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Craft & styling projects to make your festive home unique

6 Christmas themes

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WinteR WHiteS folk mAgiC Simple SCANdi elegAnt gold RuStic cHARM ClASSiC HigHlANd

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Make it

Make it Christmas

welcome This year, make Christmas really special, thanks to our gorgeous decorating, crafting, gifting, styling and wrapping ideas. Start by choosing your look – we’ve six to pick from: Winter Whites, Simple Scandi, Elegant Gold, Folk Magic, Rustic Retreat and Classic Highland, then try our projects for bringing it to life. Learn simple foliage techniques, have a go at creative wrapping projects and style gorgeous place settings that will impress friends and family as you share your home at this wonderful time of year. And of course, if you prefer a project from a different section to the style or colour you’ve chosen, all of our ideas and crafts can be modifed to suit your own particular scheme. Enjoy your pre-festive crafting and styling time – and I wish you all a Happy Christmas,


Make it Christmas

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six gorgeous themes for a super-stylish christmas




6 Winter Whites 28 Simple Scandi 48 Elegant Gold 68 Folk Magic 88 Rustic Charm 108 Classic Highland 005

Look one

Create a magical look this year with a mix of snowy white, sparkling metallics and a hint of crystal. Add texture with faux fur and shimmering glassware and, for a barely there colour hit, pick soft mauve and sage for wrap and ribbons.


treat Christmas visitors to an enchanted welcome with a wintry forest decal scene on your front door. Cut your own from self-adhesive vinyl and window film or buy one ready made. if making one, cut your design in reverse so it’s the right way round from the outside. hang a eucalyptus wreath – artificial or fresh – from a mauve ribbon bow to complete your magical hallway

Step inSide a winter

give a neutral scheme its own magical look with an injection of frosty whites, made extra special with shimmering metallics

sparkling living room Go for elegance with crisp whites, touches of glittering silver and plenty of reflective finishes. Choose a flocked or snow-dusted tree rather than a traditional green one, giving the room an instant winter-wonderland feel, as if it’s just snowed. dress with baubles in antique gold, white glass and crystal, and simple Led fairy lights nestled among the branches. a simple yet striking star tree topper is echoed by a larger version on the console table, while embellished cushions add an extra dimension to the sofa.

We love dressing a fir garland with glittering silver sprigs

twinkling hallway Create your own winter wonderland scene in your hall by styling side tables with mini white trees and lanterns, leading the eye to your hero Christmas tree (if you have the space). Stack beautifully wrapped gifts on a painted chair and pop underneath the tree. Twist a ready-made garland around your banister, leaving gaps for hands as people go up and down the stairs, then add fairy lights and sprigs of inexpensive gypsophilia sprayed silver for shimmer. Finally, tie several hero baubles together with a delicate white organza ribbon to dress your newel post. 010

eraTed p o y r e T T a uSe b To add S T h ig l y ir Fa arland g a o T e l k Spar


ElEgant dining room Style a magical scene for Christmas Lunch using stars hung above your table. reflected in a mirror, just two provide a great effect, especially when teamed with woodland-inspired wallpaper. Drape fairy lights over the mirror and along your mantelpiece. on the table, use crockery with silver edging, glassware to match and simple white crackers. Group small votives on a cake stand for an easy-to-move centrepiece.

We love Teaming a flaT whiTe bed sheeT wiTh a fesTive Table runner


heMe C S L a r t U e Lift a n SSorieS e C C a h it W SiLver in CLaSSiC

luxurious dEtails Show off your wrapping skills with a beautifully presented box of chocolates nestled among sparkling cushions in a corner of your sofa. Use small baubles (shatterproof ones are best) attached with florist’s wire for a decadent touch, then tuck in a piece of fresh foliage – herbs are ideal and key to our Winter Whites theme. Wrap your box of chocolates using double sided-tape or Magic tape for a neat finish, and wait for your guests to discover them after Christmas Lunch. 013

Winter Whites

LiTTLe Touches

Try our craft and styling ideas to introduce this elegant look into your home. You’ll need plenty of fresh foliage, silver accessories and ribbons


miniature book tree Tear The covers off an old paperback. Fold the first page diagonally, so the top-right hand corner sits along the binding. FoLD again so the diagonal edge sits against the binding – a point will be created at the bottom. Fold the point upwards, in line with the bottom of the book (the tree stands on this edge so it needs to be straight). conTinue The above for all the remaining pages. Once finished, bend the binding of the book back on itself to fan the pages out. You should end up with a sturdy, pleated cone.

We love Trimming The book Tree wiTh sTick-on gems and a sTar



sTyLish presenTs Finish off gifts for special friends with our easy corsages of rosemary, thyme, sage and roses. Secure with a rubber band before tying onto your pressies.

ends CuT ribbOn Or ‘v’ T in O p a O T aYing r F p O T s O shape T



white rose wreath Soak a 20cm foam florist’s wreath in water, dry the base and place on a flat surface. Tie on a length of raffia, ready for hanging. cUT a SelecTion of foliage, fresh herbs and white flowers so the stems are 8-10cm long. cover The wreaTh with greenery – fir, ivy, sage, rosemary and eucalyptus are all ideal. Next, trim your flowers until there is just enough stem on each bloom to hold it in the foam. PUSh The flowerS into the ring, spacing them evenly. Tie two pieces of ribbon into a bow and wire to the top of your wreath.

d ribboN e ir w a e s U Ur bow To sTop yo g shape from losiN 016

place setting

Shimmering STack Pile up crockery at each guest’s place. Start with a silver place mat (round ones will give more space), then add plates for the main course and starter, before topping with a dessert bowl. Finish with a fresh herb corsage.

We love mixing silver charger plates with everyday white china



baubLe Lantern Use a mix of delicate glass baubles and battery-operated LEDs to fill an empty storm lantern or wire bird cage. Position in front of a mirror to enhance the effect.

We love styling with metallic baubles, using them to add shimmer


s onto g e p i in m ip cl s for n o b ib r y c floun tags t if g g in h c atta


twig display use either shop-bought twig wall art (metal or wood is fine) or spray paint a number of sturdy twigs, gluing with a hot glue gun at their base to form a fan shape. Lean your twig piece

against a wall – on a console table in a hallway is perfect – before clipping on cards with mini silver pegs. Drape with decorative fairy lights, choosing ones with interesting shapes around each bulb for an extra-magical glow.

Winter Whites

containers Pick jars, tins and even coffee cups to make presents extra special

Idea no.


snow globes Take the lid of a screw-top jar and sand the inside until rough. Using a clear-drying epoxy, fix your tree decorations to the inside of the lid and leave to dry. Fill the jar almost to the top with water, then add a dash each of glitter and glycerine. Tightly screw on the lid and finish with a ribbon bow around the jar’s neck.


Idea no.


Mince pie filling

We love

Mix up a batch of mincemeat to your preferred recipe. While cooling, sterilise clip-top Kilner jars in the dishwasher. Fill each one with the mincemeat, adding a circle of greaseproof paper to the top before closing the lid. Tie a fork or spoon onto each with silver ribbon, then add a bell or other small decoration.

