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Issue. 50 - December 2018

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Get your dog microchipped this year for FREE!

Dog owners in Pendle had their last chance to get their pet microchipped for free this year. The event took place on Tuesday 4 December from 11am – 3pm at Victoria Park Pavilion, Carr Road, Nelson BB9 7SS. “Microchipping is a permanent way of identifying your pet if they get lost, so make sure you change your chip if you move house!” He added. Pendle Council has teamed up with the Dogs Trust for this final event of the year which includes free nail clipping, a general health check by a veterinary nurse and a check your chip service. “The health check includes looking at eyes, ears, teeth and weight, to make sure your dog is happy, fit and healthy,” explained David.

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Councillor Paul White, Stray Dogs Footprint in Pawprint winners,” he added. and helps with problem they can help plus details on Leader of Pendle Council recognition of our ten The team takes care off dogs and dangerous dogs microchipping can be found said: “Pendle dogs are in continuous years as Gold stray, lost and found dogs and information on how on good hands as our Dog Warden Team has won an RSPCA Gold Pawprint award for the 10th year in a row for their work in caring for dogs, including stray dogs. “We’re delighted that for every year since the RSPCA awards first began our team has won a Gold Pawprint award, making them one of the top teams in the UK,” he said. The team takes care of stray, lost and found dogs and helps with problem dogs and dangerous dogs. Information on how they can help plus details on microchipping can be found on www.pendle. “And this landmark year we were awarded a Platinum

Clamp down on anti-social behaviour in Brierfield

The Police and Pendle Council have teamed up to clamp down on anti-social behaviour in the Massey Street area of Brierfield. Problems at this anti-social behaviour hotspot have included drug and alcohol use, burning bins, problems with noise, bad language and people using the area as a toilet. “Local families wanting to use the Massey Street Play Area often found they couldn’t because it was littered with broken glass,

cans, bottles and needles,” explained Pendle Council’s Community Protection Coordinator, Tim Horsley. “A Protection Order is now in place and local residents say it’s had an impact in improving their quality of life,” he said. Thanks to the new Public Spaces Protection Order, people will be committing a criminal offence if they: • fail to stop drinking or hand over alcohol when asked to do so by the Police • use the restricted

area around Massey Street as a toilet • have previously been involved in anti-social behaviour and enter the children’s play area, or within 10 metres of it, and are not with a child aged up to 10 who’s using the play area • are in the restricted area and refuse to give their name and address to an authorised officer when asked • are in a group of four people or more and behaving in an anti-social way and refuse

to leave the restricted area when a Police or Council Officer asks them to. “These offences can lead to a fines of up to £1,000,” warned Tim Horsley. Leader of Pendle Council, Councillor Paul White, said: “Local residents know that we’ve listened to their concerns and acted on them. “This has been a team effort and it’s making a difference. “Police Officers have stepped up their presence in this area and used their dispersal powers to break up groups of people behaving badly, and that’s helped enormously. “And we’ve cut back the hedges around the play area so that it’s easier for us all to keep an eye on what’s going on and take action if we need to,” he added.

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Sew in Love expands

onto Colne high street

A Colne seamstress who specialises in bridal wear has expanded after relocating to larger premises in the town. Sew in Love started out in one unit in Shackleton Hall, a beautiful Victorian arcade in the heart of Colne, in 2014. Within two years Emily Jay’s business had grown so much she needed more space and took on another unit in the arcade. But last month she reluctantly closed the door at Shackleton Hall for the final time and moved into the former Rennie Goths sweet and tobacco shop on Albert Road. Emily, who has a degree in costume design from Huddersfield University, said: “It’s incredible how fast we’ve grown - last year alone we made alterations for around 400 brides! “I loved being in Shackleton Hall, it was an absolutely perfect place to start out.

“Everyone who came for fittings always remarked on how lovely it was. If I could have taken on all of the units I would have.” Now four years later Emily and two full-time seamstresses, one of whom is her mum, have plenty of space at their stunning new premises. The building at 10-12 Albert Road was transformed in just six weeks with the help of her dad. “I live in Salterforth which is why I chose to set up Sew in Love in Colne,” explained Emily. “As it’s just off the M65 it’s really well connected and means I can attract customers from all over the country. “The town has changed so much over the past four years and it really feels like it’s on the up as new shops and cafes open. “I’m really pleased that we could find new premises on Albert Road, a stone’s

throw away from where I started out.” Councillor Paul White, Leader of Pendle Council, said: “I’m delighted to hear of Emily’s success. “Shackleton Hall was transformed to give independent businesses like Sew in Love a fantastic place to start out.” Tim Webber, Chairman and Managing Director, added: “Shackleton Hall is a bustling arcade off a thriving town centre high street. “If anyone is interested in taking a unit they should contact Alan Williams from Barnfield on 01282 872 502.” The £2m development of Shackleton Hall, which dates back to 1888, was made possible thanks to PEARL2, a pioneering partnership between Pendle Council and local contractor, developer and investor, Barnfield Investment Properties.

