport I ever liked. I loved to run, and I loved dogs, which made agility perfect for me. There was also the fact that my dog was far too smart to stay in the house all the time. Agility trials were an eye opener to me of the opportunities that animal sports create. People young and old, even those with health problems, could participate and have fun. With a dog by their side, people found a way to join competitions. That’s the beauty of pet sports and activities: there is a pet hobby for everyone. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of trying new pursuits with animals is watching the bond that forms between owner and pet as they progress in their training together. In this edition of LCP, we have many articles that show the diversity of pet activities that are out there. Our main feature highlights Percy, a local canine disc dog that flies high at the Clipper Magazine Stadium to catch his owner’s frisbee throws. Additionally, we feature a story of rat ownership and the many fun ways to bond with even the littlest of pets. We also feature a rescue horse that proves even underdogs can rise to the top and a dog sport for nearly anyone. Allow the many articles in our spring edition to inspire you to get out and be active with your pets! Remember, it doesn’t have to be something demanding; it can be as simple as teaching tricks or going for a walk in the park. Get creative with your companions this spring by joining a sport with your canine or building a safe outdoor play space for you and your pocket pet to spend time together in the fresh air. Make a commitment to try something new with your pet, no matter the species, to get you and your pet moving toward a stronger, healthier, and happier relationship.

Samantha St.Clair

Throughout our magazine you’ll find informative bubbles. THE NORMAL GESTATION PERIOD IN DOGS IS APPROXIMATELY 63 DAYS FROM CONCEPTION.





TipS to Tails Quick Facts About Pets

2017 Pet Trends Millennials (born between 19802000) are most likely the first generation to grow up thinking of pets more like humans than animals. Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners, car owners or parents than their predecessors, but they do lead in one category: PETS.

Looking for a Puppy?


YOUR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL 1 in 4 Americans suffer from an emotional or mental disability and emotional support animals are a form of treatment.

A cat can’t climb head first down a tree because every claw on a cat’s paw points the same way. To get down from a tree, a cat must back down.

Doctors can help you and your emotional support animal to qualify for protection against discrimination, increased rent, pet travel fees, and security deposits that could make it difficult for you to keep your ESA animal by your side. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allows for individuals with medical disabilities, psychiatric disorders, or PTSD to register their dogs as service animals. Individuals with depression or anxiety can register their animals as Emotional Support Animals. This allows you to keep your animal if you live in no pet housing and to keep the animal with you for support. (source:

the parents and view the P Meet environment. A good breeder will gladly show you where their dogs live and allow you to spend time with them and their dogs. This will also help you determine if the breed is a right fit for your family. stores, newspaper ads, P Avoid and internet listings. Responsible

Lucky? Historically, iron horseshoes were believed to drive away evil and were a symbol of fertility and good luck due to their crescent moon shape. Horseshoes were nailed to the masts of ships to protect the crew during storms.

F&M Unleashed is a student-run volunteer group that provides aid to local animal rescue organizations in the Lancaster area. Whether it is spending time caring for homeless and abused pets or assisting in planning and running community awareness and fundraiser events, F&M students are out making a difference in the number of cats and dogs in need. They also strive to make the same impact within the F&M student community by bringing the knowledge home and getting their campus involved in the ongoing efforts to end animal cruelty and homelessness.


While there are plenty of dogs and puppies available through rescues, sometimes purchasing a puppy is the right fit for your home and the reasons you want a dog. If you are planning to purchase a puppy, find a quality breeder so you get a healthy, happy puppy and support breeders who aren’t in it for a profit. Keep these points in mind when searching for a quality breeder:

breeders will keep their pups at home and will screen adopters. They will never sell a pup without meeting you as they want their puppies in good homes. are they breeding their dogs P What for? People whose dogs have titles in sports or conformation, or who have active working dogs, are generally those breeding quality puppies. If they aren’t breeding for a purpose, you should be wary. happens if you cannot P What keep your pup? A quality breeder will always take their pups back, no matter how old they are when they need to be returned.

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PENN ANIMAL CANINE BLOOD BANK KPETS That Fish Place That Pet Place 237 Centerville Road, Lancaster


BARK FOR LIFE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Indian Echo Caverns 368 Middletown Road, Hummelstown $15 MICROCHIP CLINIC...DOGS ONLY! LANCASTER BARNSTORMERS Clipper Magazine Stadium 650 N. Prince Street, Lancaster





PET FEST WITH THE BARNSTORMERS LANCASTER BARNSTORMERS Clipper Magazine Stadium 650 N. Prince Street, Lancaster





SPERANZA BENEFIT 1ST ANNUAL SPRING HATCH SPERANZA ANIMAL RESCUE Farmstead Farmer’s Market 1976 Laudermilch Road, Palmyra



ART FOR ARF’S SAKE AUCTION HUMANE PENNSYLVANIA Reading Public Museum 500 Museum Road, Reading CAPE MAY BUS TRIP FUREVER HOME ADOPTION CENTER For more event details, please contact Tina Krueger,








LEO’S HELPING PAWS BAKE SALE LEO’S HELPING PAWS Weaver’s Market 2610 N Reading Road, Denver


4TH ANNUAL K-9 UNIT BENEFIT MOTORCYCLE RIDE LANCASTER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE K-9 UNIT Lancaster County Public Training Center 101 Champ Boulevard, Manheim


CAUSE FOR PAWS – 5K RUN/WALK/WHEELCHAIR ROLL UDS SERVICE DOGS HACC Lancaster Campus 1641 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster


PANCAKE BREAKFAST & MOTORCYCLE RIDE A TAIL TO TELL Lancaster Airport Bristell Hangar 500 Airport Road, Lititz

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PERCY & the Barnstormers

A frisbee catching canine and the stadium he calls home written by Samantha St.Clair photographed by Samantha St.Clair

IT’S SPRING, where warm air brings about outdoor fun including baseball games and Lancaster’s local celebrity, Percy the disc dog. Percy has shown off during his pre-game exhibitions at the Clipper Magazine Stadium since 2014. He runs, jumps, and does remarkable flips for his frisbee in front of cheering crowds. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Percy in action, make it a goal of yours this year. He is an incredibly entertaining athlete, and there is no better place to watch his talents than on an immaculate baseball field.