Tying a cUTe decoraTion onTo edible giFTs To keeP

Idea no.


sewing jar Draw around your jar lid onto card and cut out. Cut a circle of fabric 5cm larger. Tack around the edge and pull to create a pouch. Stuff, then add your card circle and pull the thread tightly. Stitch to secure. Glue to the jar lid and finish with a ribbon band.

jAr FiniSh your iF CuT WiTh A MoT iC FroM FAbr Idea no. Idea no.



biscuit tin for cooks Make up a batch of your favourite shortbread biscuits and stack them on a piece of greaseproof paper in a silver cake tin with a lid. Add a set of shaped cookie cutters, a sugar shaker and the recipe for the biscuits, written out by hand. Pop the tin lid on and add a bow and gift tag.

chocolate truffle cup Either make or buy a dozen delicious chocolate truffles. Decant them into a ribbed paper cup, handling them as little as possible to stop them melting. Sit the cup in the centre of a cellophane square. Pull up each of the corners and secure with natural string or twine for a rustic touch. 021

felt parcels pre-cut white felt squares are ideal for wrapping small boxes and books. Use pins to temporarily secure the felt around the gift before tying with white ribbon. remove the pins and tie on a brown luggage label, stamped with your christmas message, to the centre of the bow.

We love Using pieces of inexpensive felt for christmas crafting


Winter Whites

wrap ideas Use tactile fabrics, shiny foils and pages from a book as wrap

faux-fur stockings Draw a stocking shape h60cm x W30cm on paper and use to cut two from fur fabric. pin, with right sides together, and machine stitch around, then turn. repeat to make a white stocking, adding a fur cuff to the top.

recycled paper wrap Tear out pages from books picked up at charity shops, then trim the torn edges with scissors. Tape together to make large pieces of gift wrap. Once your present is wrapped, finish by cutting strips from the pages of the book and looping to form a rosette for the top of your gift.

gift crackers Wrap small gifts in delicate tissue paper then make your cracker as per the kit instructions, leaving one end open. Pop your gift inside, before securing the end with ribbon. Curl the ribbon ends using scissors.

wall display ideas try these easy festive makes for your walls remove the glass

from a box frame and discard safely. Cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit the frame’s backing board and glue in place. spray wooden letters with white paint. once dry, glue them onto the backing board.

traCe the star template on page 128. glue thin card onto the back of a piece of wallpaper then, using the template, cut out five star points. take one piece and fold to make a point, fixing with double-sided tape. repeat, then tape together.


ring Use shimme r qUick votives fo ements ang floral arr

Set a Sparkly tree or sprayed

branches in a silver planter or ceramic vase using plaster of paris. Style in front of a large distressed white-painted mirror to highlight the effect


& Shimmer Mirror faux fur metallic toucheS

snowy trees

glass decorations



Christmas delivered From show-stopping trees and beautiful decorations, to fabulous gifts and decadent food treats, you’ll fnd everything you need to make this year’s Christmas really special (and easy) at Dobbies

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We love takING the kIDs to Meet FatheR ChRIstMas at DobbIes

wreath traditions Use a mix of cinnamon sticks, dried oranges and berries to decorate a plain wreath – it will smell wonderful and evoke the spirit of Christmas past. Fresh wreath, from £9.99; pack of dried oranges, £3.99; pack of three cinnamon stick bundles; pack of three decoration berries; both £1.99 each; all Dobbies

present stockings dress your mantelpiece with a fir garland and vibrant red berries before hanging up stockings, ready to be filled. Rosehip swag, £19.99; Red knitted stockings with fur trim, £11.99 each; all Dobbies

hero baubles decorate with red, gold and hints of tartan for a traditional yet smart tree. Red tartan glass bauble, £2.99; Gold acorn bauble, £2.99; both Dobbies

wendy mackenzie, head of christmas, dobbies

more information

metalliC glamoUr Ideas to make your home sparkle, from Dobbies 1 tie metalliC decorations

2 PoP yoUr gUests’ place

together with ribbon and hang from a picture rail. Diamanté star, £3.99; Glass baubles, from £2.99 each

settings for Christmas lunch under a metallic bird ornament for a fun yet stylish touch. Gold bird, from £1.50

000 027 124

one-stoP shoP Pick up everything you need for a special Christmas, from trees to gifts, at Dobbies. disCover even more online Visit for ideas and tips on how to create the look and shop a selection of the Christmas range. get involved! Pop along to Ladies Night at Dobbies on 27 November 2014 for canapés, a glass of fizz, competitions and much more. Tickets cost £1.

Look two

Go for cheerful reds, mid blues and white to give your home a splash of Nordic Christmas charm. This is a great look for lovers of modern country style, allowing you to mix wicker and natural wood with knits in classic Scandi patterns.

000 028

put up a painted peg rail

in your hallway to provide invaluable extra space for guests’ winter coats and scarves, and use it to hang baskets of presents and scandi-style stars. either look for wooden stars or make your own from cardboard, painting first with cream emulsion then grey for a distressed feel

EmbracE a modErn

Snowfakes and stars, Dala horses, natural woods and Scandi-style knits all give a neutral scheme plenty of Christmas character

charming family room Keep things calm and understated with elements of a Scandi christmas brought into your living or family space. choose twig-style trees, which take up less space than their fir equivalents, placing a smaller one on a sideboard and a floor-standing one by the side of a sofa. add twinke with fairy lights and hand-made felt decorations in red and white (make your own using a cookie cutter as a template). dress the fireplace with a simple garland and more magical fairy lights, wooden trees, dala horses and candlesticks lined up along the mantel shelf. Finally, style your sofas with ticking-style cushions in off-white and red and add a cosy faux-fur throw.

We love uSing pre-lit faux-twig treeS DreSSeD with felt StarS

light & airy kitchen Give a simple painted kitchen Nordic style with crisp table linens, everyday white crockery and touches of red. Spray-paint a few twigs and pop in a white vase for a simple counter-top tree, which you can dress with cookie-cutter stars, hung from narrow red ribbon. Use knitted mini stockings to house a knife, fork and spoon at each place setting and pile up sweet treats on cake stands. Make a decorative chair back from large pine cones tied together with invisible nylon thread, which can be looped through the back rest.

wiTh S d A p ir A h dreSS C de froM A M S r e v o C oweLS LiNeN TeA T

We love cutting jam jar covers from gingham fabric remnants

festive larder Line a glazed kitchen cabinet with delicious treats, ready for a Scandi-influenced Christmas. Start by trimming the edges of your shelves with wide red and white braid – look for an embroidered design for a pattern hit – using double-sided tape at the corners to hold in place. Then line some of the shelves with jam jars filled with biscuits, sweets and savoury nibbles, and stack festive crockery on others. Add a decorative Nordic heart to the handle of the cabinet. 000 033

or an Look out f junk t a h ig e L s oLd rkets a m d n a s p sho

scenic hallway dress your stairs with red faux-berry garlands for a shot of cheerful colour, then arrange a few large statement houses on top of a natural sisal or coir rug. if the lights are mains powered, hide any cables to avoid spoiling the overall effect. if using candles, battery-operated ones are best for safety. if you are lucky enough to own (or find) a vintage sleigh, then pile it with beautifully wrapped gifts in photo-image gift paper featuring berries and leaves, on top of a faux-fur throw. 034

relaxing bedroom Bring scandi style into your guest bedroom with white bed linen (if you have a lace-trimmed sheet, so much the better), layering with snug blankets and throws. pop a pair of red patterned oxford pillowcases under white ones for extra definition. dress the windowsill with a dala horse, a natural wooden tree and wicker stars, plus a posey of roses and berries on the bedside table. finally, lay a welcoming tea tray filled with treats ready for guests to enjoy.