New project nets £10,000 lottery

funding to encourage people to “go fish” Burnley Leisure has teamed up with Burnley Play Partnership to hook £10,000 of National Lottery funding to develop a family fishing project. The aim is to engage with and encourage local families to take up the sport and, by doing so, expand their interest in nature and the environment. It will also promote people of all ages to get outdoors more as a family, help reduce low activity levels in children, and encourage adults to be more active and promote better mental health. As part of the project there will be a number of nature workshops - branded "Nature Detectives" - alongside some "family fishing" sessions making use of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and streams running through local parks. Michelle Grimes, events and funding officer with Burnley Leisure, said: “Fishing may not be as energetic as other sports but it does require co-ordination and technique and it requires patience and calm and its excellent

for promoting good mental health. “It’s a great way to get out as a family and discover more about our local environment and nature, as well as being great fun.

“This project will provide the fishing basics to families that perhaps never thought about taking up the sport or even going out and enjoying nature in this simple but effective

way.” The project is set to start in the new year. To find out more contact Ben Heap on 01282 477167 or email bheap@burnleyleisure.

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Celebration event for

volunteers is in the bag!

Blackburn with Darwen’s loyal army of litter-pickers have been thanked at a special celebration event. More than 80 of the avid volunteers turned out to the event at King George’s Hall, in Blackburn. There, they were praised by top councillors for making a ‘real’ difference to the borough. The volunteers are amongst almost 500 residents who give up their own time to collect thousands of bags of litter each year. The success of the scheme has seen it dubbed the ‘Red Bag Revolution’ – a nod to the colour of the bags they fill. Councillor Jim Smith, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council’s Executive Member for Environment, said: Almost 500 residents living in Blackburn with Darwen have signed-up as Keep it Tidy volunteers, which is incredible! That’s 500 people who have received our clean-up

kits and who are going out regularly where they live, doing their bit to keep their neighbourhood clean and safe. This event was our way of expressing our sincere thanks for the wonderful work they do. Many of the volunteers are members of the Keep Darwen Tidy and Keep Blackburn Tidy groups and are pro-active on social media promoting the good work they do all year round. Councillor Smith added: As a borough we are incredibly lucky to have this hardworking band of volunteers who are out dayin-day-out picking up litter. It’s sad that they have such a big task on their hands and people are dropping litter in the first place, but they are determined to keep the borough looking its absolute best and they do a fantastic job. We hope our residents will join us in thanking them for another record year of litter picking. The scheme is part of

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council’s successful ‘Your Call’ initiative, which sees volunteers helping right across the borough in different roles. Councillor Phil Riley, a guest speaker at the event and Executive

Member for Regeneration, said: As a council we really are lucky to have so many residents who are willing to volunteer. It’s no secret that councils are facing huge budget pressures year-onyear and their support is

absolutely invaluable to us. In taking the time to volunteer, these residents are making a real difference to where they live. The council has hundreds of volunteering opportunities available. To find out more, including how

to become a litter picker, visit the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership website: http:// You can also join the residentled groups on Facebook under ‘Keep Darwen Tidy’ and ‘Keep Blackburn Tidy.’

Former Councillor shortlisted in public health photo competition

The UK Faculty of Public Health launched a photo competition during summer asking the wider public health community and photographers to bring to life what ‘public health looks like’. The competition aims to help to demonstrate the positive impact public health has, and communicate some of the biggest public health challenges we still need to overcome. The FPH has now

shortlisted 29 of these for public vote. Two of the finalised competition entries are from Blackburn with Darwen. ExCouncillor Mustafa Desai submitted his photo titled ‘A family day out’. The image features a family having fun on a beach, promoting physical and spiritual wellbeing. His daughter, Sophia, also entered the competition with a piece titled ‘Five a day’, inspiring others to eat more fruit and vegetables to improve their health. Anyone can vote. If you want to help the Blackburn with Darwen candidates you can place your vote policy-campaigns/publichealthlookslike/ publichealthlookslike-vote-for-yourfavourites/

Heaton Park Golf Course reopens to the public

Heaton Park Golf Course reopened to the public on Friday 30 November, welcoming back existing golf members and inviting new visitors to try the facilities. Manchester City Council has appointed Green Circle Estates to run the golf course on an interim basis until the end of October 2019. The firm currently runs three other local authority-owned courses - Allerton Manor in Liverpool, Kirkby Valley in

