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Chapter 54

Southern & Eastern Asia

I. SOUTH ASIA India  Nepal  Bhutan  Bangladesh  Sri Lanka  Maldives 

Staples of Indian cuisine: Basmati Rice  Chilies  Coconuts  Wheat 

Staples of Indian Cuisine Mangoes  Legumes  Almonds  Pistachios  Tamarinds 

Indian cuisine spices







Indian cuisine is best known spices






Garam masala  Ground  Mortar  pestle

whole seeds, pods & buds

Indian Cuisine 

   

a dish of vegetables or legumes in a hot, highly seasoned sauce Mung beans Pumpkin Lentils with plantain Seafood

Indian Cuisine ď‚ž Dal

is a mixture puree of legumes, onions, chiles & tomatoes.


Chutneys are traditional condiments in Indian cuisine that include mixtures of sugar, mangoes, raisins, nutmeg with pepper and vinegar.

Nan is a traditional flatbread of Northern India, usually leavened with yogurt.

A tandoor is a rounded, clay, charcoal-burning oven used for baking in Northern India.

 World’s 3rd largest nation  inventing tofu, the soy curds


Yin & Yang Sweet  Salty  Sour  Bitter  Umani (savory) 

Chinese Staples  long grain rice  onions, scallions  broccoli  spinach  cabbage  eggplant  peppers

Chinese Staples

    

green beans bean sprouts mushrooms carrots Diakon (an Asian radish)

Chinese Livestock 

Pork  Chicken  Beef  Duck

Chinese Sauces Plum sauce  Oyster sauce  Hoisin sauce  Mustard  Sesame & peanut oils 


The main cooking techniques in China are stirfrying and steaming.

Peking Duck ď‚ža

popular Chinese dish in North China

Japan 

4 islands:  Hokkaido  Honshu  Shikoku

 Kyushu

mountainous  only 15% fertile land 

Japanese Staples 

Soybeans are one of the most important and versatile foods in Japan. 

The primary seasoning is soy sauce.

Rare beef served with condiments is called teriyaki.

Sukiyaki ď‚ž

uniformly thin slices of seasoned beef and vegetables that are quickly grilled

Tempura ď‚ž

crisp, batterfried pieces of vegetables and fish

Sushi ď‚ž vinegary

rice, strips of raw or cooked fish, eggs or vegetables that are rolled up in seaweed

Japanese Livestock & Seafood kobe beef, cattle raised on a special diet  tuna  bass  flounder  cod  mackeral  carp  squid 

Japanese Seafood ayu (sweet fish)  katsuo  fugu (blowfish) 

Ayu (sweet fish)

Katsuo used to make stock

North & South Korea Korea is situated on a peninsula, between China & Japan. ď‚ž Korea is renowned for its traditional dish called kimchee, which is fermented dish of cabbage, daikon radish & seasoned. ď‚ž


The countries of Southeast Asia lie south of China & India.

The most important seasoning in Southeast Asia is fish sauce. ď‚ž Dishes made by wrapping ingredients in leaves are a specialty in the Southeast Asian countries of Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. ď‚ž

Thailand offers spring rolls & a favorite dessert Kha Ya Khoo, green ice cream.  Vietnam’s national dish is pho, beef & noodle soup. 


Laos offers o-lam, a combination of cubed water buffalo meat with egg plant and wild mushrooms.

Indonesia The tropical countries of Indonesia which include Bali, Sumatra, and Borneo, are known as the “Spice Islands.”  This tropical zone is rich in citrus & tropical fruits, including oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, mangoes, bananas, papayas, avocados & coconuts. 

Philippines The most important foods in the cuisine of the Philippines are rice and seafood. ď‚ž Main vegetables are sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage & eggplant. ď‚ž

Southern & Eastern Asia  

notes on China, Japan and India

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