We love making guests feel welcome with gifts left in bedrooms

Simple Scandi

little toucheS

Keep your Christmas look simple yet stylish with our easy makes and fnishing touches for your home, using plenty of classic Scandi red


Stamped bagS Use a large snowflake stamp to decorate brown kraft paper bags, adding a butcher’s twine tie and gift tag held in place with washi tape.

We love adding a few traditional baubles to a scandi look

000 036


scrapbook paper baubles cut two StripS of patterned paper 30cm x 2.5cm and two strips 29cm x 2.5cm. Punch a hole at both ends of each strip. take one of the shorter strips and loop to form a circle, holding at the punched ends; loop the second shorter strip around the first. Repeat with the two longer strips. Secure together through the punched holes with a split pin. cut a piece of ribbon double the finished hanging length required and snip a hole halfway, slip over the split pin and tie the ends together. Finish by gluing on a ribbon bow.

to a F l e S R u o y tReat PbooK a R C S F o K PaC hiS yeaR’S t R o F R e P Pa eCtS CRaFt PRoj

secUre o t e p a t e Us stead in n o b ib r wide arland g h s e r F a oF rs on baniste


natural wreath Pick uP florist’s wire and a fir wreath (at least 40cm in diameter) from your local florist. start by adding additional foliage, such as ivy and berries, using the wire to secure in place. Keep checking you have distributed evenly – dividing your wreath into thirds often helps. Wire on large natural decs, such as apples and pine cones. For the apples, bend a piece of wire in half and poke the looped end (slightly separated) through the apple from the stem; twist through your wreath and secure.

000 038

We love dipping the base of pine cones into acrylic paint

place setting

decorative cones Choose large pine cones with relatively flat bases. Tie with grossgrain ribbon, as if wrapping a gift. Finish with a mini decoration.


washi tape card tree Stick a length of masking tape to your wall or door. Fix a piece of double-sided tape to the centre of this and peel off the backing. Place a piece of wide ribbon on this and press in place. Working from the ribbon out and around 5cm from the bottom, start to arrange your cards into a ‘tree’ shape, using washi tape to hold each in place. Start and finiSh the next row shorter than the previous one as you work your way up the ribbon. Finally, add a felt snowflake to the top of your ‘tree’.

to your n o s d r a c Fix o or w t h it w ’ e ‘tre F taPe o s e c ie P e thre

000 040


berry lantern Pop a small tumbler inside a large glass vase, then surround with berries. Add a pillar candle, before finishing with a ribbon bow.

We love raiding the ribbon box to find the perfect trimming

Simple Scandi


Use fr, ivy, eucalyptus and even fruit to create Scandi-style arrangements

Idea no.


apple holders Half-core four reddish-green apples, choosing ones that sit fairly flat. Force a candle holder into each, before adding a tall candle, ensuring that it is secure. Pop on a windowsill then wind lengths of fresh ivy around the apples. Never leave burning candles unattended.

We love MakiNg a CHristiNgle FroM oraNges aNd Cloves

000 042

Idea no.


Berry corsage Use the offcuts of berries bought for larger arrangements, such as your wreath, to add decorative touches to cupboards. Simply hold in place with washi tape in red and white Scandi-style patterns.

Idea no.


door dec take a large piece of fir, add in eucalyptus and thistle heads, binding together with florist’s wire. attach a pair of mittens, pine cones and bells, a larger star decoration at the bottom for weight, plus a red/white ribbon. Wire onto your door’s handle.

ree or Save any t mingS im r t h t a e wr ojectS r p r e l l a m for S Idea no.


name Blocks Idea no.

Drill a small hole in the top of a number of pine offcuts and sand the edges smooth. add a drop of wood glue into each hole before fixing a small sprig of fir (cut from your christmas tree) in place. finally, stamp your guests’ initials on all sides of the block using letter stamps and a blue ink pad, to make rustic place markers.


fancy knocker wire on a large fir branch (sold separately at your local florist) to your door knocker, adding a bow of red ribbon. then dress with lightweight decorations in Scandi red and white – felt ones are ideal but avoid glass designs. 000 043

We love uSing layerS of reD anD white tiSSue inSiDe gift bagS

sweet bags fold over the top of a brown paper gift bag and punch a hole through the fold and the bag. Pop in hand-made sweets before tying red and white striped ribbon through all four layers to secure. hand-stamp a message onto a luggage label, leaving space to write your name for a personal touch.

Simple Scandi

craFt ideas

advent bags With a medium-width artist’s paintbrush, paint even freehand stripes onto mini gift bags or envelopes using red poster paint. Allow to dry before clipping to a twig of a faux tree, adding a small gift to each as an Advent countdown.

Style a Nordic Christmas with our tricks using decorative papers

3d tree cards Cut three squares of craft paper, 6cm, 5cm and 4cm. fold diagonally with wrong sides together. open and fold across other diagonal. open, push sides together to form a triangle; crease. with the top point of the triangle at the top, fold in the left side to an imaginary central line. repeat with the right side. form a tree shape by tucking the point of the large tree under the base of the medium one, then under the base of the small tree. glue, add a ‘trunk’, fix to the card.

date wrap Set a date stamp to 25 Dec 2014 and, using a red ink pad, stamp to form squares of pattern on plain white paper. Use butcher’s twine threaded with letter beads to secure and label parcels.

cake stand ideas Display gifts and edible treats Scandi style First, wraP GiFts in red and white paper – choose a variety of different-sized boxes. tie two large ones together with ribbon, pop on a christmas cake stand, then arrange smaller boxes in front. Finish with a scandi-inspired decoration.

Use a simPle tiered cake stand for after-dinner biscuits or sweet treats. choose ones wrapped in red and white paper and nestle mini red baubles among each. serve with a boozy christmas coffee or tea in red and white mugs.

000 045 124

hang up a itted row of kn a for stockings feel g in m o c l e w

look for red and white knitted stockings with heart, tree and star patterns, and fill with small gifts 000


pattern Cheerful StarS scarlet & white

dala horses

000 047 124

Look three

Embrace full-on glamour with rich gold for this year’s Christmas look. Glistening and decadent with a nod to the 1920s, gold is perfect for adding opulence to every room. Introduce copper and amber tones for extra warmth and depth.