Knowsley and Sherdley Park in St Helens. Green Circle will manage the park’s golf course and pitch-and-putt and maintain its bowls facilities, on behalf of the council. Greenkeepers have been on site carrying out essential maintenance work to allow the courses to reopen. The agreement - put in place following the announcement that previous operator Mack Golf had ceased trading

across all of their UK sites - means that all current season tickets which run until 31 December 2018 can be honoured and that golfers will be able to purchase new season tickets from the start of January. A contract for the long-term operation of the golf course is to go out to tender, with a new permanent operator scheduled to be in place from the start of November 2019. Executive Member for

Schools, Culture and Leisure, Councillor Luthfur Rahman, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Green Circle to Heaton Park and to welcome golfers back to the excellent facilities on offer. We remain committed to securing a long-term arrangement for golf and bowls to continue at Heaton Park for the benefit of local residents, with permanent arrangements to be confirmed next year.”

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Taxi safety checks success in Darwen

A safety spot check on taxis in Darwen found all of them in a safe condition. Blackburn with Darwen Council regularly carry out safety spot checks on taxis. At the last check carried out in Darwen, six vehicles were stopped by the police around Darwen and looked over

by a vehicle examiner from the Council’s Motor Vehicle Testing Station. Licensing staff also looked to make sure the correct licences were in place for the vehicles and their drivers. All of the vehicles were found to be in a safe condition, with just one taxi given seven days

to put minor problems right – a missing heat shield and a replacement number plate for a damaged one. Councillor Jim Smith, Executive Member for Environment, said: These taxi checks are important for the safety of the public and are something we

carry out regularly to make sure everything is as it should be. Taxi drivers have a responsibility to make sure their vehicles are in the best shape for the safety of their customers and other road users and I’m really glad that this showed there were no serious issues with any of the vehicles. We will continue to carry out these random checks to make sure all vehicles licensed by the Council abide by the law and drivers follow the rules we set for them.” If you’re planning on using taxis over the festive period here are 10 Top Tips to help you stay safe. • Know the difference

between a Hackney carriage and a Private Hire Vehicle In Blackburn with Darwen Hackney cabs have white plates on the back of the car; private hire have yellow plates. Only hackney carriages can be hailed in the street or pick you up from a taxi rank. • If you use a private hire vehicle you have to pre book the journey – keep the phone number in your contacts or use an app. • Don’t get into the vehicle until you are sure it is yours – the driver should know the name the booking was made in. Most companies will now send you a text or have an app you can use on your mobile. • Check the driver has a

licence badge showing their photo • Be sure to have enough money to cover your journey – Don’t be offended if asked to pay up front • Stay with friends – make a pact at the start of the evening to stay together and don’t share a taxi with a stranger. • If travelling alone sit in the back seat • Always wear your seat belt • Always check you have all your belongings when leaving the car. • Any issues – Report it to Licensing on 01254 267666 or email publicprotection@ Make a note of the vehicle registration, company name or plate number.

Stock up to stay well this winter

GPs in East Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen are urging people to keep medicine cabinets fully stocked – and don’t leave themselves at the mercy of the fast-changing winter weather. People living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease (severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or bronchitis), heart disease, kidney or liver disease, or neurological disease, are particularly vulnerable when the temperatures drop. Venturing out in extremely cold weather can easily make an existing illness worse, which makes it all the more important to stock up on medicine while you can. Dr Preeti Shukla, a Clinical Lead at NHS Blackburn with Darwen Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: At this time of year the weather can quickly turn from being mild and pleasant to becoming bitterly cold, and if you’re not adequately prepared for a cold snap you may find yourself stuck at home without the provisions you need to stay warm and well. Our advice is to check your medicine cabinet is stocked with everyday remedies for minor winter illness as well as any regular medication. It’s

also a good idea to make sure kitchen cupboards are well stocked with nutritious food, too. We’d also recommend contacting a friend or family member to see if they would be available to help you in case you get stuck at home without something you need. That way, you can be fully prepared should the weather take a turn for the worse and it’s difficult to venture outdoors. Alongside regular medication, a well-stocked medicine cabinet should include the following: • A first-aid kit including bandages, plasters, thermometer, antiseptic, eyewash solution, sterile dressings, medical tape for dressings and tweezers. • Pain relief such as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen for aches, pains and high temperatures. • Oral rehydration salts to

replace lost minerals and fluid after a fever or vomiting and diarrhoea. • Anti-diarrhoea tablets to relieve symptoms of diarrhoea (though these will not help with the underlying cause). If you’re already on medication, make sure you’re not going to run out. Contact your GP surgery about registering for GP Online Services, which will enable you to request repeat prescriptions online as well as booking appointments.. To sign up, you’ll just need to go to your practice and complete a form. Remember to take some photo ID, such as your passport. If you’re not sure which over-the-counter medicines to take with your regular medication, you can talk to a pharmacist for advice. For more information on staying well this winter visit

