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Preface After almost one year we’ve been together, now we’re on our finall edition of ALSA NEWSLETTER Vol. 3. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our publication on different topics in the last 2 (two) editions of ALSA

September 21st – 24th 1987 “the idea of Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) firstly came up in Ikatan Senat Mahasiswa Indonesia (ISMAHI)’s second National Congress that took place in Minahasa.”

Newsletter. We hope the next volume of ALSA Newsletter will be much better and more creative. In this a edition of ALSA Newsletter we are trying to present to you a very special edition on what we call “20 Years of the Best”. It has been a really great 20 years for ALSA to develop it’s organization, from first an idea that was brought up by Firoz Gafar at the ISMAHI

May 15th – 20th 1989 “ISMAHI held the first Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Law Students Conference in Jakarta which was supported by The Secretary of ASEAN, ALA (Asosiasi Hukum ASEAN), Asian Foundation, The Government of Indonesia and The Governments of other ASEAN members.”

conference to the ALSA we all know now as an organization that is reagionally and internationally profound among the law students of the world as before it was just a regional or-


ganization in the ASEAN region into an asian organization that unites law students in the asia continent. Well enough of the inside story, we really hope you guys will enjoy the last edition of this volume of ALSA Newsletter!!!

ALSA always be one which is the International Song for ALSA is actual composed and written by an Indonesian ALSA member, Fryda Luciana. As one of the founding countries for ALSA, the members of ALSA Philippines are actually among the oldest of us, it is because of their education system which only allows people to study Law after graduating their bachelor’s degree.


May 18th 1989 “ALSA was formed by a group of law students from several ASEAN members which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The Agreement of ALSA’s establishment was signed in the first ALSA Conference that took place in Jakarta.”


1996 “ALSA Japan was created based on the vision and purposes of European Law Students’ Association (ELSA).”

1998 “The Centre of National Committee of ALSA Korea was first established by Seoul National University Law School through the ALSA Seoul National 2000 University.” “The ALSA Korea was formed by 2 universities. They are Seoul National University and Ewha Woman’s 2001 University” “There was a meeting that was talking about the merger between ALSA withThe International Law Students’ Association of Peking University (ILSA PKU), The International Department of Legal Aid Association of Peking University, Law Association, Hong Kong University Students’ Union of The University of Hong Kong (LA, HKUSU), ALSA Japan, ALSA Korea, and ALSA Taiwan. The result of the meeting is The Seoul Declaration (Seoul Agreement)”




September 7th 2002 “ALSA and a group of law students from many Asia countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan ASIAN and Hong Kong agreed to unify their LAW organization through The Tokyo STUDENTS’ Agreement to be the one and only ASSOCIATION Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA).” October 23rd 2003 “The name of Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) was legally used in Bangkok, Thailand when their first conference in Bangkok, which is well known as Bangkok Conference.” March 2005 “The name of Asian Law Students’ Association was legally used in Indonesia since The 12th ALSA National Assembly which is held by ALSA Local Chapter Jember University.” FACTBOX Being one of the founders of ALSA, Philippines has the most local chapters, which consists of over 60 (sixty) law students government, while Hongkong has only 1 (one) local chapter. But another founder of ALSA, Indonesia, has the most local chapters as in the ones actively participating in national and international events




THE PURPOSE The early purposes of ALSA’s establishment are for promot-

Now, ALSA is composed of 10 membership countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore,Taiwán,Thailand, Malaysia, and so forth.

ing and developing the understanding and appreciation to ALSA’s members’ systems of law that are various and different from one to another. Not only that, but ALSA was also established in the purpose of making friendship between the law students who are members of ALSA, and even bringing

ALSA National Chapter Indonesia’s members consists of 12 Local Chapters which are Syiah Kuala University, Sriwijaya University, Hasanudin University, Airlangga University, Jember University, University of Indonesia, Brawijaya University, Gadjah Mada University, Sam Ratulangi University, Padjajaran University, Diponegoro University, and Jenderal Soedirman University.”

them closer to each other. ALSA also becomes a facility or place to exchange a lot of information and knowledge about so many issues of law from each country



The opinions:

My 1st impression about ALSA wasn’t

when I entered FHUI, it was the time when I was still in high school. In 2005, I participated in ALSA E-Comp in debate. At that time, before the competition begun, one of our team coaches was the former Director of ALSA, so my teammates and I usually had practices at FHUI in front of ALSA room. That time, what I saw wasn’t an organization, but a family that works together prepared for E-Comp. During the competition, I learned so many things and got a lot of benefits. I got new friends and new experiences. In 2006, I entered FHUI and ALSA was the first organization that I joined. The reason was, I already know a little about ALSA, and I was so sure that ALSA would be a great place for me to learn, turns out I wasn’t wrong. ALSA has so many great programs, both internal and external. Ecomp, ALSA Care, also all

of the seminars & workshops, and many more. I become a part of the committee in some events or should I say “family” and from those events I learned how to work together, but still have fun. Joined ALSA is one of the many things that I won’t regret - Michelle Manuhutu (FH UI ‘ 2006)


LSA, simple yet intriguing words. To me ALSA means a group of people, who studies about law, who speaks with law as their basis, and who enforce the law. ALSA means a lot to me, from OLMA to E-COMP and especially ADC. I still remember when I’m still a JC (Junior Associates), everything likes debating is new to me. Later when I’m in ADC I participated a quite number of debating competition, and I’m grateful because ALSA always support me from right behind me, that’s why ADC can win, thanks ALSA. Then OLMA happens, it is very fun actually in OLMA, I learn how to

be leader not a follower, learn to sharpen up my dreams, it is a very intoxicating moment. Without further a due, E-COMP should be the greatest moment to liven up what I learn from ALSA. As a committee of ALSA E-COMP of 2007-2008, I think that we are not only learning English but also about teamwork and responsibility. So in the end, what is ALSA for me? Everyone has a different meaning, it is not only stand of Asian Law Student Associates but I think everyone as the proud member of ALSA have their own likeness to ALSA, to me ALSA is the place where I changed to be responsible, to be a leader. - Reza Wicaksana (FH UI 2007)


hen I first become student at Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, ALSA is the only one I knew as the biggest organization. ALSA in my opinion is such a large n full of well-known-people on it. When u

joined ALSA, you’ll automatically become a member in communities which expand your intercourse and make a vast networking. My most favorite ALSA programs, first is ALSA care. ALSA care indicates that ALSA also concern about our environment and other people who have difficult live around us. Then, the workshops and seminars which held by ALSA are really high qualities one. It helps me much related to my studies in PK 4. The last and the best one is ALSA’s English Competition, which well known as E-Comp. While Ecomp was held, all of students from high school to university students, alumnis, and other important people could attend this program. That’s why I think E-comp has an important role in recognizing Faculty of Law University of Indonesia to wide societies. - Elvino Martinus (FH UI 2006)




WHO IS HE Firoz Gafar, is one of Indonesia’s brightest. He was the first to spark the idea to form what we know now as ALSA. It was in the at the 2nd National Conference of ISMAHI then he was appointed as the Secretary Gen-

Firoz Gafar, one of the young intellectual students who established Asian Law Students’ Association, interviewed to get a glimpse of ALSA from his side of the story: 1. As ALSA is celebrating its 20th years co-existing among us, what do you think about the organization nowadays? ALSA as the solid-institution had gained the global society, not merely in the regional due to the idea to establish ALSA as an international institution. Related to global competition without neglecting global interests, we look forward that ALSA has to compete in international round.

eral of ISMAHI. With that power than he organized to make the birth of ALSA to come true. At that moment he was helped by a few parties to establish the birth of ALSA. The birth of ALSA was really a big thing at the time as it was really as it was for example supported by Prof Dr Sujudi (Rektor

2. So, if one of ALSA’s visions is to compete in global society, then what is the top priority thing-to-do to achieve that vision? Generally, when we organize an institution, there must be obstructions from several countries, inescapable restraints, and others. We still have much opportunity, such as student exchange, that is very essential to learn profoundly concerning international inevitability by sharing many ideas to achieve those we found for. The leaders who organize an institution will be more competitive and effective by doing a student exchange to another country since having great background and experiences will create the future great man.

UI), and Mr Drs Enoch Markum, (leader of Indonesian DEPDIKNAS master education), Dr Gordon Hein (the representative of Asia foundation). The biggest attention for young generation original idea, was given by Mr Ir. Akbar Tanjung (The Ministry of Youth and Sport Affair), who eager to made a grand celebration for all the participants. All this lead to the birth of ALSA which we now know, Firoz Gafar is now known as one of the founding fathers of ALSA. Now he has a Curator Office and owns the HKGM & Partners Law Firm at Jakarta. Without him here wont be ALSA like we know it now. Thank You Firoz Gafar!!!