000 048

turn a neutral dining

room into a lavish space by introducing plenty of gold touches. Cut a circular tablecloth from shimmering gold fabric, hemming the edge. dress your tree with lots of gold baubles, adding wrapped gifts to the base (tied with oversized wired ribbons in golden hues)


We love adding a touch of vintage style with cream flowers

introduce a dramatic

make your home extra-special this year with plenty of gilded touches, guaranteed to create ‘wow’ in every room

golden living room already a fan of using warm neutrals in your decorating schemes? then you’ll have the perfect backdrop for adding shimmer – choose a sparkling white or white-flocked tree, traditional gold glass baubles and fairy lights (avoid any with a blue-white hue). Look for festive ornaments to create a stylish mantelpiece display – stags, mini trees and lanterns in yellow-gold will soon add a feeling of grandeur to your look. Finally, dress your sofa with glitzy gold cushions.

wide f o l e e r a BUy lassic c in n o B iB r Ure trim t a n ig s a s gold a

ribbon card holder display elegant christmas cards down the side of your hearth, hung from a piece of wide gold ribbon away from the fire. Use a small piece of double-sided tape to hold each card to the ribbon, then secure the top of the ribbon under the mantle shelf. Prop up cards with elaborate candles and votives which, when lit, will add to the golden glow of the room. choose a signature festive scent for your home fragrance that will flow from room to room. 052

present corner make a feature of your gifts wrapped in metallic high-shine paper by stacking them under a gold-branch tree. Pop a smart tailored armchair by the side of the tree for a stylish way to hand out gifts to your friends and family. Keep the look as sparkling as possible and enhance the twinkle of fairy lights and candles by choosing clear glass or acrylic baubles with just a hint of gold.

We love swapping a fir tree for a gold one with glass baubles

s oF Ip t e h t y a r sp d For L o G s e n o pIne C repIeCe t n e C k IC U aq

sophisticated table Let the beauty of a rich, dark-wood table shine through in a gold dining room, which will allow crisp white restaurant-style crockery to stand out. Look for charger plates in on-trend copper to echo your other stylist’s touches, such as a bauble favour for your guests and, of course, plenty of votives. Finish your Christmas table with glasses that have gold or copper detail, such as coloured stems, swirls or even block colour, channelling the glamour and decadence of the 1920s. 054

hotel-style dining room Give your entertaining space a new focal point for Christmas with a trio of rich gold wreaths hung from wide ribbon, then trail a laser-cut leaf garland along the mantelpiece for a delicate touch. Use accent lighting and amber votive candles to add to the warm glow. If you’re using a green faux-fir Christmas tree in a gold scheme, choose large high-shine baubles to ensure it looks as glittering as possible.

We love pinning a gold star to the back of upholstered dining chairs

Elegant Gold

little touChes

Golden fabric and ribbon – silk, chiffon and organza – are ideal for our easy Christmas projects, and will lend that special luxurious touch


gold dolly peg fairy fold two tuile wedding favours into quarters. Cut a hole at the point, poke a dolly peg through and fix with double-sided tape. Cut a pieCe of gold crepe paper 20cm x 8cm, gather and stick to the skirt’s waistband. Cut gold braid for the bodice and stick above the skirt; add a ribbon belt. Glue on a glitter butterfly for wings. Brush the head with PVA glue and wind wool around to create hair, then glue a sequin to the top. Finally, draw a face on the peg.

ld CliP on Go rFlies e t t u b r e t Glit AnChes r b e e r t o t

000 056


sCarf presents Use scarves to wrap gifts, making them part of the present. Place your scarf pattern-side down with the gift in the middle, then pull up pairs of diagonally opposite corners and tie.

We love Stamping a plain Scarf with metallic fabric paint



newel garland Take a few long pieces of greenery, such as fir and eucalyptus, and bend into a figure of eight shape, securing with florist’s wire. Hook the top over your newel post, then wire on gold decorations and pine cones.

We love choosing silvery foliage to balance gold decs

000 058

place setting

flouncy napkins measure and cut pieces of chiffon or organza fabric into 40cm x 40cm squares, one for each Christmas dinner guest. Fold over a hem of 5cm then 5cm again. Pin and press, making sure the corners are neat. machine stitch around the four sides. Press again, then fold into a concertina, securing the middle with a piece of narrow ribbon and a miniature gold decoration.

riCs b a f r e e h s Cut shears g in k in P h wit mming e h id o v a to


hamper display Tie two gold ribbons over the lid of your hamper, then tuck Christmas cards behind these. Layer the base of the hamper with more cards.

We love finding a creative solution for showing off cards

000 060

oDen DRess a wo k with chaiR bac ouches t D l o g m a gl styling

glitter bird chair back Gather several long pieces

of sprayed gold and copper foliage into a bunch and secure with an elastic band. tie a wide black ribbon bow around the back of your chair, then tie on your sprayed foliage with a wide gold wired ribbon. trim the ends of your foliage if needed, tucking under the ribbon tails, then clip on a decorative gold bird decoration. Repeat for the other dining chairs.

Elegant Gold


Add extra shimmer to your gold Christmas look with our stylish ideas

Idea no.


taper cubes Take three glass cube vases and mask off a band around 1cm down from the top edge of each. Protect the inside of the vases with scrunched up newspaper, spray the band with gold paint and leave to dry. Half-fill each cube with white candle sand then stand five tapered candles in each.

Idea no.


We love

candle wreath Make an easy centrepiece by taking a ready-made sparkling gold wreath and laying on top of a large charger plate (in gold of course!). Next, arrange several different-height pillar candles on a small gold candle plate and place in the middle of the wreath. Bend the leaves and baubles into shape for added height. 062

PoPPing gold-wraPPed cHocolaTes inTo disHes

Idea no.


hurricane centrepiece Bring shimmering light into your scheme by using a silvered hurricane lamp with a pillar candle popped inside. Place the lamp on a mock-croc gold place mat then twist a sparkling gold and jewelled garland around the bottom of the lamp to form a mini wreath.

e lit Never leAv AtteNed N u s e l d N A C uGHt or iN A drA Idea no.


Metallic tables Give your magical candles somewhere special to sit for the Christmas period. Group three small side tables next to your sofa – if you don’t have an existing nest of tables, try spray painting the tops of second-hand ones in gold and copper shades.

Idea no.


floating candles Combine water and fire in a bowl of floating festive gold candles. Half-fill a shallow bowl then add gold floating candles, before sprinkling over small pieces of edible gold leaf for a glamorous finishing touch. 000 063

We love usiNg hiddeN adhesive hooks To haNg a wreaTh

sprayed foliage give a shop-bought wreath an extra dimension by adding sprayed foliage. Lay your foliage pieces on newspaper and lightly spray with gold and copper paint. Leave to dry, before trimming the stems and fixing to the wreath with florist’s wire.

Elegant Gold

golden fruit

paint ideas

Create a striking centrepiece for a gold table by spray-painting fruit, either ceramic or real. Apply one coat and leave to dry before adding a second for a high-shine finish. Group several on a gold cake stand.

Use gold paint to update everyday pieces and foliage in a fash

twig wreath start to form a wreath shape with several willow or twig pieces, then secure the top and bottom with florist’s wire. add a few loose pieces to your wreath base then place on newspaper and spray with gold paint. Leave to dry then spray the underside. hang with ribbon.

starry crockery Spray stencil mount adhesive onto the reverse of a small star stencil and position on a white plate. Apply gold ceramic paint with a brush, first dappling off the excess onto kitchen paper. Remove the stencil, reapply and repeat. Bake the crockery in the oven as per the ceramic paint manufacturer’s instructions.

bauble ideas Need a quick gold rush? Try these ideas… turn a glass hurricane

vase into an eye-catching display using gold baubles, shimmering sequin trim and pine cones. layer up gradually to avoid any big gaps, checking you are happy with what will be the front of your display.

be ready for guests with a glitzy metallic tray laid with small dishes for savoury snacks, adding a hero gold bauble or two for a festive touch. stick a piece of double-sided tape under each bauble to prevent them rolling.