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Council to build student Art & Soul Tattoo Studio & Soul Tattoo Studio, accommodation to boost Art a Leyland based, well

'university town' plans Burnley Council is set to develop a purpose-built student accommodation facility in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Barnfield Investment Properties, if councillors approve a proposal being put forward by the council’s executive committee. The development will cost approximately £9 million. Under the plans, the council will receive an income from rent, and UCLan will run the facility on the council’s behalf. The proposed development will be located on council-owned land next to Sandygate Square, Burnley. It forms the next phase of the On the Banks development that the council has been delivering as a joint venture with Barnfield Investment Properties, the development arm of Barnfield Construction Limited. Councillor Mark Townsend, leader of the council, said: “It is well documented that having a university campus helps a place to thrive. The evidence shows that universities have a positive social and economic impact on a local area. “UCLan’s expansion plans for Burnley would be the envy of many other councils. The council established a close working relationship with UCLan to help secure their commitment. UCLan

has already made a significant investment in Victoria Mill and teaching resources in Burnley to deliver its growth. We want to maximise the ‘student pound’ and the economic benefits that students will bring, so the council has a role to play in making the town attractive to students. Good quality accommodation is crucial.” A planning application setting out the design of the accommodation is expected in the coming weeks. If construction goes ahead, the scheme will be another milestone in the transformation of the historic canalside area. Chair of UCLan David Taylor CBE said: ““Our aim is to provide students with a guarantee of value for money accommodation. Our partnership with Burnley Council will provide a safe, comfortable living environment and a vibrant, inclusive halls community. This development will be key to encouraging students to study with UCLan in East Lancashire.” Councilllor Asif

Raja said: “This partnership with UCLan is a major opportunity to further the borough’s economic interests. We need to make the most of it so that the borough can keep moving forward.” Tim Webber MBE, Chairman of Barnfield Investment Properties, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the council and UCLan on this project. It is the next step in the long-term plans to create a high quality development at On the Banks. UCLan’s base Victoria Mill is a building we’re extremely proud of and it’s great to see it back in use.” A decision will be taken at a meeting of the full council on 19th December on the council’s investment. If councillors at the meeting back the proposal, and if the subsequent planning application is successful, work on the 139-bed building will begin in March 2019, with completion expected by Autumn 2020. UCLan expects to grow student numbers at the campus from 400 to 4,000 by 2025.

Magical Parade adds some

Christmas Sparkle to Blackburn

Nothing could dampen the Christmas sparkle that came to Blackburn on Saturday 1 December 2018, when a magical Christmas Parade took to the streets. The event organised by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and produced by local company Pop Up Entertainment, saw a cavalcade of princes, princesses, elves, toy soldiers and fairies march through the Mall, Blackburn Market and end with a performance of festive classics on stage in Cathedral Square at the heart of Blackburn’s Christmas Market. Visitors to Blackburn could

enjoy two performances of with Mayoress, Mrs Lucie the parade at 11am and 2pm. Higham lead the parade Main Picture: BwD Mayor, into Cathedral Square. Councillor Mrs Pat McFall

established studio Nick opened in 2001. Through all the changes Leyland has seen this particular shop has weathered every storm. With many, many regulars and more clients being added weekly this studio is very well settled. Nick Bleasdale found his passion in art at a young age, influenced by his \father, also a talented artist. He spent many years travelling most of the country, often requested for personally, he could be on a journey to the top of Scotland at the start of the week and in devon by the end ! He settled in Leyland and attended Preston University of Central Lancashire where he obtained his degree in fine art and illustration. By 1998 he and a friend were commissioned to paint a large 19ft mural in St. Georges shopping centre, Preston. Nick’s first passion may well be tattoos, he is also accomplished with various other mediums including airbrush, paintbrush, pencil or charcoal and loves to do portraits, murals, recently completing a full wall in the

local Unicorn pub, Preston. Nick’s studio is a friendly place, you are more than welcome to drop in for a chat, provided of course he’s not snowed under, as he often is, you can have a brew and get involved in some interesting discussions on many subjects! In his spare time he enjoys playing numerous instruments, including guitar,

mandolin, banjo, drums, penny whistle, flute and will often turn his hand to whatever instrument that has been passed to him. He also has a passion for magic and card tricks, being more than exemplary in the art. So if you’re thinking of that special piece of art, you are more than welcome to pop in for a chat.