3. What is the real activity to achieve those visions and missions that all founders of ALSA have formulated? In minimum efforts, the members shall persistently do many international excursions which fit into its visions and missions. 4. What does make you proud of being one of ALSA founders or ALSA members? ALSA is a concurrent idea. To establish this institution, not merely the students’ effort that helped us, there also are ISMAHI, the dean, friends as such Reksodiputro, Bang Akbar Tanjung, Bang Ismail Salih, Bang Teuku Radi, lecturers such as Prof. Singgih, and others. So, mentioned as the founders have the very large effect since ALSA was built by concurrent efforts. Moreover, being an ALSA member means have right to become a development agent. 5. Do you think that ALSA activities nowadays are helping to maintain those vision and mission? The most important thing to do to maintain the visions and missions of ALSA is not about the quantity, but about keeping the quality. So, the students have an obligation to provide maximal efforts by focus on developing this institution by offering the information to surrounding society and also enhancing general knowledge by exchanging information toward state institutions so it will be useful to be implemented for public’s interests. However, for real implementation, each member has to comprehend its obligations as a result of jobs distribution. (ND)



Arisan ALSA

which familiarly known as SALSA, is one of the Department of ALSA Gathering’s programs. SALSA’s main purpose is to gather the Board of ALSA LC UI and make them closer one to another so the Board of ALSA LC UI can work as a solid team and also feel like they are one big family here in ALSA LC UI. However, this event is not only set up for the board, but also for all the members of ALSA LC UI. So, don’t ever think that this event is exclusive. is NOT a regular social gathering like the one SALSA whose members take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money like our mothers usually do. We have kind of

to know deeper about the other members of ALSA. There’s no senior-junior. We talked to each other like close friends or you can say, like a very big family. One day, we got coffee from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam which was a gift from our friends that attended ALSA National Seminar and Workshop at Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam on November 2008. Aceh Coffee has a really nice taste and we had a quality coffee time together in ALSA room. We also heard so many wonderful and mesmerizing stories about The ALSA National Seminar and Workshop and about Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam itself. From the stories above, you all can see that we, as in the participants of SALSA, already had fun together and knew each other closer thanbefore, so don’t hesitate to join SALSA! (MKA)

similar concept but not same.We did a visit to Taman Safari on the February 1st 2009. The participants really had a lot of fun together. There were so many funny things happened that day. On the other day, we watched a movie together in Pondok Indah Mall. After watched a movie, we had dinner. We chatted. We shared gossips. We laughed for someone’s jokes. SALSA is definitely a right event



The National Assembly is

waited them and brought them

mission (Commission B) will talk

The Host of The 17th National

an annual event held by Asian

to the Mercure Regency Hotel

about The Recommendation of

Assembly, which will be held on

Law Students Association Na-

where all the participants and

the Work Program of National

2010, is ALSA LC Jember Uni-

tional Chapter Indonesia (ALSA

the committee stayed during

Board 2009/2010 and about

versity, Jember. Last, The Host

NC Indonesia). This year, The

the event.

The 2010 Moot Court Competi-

of The Pre-National Assembly

16th National Assembly was

This event was opened by

tion, while the third commission

and Outward Bound (POWB)

held by ALSA Local Chapter

an opening ceremony on 10th

(Commission C) will deliver the

2010 is ALSA LC UnSrat (Sam

Hasanuddin University started

March 2009, then it continued

issue of the requirements of the

Ratulangi University), Manado.

from 10th of March until 14th

to the National Seminar with

candidates of The Chairperson

Then The 16th National Assem-

of March 2009 and took place

the topic of “Prospect of The

of National Board ALSA NC In-

bly of ALSA NC Indonesia was

in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Renegotiate of Multi National

donesia and also the require-

closed by a closing ceremony

The participants of this event

Corporation’s Contract in Indo-

ments of the candidates of The

on the night of 13th March 2009.

are 12 Local Chapters of ALSA

nesia.” After the National Semi-

International Board of ALSA

On the last day, there is a

NC Indonesia which each Local

nar, this event continued to the

from Indonesia.

