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This is the question I get asked the most and my answer is always somewhat surprising... There Isn't One! Exercising your abs in isolation doesn't increase your metabolic rate enough to stimulate your body into losing fat. So how do you lose tummy fat and get those visible six pack abs? I find that most people with fat to lose are looking for a "golden nugget" - the abdominal workout that is going to transform their body within weeks. Here's the truth... these people are going down the wrong path! You don't reduce belly fat by doing ab exercises. By focussing a lot of time and energy on these exercises thinking it will result in a flatter stomach and well defined abs you are stopping yourself from following a strategy which will work permanently. My recommendation as to the perfect exercises for reducing tummy fat would be to take on full body exercises. Examples of these would be squats, sprinting, barbell presses, deadlifts, lunges, etc. It's very important to use a combination of these exercises and not just one or two in isolation. Your body metabolism needs to be maximised and how you put together these different exercises goes a long way to achieving this. It would be wrong of me to say that there isn't a place for specific abdominal exercises. However these should only form a small percentage of the overall workout program. Most people don't recognise that a side-effect of full body exercising is that you are indirectly working your entire stomach area without necessarily knowing it. I've focussed on exercising so far, but this isn't the true secret to losing belly fat. Nutrition and what you eat is key. It doesn't matter how hard you exercise, if your diet is poor then your abs will remain hidden by fat. So just to recap... With immediate effect stop wasting time and energy on "ab exercise props" and exercises such as leg raises and sit ups. Start focussing on intense full body lifts and put together a program which includes four or five of these to maximise your metabolism. At the same time treat yourself to a healthy eating plan which includes natural whole foods. Trust me that six pack you long for will not be far away.

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==== ==== loose abdominal fat ==== ====

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