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New pop-up shop ready for

business in Makinson Arcade

A new pop-up shop in Wigan town centre is now open for business just in time for the Christmas rush. Wigan Council and The Galleries have worked together over recent weeks to fit out a vacant store next to Uptown Diner in the Makinson Arcade, which can be rented out on a weekly basis to business owners and start-up companies wanting to try out the local market. Retailers can book a slot of up to six weeks in the space, which is fittingly named ‘The Pop-Up Shop’, and is part of the town hall’s plan to encourage new businesses to come to the town centre. Christine Roper is the owner of Jodie’s Flat, a clothing store selling ladies fashion wear. Jodie’s Flat is the first business to try out The PopUp Shop. Christine opened the store on Saturday 1st December, which was also Small Business Saturday and will be available for custom

throughout December, Monday to Saturday, 9am5pm. She already has a store in Over Hulton but is looking into the possibility of opening another shop in Wigan. Christine said: “Opening a shop is a big commitment and if it doesn’t go well, you can lose a lot of time, money and confidence. My shop in Over Hulton is doing really well, which is why I’m looking into expanding. “The Pop-Up Shop is the perfect opportunity to essentially ‘try-before-I-buy’ and check out the market and footfall before making up my mind on whether to open a store in the town centre. I’m really looking forward to what the next month will bring.” The Pop-Up Shop is also perfect for companies who do not want the commitment of maintaining and running premises full-time and would instead prefer to boost their income at peak periods

throughout the year. Business owners can book a slot in the shop for up to six weeks at a time for a weekly cost, which includes WiFi access, tills and all shelving and display units. Councillor David Molyneux, leader of the council said: “The Pop-Up Shop is an innovative way to inspire people to try out their ideas and to encourage new businesses to set up shop in the borough. “This approach will help to keep the town centre offer new and interesting and provides an opportunity to small businesses or those who work from home to boost their income - specifically around national days or events relating to their products, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. “I sincerely hope that Christine finds this opportunity useful and that we will see her permanently in the town centre in the near future. I also look forward to

seeing what other businesses come forward to showcase their products in The Pop-Up Shop.” The store windows can also be used for brand awareness, advertising or to support national campaigns, providing there is no business operating from the store

at that time. The Pop-Up Shop follows the recent announcement of The Wigan Emporium, another pop-up shop near Home Bargains, which is home to seven businesses that attended October’s Pop-Up Business School course. The Wigan Emporium will only be

open for three weekends in December, Friday-Sunday. If you’re starting up your own business, or would like to try out The Pop-Up Shop, please contact Peter Hadfield, 0161 711 0514 For more information about Christine’s business, search Jodie’s Flat on Facebook.

Clitheroe Castle Museum to

feature in new BBC TV programme

An historic Clitheroe attraction will feature in a new BBC documentary programme, River Walks – The Hodder. Clitheroe Castle Museum, and specifically the Mitton Hoard that is kept there, will feature in the BBC One programme on Monday 10 December at 7.30pm. The one-off documentary, with a localised version for each region of England, will have well-known guides tour 11 riverside locations across the country, revealing how the waterways have shaped the local landscape, history and culture. In the North West edition of the programme, 'River Walks – The Hodder', Lancashire born broadcaster Stuart Maconie, will walk down the River Hodder in the Forest of Bowland. During his walk, Stuart talks about the remarkable Mitton Hoard, and encourages viewers to visit the Clitheroe Castle Museum to see it for themselves. The Mitton Hoard consists of coins that were minted from 1354 to 1427. The coins include pennies, a halfpenny, half-groats and groats. The collection also includes two small fragments that were made for the Constable of France, Gaucher V de

Chatillon, between 1313 and 1322. The coins are mainly of small value, just over five shillings in total, equivalent to about 25 pence today. This would have been more than a week's wages to a labourer at the time. The hoard was probably accidentally lost, or deliberately hidden, in the late 1420's, during the reign of King Henry VI. It was discovered by a metal detectorist in October 2006, on a bend of the River Hodder. The hoard can be dated from the most recent coin, which came from the 1420s. The hoard includes: • Three pennies from the reign of either Edward I or Edward II • Two half-groats from the reign of Edward III • One halfpenny from the reign of Richard II • Three groats from the reign of Henry VI • Two small fragments of coin that were made for the Constable of France, Gaucher V de Chatillon County Councillor Peter Buckley, cabinet member for community and cultural services, said: "I'm really looking forward to watching this programme. "It will be pleasing to see

such a jewel of the Ribble Valley being featured, and the historic collection that is on display there. "Hopefully the programme will encourage more people to visit the museum, and see the incredible collection of coins for themselves." Admission to the Castle Museum is £4.40 for adults and £3.30 for concessions. Children and young people up to the age of 18 years go free. Children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Limited disabled parking is available at the museum. Parking is also available on car parks in the town centre. For more information about Clitheroe Castle Museum, phone 01200 424568 or email clitheroecastle@lancashire. Alternatively, visit Clitheroe Castle Museum is managed by Lancashire County Council's museum service, on behalf of Ribble Valley Borough Council. More information about the individual coins can be found on the British Museum's Portable Antiquities website The programme will also be available to watch on iPlayer for 30 days after broadcast.