Chapter may be represented by

National Meeting.

city tour around Makassar

On the second day, this event

held by the committee from

National Assembly actually is

still continued the National

Hasanuddin University for all

For participating in this event,

the highest constitution of ALSA

Meeting. On the 12th and 13th

the participants. They took all

ALSA Local Chapter University

NC Indonesia which includes

of March 2009, there was the

the participants to The Rot-

of Indonesia (ALSA LC UI) sent

the election for the next Chair-

election for the next Chairper-

terdam Fortress and National

its 10 delegations to Makas-

person of ALSA NC Indonesia

son of ALSA NC Indonesia

Conservation of Bantimurung.

sar. They are Raditya Kosasih

and also the open tender for the

and there were couple of open

After the city tour, all the partici-

as the Director Executive of

hosts of ALSA NC Indonesia’s

tenders for deciding the hosts

pants must say ‘goodbye’ and

ALSA LC UI, Muthia Soebagjo

national events.

for The 17th National Assem-

‘see you in the next national

1 until 10 delegations.

and Yvonne Nafi as the Vices

In The National Assembly, all

bly and The Pre-National As-

event of ALSA’ to the partici-

Director of ALSA LC UI, Shin-

the delegations were divided

sembly and Outward Bound

pants from other Local Chap-

ta Nurfauzia, Aruni Larasati,

to the 3 commissions. The

(POWB) 2010.

ters. Lastly, thank you for all the

Agantaranansa Juanda, Rizky

first commission (Commission

The results are The Chairper-

participants and the committee

Aliansyah, Amalia Putri Izzati,

A) will criticize The Anggaran

son of ALSA NC Indonesia for

that succeed this event. (ADD)

Anindya P., and Zubenubiana

Rumah Tangga and The Garis

2009/2010 is Muhamad Phi-

B. As they arrived in Makassar,

Besar Haluan Kerja of ALSA

losophian from ALSA LC Un-

the committee of the event had

NC Indonesia, the second com-

Pad (Padjajaran University) and



THE KOSASIH REGIME July 2008 “Study Trip Singapore 5-9 July 2008”

August 2008

“ALSA Asian Forum (AAF)” The AAF 2008 was held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was attended by 8 of 10 ALSA’s members, from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, to Indonesia. There were also special guests from Poland, Germany, Australia, and Bangladesh as observers. ALSA NC Indonesia sent its 19 delegates coming from different local chapters. As the result to the assembly, Mr. Chris Potranandana were elected to be the new President of ALSA International Board. What has become the pride to ALSA Indonesia is that we have Ms. Anisa Putri Larasati Sulaiman participating for the 2008-2009 International Boards members as the Academic Activity Coordinator.

September 2008 “ALSA Inauguration“

The purpose of ALSA Inauguration is to welcome the new students of Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, especially those new students that have passion and interest of joining ALSA. This event was held on September 23rd 2008 in Mang Kabayan Restaurant, Margonda, Depok.

October 2008

“Pre-National and Outward Bound (POWB) XV” This year, ALSA LC University of Indonesia (UI) got the honor to be the host of Pre-National Assembly & Outward Bound XV ALSA which took place at Griya Alam Ciganjur, Depok, West Java. There were two main events, which consisted of the Pre-National Assembly (8th - 9th October 2008) and the Outward Bound (9th -10th October 2008) that were organized in two different places. The Assembly was held at Ciganjur while the Outbound was at Sukabumi

September 2008

“Melli Darsa Co. Workshop” Was held on November 12th – November 13th 2009 in S&T Room with the theme of “Legal Due Diligence Process in Merger and Acquisition Transaction”. The lecturers are Melli Darsa, S.H., LL.M. as one of the founders of MDC Law Firm that supported this event, Sugianto Osman, S.H., LL.M., David Siahaan, S.H., LL.M., Zippora Siregar, S.H., M.H., and Elizabeth Silalahi, S.H., LL.M


November 2008

“National Seminar and Workshop” This year, ALSA National Seminar and Workshop took place in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, started from November 18th until November 21st 2008. This event, which was hosted by ALSA LC Syiah Kuala University, took “The Existence of The Islamic Religious (Sharia) Court in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam” as the main theme. This event was participated by the other Local Chapters of ALSA NC Indonesia, except ALSA LC Hasanuddin University and Sam Ratulangi University. Besides, the committee also invited some other universities from all around Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. “ALSA Care” ALSA Care is an annual event of ALSA LC UI. The purpose of ALSA Care is for raising ALSA’s members’ awareness concerning particular actual problem and doing something to solve its problem. This year, the committee’s main theme is “Their Lives, Our Future.” Through this event, the committee is trying to increase children’s welfare, especially children’s education. This event took place in Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and SDN Kalibaru started from November 25th until November 28th 2008.