000 065

’ of swap the ‘o wreath ‘Noel’ for a h touch is for a styl

Turn a hall console table into the perfect gold statement. Move anything non-gold away and restyle with oversized gold letters, foliage, candles, votives and plenty of gifts wrapped in gold paper. a row of gold wreaths provides extra drama



art dEco decadent sequins & beads sparkling glitter candlelight


Look four

Step away from the more traditional Christmas shades and use a folk-inspired colour palette for a fun, uplifting feel this year. Choose teal, pink, purple and blue and complete the look with plenty of natural foliage and just a hint of metallics.

000 068

give an empty fireplace

whimsical charm with a simple willow wreath and a mountain of baubles displayed in a large wicker basket. fill the basket almost to the top with logs or a blanket so you don’t need quite so many baubles, then add a knitted stocking and a garland made from more willow

Step inSide a ChriStmaS

Bring the folk look to life with plenty of foliage, vibrant jewel colours and quirky touches

Magical feast put together your own forestinspired centrepiece by placing a moss wreath in the middle of your table and adding three tall candles. then fill metal troughs with berries and ivy, sitting on a bed of moss (available from florists). mix and match plain white and coloured china at each place setting, adding emeraldgreen glassware and baubles. Keep chairs simple – either painted or left natural – then finish by hanging a rosehip wreath high above the table as a festive alternative to a pendant light.

We love Displaying large glass Bottles & vases, styleD with Berries

xTerior Dress an e or sheD L L a w k iC r b sTars L a iC g a m wiTh

outdoor charm Create a fairytale scene outside too, making use of garden furniture for a delightfully styled corner. Pop white or silversprayed twigs into weighted pots or buckets, adding shatterproof baubles around the stems in pretty folk colours. Look out for metal or button stars to dress your twig trees, making sure they are wired on securely. Finally, dot apple candle holders (these can be shop-bought faux designs or carved from real ones) on the table top. Then cross your fingers for a fine flurry of snow! 072

beautiful fir tree Disguise your tree’s pot in a planter, then dress the tree with twinkling fairy lights (you’ll need at least three strands for a magical glow). add rosy red with simple paper bunting. Cut each flag as a diamond shape, then fold in half to make a triangle, sandwiching string between each layer, before gluing. a patchwork chair (or even just a throw) adds to the folksy look, while presents wrapped in brown paper and trimmed with plain velvet or satin ribbon can be stacked around the tree, ready to be discovered.

We love Unrolling a rUg to encoUrage kids to sit next to the tree

chriStmaS traditionS

aking – Have fUn b treats , s t e e W s e Mak HoUses d a e r b r e g and gin


set aside a prep area in your kitchen or dining room where you can get organised. from wrapping presents to finishing off cakes and bakes, you’ll feel much more in control if you have a dedicated space. but don’t think that you can’t style this area to work the folk look too – hang paper stars from the window, making for a cheerful view as you wrap presents and sort essentials like glassware and crockery. keep all of your Christmas kit – the scissors, ribbon, washi tape and wrap – close to hand in a drawer.

We love using the same paper bunting in each room for continuity

Starry landing Use ribbon and drawing pins or tacks to create a fun star, which can be used to display Christmas cards. Choose a contrasting colour to your walls, so the star shape really pops. Mask your star on the wall first then follow the lines with the ribbon, adding pins to secure in place, before hanging or pegging on your cards. Wind ivy and other festive foliage around the banisters, allowing a few pieces to spring loose for a natural, relaxed touch. 075

Folk Magic

little toucheS

Try these quirky projects that will make your home really special for Christmas, using a colour palette of rich purples, teals, pinks and ruby red Wrapping

Stamped preSentS Use franked postage stamps to decorate parcels and cards (or arrange new ones in tree shapes) for a package that’s bound to excite.

We love stamping parcels with festive motifs then posting



purple flower ball Soak a 20cm-diameter ball of florist’s foam overnight. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your ball and to be usd for hanging. Tie around the ball and secure with pins at the knot (on the bottom) and the top at the hanging loop. Start by adding your greenery, which should be trimmed to around 5cm in length (this may feel short, but it will stay in place). Try to space a flowerhead apart. Fill in the gapS with purple peonies or carnations, keeping to the shape of the foam. Finally, dot evenly with red berry clusters.

LasTiC Look For p T Can be berries Tha To Come ears y r o F d e s u



lAtes O C O h C P O P xes And in white bO er FlOw trim with A


tissue paper flowers Take six a4 sheeTs of purple tissue paper and lay in a stack. Fold together into a concertina (2.5cm wide), across the width. cuT zigzags at each short end to give pointed edges. Fold your concertina in half, then unfold this last fold. On this fold line, cut two small triangle notches in the centre on each side, so that the point of the triangle sits on that central line. Wrap a piece of florist’s wire around the centre of the concertina over the notches, twisting carefully to secure. Cut down each fold on one of the long edges to about 1cm from the centre at both ends. fan ouT your flower and gently unfold each layer of tissue up towards the centre. Attach to ribbon or a paper band wrapped around your gifts.


gliTTer baubles Jazz up coloured plain-glass baubles with gold glitter. Apply PVA glue in bands, then roll your bauble in a tray of gold glitter and leave to dry.

We love revamping baubles with new ribbon and trims


place setting

doily decoration Take six small circular white paper doilies and fold each in half, with wrong sides together, to create semi circles. Thread a needle with white cotton and place two doilies back-to-back, folded edges down. Halfway along the curved edge, sew through one of the pre-cut holes and the matching one behind to join the doilies. repeaT To join the remaining doilies into pairs, then sew the three pairs together to make a star shape. Fan out the folded sides and top with a decoration.

e witH use Foliag For berries on k style quick Fol



phoTo card display Using a colour printer, print out festive family snaps onto pieces of paper 7cm x 14cm, adding a black border to each. Peg onto ribbon with a Christmas message for each guest written on the reverse.

We love playing ‘guess who’ with snaps of christmases gone by


Folk Magic


Finish special gifts with a hand-made touch – they’re almost too good to open!

Idea no.


gift boxes Trace and cut out the template on page 128. Draw around the shape onto coloured card and cut out. Score around the central square (the base of the box) using a ruler and scissors. Place your gift on this square. Fold up the two sides with the curved handle, then fold together the slotted handles. Push through the slots, bending back to secure. Decorate with a festive stamp, glue on a flower and add a tag.

We love uSing PreTTy carDboarD wiTh PaTTernS on boTh SiDeS


Idea no.


crackers Cut a piece of crepe paper three times the length and two times the width of a cardboard tube. Roll the paper around the tube and secure with tape. Push the gift inside the tube and pinch the paper together at each end. Carefully tie with twine, then decorate with a band of gift wrap, more twine and buttons.