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Leigh business donates cakes to the homeless

and encourages young people to better their skills

A Leigh-based company is embracing partnership working in order to provide jobs for local people and give back to the community. Dan Ross and Mick McGowan set up ‘Romix Foods’ in 2014, following the sale of Dan’s previous company, ‘Victoria Foods’, a company they previously ran from the same premises. They signed up to Wigan Council’s Deal for Business in 2018 after hearing about it at a mentoring course delivered by GC Business Growth Hub. After identifying an opportunity to work closely with the council, Dan and Mick realised that they could get help with their ambitious growth plan, which would also generate more jobs. And, by signing up to The Deal for Business, Romix Foods were eligible to apply for the council’s Business Booster fund and were awarded £10,000 loan to buy new machinery, which would help diversify their current offer. Speaking about the business and their decision to sign up to The Deal, Mick said: “We’re happy to say that over the last four years, Romix Foods has evolved and we now employ more than 35 staff members, many of whom are people that were unfortunately made redundant following the relocation of Victoria Foods after it was sold to a Leeds based business. “It’s a great feeling to know we’re helping people and have managed to re-employ long-standing, trusted colleagues. “The Deal for Business was really easy to sign up to and I’d recommend it to other business owners as the whole relationship with the council really works and we benefitted a lot from it. “Although we did receive some money, the financial support is just one element of their offer and we found that The Deal for Business really can make a small business thrive.” And, as a company that manufactures dry powder ingredients for large bakeries, they regularly have sweet treats left-over from when their product is tried and tested, which they then donate

to local homeless charities. Mick continued: “It’s really important to give back and although we don’t make sellable baked goods, we do need to test bake our product, resulting in us having products that would only go in the bin, so we wanted to find an alternative option as that would otherwise be a huge waste. “Thanks to The Deal for Business,

we’ve also expanded our offer from providing dry powder ingredients for large manufacturers, to launching a new product that is now sold direct to consumers in shops like Home Bargains and other supermarkets. We’re very excited about this new venture.” Romix Foods is also committed to developing the skills of young people by encouraging their apprentices

and graduates to undertake further qualifications, paid for by the company. Leader of the council, Councillor David Molyneux said: “We love to support local businesses so they can grow and help our economy thrive. “The Deal for Business allows us to engage with companies that need our help but also gives business owners the opportunity to

engage with the community and give something back to local people. “Romix Foods have done an impeccable job from donating cakes to homeless charities to supporting the borough’s young people and I look forward to hearing about what else they may do in the future. “Dan and Mick have been innovative in their approach, meaning

that a sad situation four years ago leading to an empty unit and the loss of jobs has been reversed and something much more sustainable has been created. I wish them well on their new journey and hope their partnership with the council is long and prosperous.” For more information about The Deal for Business, please visit

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Winter Wonderland getting ready to open

Get your skates on this Christmas and glide, pirouette and whirl across Chorley’s real ice rink as it opens this weekend (Saturday 8 December). The attraction is back by popular demand along with the Christmas tipis where people can enjoy some festive drinks as part of Chorley’s fantastically festive winter wonderland on Cleveland Street car park. The wonderland, which is being hosted by Chorley Council, is part of the town’s festive celebrations. Councillor Peter Wilson, Deputy Leader of Chorley Council, said: “The winter wonderland was really popular when we hosted it two years ago and now we’ve got the event space in the town centre it was the ideal opportunity to bring it back. “The winter wonderland has something for people of all ages with a real ice rink, children’s rides and fun house, food outlets, festive stalls and the tipis where people can get a drink.

“It’s just one of many There will also be themed bookings. please email events@chorley. christmas/ to find out more things we’ve got going on skating sessions and we are To register your interest for about Christmas events in to give people an enjoyable taking school and group a school or group booking Visit Chorley this year. experience and at the same time they can do some of their Christmas shopping whether on the markets, in Market Walk or at one of the many independent stores.” Chorley’s Winter Wonderland will be open every day from Saturday 8 December until Sunday 6 January 2019, except Christmas Day. Betty’s Tipis will be open later on some evenings. The ice rink is just £6 per skate session with payment on entry. Ice skates and other equipment provided. Time credits will be accepted on the ice rink only for the first hour and last two hours of each day. Cub Club, which are skate sessions for children aged 6 and under, will run on Sundays between 10-11am. Cub Club is £3 per skater and all child skaters aged 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Please note there is limited availability on each Cub Club session.