January 2009 “ALSA Gathering”

The Gathering is one of the ALSA LC UI’s routine programs which is held for making the ALSA LC UI’s members be closer to each other. This gathering took place in Taman Safari, Puncak, West Java on Jakarta, 29th of January 2009.

February 2009

“Moot Court Competition (MCC)” MCC is an annual event held by ALSA NC Indonesia. This year, MCC which is hosted by ALSA LC Airlangga University started from 6th February until 9th February 2000 and took place in Faculty of Law Airlangga University. There are 16 participants that participated in MCC 2009, including 10 Local Chapters of ALSA NC Indonesia and 5 guests. For participating in this event ALSA LC UI did a cooperation with Law Student Association for Legal Practice (LaSALe) Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. The winner of this event is Gadjah Mada University, the runner-up is Padjajaran University, and the second runner-up is Diponegoro University. “Soemadipradja and Taher (S&T) Workshop “ S&T Workshop is the one of ALSA LC UI’s local events that was held on February 11th 2009 with the theme of “Seeking for A Job, First Impression Counts.” The lecturers are Rachmat Soemadipradja, as one of the founders of S&T Law Firm that supported this event, Cut Fikha Lutfi, Yenny Zulmadji and Anggi Yusari as alumnus of ALSA LC UI. “Asian Law Students’ Association International Conference (ALSIC) 2009” ALSIC is one of the largest and most important activities that is held annually by ALSA International Board. This year, with the theme “Overcoming Discrimination in Asia,” the conference took place in Beijing started from February 8th until February 14th 2009 with ALSA NC China as the host and it was participated by 48 universities from 10 countries members of ALSA and also other observers from European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). There were over 500 delegates and guests across Asia, Europe, and Australia participating in this significant event. ALSIC consists of many academic activities, including table discussion, mooting competition, governing council, and academic visit to China Law Society and also China Women’s Federation. “Organizing, Leadership, and Management of ALSA (OLMA)” OLMA is one of ALSA LC UI’s routine programs. OLMA 2009 was held at Villa Insani, Cisarua-Puncak, West Java from 20th – 22nd February 2009. It has one goal which is to make the new college students of Faculty of Law University of Indonesia be the members of ALSA LC UI officially. The participants of OLMA got many benefits by joining it, especially about how to manage themselves, how to become a leader, and the most important thing is how to work together with other people as a team in the organization. Here in OLMA, besides of having fun, they also could share experiences and knowledge with so many seniors and alumnus.




March 2009

“ALSA National Assembly 10-14 March 2009” The National Assembly is an annual event held by ALSA NC Indonesia. This year, the 16th National Assembly was held by ALSA LC Hasanuddin University started from March 10th until March 14th 2009 and took place in Makassar, South Sulawesi. The participants of this event are 12 Local Chapters of ALSA NC Indonesia which each Local Chapter may be represented by 1 until 10 delegates. The result of this National Assembly are The New Chairperson of ALSA NC Indonesia for 2009-2010 which is Muhamad Philosophian from ALSA LC Padjajaran University, The Host of The 17th ALSA National Assembly which is ALSA LC Jember University, Jember and The Host of The Pre-National Assembly and Outward Bound (POWB) 2010 which is ALSA LC Sam Ratulangi University, Manado. “Hendra, Soenardi, dan Rekan (HSR) Workshop” HSR Workshop with the theme of “Practical Aspects of Corporate Law With Regards to Credit and Collateral Transactions” is a local event held by ALSA LCUI that was presented especially for the student of FHUI who’s been in their last term. This workshop was giving the participation the knowledge and skill to face the real job world especially for them who wants to be a corporate lawyer. The lecturers are from the founder of HSR Law Firm, Mr. Eddy Hendra and Mr. Soenardi Pardi. In this opportunity, they also gave a chance for the participation to be an apprentice in their office by winning the test given in the last session of this workshop. Plus there was a scholarship given to the lucky one participation who’s been selected by HSR Law Firm.