Idea no.


stocking Cut out two pieces of thick brown paper in a stocking shape. Cut one piece of brightly coloured fabric for the toe and another for the heel. Glue these in place before machine stitching around your stocking. Carefully fold over the top by 6cm. Trim with two bands of ribbon. Finish with a paper heart and pompoms.

Idea no.

e And O T e h T T u C eS wiTh h C T A P l e e h ARS PinkinG She


Idea no.

voucher card envelopes


patterned gift boxes

Open out a small square envelope and use as a template to draw around onto a piece of patterned paper. Cut this out. Fold into shape and pop your gift card inside, before securing with tape. Cut a length of ribbon and wrap around the envelope (top to bottom), leaving an overlap so you can hang it up. Secure with decorative tape or a hot wax seal just below the flap.

Cut squares of scrapbook paper into a selection of different-sized pieces. Apply to the outside of cardboard shoe boxes using PVA glue, overlapping the pieces slightly. Allow to dry before adding strips of washi tape to disguise any paper seams.


posh jams & pickles turn homemade chutney or jam into a delightful gift thanks to a quick jar makeover. cut a circle of paper or fabric twice the diameter of the jar’s lid and pop on, using an elastic band to secure. snip the overlapping edge to resemble fringing, then decorate with ribbon, twine and stickers. add a plastic spoon.

We love preserving & pickling in autumn, ready for giving

Folk Magic

plant present

gift ideas

turn a nursery or shop-bought plant into a special gift by wrapping with a few sheets of co-ordinating tissue paper and tying with narrow ribbon.

Need a last-minute present? Give these speedy solutions a try

indulgent body scrub Fill a medium-sized Kilner jar with 150g granulated sugar, then tip into a mixing bowl. Add 120ml of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, six drops of lavender essential oil, four drops of rosemary essential oil and a few dried lavender flowers. Mix well with a wooden spoon and pour back into the jar. Close and seal. Trim with ribbon and a tag.

trinket teacup For a pretty folk-style gift without the price tag, place trinkets or jewellery into a vintage teacup and saucer and wrap with cellophane. Gather it at the top of the cup and secure with ribbon, adding a flower and gift tag.

fabric bag ideas try our super-easy yet stylish gift projects cut two squares of

Print your own digital

fabric 15cm x 15cm. with right sides facing, machine stitch three-and-a-half sides, then turn. Half-fill with dried lavender, before hand stitching the opening closed. stack several together; tie with ribbon.

design or monogram in colour onto digital transfer paper, using your computer. then iron the design onto a plain canvas bag to transfer, following the instructions provided with the transfer paper.


TurN aN olD picture frame

into a folk-inspired bauble display. remove any glass and discard, then cover the backing board with velvet. Hang on the wall, tie on decorative baubles and birds with varying lengths of velvet ribbon and suspend as a group from a nail just above the one that your frame hangs from

ble hang a bau inst a cluster ag uble do a mirror to t the effec

brigHT natural Foliage baubles

purple, piNk & Teal quirky patterns


000 087 124

Look five

Bring the outdoors in this Christmas with a home full of natural textures, fresh foliage and rustic fnishing touches. Keep colours to a minimum, allowing the beauty of holly and fr green, earthy wood and wicker and natural creams to shine.

000 088

DrEss Your homE with natural elements for a welcoming, homely christmas. use plenty of foliage – not just in wreaths and garlands, but also to add rustic charm to baskets of presents. Pop a few twigs in a tall galvanised vase, adding several homespun hero decorations for an ideal hallway display. Dress the console it sits on with wooden buildings and twinkling lanterns

bring in the beauty of

take inspiration from the best the countryside has to offer at this festive time and include pine cones, fr and ivy in a natural christmas scheme

We love stringing together pine cones to trim a tree

cosy country living room escape to a rustic retreat without leaving home by introducing plenty of natural touches. this look is all about texture, so start with the biggest, fullest real Christmas tree that will fit in your space, (choose a norway Spruce, known for its scent and bushy appearance), then layer up sofas with chunky knits and cushions in creams. Wrap gifts with kraft paper, dressing every surface with fresh foliage (do this the day before Christmas eve to ensure it lasts), then add pine cone wreaths and fairy lights to finish.

farmhouse dining room avoid the temptation to cover a country-style table with a festive tablecloth – use one or two grey runners down its length instead, allowing the natural wood to shine. next, place key christmas must-haves, such as your cake stand (ready for your pudding), empty decanters and glasses along the runner, before winding fresh foliage between them. these can then be removed easily for serving and popped back among the foilage later. brown gift boxes replace crackers, while rustic brown ceramics and pillar candles give the mantelpiece a dose of homespun style.

to the PoP gifts in holder hymn book irs cha of chaPel

We love softening a look with fluffy cotton decorations

twiggy stair garland draw attention to any country-charm elements in your home by adding plenty of fresh foliage. here, craggy willow and cotton bolls provide a softer alternative to holly and fir, ideal for an attic bedroom staircase. Use fluffy creatures, such as owls, to give your garland a fun twist, and buy or make simple sheepskin or faux-fur stockings. for wrapping, it has to be brown paper, but try trimming with dried orange slices (placed directly on the oven rack and baked at 130째c for 2-3 hours). 000 093

KingS hang StoC REady S t S E u g R o f giftS iR E h t in p to po

visitors’ rustic retreat Ensure a warm welcome to a guest bedroom by dressing a traditional metal bedstead with rustic decorations. Start by making an inexpensive garland by pegging brown luggage labels onto a length of twine then adding small pine cones. Keep bedroom essentials for your guests tucked in a vintage-style suitcase and ensure the best Christmas Eve night’s sleep with brushed chambray cotton bed linen. Replace a picture with three mini wreaths to continue the modern country feel. 094

pine cone display

We love buying pine cone candles to add to a display

Create a rustic corner with an abundance of pine cones – collect and save from one year to the next. Start by filling a lantern with cones, lightly spraying some with frosting, glitter or metallic paint. this will give your arrangement height. Stand on a flat tray or board, then arrange bark-effect and bird house candles and votives in front, gradually reducing in height, before finishing with both real and wax pine cones. don’t leave lit candles unattended.

Rustic Charm

little touCheS

Bring a natural scheme to life with our makes and styling ideas for around your home, using existing accessories and plenty of foliage


place setting favours Cover a Coloured gift box’s base and lid with brown kraft paper (or buy a ready-made one). Pop in your gift, nestled among white or cream tissue paper. SeCure the box with a wide white satin ribbon, taping the two ends to the box on its underside. tie a raffia bow, cutting the ends equally. Glue a pine cone, fir offcut and cinnamon stick to the raffia, or attach with florist’s wire. Finally, glue your rustic corsage on top of the white ribbon band.

ones Give Pine c diPPinG in y B e l k r a sP Glitter n e h t e u l Pva G

000 096

We love giving a wreath bulk in a flash with clusters of roses


roSe & pine Cone wreath Wire on pine cones to a moss frame, available from florists, working around in the same direction. Then add white roses and sprigs of foliage.

place setting

stamped napkins wash and press white linen or cotton napkins. Lay one flat on a protective surface, marking the middle of the napkin with a pin. pour a little gold fabric paint into a saucer and apply to your stamp – we used a butterfly. lightly press the stamp down onto a piece of kitchen paper to remove the excess paint. Press down onto your napkin, using your pin as a guide. Leave to dry, before pressing under a clean cloth to set the fabric paint. Repeat to make a set.