HE’LL BE ANYONE’S BEST FRIEND WHEN THEY HAVE A FRISBEE, THOUGH HE APPRECIATES HIS FANS MOST WHEN THEY ROOT FOR HIM WITH EVERY CATCH HE MAKES. PERCY’S STORY Percy entered Alan and Sherrie Eckman’s life when he was a young pup. After losing their 18-year-old dog, they knew they needed another canine companion in their family. Their home was just too quiet without one. What they got was a border collie and sheltie mix with high intelligence and a lot of energy to burn. THE ECKMANS ARE HUGE PROPONENTS OF GETTING OUT AND BEING ACTIVE WITH YOUR DOG. MANY DOGS, LIKE PERCY, NEED A JOB TO WORK THEIR BODY AND MIND. FINDING WHAT YOUR DOG LOVES TO DO IS A GREAT ADVENTURE, AND BEING THERE TO TRAIN THEM FOR WHAT THEY LOVE IS HIGHLY REWARDING.

“We started him in agility, and he still participates in agility once a week,” Alan said. Alan is Percy’s primary handler, and as such, has attained the title of “Percy’s dad.” While Percy enjoys many sports, it was when Alan was playing with a frisbee in their yard that he learned of Percy’s enthusiasm for being a disc dog. The pair hasn’t looked back since that discovery. “He’s so good at what he does, even if I throw bad, he saves me and catches it anyway,” Alan said with a laugh. “He’s just a great dog. He keeps me active, and I love showing him off.” They compete in disc dog competitions through two local clubs, Appalachian Air Canines and Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs. It was when Air Canines was asked by the Lancaster Barnstormers for dogs to perform at a game that the doorway to Percy’s stardom opened. When the Barnstormers’ owner Rob Liss saw the talented canine and learned that he was local, it inspired the idea to have Percy as a regular performer at the stadium. “The rest is history,” Alan said.

FAN FAVORITE As soon as Percy arrives at the Clipper Magazine Stadium, he knows it’s game on. He eagerly runs to the gate to get to his large stage to show off his impressive disc dog talents. While Percy is excited to play his favorite game, the fans are equally as excited to see their favorite canine team member. 10 LANCASTER COUNTY PET

“When kids see me, they say, ‘Look, it’s Percy’s mom, he must be here!’ I also get called that when we are at other places in town,” Sherrie said. While Alan and Sherrie are known as Percy’s mom and dad, they do not mind. “I enjoy how much everyone gets a thrill out of seeing him. I love how the community knows him and greets him at games. It’s great to hear people cheer for him in the crowd,” Alan said. While Percy doesn’t do many one-on-one interactions with his fans, he does allow some lucky kids in the stands to throw frisbees for him once in a while. He’ll be anyone’s best friend when they have a frisbee, though he appreciates his fans most when they root for him in the stands with every catch he makes. “He’ll play frisbee anywhere, but I think he truly does enjoy hearing the crowd. The louder they are, the more excited he gets.” Visitors aren’t the only ones who look forward to seeing Percy - the staff at the

stadium love his appearances, too. Once in a while, Barnstormers players will get brave enough to throw a disc for Percy. He has become one of the team, even if he only gets to grace the field for a little while each visit. “We are very grateful to be a constant feature at games and look forward to many performances to come,” Alan said.


BRING YOUR DOG The Clipper Magazine Stadium is full of pet lovers, and as such, there are frequent events dedicated to our furry companions. From being home to Percy the amazing disc dog to hosting goat races and allowing people to bring their pets, there is a constant flow of support for the community’s animals at the stadium.

It is a tradition for there to be a pet event every year for the community to bring their furry family members to the ballpark as well. This year, they moved the event to the end of April in an attempt to give canine attendees the relaxation of cooler weather. Pet Fest will be a two-day event held on April 29th and 30th. There will be plenty of vendors with the stadium supporting a variety of non-profits. Saturday will be an informational day to learn more about various pet topics and organizations. Sunday will be the day to bring your pet, and you are encouraged to do so! Whether you are attending a pet event or want to see one of Percy’s amazing performances, make 2017 your year to participate in the wonderful pet experiences the Clipper Magazine Stadium has to offer!




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BUDDY BISCUITS Original Oven Baked Treats with Roasted Chicken or Peanut Butter. Free of corn, yeast, sugar, salt, and soy • $6.99 Playful Pups Retreat 850 Milton Grove Road North, Elizabethtown 717.689.3408 •

SMARTSCOOP INTELLIGENT LITTER BOX An automatic litter box that uses smart technology to monitor your pet’s bathroom habits, a key indicator of health • $249.99 Keystone Pet Place 100 West Main Street, Mount Joy 717.492.0027 •


LUPINE LEASH, PADDED HANDLE DOG LEASHES Featuring quality Lupine webbing and a soft padded handle • $11.00 Drake’s Pet Place 1874 Lincoln Highway East Lancaster 717.290.1131

4 H2O 4K9 Dog water bottle and bowl. 100% BPA-Free. Food Grade Stainless Steel • $14.99 For the Love of Dog 17 West Market Street, Marietta 717.604.1196 •

5 NEOGLOW AQUARIUM SET Set includes everything you will need to create a wonderfully appealing underwater habitat. Available in 5.5, 7.5, 8 and 10 gallons • Prices vary. That Fish Place That Pet Place 237 Centerville Road, Lancaster 717.299.5691 •




“He has won Grand Champion more than once, and nearly always places in the top ten.”

