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ABOUT LanaBetty is a small design and jewelry company based in Vancouver, BC. We originally began as a part-time hobby after university and over the years we began to grow and develop our aesthetic. You can now find LanaBetty in almost 30 shops and art galleries across Canada and we began hiring our first employees this fall. We predominantly design in 3D and use a myriad of techniques to bring our designs to life. We use steel, brass, sterling silver, and precious metals to accentuate and showcase our ideas. We love gemstones and the faceted shapes they can make and have been working to incorporate their angles into our designs. We would love to have your shop on board to help share our story and show our work to the world. Will you join us?

OUR COMMITTMENT To us, it is important to know where the materials and supplies that go into your jewellery come from as much as where it is designed and made. We work with manufacturers in North America and the European Union to pay a living, working wage to employees who help us make our 3D prints a reality. All of our findings, sterling silver, and metal components are ethically sourced in North America. The gemstones used in our designs are hand cut from a third generation gemcutter in India and we work directly with him and his family to ensure the highest quality and living wages are paid - to us, this is another version of “supporting local� where we work direct rather than through websites or suppliers.

3D PRINTING PROCESS STEEL 3D printed directly into the final shape using stainless steel powder; this is a zero-waste process. The end composition (which may vary) is approximately 60% steel / 40% bronze. Because of the volatile nature of the annealing process, the final color of each piece may vary slightly. Most pieces are polished for 10 days in a soft cornmeal tumbler until smooth. Print lines are often evident and electroplating is robust and textured. BRASS + STERLING SILVER 3D printed in wax and cast using traditional lost-wax casting techniques. Once cast, the mold is destroyed and the piece is polished and tumbled. Print lines are only visible on raw brass and plating is extremely smooth and polished. Raw brass pieces are complete after polishing and are ready to be made into jewelry. Rose Gold, 18K Gold, and Rhodium Brass each receive a palladium under-plate to provide strength and durability. Pieces are electroplated with a beautiful shiny luster and smooth finish.

Collections We have several collections for offer and will be happy to work with you to develop a collection that is the best fit for your shop’s aesthetic. - Art Deco - Flora & Fauna - Pop & Fresh - Quotation - Geometric Desires Our earrings start at $22 (perfect for gifts and keepsakes) and our necklaces start at $80. We can also work with you to design a custom piece that is unique to your shop* *miniumum 10 pieces per finish required.

Care Instructions Always remove your lanabetty pieces when swimming or using a hot tub, as chlorine may effect the finish. Use care when applying parfume, body lotions, and other chemicals, as direct contact may dull the lustre of your jewelry or cause it to tarnish at an accelerated rate. To clean your lanabetty jewelry and to keep it looking best, use a jewelry polishing cloth available on our website or a fine jewelry store.

Wholesale Terms ORDERS TO PAYMENT VIA Online Invoicing: credit card or paypal 50% paid at time of order remainder paid prior to shipment MINIMUM OPENING ORDER $400, re-order minimum $300 SHIPPING the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. All shipments will be sent insured and will require a signature.

Photography: Stu-di-o Jeanie Model: Miranda Hudson Florals: Celsia Floral

Contact We are active on social media and we are committed to growing LanaBetty and promoting the shops who carry our products. As part of our committment, we will showcase your store via online interview, facebook, email, and of course, instagram. Let’s get in touch and begin what will be a terrific relationship.

LanaBetty - Wholesale Catalogue  

We are proud to share our new wholesale catalogue with the world - take a peek, explore, and let us know if you have any questions.

LanaBetty - Wholesale Catalogue  

We are proud to share our new wholesale catalogue with the world - take a peek, explore, and let us know if you have any questions.