April 2009 “ALSA National English Competition (E-Comp)” E-Comp is a series of scientific competition in the linguistic field by using English as the language. It had already been a routine since 1996 with the aim of enhancing and developing English capability of the senior high school students and varsities in the spirit of the fair competition. “Beauty in Variety, Liberty in Unity, English for Entity” is chosen as the theme of ALSA E-Comp 2009. The 13th ALSA E-Comp started from April 16th until April 22nd 2009 and was participated by about 556 participants that participated in many competitions. The competitions consist of Spelling Bee, Speech, Battle of Brains, Debate, Paper Presentation, News Casting, Story Telling, and E-Documentary.


May 2009 “ALSA LC UI Local Assembly” The Local Assembly is the annual event of ALSA LC UI with the purpose of electing the new Director Executive of ALSA LC UI. This event will be held on May 5th until May 6th 2009 in Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. All the members of ALSA LC UI must attend this event because this event is one of the most important events that will decide ALSA LC UI’s new leader for the next 7 months.

FACTBOX Indonesian delegates are known very active in terms of receiving awards in international events. Some of those awards are Best Speaker, Best Delegates, Best Commission and also Miss ALSA. The youngest local chapter in the Indonesia National Commitee is Local Chapter University Syiah Kuala. Did you know that for 2 (two) years in a row, the President of the International Board has been from Thailand. Did you know that in the recent 3 (three) International ALSA Moot Court Competition, ALSA LCUI have always been an Indonesian representative. Did you know that the number of event committee member of the Beijing China ALSIC is only 37 (thirty seven), compared to the Bangkok AAF that had 98 (ninety eight) committee members. Did you know that Taiwan is actually a member of ALSA, but they have not been active recently. Did you know that Malaysia also were inactive for sometime until they re-awaken and made the ALSIC 2008. Did you know that there used to be a debate competition at the AFF, but now they’ve changed it to a Mootcourt Competition and moved to ALSIC.




was dominated by class of 2007 in Law

E-Comp 2009. It is a group competition

ALSA LC UI that consists of many competi-

Faculty, University of Indonesia consists of

where the participants are required to make

tions which was participated by both var-

not only the member of ALSA, but also the

a short movie regarding the activities during

sities and high school students. As past

non-members. The committee chose that

ALSA E-Comp 2009 itself. They are allowed

year, the competitions that ALSA E-Comp

theme because they truly believed that vari-

to use phone-camera to record the activities

are Debating, Speech, Paper Presentation,

ety is beautiful, that the freedom and liberty

until the fourth day. The winning movie will be

Spelling Bee, News Casting, Story Telling,

of expression can exist without ruining the

screened on the night of the ALSA E-comp

and Battle of Brains. However, in this 13th

unity and that English can create an entity

2009 closing ceremony. The purpose of this

ALSA E-comp, there is a

competition is to develop the

new branch of competi-

creativity of the participants

tion. It is E-documentary.

in expressing ideas with short

E-documentary is about


presenting the five days of

The opening ceremony of this

this E-comp documentary.

event was held in the Balai Si-

Each participant is allowed

dang Djokosoetono, Faculty

to record every E-comp

of Law, UI and attended by all

moments by their video

participants, committee, ALSA

recorders or cell phones.

LC UI board, and also Dean

Then on the 5th day ALSA

of Faculty of Law University of among all the varieties. The participant of

E-comp, each participant will present their

Indonesia, Prof. Safri Nugraha, S.H., LL.M. this competition is also magnificent with 556

video. They, who catch the memorable and

The closing ceremony of this event was held participants from high school and university

creative ones, will be chosen as the winner.

in Auditorium Djokosoetono Faculty of Law in Indonesia.

This 13th ALSA E-Comp theme is Beauty

with an announcement of the champions E-Documentary (hereinafter known as E-

in Variety, Liberty in Unity, English for En-

from each group of competition. Doc) is a new branch of competition in ALSA

tity. This year, ALSA E-Comp committee

Thank you for all the support “Obstacles are found in life. You’ll have to face it no matter what. Starting from now, give your best to ALSA, while you still have time. Someday you’ll remember these memorable days, and smile, since you’ve given your best efforts to ALSA” - Rizky Amelia (Former Secretary General ALSA National Board Indonesia 2008-2009)

Newsletter ALSA Edition 3 Volume 3  
Newsletter ALSA Edition 3 Volume 3  

Newsletter ALSA