Goose /

A rescue horse turned champion


oose, an eight-year-old quarter horse, is proof that rescues can achieve greatness. Coming from a hoarding situation where he was tiny and malnourished, his rescuer and owner, Heidi Douts of Longshot Stables, never expected him to turn into the strong and competitive horse he is today. “He’s a lot of fun with a touch of crazy,” Heidi said. “I’ve never ridden a horse with as much raw takeoff as he has.” Goose is a versatile competitor, performing in events from barrel racing to crosscountry jumping. However, his greatest talents are in endurance trials. “When Goose was younger he was very high energy. I started researching endurance riding and knew it fit his personality. I spent a year conditioning him by building his muscle and bone strength before we began competing. We got hooked on the event, and I have also gotten several of my riding students involved.”



written and photographed by Samantha St.Clair

“Endurance riding is like a marathon on horseback,” Heidi explained. “We compete in 25-mile events, though there are also 50 and 100-mile events. It takes us around four hours to complete 25 miles.” Endurance events are not races, as the horse and rider are evaluated based on the horse’s fitness level, not on beating the times of other riders. “I enjoy endurance trials because you compete against yourself. You have to condition your horse to an appropriate level and you’re always working on improving your team.” Endurance is entirely about the horse and rider and finding what works right for them. Every horse is judged as an individual, so riders can always work to beat their previous milestones. While Arabians are the most popular breed for endurance trials, Goose never let that stop him. He has won Grand Champion more than once, and nearly always places in the top ten.

“I love the challenge he brings me. Even after owning him for eight years, he is challenging. I think I’d be bored without him around. He is not a very affectionate horse, but we have built a bond out of respect. We enjoy our time competing together, and I appreciate his drive and dedication. He never gives up.”


Join the Barnstormers for “Lancaster Pet Fest” April 29 & 30, 2017 Hosted by: 2017

Presented by:

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: 717-509-3002 Rachel Deyle – (Dogs are invited to enjoy the game with owners on Sunday, April 30)



Pet Rats The rodent you should love to welcome home written by Samantha St.Clair photographed by Samantha St.Clair

In addition to plenty of objects to chew on, they also require an ample amount of space. Most cages marketed toward rats are not actually big enough. They need a stimulating environment that includes plenty of room to roam, toys, hideouts, and objects to climb. The great part is, rats are not picky about their interior decorations. They love recycled boxes and toys. Fleece hideouts, plastic tubing, and critter houses are also excellent additions to their environment. Adding many accessories enhances your entertainment as you can enjoy watching them explore what you provide them. LIVING WITH RATS When Quinnanne Henny of Millersville first accepted rats into her home eight years ago, she was looking for lower cost companions. What she got were furry friends that changed her life for the better. She currently lives with five rats she adamantly calls her girls. Their names are Quisp, Anguirus, Ghidorah, Nemesis, and Harbinger. They share her home, but more importantly, they share her heart. They eagerly greet her at the front of their cage and respond very well to her voice. It’s clear there is a great bond between them.

companions. When you get a rat, it’s important you continue to expose them to regular interactions in order to make them easier to handle. Children should always remain under adult supervision when interacting with their rats to ensure everything stays positive. They are very playful, friendly, and overall wonderful pets for people of all ages when given the proper time and socialization,” Quinnanne noted. There are always exceptions, as some rats are shy and unsocial. In those instances, they are still very entertaining to watch. It’s up to you to respect what they do and do not enjoy doing with you.

“Rats need to be more popular,” she explained. “Most people miss out on owning them because they see them as invasive rodents or they are afraid of them due to old stigmas stemming from exposure to river and sewer rats. My rats act much like dogs. They are highly social and affectionate pets that love spending time with me. They need to spend time with humans in order to be happy and healthy. That’s a hard trait to find in most small pets.” Quinnanne’s girls love riding on her shoulder, snuggling on the couch, and watching TV with her. They also know how to pose for photos, which has turned them into internet stars.

CARE REQUIREMENTS It is important to keep in mind that, although fun, they do have specific needs. For starters, while they are much different from their wild counterparts, pet rats do have many natural instincts, one of which is chewing. Because of this, it is important to know if you leave anything within your rat’s reach it is at risk!

“Most people don’t realize just how intelligent rats are,” she said. Rats can be trained to come to their names, run agility, and do an array of tricks. Trick examples include fetching tissues for their owners and playing miniature basketball. Not all rats will want to learn tricks, but you will surely be able to find some way to bond and have fun together. “Pet rats were bred to be pets. From newborn up they are conditioned to be

Health is the biggest concern of owning a rat. They are predisposed to cancer and respiratory problems. It is important to have a rat savvy vet to maintain their health, especially as they grow older. The average lifespan of a rat is 2-3 years. While they have short lifespans, they pack a lot of love into those few years. “You nurture them as they nurture you,” Quinnanne said. “As long as they have the best care possible, you can expect a loving and fun companion that you will never regret adding to your family.” ADOPTING A COMMUNITY When you adopt a rat, you’re also adopting a tight-knit community. “There aren’t many rat owners, so we're brought together,” Quinnanne said. “When my rats had significant medical expenses, people from all over the world donated to their care. It just means the world to me that people who haven’t even met my rats love them so much.” “Join a community before you get your rat to learn more about proper set-ups, handling, and bonding. Being informed before adding any pet will get you off to a great start.” She recommends online groups as a way to not only learn, but to develop relationships with others who love their pets as much as you. For Quinnanne, adding rats to her life added more than just small, furry friends. It added a whole community and altered her life in unexpected ways. Don’t let misinformation about rats keep you from adding the same, rewarding experience to your life. Rats are clean, friendly, soft, and cuddly, and there is probably one out there waiting for you right now.


LCP: What will a pet crematory bring to your services?

CS: Having an on-site crematory is more


affordable for consumers. We will be providing communal, separate, and private cremation options for pets. Most facilities only provide communal, where the pet is cremated with many other pets, and separate, where the pets are in their own section in the cremation chamber. By providing individual cremation, owners have the option for independent cremation. We know this is important to people and we know it’s also important their pets never leave our care. We want to provide the similar peace of mind that we currently do with human cremation.