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How to pick the best bottle

of bubbly for Christmas

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without bubbles. But with 10 zillion options vying for a place in your festive fridge, which bottle should you take home? 2015 was the year that our collective zeal for Italian prosecco reached its zenith (Brits spent £41m on ownbrand versions of the stuff last year). But it was also when bright, fresh English wine started to be taken seriously (HMRC has seen a 41% increase in applications to produce English sparkling wine this year). And let's not forget the original. The fanciest. Bone-dry, golden-toned champagne. First up, let's talk basics. Prosecco – This is a lovely lighter style of fizz.  It's fresher and fruitier than champagne and cava, which makes it easier to drink and therefore great for parties. It's also the fizz of the moment, very trendy and obviously a cheaper alternative to champers. Cava – From

Spain, cava is a great allrounder. It’s much cheaper than champagne (about £6 a bottle) but made in exactly the same way, so the flavour profile is similar with those yeasty notes that come from the second fermentation in the bottle. Champagne – Naturally, the king of fizz, and the price reflects that. It can only be made in the Champagne region of France, and only from certain grape varieties. It has delicious brioche notes from its extended time ageing in bottle. English Sparkling – The home-grown stuff is having a great time at the moment as consumers are coming to realise its excellent quality. It tends to have similar traits to champagne as the climate of southern England, where most of the vineyards are, is very similar to that of the Champagne region in France – although the notes are more appley rather than lemony. And buying it helps the English wine industry,

which is a good thing. And which fizz is best for which occasion​ ? For Christmas nibbles and antipasti platters: prosecco wins Shellfish starter or any fried fish: try cava – the acidity cuts through the oiliness. Smoked salmon: perfect with blanc de blancs champagne. The citrus notes work beautifully with the strong flavour. For pudding: try asti, the sweet sparkling white Italian wine.

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Market Place revamp in early 2019

The future look of Wigan town centre has been revealed as part of a major regeneration project which will begin in the coming months. The project, delivered by Wigan Council, will see significant improvements to Market Place including; the replacement of existing benches, additional seating, recycling bins, installation of planters, trees and flowers, cycle parking facilities and lowering of the walled area. Construction company, North Midland Construction PLC, has been chosen by the town hall to deliver the plans, which will begin in early 2019. The improvements will be in-keeping with the style of Wallgate and have been developed to compliment major town centre events including the Wigan 10k, Wigan Pride and the continental markets. Councillor David Molyneux, leader of the council said: “Wigan Council is committed to supporting the continued vitality of its town centres which is why we have invested money into both Wigan and Leigh over the last twelve months. “The new Market Place in Wigan will deliver a much improved environment for visitors and businesses and as a place for events and leisure activities. We listened to public feedback last year and have used this information to shape

the plans. “We recognise that our town centres are so much more a social space than they used to be which is why we have created a design to compliment events and to provide a welcoming focal point in the town centre. “Our town centres are hugely important both as shopping destinations for many thousands of people and as places that support hundreds of businesses and employers. We will continue to look

into the ways we can further improve and increase footfall.” The new Market Place will provide an attractive meeting point, good seating area and aims to reduce reports of anti-social behaviour. It will also create a more usable and flexible space for performances and events including markets, fairs, music concerts and more. Works are due to begin in January 2019 for approximately 10 weeks,

meaning works will be done during the quiet town centre event period. Geoff Poyzer, Managing Director for the Highways Division at North Midland Construction PLC said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious project for Wigan Council. “We have extensive experience undertaking large scale public realm and highway projects for a wide range of local authorities and we look forward to the

delivering another successful project in Wigan.” North Midland Construction PLC has plans to use local subcontractors and suppliers where possible in order to support the local economy and have also offered to engage with schools to deliver career talks or interactive construction lessons. The market place work will be delivered in phases and the scheme has been designed to avoid major town centre

events. Councillor Molyneux continued: “While there will be short-term disruption during the works, there will be long-term benefits for everyone, including an improved shopping environment, less anti-social behaviour and opportunities to enjoy a more pleasant space within the town centre. “We look forward to the works taking shape and are confident the public will welcome these plans.”