bLe with a t R u o y y PRead a s L d e b R o t uiL a vintage q of a cLoth instead

000 098

We love keeping silver and gold plant pots to reuse next year


easy centrepiece Buy three mini conifers at a garden centre and pop in silver flowerpots. Stand on a silver mat or charger.


special delivery Stamp gold SnowflakeS

onto a folded grey card then add a paper doily to one corner. mount a pHoto using brown paper photo corners, adding a strip of washi tape and a stick-on decoration. Stamp gift tagS and glue to the front of cards decorated with washi tape. Use a wax seal for an authentic country-style touch. glue a folded paper decoration to the inside of a folded piece of card – a bell or bauble is ideal, adding a bow. draw lineS onto a white card to make a tree shape. Machine stitch each line with gold thread. Glue on a star to top your tree.

with s d r a c G n ha n peGs e d o o w i in M tic charM s U r y s a e for

000 100


decoration diSplay Empty your typesetter’s tray and restyle with baubles and other festive trinkets, keeping colours muted.

We love Turning a TypeseTTer’s Tray inTo a fesTive sTaTemenT


Rustic Charm

outside Create a snowy, natural feel for guests to admire as they arrive

Idea no.


mistletoe streamers String together pieces of fresh mistletoe and lightweight paper decorations with invisible thread. Repeat to make enough strands to hang across your window. Hang from adhesive hooks on the inside of your window lintel.

Idea no.


snow angels Fold a piece of A4 card in half then draw on a simple angel shape using the template on page 128, with the head/body to the fold. Cut out and trace around it to make enough angels from white A4 paper to fit one in each windowpane. Fix in place with double-sided tape. 102

We love Adding A sprinkle of fAke snow to tree BrAnChes

Idea no.


candle display Trim pieces of foliage to 8cm in length. Using florist’s tape, fix to the bottom third of your candle. Cut a circle of green cellophane around 20cm in diameter. Stand your candle in the middle of the cellophane and pull up the edges (keeping them clear of the wick). Secure with an elastic band before tying with string or ribbon.

Idea no.


button decorations Take a 15cm-length piece of thick craft wire and loop over one end. Thread through green plastic buttons and beads to make a ring shape (you’ll need around 30 buttons or beads per decoration). Twist the wire ends together fairly tightly and shape to form a circle. Add a wire or ribbon loop to hang from your outdoor tree.

Idea no.


lace votives Cut wire three times the circumference of your jar. Bend one end to a loop, then wrap the rest around the neck of the jar, passing the end through the loop; tighten. Create a handle from the wire, wrapping the unlooped end around the neck. Add a lace trim.

TmAS BUy A CHRiS T THAT TRee in A po yeARS R o F e S U n yoU CA 103

Bags of love Make your own gift bags with a rustic feel, using a mix of paper, felt and hessian. for a simple envelope, cut a piece of fabric or paper two-and-a-third times the height of the item you are wrapping and slightly wider (use scalloped-edge scissors for a fancy look). fold up the bottom to the height of the gift, and fold over the top edge to just overlap this. Machine stitch the two short sides and add a fastening. for the newsprint and doily bags, wrap a cereal box (not too tightly), covering the base and two sides, then slide off. Pop your gift inside before adding a trim to seal.

We love giving a softer edge to rUstic decorations with doilies

Rustic Charm

styling ideas Display your wrapped gifts, ready for Christmas Day, in rustic fashion

gift slippers Use furry boots or chunky slipper socks to keep small presents contained attractively. Stuff tissue right down into the toe to prevent tiny parcels from getting lost, then fill, making sure your most beautifully wrapped gifts are at the top.

delivery Basket

WindoW display start by wrapping your gifts with a mix of rustic-inspired wrap, including plain matt gold and brown paper. add simple ribbon cuffs rather than fussy bows, then stack your wrapped boxes into piles, adding more decorative trims to the ones on top.

garland ideas Use natural materials for a relaxed fnish either buy an advent garland with 24 mini buckets ready attached, or tie on your own to a length of twine. string up under your mantelpiece, then punch a hole in the corner of Christmas cards and suspend from the twine.

tie on pine Cones and other rustic decorations, such as wooden leaves and wicker balls, to a length of twine (don’t worry about spacing these equally, it’s all part of the charm). hang the garland across a door frame in a gentle swag.


Pop parcels in wicker shopping bags and baskets that are all for the same lucky person or family, adding a gift tag. Give the presents in the basket, either with a note inside for it to be returned after Christmas, or make the basket part of the gift – that way, every time it gets used, it will bring back festive memories. Line up the baskets or bags in your hallway under a console, or stack on a wicker footstool until they’re ready to be given.

Leave savoury and sweet nibble dishes or bowls around your living room, ready for guests to help themselves. Choose a shallow wooden bowl to really work the rustic look and position on a tray with room for glasses, making it easy to carry back and forth from the kitchen. Don’t forget the napkins and nut crackers

le Top up nibb larly u dishes reg e day h T T u o h g Throu

paper DeCorations pine Cones evergreen Leaves logs Cosy Country bare wood

000 107 124

Look six

Invite Scottish style into your home for Christmas and Hogmanay with decorations in bold red, vibrant green, crisp white and, of course, tartan, plus faux-fur accessories. This look will create a cosy, welcoming family Christmas you’ll love.


start your highland

welcome outside with a potted tree and decorate with shatterproof baubles, candy canes and outdoor fairy lights. if the weather’s dry, pop a few wrapped and weighted empty boxes under the tree. a wooden sleigh provides the perfect prop for photo opportunities 000

We love updating the highland look with oversized white stars

EscapE to a scottish

think remote castles, roaring fres, pine trees and classic tartan designs as the inspiration for a hearty, welcoming look this Christmas

rich & warm living room a crackling fire, real tree and wood panel-effect wallpaper provide the perfect backdrop for an inviting space that guests will love spending a relaxing, highland-inspired christmas in. add texture with red woollen throws, velvet tree decorations, a real fir and cotton wreath and practical sisal flooring underfoot. serve traditional christmas cake with a glass of whisky, port or sherry, with small chocolate treats for the children.

Casual k o o l e H t keeP Mats e C a l P t l e witH F sswaRe a l G D e R u anD Colo


cosy dining corner Go for warm reds and greys in your dining room, introducing a tartan curtain for the perfect Highland hideaway dining space. Make a simple eyelet design to replace your usual curtains, creating a bold, snug space the family will love for a Christmas Day feast. Red felt place mats give protection to a cloth-less table and provide a shot of colour that looks smart when topped with your everyday white china. Pine cones are the perfect table-top decorations for this look – go for wax candle designs or real ones. Finally, introduce a potted red amaryllis and tall decorated candles to give your table setting height. 113

inviting tartan snug Buy or reupholster a traditional wing-backed armchair in bold red and cream tartan to create a comfy corner for escaping to during the festivities. Wool curtains and a deep-pile rug add to the cocooning feel, and keep a warm blanket close to hand, ready to pop over your lap for a quick post-Christmas Lunch snooze. For two smaller projects, cover a footstool with tartan fabric, using a staple gun or brass upholstery tacks to hold it in place, then have a go making a plain red lampshade for an existing base.