LCP: What other services will you enhance?

CS: We provide options when it comes to selecting pet urns and memorial keepsakes, and plan to add a selection room for these pieces. We offer many keepsakes including the popular Buddies, which are made out of your pet’s paw or nose print impression. We are also adding a transition room for people to say their final goodbyes, as well as a witness room.

More about CHAD SNYDER


M PETS: Chad currently owns a Bernadoodle named Otis.

M COMPASSION: Snyder Funeral

Chad Snyder of the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes THE SNYDER FUNERAL HOME family understands the impact pets have on people, which is why they provide special care to pet owners during the difficult time following a loss. As pet people themselves, Chad and his father, Chip Snyder, fully relate to the feelings that come with the loss of a pet. It is with this understanding, along with their jovial and charismatic personalities, that they make an otherwise dark time easier to process.

LCP: You’re adding a pet crematory to your facility, what made you decide to do that? CS: The idea completely stemmed from customers requesting the addition. People wanted their pets’ cremated remains handled with care locally and by people who really care about the community. Currently, we work in partnership with a pet crematory, but we want to be able to handle all aspects of the process.


LCP: Why do you provide pet services? CS: As a pet owner myself, I understand what people are going through and I am proud to help people honor their beloved pet. Having dealt with pet loss in our family, we know how deeply they touch the lives of those around them. They are a friend, support system, and part of the family.

Homes is composed of a family of pet lovers who all understand and sympathize with those who are going through a loss.

M FAMILY: Chad enjoys being able to work with his father, Chip, who is also a pet lover. Chip owned his Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Tyler, for 15 years and brought him to the funeral home daily.

M HOBBIES: Chad loves taking Otis for walks with his wife, Lee Shand Snyder. He also enjoys golfing, skiing, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.





Dalmatian The striking “firehouse dog” breed written by Samantha St.Clair


hen you see a Dalmatian, you most likely think of playful cartoon characters or fire trucks. Dalmatians have a strong history in movies, television, and participating in life saving work. While this athletic breed may draw on your interests for their memorable appearance and beautiful coat, it is important to remember they are a breed of dog that requires a certain lifestyle. In their early days, Dalmatians assisted firefighters in horse-drawn carriages. To warn people of the carriage’s approach, the dogs would run ahead of the carriage to bark and alert people to clear a path. To this day, they still make excellent firehouse companions as they enjoy being part of a group and have the endurance to remain in a working environment. Due to this endurance, you should be aware they are an active breed. While Dalmatians share many qualities with dogs in the sporting group, they actually belong in the non-working group. Non-working does not mean low energy. They absolutely love fetching toys, going for long hikes, and playing with canine friends. In fact, because they are so high energy, it is recommended they are paired with another high energy dog that can keep up with them. Along with their energy comes high intelligence. They love learning tricks and are quite good at performing them, so training is rewarding. Dalmatians do come with some health concerns that should be kept in mind. Deafness, skin allergies, and bladder stones are three common ailments in the breed. If you’re looking for a social butterfly, Dalmatians are often outgoing in the right circumstances. They are generally friendly, but they become nervous when away from their owners. This is important to keep in mind if you plan to travel a lot, as you’d need to be able to take this breed with you. That being said, they adore children, have fun with other canines, and are overall happy and friendly as long as you remain by their side and start early with socialization training. If you’re ready for an active, playful breed, the Dalmatian is a good consideration. In addition to health and temperament concerns, you should be aware they are big shedders. Also, keep in mind quality breeding plays a huge role in getting a healthy Dalmatian with a wonderful personality. Remember, there are plenty of purebreds still waiting for loving homes in rescues including dogs of this beautiful breed!



Written in partnership with Lancaster resident Dalmatians, Penny and Lincoln, and their owners, Gabby and Gian! Gabby and Gian put around 40 hours of research into the breed before bringing Penny into their lives, and they suggest everyone dedicates plenty of time to research. Penny and Lincoln love romping in their yard, playing ball, and eating lots of treats.

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+ S E A S O NA L

Spring WARM WEATHER BRINGS OTHER “FRIENDS” Fleas survive best when the temperature is between 45 F and 95 F. Our area reaches an average high of 45 F at the beginning of March. Fleas are thriving by the time spring arrives on March 21st. Make sure to be proactive about using flea prevention to avoid an infestation. EVER WONDER WHY YOU USUALLY SEE YOUNG KITTENS IN THE SPRING AND SUMMER? Cat reproduction is very seasonal. The female cat will start having heat cycles when daylight lengthens. Once in heat, the act of mating triggers the female to ovulate. New eggs are produced each time she mates with a different male. This allows a single litter of kittens to have multiple fathers. If you have a non-spayed female cat, keep her indoors until you do get her spayed, otherwise you are sure to have kittens! THE TERRIBLE TICK Lyme disease is as common in our area as it is in Old Lyme, CT for which it is named. It most commonly affects dogs and horses. Lyme typically causes problems with the joints, and can cause kidney failure in dogs. All life stages of the deer tick transmit disease. Regular tick prevention use is the best way to avoid contracting the disease. A vaccine is available for dogs. GETTING HOT OUTSIDE? Pets can overheat quickly when exposed to higher temperatures. Dogs and cats do not sweat to dissipate heat like humans do. Early symptoms of overheating include restlessness and excessive panting. As the body temperature rises, they can start to drool excessively, become wobbly or weak, and the gums might be purple or bright red. This is a lift threatening situation. If you feel your pet is overheated, place them in a cooler environment (shaded area or indoors) and place a fan on them. You may also use a cool damp towel to drape over them or rub them with. DO NOT BATHE YOUR PET IN AN ICE COLD WATER BATH - THIS WILL ONLY MAKE THE SITUATION WORSE! Contact your veterinarian right away if you feel your pet is not doing well and has been exposed to hot temperatures. (tips courtesy of Diane Hodges, DVM of Happy Tails Animal Hospital)

Spring Cleaning for Your Bird or Small Pet For birds, rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, or other small companions Overhaul the cage with a thorough scrub down using hot water and mild soap to clean the cage and its contents. Spring is a particularly good time, too, to reassess the size of your small mammal’s cage and to upgrade if your pet has outgrown his original home.

