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By: Lan Anh Foster

Dedicated to : I dedicate my poems “Saved” and “The Strongest People” to my best friends, whom I thought of when writing them. I dedicate my haikus and my poem “Blinding Light” to my family, who helped me write them, and who love nature.

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What is poetry and how can it be used to communicate freedom? Poetry is a type of literature, different from books, narratives or documentaries. Poetry has a deeper outlook on life, and creates words and phrases out of them, turning them into stanzas, and eventually, a real-live poem. Each poem uses a number of literary devices, which can help the poem to express its message even better, like communicating Freedom. Freedom is a small theme in Poetry, but can be communicated through diction (the use of words), contrast and comparison (different effects, emotions, and comparing), imagery (a rhetorical image) Enjambment, and many others.

Butterflies are caught Fluttering against a jar, I set them all free.

The butterflies are meant to be the slaves or innocent criminals, that want to be let free from their burdens behind a non-literal cage. “I� are all the people fighting to set them free. I was thinking about this when I saw two butterflies dancing in the wind.

The warm breeze blows past A leaf fighting to stay down In it’s comfort zone.

When I wrote this haiku I was thinking of racism nowadays. The warm breeze is meant to symbolize the changes in our lives, and the differences will literally “sweep” us off our feet. The leaf is meant to symbolize a person who still wants to have a slave, and who won’t change there ways because it is the only way that they know and are comfortable with.

The Strongest People Statement of Intent:

The message of freedom in my poem is an emotional freedom, where you sometimes have to let go of your problems, otherwise you retreat into depression and sadness. I used metaphors, repetition and imagery to express this poem. I used metaphors to act as imaginary phrases. I used repetition to emphasize my message. I used imagery to create a more lively and accurate understanding of what I was trying to say. I think my message will be delivered effectively if the audience has a sad reaction and deeper understanding of what is happening in the world right now. I think my message is very important, because some people in the world feel like there is no one who understands them, and sometimes it has to be us who "breaks down the walls" and help them.

The strongest people are always the ones who can smile Who can smile when they remember bad memories Who can smile and laugh when they're dying inside Who can see the goodness in bad people. The strongest people are always the ones who help others Who help others when their hearts are breaking Who help others when they themselves are hurt Who desperately need it themselves


The strongest people are always the ones who laugh the most Who laugh at the randomness of things Who laugh at the absurdity of the world Who act normal until they're in their own house. The strongest people are the ones who pick up the pieces and leave. Who clean up their scars and sew them back together. Who show the world who they really are. Fighters. But sometimes they are too tired to call out Are too broken to reach Who build walls instead of bridges Who are locked up, and choose to remain that way, because they have given up all hope. Who don't break free Until we choose to walk in Choose to break down the walls Choose to help them. In life the hardships they must endure. Breaking out of the cages they built finally feeling the sensation splashing against their skin. freedom is whispered in their ears.


ď‚– Statement of Intent: I took this paragraph from page 301, chapter 19 of Percy Jackson #5: The Last Olympian, by Rick Riordan, and changed it into a treated found poem. The connection to freedom in this poem is the fact that someone is falling into an abyss, and this abyss can be seen as a punishment, or something that traps people, emotionally. The other character in the poem saves her from falling entirely, and freeing her from whatever was pushing her down, by pulling her up again and not letting her fall, the message is about helping others when they are in their darkest moments. I have used enjambment , diction and imagery. The use of enjambment in my poem is distinguishing important phrases and words, and separating them from the rest. Diction was used to describe the situation and what was happening. Imagery was used to create tension throughout the poem, and then break the tension at the end at NOT. If the audience's reaction is like this, then I know my message has been delivered. I think that my message is important, because you should help everyone and be there for everyone who needs it.

Saved Catching her hand, The pavement fell, Crumbling into dust. For a second, Pulling us over, Feet dangling in the open air. Hands starting to slip, Holding her, Only by her fingers, Finding extra strength, She was NOT going to fall, Pulling her up. Trembling on the pavement. - Page 301, Chapter 19, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, by Rick Riordan.

Blinding Light Statement of Intent: The type of freedom in this poem is a physical freedom, where someone is locked up for 30 years, and suddenly breaks through and becomes a free person again, the message being that you shouldn’t be imprisoned for what you believe in, or what you've done wrong, and must get your voice out there somehow. I have used Imagery, Onomatopoeias and similes. I used imagery to incorporate an understanding for the poem. I used onomatopoeia by using words to describe the event through the setting. I used a simile to describe the settings comparing events with other things in life. I think that the message is delivered effectively because it is composed with meaning and the audience should react in a positive light. I think my message is important because many people are being locked up for things they didn’t do, and their voices should be heard.


Blinding Light Drip, drip, drip. The sound echoes on the walls. The cold rock walls, Where I sit.


Click, click, click. Teeth chattering as I lie down. The walls caving in Like an eagle catching its prey.

Creeeaaaaakkkk. I sit up, panicking. But in the endless loom of darkness I see nothing. Swish, swoosh, swish. I catch a whiff of fresh air. And bolt to the top of the dungeon. Two steps at a time. Chirp, chirp, chirp. Bursting into the meadow The sky is bright baby blue Blinding me in its radiance. Rustle, rustle, rustle Free from the 30 years of solitude. I greet the trees And bask in the sunlight.

Past vs. Present Statement of Intent: This freedom is physical, emotional and spiritual freedom, about nature, and that nature should take its own steps, and we humans shouldn't interfere with it. I used repetition, imagery, and personification to express my message. I used repetition to compare the past and present in the poem, I used imagery to describe what was happening in the poem and I used personification to bring the nature to life. I hope my message is delivered effectively, the audience's reaction should be shock and sadness, which would mean the message is effective. I think that this message is important because nowadays we destroy the environment, putting many animals and people in danger, because we are consumed by greed


What have we done? What once was a rich turquoise Is now a murky black


What once was a playful green Is now a dusty grey What once was a baby blue Is now a scattered black What once was icy white Is now disappearing forever.

What once rose to the sky Is now crumbling and disintegrated. What once was breathing and living, Is now buried 6 feet under. What once was a forest With trees whispering and swaying. Is a barren wasteland. With smoke rising to the now-grey clouds.

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