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4 of the Best Stay and Play Venues

in Scotland with Two Courses

One aspect of golf that is ever present is the demand for stay and play breaks, and rightly so. There are few better ways to spend some time away from the reality of everyday life than a relaxing couple of days at a great golfing venue. At Golfshake, we love to do everything we can to provide you with all the best reviews and information about a plethora of venues, to help you get the most out of your golf trip. Using the interactive map on the Golfshake website users can search for golf clubs and resorts using a range of filters. This article will give you a taste of some of the best stay and play venues in Scotland which have two courses. Turnberry Resort Turnberry Resort in Ayrshire is an outstanding stay and play venue featuring two luxurious 18-hole courses and a magnificent hotel. The resort has the very best facilities on and off the golf courses and the Ailsa Course has been the host of four Open Championships and

has seen legends such as Tom Watson and Greg Norman lift the Claret Jug. The par 71 track is just less than 6,500 yards long and features some of Scotland’s best links golf holes. Its sister course, the King Robert the Bruce is equally as great and features many spectacular views of the

great stay and play venue in the East of Scotland. With two very different courses, the club offers enjoyable variation between rounds. The Medal Course is the longer of the two tracks and stretches over just more than 6500 yards whilst its sister course, the Ashludie is 5,123

mean that a straight tee shot is not always the necessary play. The Lynedoch Course is more tree lined and features much narrower fairways. This course will test your ball striking and requires golfers to keep the ball in play. With 40 rooms and suites on offer, the Murrayshall House Hotel is a luxurious base and is perfect for relaxation after a long day on the course. Kinross Golf Courses Kinross Golf Courses is formed of two parkland courses named ‘The Montgomery’ and ‘The Bruce Course’. The former is the oldest course at the venue and features plenty of well-placed bunkers and water hazards to ensure that golf isn’t too straightforward.

Ayrshire coast. The striking hotel is the very definition of luxury and is home to many beautiful rooms and suites as well as lovely spa and dining facilities. This resort is definitely one for the bucket list. Monifieth Golf Club Monifieth Golf Club is a

yards long. Both courses feature a range of hole types making for a brilliant test of golf and is ideal for golfers of all abilities. When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of great options in the area. The Woodlands Hotel and Invercarse Hotel are recommended by the club and are bot ideal bases for a stay and play break at Monifieth. Murrayshall Hotel and Golf Club Murrayshall is home to two fantastic 18-hole courses which require slightly different approaches but both make for thoroughly enjoyable rounds. The Murrayshall Championship Course will suit those who like to channel their inner Phil Mickelson’s and let rip with the driver. The wide fairways

This course is ideal for all levels of golfers and will prove good challenge even to low handicappers. The Bruce Course is seen a slightly simpler task whilst still requiring golfers to draw on all aspects of their game. There are five par-5 holes on the course, meaning if you can hit a long, straight tee shot, you may well be in with a chance of a birdie or two. There are two hotels just a stones’ throw away from the courses as Kinross. The Green hotel and the Windlestrae Hotel both boast a comfortable atmosphere and are perfect for a golfing trip to Kinross. For more information on golf breaks to Scotland, visit h t t p s : / / w w w. g o l f b r e a k s . com/.

20 of the Best 2018 Top Rated Courses in Scotland

for Club Facilities

The Golfshake Course Section features hundreds of thousands of independent reviews submitted by regular golfers who are asked to assess their views of a venue based on a variety of criteria. Club & Facilities is just one of those key areas to be rated. The quality and presentation of the golf course is one important thing, but many visitors value an all-round experience and will be left impressed the clubhouse, infrastructure and overall setup of a venue. We have delved into reviews submitted during the past 18 months to discover which rated most highly for Club & Facilities. Here are the *top rated across the Scotland. Archerfield Links (Rating: 5)

Turnberry Resort (Rating: 4.88) Gleneagles Hotel (Rating: 4.81) St Andrews Links (Rating: 4.79) Winterfield Golf Club (Rating: 4.7) Dunbar Golf Club (Rating: 4.63) Macdonald Cardrona Hotel (Rating: 4.6) Fraserburgh Golf Club (Rating: 4.6) Strathmore Golf Centre (Rating: 4.6) Fairmont St Andrews (Rating: 4.53) Gullane Golf Club (Rating: 4.51) Burntisland Golf House Club (Rating: 4.5) Kings Acre Golf Club (Rating: 4.5) Craigielaw Golf Club (Rating: 4.42)

Kirkcaldy Golf Club (Rating: 4.4) Monifieth Golf Links (Rating: 4.4) De Vere Cameron House (Rating: 4.39) Musselburgh Golf Club (Rating: 4.36) Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort (Rating: 4.3) Deer Park Golf Club (Rating: 4.25) Published by JAC Media Ltd, Unit 8, The Glade Business Centre, Forum Road, Nottingham. NG5 9RW.

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