Recycled Goat Playground Take advantage of the warm air and upgrade your goat’s enclosure. Goats are natural climbers and love to jump and play on objects. Add recycled materials, such as wooden cable spools or tree stumps, to create a more exciting environment. The more fun they have, the happier and healthier your goat will be!

Combing Your Dog n Use a comb rather than a brush. It gets down to the skin where mats form. n If you find a mat, work it out with the comb to prevent pulling on the skin. Sores can form under the mats. The comb should glide through easily. n When your dog is matted, do not bathe him/her. It tightens the mat. n Combing your dog every couple of days will keep the coat tangle free and healthy. (tips courtesy of Dee Strathmeyer of Drake’s Pet Place)


Red Rose Pet Care Center Accepting New Patients Affordable & Compassionate Care FULL SERVICE VETERINARY CLINIC 20% off Exam/Surgery/Dental • Multiple Pet Discounts Competitive Prices • Off Street Parking • No Coupon Necessary Dr. Nasir Shah, DVM Providing experienced service since 1983 Former owner of Willow Street Animal Hosp.& Lincoln Hwy Vet Clinic

996 E. Orange St. | Lancaster, PA 17602 | 717-435-8035

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Leo’s Helping Paws Lending a paw to dogs in need written by Samantha St.Clair photographed by Samantha St.Clair


LEO’S HELPING PAWS was founded on the idea that many dogs could have a second chance if only their rescuers could afford their mounting medical costs. Since 2014, they have helped with 143 dogs’ medical expenses with over $170,000 given to credible rescue organizations. By choosing to support 501c3 all volunteer rescues, the money they provide goes to causes that truly need the help. “We love assisting small rescues because they need it the most,” Kathy Styer, co-founder of Leo’s Helping Paws said. Along with its other co-founder, Beth Buchter, and 36 volunteers, the organization has aided over 50 rescues. The dogs they support come from a variety of backgrounds, from retired mill dogs, to abuse cases and strays. Leo’s Helping Paws is run entirely by the profits they incur from donations and regular events they host. While Leo’s Helping Paws has worked with many dogs, there are always cases that stand out. The following two dogs found their happy endings thanks to the organization’s commitment.


Amazing Ava

Little Wiggle Pete

Ava’s story is long and complex, with Leo’s Helping Paws as a constant thread through her journey to a new life. Ava’s life began outside, tethered and without much interaction from humans. It was several years later that she ended up in a shelter.

Paws n’Time brought Pete into their care with an unknown neurological disorder. Pete suffers from tremors which make it difficult for him to do everyday tasks such as walking and eating. Thanks to Leo’s Helping Paws, Pete was able to receive the veterinary care and testing he needed to discover the cause of his tremors. Leo’s hosted “Pumpkin Pies for Pete,” where the community came together and purchased 150 pies to assist with the cost of his care.

She won the hearts of everyone around her, which gave her much needed time. When time was running out, Kelly Armour, Ava’s saving grace and continued support system, entered her life. Kelly found her a foster home and got her into the care of The Polished Pitbull. “Once we saved her from the shelter, she became the biggest medical mystery we had ever seen,” she said. Ava was in and out of veterinary offices as something unknown affected her kidneys and liver and caused a steady decline that nearly cost Ava her life. While the rescue wanted to provide everything they could for her, they lacked the funds to do so. That’s when Leo’s Helping Paws stepped up. After continued treatments, they put her on a special diet that seemed to turn her life around. “We should have lost her many times, but there is a fight in this amazing little girl,” Kelly said. After several unsuccessful adoptions, Ava was recently adopted by Jenn and her husband, Barclay, and finally has a permanent place to call home.

With the help of medications and a lot of love and patience, Pete’s tremors, while not completely under control, have gotten better. His adopters, Kristen and Mike, have noticed great improvements. “He walks unsteadily and pecks at his food to eat, but he loves to play, cuddle, and go on car rides. We treat him like a regular dog as much as we can, because we know he deserves a normal life,” Kristen said. Leo’s Helping Paws, along with Paws n’Time and a dedicated team of veterinarians, made it possible for Little Wiggle Pete to enjoy the simple things in life, such as a warm bed, his favorite little green soccer ball, and his adoring adopters. He’ll even enjoy his first vacation this summer.

Visit to learn more about the lives they have saved and how you can help.




Bring Her to the City Stay at The Hotel Lancaster. We are pet friendly.

71 7. 39 4 . 09 0 0 | w w w . T h e H o t elLan cast er. co m 26 LANCASTER COUNTY PET

Lancaster is a wonderful city for dogs. With lots of parks, wide sidewalks and boutique shopping for your pet....the city has a lot to offer. We even have the Nation’s best dog-park. At The Hotel Lancaster, we know your pet is part of the family and should stay with you. That’s why we are proud to be a pet friendly hotel. Accommodating dogs up to 25lbs for an additional fee of only $25 a night. So, stay with us and let us show you downtown.

26 East Chestnut Street Lancaster, PA 17602


DOG CITY Springtime is a great time to visit the city - with your pet! written by Samantha St.Clair


here is no arguing Lancaster City is charming and inviting. From its old buildings to its quaint shopping and dining experiences, it’s a favorite destination among many Lancaster County residents. However, if you often visit the city by yourself, it’s important to take note that the area is very pet friendly and your pup can have a wonderful time with you!


