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European Food Video

Influences › Anglo Saxons  Hunted, fished and gathered nuts & berries for food  Small gardens along the edge of the forests  Grain for bread  Milk into cheese  Puddings and pies › Normans  Unusual dishes – tripe  Spices

Chicken  Hogs  Sheep  Wild Game  Dairy cattle 

› Particularly Irish cattle

Wheat  Oats  Barley  Potatoes 

Whiting  Dover sole  Halibut  salmon  Cod  Haddock  Mackerel  Cockles 

Fish n Chips

Bubble & Squeak  Cold cooked beef and potatoes mixed with Brussels sprouts

Toad in the Hole

Shepherd’s Pie  Finely chopped meat & leftover vegetables toped with mashed potatoes and baked

Cornish pastries are hand-held turnovers filled with meat and root vegetables, and shaped like a half moon. ď‚ž The English dish, Yorkshire pudding, is a popover baked in the hot pan drippings from a roast beef. ď‚ž

Apples › Baked

› Apple charlotte › Apple crumble › Apple pudding

› Apple sponge

Strawberries  Plums 

Carrots  Spinach  Parsnips  Peas  Beans  Cabbage  Cauliflower  Onions  Potatoes 

Steak & Kidney Pie › Slices of kidney with beef & chuck › Savory gravy › Pastry crust


Pudding Basin

Aka pudding cake  Pound cake  Fruit or jam  Soaked with sherry  Filled with layers of custard, fresh fruit, whipped cream and silvered almonds 


An English dish that consists of pureed fruit folded into whipped cream is fool.

Breakfast › Eggs, bacon fried bread with marmalade &


Lunch › Meat or cheese sandwich and tea › * Sunday Lunch is the main meal

Tea › Light meal


staple crop of Scotland is oats.  Cock-a-leekie soup is a Scottish soup made of chicken & leeks.



A Scottish dish consisting of a sheep stomach stuffed with a mixture of oats, organ meats, onions, and beef or lamb suet is called haggis.

Sheep  Veal  Pork  Seafood 

Carrots  Potatoes 

Tatws slaw  Mashed potatoes with buttermilk


Bara brith

One of the main staples of Ireland is potatoes. ď‚ž An Irish dish of mashed leaks mixed with chopped, cooked cabbage is colcannon. ď‚ž

Corned beef & cabbage

Irish Stew

Barmbrack › All Hallows’ Eve

October 31st › Wedding ring inside › Receiver will marry before the year ends

Sponge cake  Irish Whiskey Cake 

Breakfast 

Porridge, eggs, bread, butter & tea

Dinner › Served in the middle

of the day › Main meal 

Tea › At 6 pm

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