We love laying a rug to sink toes into after a long winter walk

LAnkeT B n A T r A T Turn A r CurTAin o o d A o T in CoLd ouT e H T p e e k To

traditional textures Show off an impressive collection of tartan and check wool blankets by draping them over a vintage wooden ladder. Turn everyday items into stylist’s props – scarves, mittens, sheepskin coats, hats and boots can all be put to good use to give your hallway Highland style in a flash. A welcoming hot water bottle for cold Christmas nights is an easy project, just use an existing cover as a guide to cut and stitch your new one from an offcut of tartan or an old blanket. 115

Classic Highland

little touches

Give our creative yet easy ideas a try and bring a touch of Highland character to your decorating, foliage, gifting, cards and styling this year Wrapping

two-paper presents Wrap your box with one type of paper, then fold a second contrasting square into a triangle and cover half the box, folding and taping where needed. Tie with string and add pheasant feathers.

We love tying parcels with simple twine in red and white


CArds e s e H t e iv G tHer A r , s e x o b in smAll lopes e v n e n A H t


foliage sprig card Gather a selection of festive foliage, such as pine leaves, cotoneaster and rosemary. Cut to around 8-10cm in length, removing the lower leaves. arranGe into a mini sprig or bouquet and secure with a thin elastic band. Fan into shape. wind red thread around the bottom of the sprigs, covering at least 3cm of the stalks. Glue your finished mini bouquets onto the front of a folded piece of white A4 card with a hot glue gun.


We love using quirky decorations to trim a foliage wreath


ski-inspireD wreath Buy a ready-made wreath from your local florist and wire on ski decorations, cotton seedheads and a tartan bird. 118

place setting

Table Terrarium Fill a glass terrarium with winter foliage, planted flowering bulbs and cut flowers. Look out for early narcissi and paperwhites in pots for a quick display. Decorate with baubles nestled among the vases and pots (avoid using candles as the glass isn’t heat resistant). sit on a plain red table runner, adding a robin decoration to the top. Finally, use Scrabble letters to spell out guests’ names, sitting them on the letter holders.

apkinS Look For n hero r u o y h it w e a robin ik L , n o iF t mo


present dip Turn a basket into a lucky present dip, with beautifully wrapped gifts inside. Fix a numbered tag (say between one and 10) to each and ask your guests to choose a number for a surprise gift.

We love making the present giving last with fun ideas


PAPer e u s is t e s u fAbric in PlAce of e look t A ic l e d A for


dÊcoupage baubles Cut red and white patterned fabrics into small pieces, around 5cm in size (they don’t have to be exactly the same size), using a sharp pair of fabric scissors. Cover your bauble (either an old one in need of a new look or a polystyrene one) with a layer of PVA glue, then stick on your fabric pieces, overlapping them to cover the whole bauble. onCe your bauble is completely dry, tie on a piece of narrow red ribbon for hanging.


Classic Highland


Work a Scottish vibe with must-have tartan accessories

Idea no.


fabric wreath Either buy a tartan wreath or create your own by covering a polystyrene ring with tartan ribbon. If you’re making one, cut 2.5cm-wide tartan ribbon into 8cm strips (you’ll need around 100-150 in total). Fold each strip in half and pin the raw edge side to the wreath, working in rows to cover and overlapping each row.


Idea no.


of Add sPrigs eCorATe d o T r e H T HeA oCking T s n A T r A T yoUr

velvet-trim stocking Cut two stocking shapes from tartan, plus a velvet cuff. Hem and trim the cuff with lace. Machine stitch the tartan pieces together, with right sides facing. Turn; add the cuff to the top.

Idea no.

Idea no.


easy table textiles


Use clean tartan and checked bed linen for a relaxed Highland table setting. Pop on a tartan blanket to start, then use a single duvet cover with a mitred tartan border in place of a tablecloth. Lastly, lay folded pillowcases widthways as place mats.

beautiful bed linen Add an instant Highland feel to your guest bedroom with a red and white patchwork duvet and a plain red cable-knit throw. Choose tactile brushed cotton to boost the cosy factor.

Idea no.


domed place setting

We love GoInG all-out WIth StrIkInG rEd tartan WallpapEr

Pile up tartan-patterned crockery at each guest’s place setting, then turn the soup bowl upside down to make the ideal display surface for a glass scene bauble, featuring an on-trend Highland stag.


initial cushion cut two pieces of cream floral fabric 52cm x 42cm and a red piece 20cm x 20cm. add bias binding to the edges of the red square. hand stitch the initial, using grossgrain ribbon, to the centre of this square, then sew it to the middle of one cream piece. Pin both cream pieces together, with right sides facing, and machine stitch around four sides, leaving a 15cm gap. turn, add a 50cm x 40cm cushion pad then slip stitch the gap closed.

We love making initial cushions for newlyweds as gifts

Classic Highland

scented bags Cut two fabric pieces 12cm x 10cm with pinking shears. Pin, with wrong sides facing, and machine stitch 5mm down the two longer sides and across the bottom. Add lavender, then tie the bag’s neck with wool.

fabric ideas Spend an afternoon crafting, making special gifts for friends

festive slippers using existing slippers as a template, cut two felt and one wadding upper and two fabric and one wadding sole. layer the three soles together and bind the raw edges. now layer the uppers, binding the straight edge. Pin the upper to the sole and machine stitch about 1.5cm in from the edge. hand stitch around the upper, 1cm in from the edge. repeat.

gift crackers Pop your gift in a 4cm cube box. Cut a 20cm x 20cm piece of fabric, a 22cm x 22cm piece of cellophane and two 20cm pieces of ribbon. Using transfer letters, write the recipient’s name on the cellophane. Lay it face down, with the fabric face down on top, then centre the gift box in the middle. Roll to form a cracker, tying each end with the ribbon.

suitcase ideas Be creative with beautiful storage fill leather and tartan suitcases with everyday unsightly clutter over the christmas period and stack to make a feature. sit the full cases on a folded tartan blanket, with a checked cushion and toys on top for a stylish display.

PoP wraPPed gifts in a vintage case, rather than a stocking, and leave at the end of a child’s bed. use internal pockets for sweets and small toys. the case can also be used to hide gifts in the run-up to christmas before you wrap them.

000 124 125

set up a bar area

on a sideboard, with a Christmas punch taking centre stage below a stag’s head. Line up clean glasses, bottle openers and coasters, ready for guests to help themselves

s into it ir p s r u o p canters e d s s a l g cut label a d d a d n a

fir hoLLy& trees berries red, white & green

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Make it Christmas

templates You’ll need paper and a pencil to trace each of the templates below

Page no. 82 paper gift box

trace and enlarge to suit the gift you want to box up

Page no. 102 window angel

trace and enlarge to the desired size

Page no. 23 3d paper star

trace and enlarge for one point of our five-point star

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EvEryday stylE

your monthly style fix

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Make it

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CandlE SaFEty: nEvEr lEavE burning CandlES unattEndEd

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Make it

Christmas Craft & styling projects to make your festive home unique

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