When walking along the streets of Lancaster City, you may have noticed you pass by a lot of dogs. This is no oddity. In fact, it is becoming quite the norm. The city has evolved in various ways over the years, and for pet lovers, it's all for the better. Many shop owners leave water bowls outside for furry friends passing by on warm days, restaurants appeal to dog owners by providing outdoor dining experiences, and most people you walk by on the streets will give your dog a smile or even some loving attention. Aside from commodities provided by businesses, there are plenty of downtown pet destinations. When you can’t bring a pet along with you, don’t worry, many stores have furry friends waiting to greet you and give you that perfect pet fix! For those who can bring their pup and are looking for more than just a city stroll, there are several parks dispersed throughout the area, including Beau’s Dream Dog Park, which will give your dog something to bark about. If you want a complete night out, or have friends or family coming from out of town, The Hotel Lancaster is pet friendly and located in the heart of the city. Just think about it - a whole night on the town with your best friend! The great part is, you can park conveniently and your vacation starts right away with many attractions within walking distance from the hotel.


The truth is, dogs have adapted to busy city life, so there’s no reason to leave them behind anymore. If your dog is friendly and outgoing, chances are they will enjoy a change of pace in the Lancaster City setting. Go on, you and your canine companion deserve a mini vacation close to home! We can’t wait to see dogs take over our city!

MORE INFORMATION M The Hotel Lancaster

26 East Chestnut Street Lancaster, PA 17602 717.394.0900 The perfect pet friendly lodging










eeping our pets happy and healthy is a high priority. With so many supplements and products out there designed for maintaining the health of pets, it can be difficult to decide what you should try for your loving companion. Pharm-Aloe K-9 Aloe Treats are one natural option with plenty of support. Aloe Vera has proven results in creating healthier pets. Not only does it provide pain relief as an anti-inflammatory, but it also helps pets assimilate more nutrients, which leads to higher energy. Along with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and its many benefits, K-9 Aloe Treats are packed with other key ingredients including Glucosamine and Yucca Schidigera. Together, these three ingredients improve joint health, soothe digestive problems, and create stronger immune systems. Whether your dog is suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or digestive upsets, these treats will promote their health and wellbeing. While it is nice to hear the facts, it’s even more reassuring to hear proven results. Those who have tried these products with their pets have noted improvements in as little as a few days. Results can be simple or incredible depending on the dog’s age, breed, and lifestyle. Outcomes range from increased mobility to a silkier coat. One remarkable case was of a local dog who, after only a couple of weeks eating these treats, was excited for walks again after debilitating joint discomfort kept her homebound.

Pharm-Aloe K-9 Aloe Treats A snack with a recipe for good health written by Samantha St.Clair

Speak with a local retailer or visit Pharm-Aloe online to learn more: **Always consult with your veterinarian when making changes to your pet’s diet

The truth is in the results, and as an all natural product, you may want to consider these treat supplements for your furry friend. While some experience results in a matter of days, it is recommended to try the treats for at least a month to see results. Many supplements must be poured onto food or come in pill form, and the beauty of these treats is they are just that, treats you can use as a reward! Whether your dog is having trouble getting around in their old age, or is a young and upcoming athlete, these treats are something to consider to improve your pet’s energy and mobility.



+ H E A LT H

Care for the Pet Caregiver Helping you care for yourself as you care for your pet written by Kathryn Jennings, CPLP, CPFE President & Founder, Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support


s a dedicated pet parent of an aging or ill pet, you are often focused solely on the well-being and care of your precious pet. Multiple medications, frequent veterinary visits, household clean-ups and perhaps only being able to leave your pet for a short time can be difficult and often overwhelming. During this time it’s easy to forget about yourself. So, while you’re busy taking care of your pet, who is taking care of you? Self-care and periodic breaks at this time are vital to your health and ability to continue to provide your pet with its much needed care. Have you considered your own quality of life lately? When you hear the phrase “quality of life,” you may automatically think that pertains to your pet’s life. However, you need to also think about your quality of life. Keep in mind your own needs during this time, and how those needs can be met. The emotions of caregiving can feel like you’re on a roller coaster every day. Caring for an aging or ill pet can take a toll on your emotions – which can in turn affect your physical health and your ability to function at your best. Maintaining your emotional and physical health can help you do more for your pet and be a better pet caregiver.


Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. It’s normal. As a pet caregiver, you may face a variety of emotional challenges – stress, anxiety, exhaustion, sadness and even guilt. It’s important to realize that all of these emotions are normal. Give yourself permission to express your feelings and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. It’s ok to feel or say things like, “This is hard,” “I am struggling,” or “Maybe I need to talk to someone who understands and can help me.” Try to focus on the things you can control. You might not be able to cure your beloved pet’s illness or stop eventual death from occurring, but looking at what you can do to improve his or her life is invaluable for both of you. Give yourself some time off when you need it. Sometimes, in order to continue, you must step back and refuel. Caregivers need to take breaks and enjoy activities such as outdoor recreations, being social with friends or options like spa treatments, a favorite hobby, watching a favorite movie or simply going out to dinner. Whatever form of self-care you choose, it should be something that helps you relax and gives you the ability to focus on yourself.

Do you have a support network? – If not, now is a good time to reach out to a network of empathetic and understanding people you can talk to – such as Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support, a 501c3 nonprofit, offering no cost support from pet caregiver professionals and a community of pet caregivers on a similar road who will walk with you in your pet caregiving journey. Family, friends, other pet caregivers, your veterinarian and his/her staff – these are all people who may be part of your support network as well. Asking for help is healthy, really! Don’t be afraid to ask for help; it’s a healthy way of coping with all that you are going through. Trying to manage everything all by yourself can drain you and leave you with nothing left to give. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. How is your health? Be sure to attend to your own healthcare needs. Remember to eat right, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and keep up with your doctor appointments. When all is said and done, you want to feel you did all that you could to care for your beloved pet during his or her life journey with you. Learning to forgive yourself for what you feel you did or did not do for your pet will help you through these times. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, so simply striving to just do the best that you can with the means available to you are what you need to concentrate on. Always keep in mind, part of doing our best for our pets also means taking care of our own needs.


For more information on pet caregiver support services, contact Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support at 484-453-8210 or by email at daybydaypetsupport A listing of all no cost services can be found on their website at

We carry items for cats and dogs, including food, treats, bedding, toys and hygiene products. We also special order anything for small animals, birds and fish!


17 WEST MARKET STREET, MARIETTA Monday & Tuesday: Closed • Wednesday-Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. • Sunday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

717-604-1196 •




What does your clinic offer? We are a full-service veterinary hospital providing wellness exams and medical, surgical and dental needs. We have in-house lab work, ultrasound, and digital x-ray capabilities. Due to this, we can diagnose and treat a broad range of ailments directly from our facility. What really sets us apart is our understanding that each patient is an individual and requires their own vaccination and treatment protocols.

y s ver l ich i h craw w I . f l e e m s y d m ts an oys to o be clien get t e et y o v s i m l mak ,Ig for “I a s g g n ns. I o i e d h t s t h i e t . i refr ith k od time or w e flo lay w go on th s, and I p aving a e h i s me.” p i pup like one y e r r e a o ev e wh sure eopl p e r I hi


Why is it important to treat each pet as an individual? Every pet is different; they are every bit as unique as people. They come from different families and have diverse backgrounds and medical histories. It’s also important to keep the owners in mind. Not everyone can afford big surgeries or complicated care, and that’s ok, I’m here to give options that suit each case. We can’t expect every person to be able to provide or feel comfortable with the same treatments for their pets.


How do you personalize each client’s care? I work with owners and listen to what they have to say about their pet and their lifestyle. I love to educate people and provide them with the ability to make choices for their pets. After all, they are their pets, and they should be allowed to make decisions for them without feeling pressured to go in one particular direction.


What do you enjoy about running your own clinic? The freedom to make independent decisions without the oversight of others is a huge benefit. I got tired of having to follow set plans for every pet that walked in the door. I know better than to think that every pet needs the same treatment protocols, so I now do better for the families that come to my clinic.



Q&A DR. BRET GREENBERG (Bret Greenberg DVM and Associates Companion Animal Clinic)


Individual Care

Everyone in my clinic is compassionate, understanding, and caring, and we’re all there to ensure each pet receives the individualized care they need.







The premier resource for connecting the Lancaster County, PA Community with pet and animal related information, services and events! 717.406.7811

+ B E H AV I O R & T R A I N I N G

Barn Hunt A fun, new activity for dogs and their owners written by Wendy Jordan


o you have a dog with a nose for little critters, or a working minded dog who needs a "job"? Barn Hunt, one of the newer sports for dogs and their owners, may be just the thing. Dogs enter the Barn Hunt area, a fenced in maze of straw bales lying every which way to create tunnels to draw through and mounds to climb, and get to work seeking out a small rat tucked away safe from harm in a PVC tube. The sport is open to all breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds, and has a wide range of appeal among the dogs’ human partners. Young and old, dogs and people find the sport easy and fun to participate in. It’s simple and inexpensive for the human member of the team to train in, requiring a low level of physical fitness and ability from the person. For the dogs, although the sport is more physical, it’s still moderate enough that old and young are capable of participating. The sport is also open to dogs with special needs. Although terriers have the advantage with their strong instincts to hunt, all breeds can learn to enjoy this sport. There are four titling levels in Barn Hunt; Novice, Open, Senior, and Master, along with an Instinct Test for those wanting to just test their dog’s instinct to find the rat. At all levels, the dogs enter the ring on leash and go to the starting box where the leash and collar are removed. The dog is given the command to find the rat. As the dog works independently searching for the rat by smell, the handler is permitted to guide them verbally and encourage them to search all areas. The dog is required at all levels to run through the tunnel at least once, do a "climb" meaning put all four feet on a bale of straw, and find at least one rat (Novice level) from 3 tubes that are hidden. One tube is empty, one has bedding in it that had been used by a rat, and the third has the rat. In the upper levels there are multiple rats hidden to find, and tunnels and climbs get more difficult.

The sport can be trained in just for fun, however if you are competitive and would enjoy earning titles with your dog, it is recognized by both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. To learn more or to locate a Barn Hunt club in your area visit the Barn Hunt Association at Classes are held at Dog Sense LLC on Sundays at 3:00; get your dog enrolled by calling 717.509.5752.




Sit and Stay


Below are just a few of the many businesses in the area

GROOMERS If your canine or feline friend is in need of some fur and nail styling, there is no shortage of passionate and professional groomers here in Lancaster.

D'tails 850 Milton Grove Road North Elizabethtown, PA 17022 717.361.8245

Bank Barns Stable Horse Boarding 636 Integrity Drive, Lititz, PA 17543 717.517.6292 Walder’s Way Equestrian Center 1140 Union School Road Mount Joy, PA 17552 484.904.5517

PET FRIENDLY BUSINESSES Drake’s Pet Place 1874 Lincoln Hwy. E., Lancaster, PA 17602 717.290.1131 Renee’s Pet Grooming Village Center at Mountville 117 Oak Ridge Drive Mountville, PA 17554 717.285.3330 Pause Awhile With Samantha 680 Cloverleaf Road Elizabethtown, PA 17022 717.824.6152

More and more local businesses are welcoming pets to their locations.

CLK Accounting & Payroll Services Notary Public 1063 Monticello Lane, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.468.7138 • Son’s Ice Cream & Italian Ice 1991 Miller Road, East Petersburg, PA 17520 319 West State Street, Quarryville, PA 17566 TeeSkaggs Photography Specializing in Pets

TRAINING Lancaster County boasts some of the best when it comes to Canine Obedience Training Schools and their expert training techniques. Whether you have a puppy, adult rescue or a senior, these professionals can make life much more harmonious between you and your best friend.

Dog Sense, LLC 440 Stoney Lane, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.509.5652 Kaye Ames School for Dogs 809 New Holland Avenue Lancaster, PA 17602 717.201.3401 UDS Service Dogs 1905 Olde Homestead Lane Lancaster, PA 27601 717.397.1841 • 888.837.4235

PET SITTERS HORSE LESSONS / BOARDING Whether you need a place your equine can call home or riding lessons from an expert, you will find the following businesses will fit all of your needs!

BrownHill Stables Horse Lessons 6713 Division Highway Narvon, PA 17555 717.354.8718 • Building Bridges Foundation Equine Assisted Psychotherapy 230 Indian Hill Road, Conestoga, PA 17516 717.368.3019


You will find these experienced pet care professionals are happy to watch over your furry family members.

Deb’s Pet Buddies Lititz, PA 17543 717.283.4438 • Gochenauer Kennels 995 Fruitville Pike, Lititz, PA 17543 717.569.6151 • Once Upon a Dog Tail Lancaster, PA • 717.575.2656 Playful Pups Retreat 850 Milton Grove Road N. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 717.689.3408 •

Pet-Friendly Businesses Pet trends to watch for include the growth of mobile dog and cat grooming services, more businesses like stores and restaurants that welcome pets, pet-friendly travel and hotels, and the growth of pet health insurance.



Dapper Duece is looking very sporty in his bowtie.


Jax, a white bulldog, is definitely ready for a roll.



A handsome Duke posing perfectly.

Trails for Lexi and Holly.

Precious Bailey is all smiles.

A sweet Dozer modeling his Easter ears.

Tootsie, a 14-year-old, is certainly looking good for her age.


Buddy and Penny sleeping sweetly.

Reagan and Kirby sharing snuggle time.






Furry Encounters

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A great photo of twin Holstein cows Bonnie and Clyde.



+ I N F O R M AT I O N



Pet resources

2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue Foster network for dogs PO Box 549 Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Lancaster County SPCA Shelter, humane care and adoptions of stray and unwanted animals 848 South Prince Street Lancaster, PA 17603 • 717.917.6979

Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary Senior Dog Rescue PO Box 1063 • Quentin, PA 17083 angelsamongus.html

Leo’s Helping Paws Assistance to dog rescue groups 1284 Wheatland Avenue Lancaster, PA 17603 • 717.475.9621

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue Golden & Labrador retrievers rescue 60 Vera Cruz Road Reinholds, PA 17569 • 717.484.4799

Lost Paws of Lancaster Animal Rescue PO Box 551 Lititz, PA 17543 • 717.725.3136


Furever Home Adoption Center, Inc. All volunteer, no kill, cage free facility 5984 Main Street East Petersburg, PA 17520 • 717.560.6400 Help Find Sophie Lost/Found Dog site for Lancaster Helping Hands for Animals Resource for caretakers and friends of stray and feral cats Lancaster, PA • 717.687.7297 Humane League of Lancaster County Shelter, Adopt, Educate & Protect 2195 Lincoln Highway E. Lancaster, PA 17602 • 717.393.6551 Lancaster C.A.R.E.S Coalition for Animal Rescues, Education and Services

PA Boxers, Inc Providing a second chance to Boxers PO Box 826, Lancaster, PA 17608 717.397.9377 PAWS No-kill animal rescue and spay/neuter Petsmart • 1700 Fruitville Pike Lancaster, PA 17601 • 717.957.8122 Pet Pantry of Lancaster County Helping avoid the surrender of a family pet due to the lack of resources 26 Millersville Road Lancaster, PA 17603 • 717.983.8878 United Against Puppy Mills Elimination of puppy mills PO Box 7202 • Lancaster, PA 17604

Lancaster County Animal Coalition Building a better community through compassion to animals PO Box 363 • Elizabethtown, PA 17022 lancastercountyanimalcoalition 717.406.7811


Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue 1674 Kirkwood Pike Kirkwood, PA 17536 • 717.529.2966

EMERGENCY SERVICES ORCA Organization for Responsible Care of Animals 401 East Orange Street Lancaster, PA 17602 • 717.397.8922

PETS Pet Emergency Treatment Services 930 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 • 717.295.7387

LARGE ANIMAL LAW ENFORCEMENT Large Animal Protection Society PO Box 243 West Grove, PA 19390 • 610.869.9880

THERAPY SERVICES Day by Day Pet Caregiver Support Pet Loss Grief Support PO Box 633 • Drexel Hill, PA 19026 484.453.8210 KPETS Pet Enhanced Therapy Services 630 Janet Avenue Lancaster, PA 17601 • 888.685.7387

Bret Greenberg DVM and Associates, Companion Animal Clinic is a 6000 square foot state of the art veterinary facility featuring digital xray, ultrasound, KLaser therapy, in house labwork, and oering a full range of routine care, medical, surgical, and dental services. We pride ourselves in client education and tailoring all of our vaccination and treatment protocols to the individual needs of the patient, not treating all dogs and cats as if they were the same.

Companion Animal Clinic 601 S. 16th Street Columbia, PA 17512 717-689-2339

GETTING TO THE ROOT OF YOUR PET’S HEALTH Oral Health in Dogs and Cats: Caring for your pet’s teeth and gums plays a critical role in helping them to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. Without proper dental care, plaque and tartar buildup can lead to periodontal disease. If left untreated, periodontal disease can result in tooth loss, red, swollen and tender gums, gum recession, bleeding, pain and bad breath. Infection caused by periodontal disease can also enter the bloodstream, and potentially affect the heart, liver and kidneys. NEW CLIENTS Schedule your pet's dental exam today!


FREE Microchip

SIGNS OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE: • Acting hungry but being reluctant to eat • Dropping food out of their mouth • Refusing to play with their toys • Halitosis or bad breath • Rubbing or pawing at their face • Salivation or drooling • Sneezing and Nasal discharge • Facial Swelling • Red swollen gums • Loose teeth • Listless and just not acting right

823 Rohrerstown Road Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 393-TAIL (8245)

($36 VALUE)

or Nail Trim ($16 VALUE)

with this ad.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM Every other Saturday 8AM- 12 NOON


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