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American Addition Linking the Lowlands The Exchange at Bridge Street Karamay University Master Plan Karamay Hospital Master Plan Chongqing Mid-City Development Riverside Hospital

American Addition Campus Ca for Horticulture l and A Agronomy Studies

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Columbus ohio

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Linking the Lowla Lowlands

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The Exchange at Bridge Street

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Ka Karamay University Master Plan

Karamay, China

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Karamay Hospital Master Plan Chonqing Mid-City Development Riverside Hospital

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lauren norton

lauren norton 2009-2012

landscape architecture undergraduate portfolio

American Addition Linking the Lowlands Little Walnut Metro Park



The Exchange at Bridge Street


Karamay Hospital Master Plan Riverside Hospital Chongqing Mid-City Development

Graphics work Yongsan Park proposal

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SP 10

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Lauren Norton Education The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Knowlton School of Architecture Pursuing a B.S. in Landscape Architecture, 2012 Pursuing a minor in City and Regional Planning Accumulative GPA 3.6

Union University, Jackson, TN

Completed General Education Courses Accumulative GPA 3.78

Computer Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator AutoCAD 2012 and earlier Epilog and ULS laser cutting SketchUp, Rhinoceros 4.0, Revit

Awards Recipient of Garmhauser scholarship 11-12, ASLA merit award 2011, Sigma Lambda Alpha Honor Society 10-11, Recipient of Caulkins scholarship awarded by faculty 1011, Project selection for Annual Student Show and Digital Archive 08-09, Deans List, Nomination for inclusion to the Golden Key Chapter of the Ohio State University

513 288 8664

Objective To gain employment where I can experience the daily procedures of a professional landscape architect and to follow a project proposal from initial research and design to site construction.

Experience and Schooling NBBJ|Columbus, OH 2010-2011 Co-op Put together necessary CAD bases and created quickly readable graphic diagrams, worked with a team to develop a university campus and hospital master plan in Karamay, China. Created rendered sections and plans for this project

Growing Home/Heavy Meadow|New Orleans,LA

Intern Met with homeowners who were victims of Hurricane Katrina and developed planting plans that were easy and affordable to maintain, worked on a perspective rendering of a conflict resolution circle/garden for Langston Hughes Elementary

The Ohio State University|Columbus, OH Student in the College of Landscape Architecture Conceptual Project Scope:


Dublin Village Center - Urban design collaborative studio, Dublin, OH American Addition - site design, SD, DD, through construction documents, Columbus County Fairgrounds Proposal and adjacent park design, Millersburg, OH Residential project along a ravine - emphasis on planting plan design, Columbus University incubator @ Columbus Commons - 1 acre alternative park plan, Columbus Southeast Columbus Metro Parks proposal - schematic master plan and 50 acre wetland research detail, used regional context to create a site specific design, presented research and design ideas to park board, Groveport, OH bike trail rest point analysis and plan, Olentangy Greenway, Columbus

Knowlton School of Architecture|Columbus, OH

Activities SCASLA mixer coordination chair 10-11, participant in the first International Workshop on Urban Landscape in Seoul, South Korea August 2010

June-August 2010


Laser Cutting Assistant learned general problems associated with programs used to laser cut, and performed maintenance on laser beds and filters; took advantage of position to experiment with my own materials and projects

Northeast Trim|Cincinnati, OH

Summer/Winter 2009 Trim Assistant, Single family residential housing worked with power tools, hung doors and baseboard, installed cabinets in a self-paced and time-constrained environment 45 E Norwich Ave Apt 3E Columbus, OH 43201

Additional Job Experience in retail: Mirror Lake Cafe, JCPenney, Great American Ball Park, Chuck E. Cheese 2004 - 2008

the eXchange lifestyles.

connected. communal. healthy.

at Bridge Street

GUIDING PRINCIPLES More senior recreation, medical care facilities, housing options will be necessary as Dublin’s population ages source: Infomercantile posted by Azrael Brown


[Wellness] [Connectivity] [Cultural Exchange]

Is 60 the new 80?

male average retirement age | 1950-1955


male ma le avve era rage ge ret etirem ire ir em me en nt a ag ge | 1975-1980

what attracts them to move here? jobs connectivity

male ma lle e avve e era ra age ge re ettir irem emen em nt a ag ge | 19 199 95 5-2 200 000 0

Reinventing Dublin Village Center 25-44 what attracts them to relocate here?


-- Margaret Crawforrd

People have been retiring at steadily younger ages since the 1950s, however this this trend may not continue with ending of the default retirement age policy in 2011

a better way to live


Public transportation in Dublin

Avery Rd. (2014) existing Express route existing Local route proposed Local route proposed Crosstown


healthy example

2007 The year the city of Dublin joins the COTA service territory, which has included suburbs such as Worthington, Gahanna Westerville since the 1970’s.

a better way to raise a family

1/4 /

59 18

Approximate amount of land area within walking distance of a current COTA


service route 1500ft (.28 mi.) 1000 ft. source:, less for older or ADA citizens


Customized Learning

Prior Learning Assessment





Connecting to CONTEXT

Job training

Capital University Columbus College of Art and Design Columbus State Community College


DeVry University Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools Franklin University Ohio Dominican University The Ohio State University Otterbein College

Jose Pria has taken 21 economics courses and 33 political science courses since 1989, tuition free under Ohio State’s Program 60. Nearly 200 senior citiznes take advantage of this program each quarter.



Where would they return for school?

External site connections Internal site connections Bikeway connections

7% 7%

of those 65+ said he or she were lik ikke kkely elyy to to return etu et u to o sschool choo ch oo oll

Reinventing Dublin Village Center

71% 7 71 1 1% %

The main idea is that these 2 cores will serve Dublin in a way that Sawmill doesn’t by creating multiple scales of transportation into the site and offering the sorts of markets Dublin is seeking.

wanted to go back to school stri rictly rri ic iccttlyy for fo o pleasure p s re and an nd d to learn new topics

1/ 1/3 1 / /3 3

community college is their preferen ntial nti ntia n ti l option on for for enrollment ro ollmen lmen nt

Adult students are the fastest growing educational demographic according to the U.S. Department of Education 2009 AARP COUNTRY-WIDE SURVEY Miles 0





Building Use Colors mixed-use commercial - apartments above mixed-use commercial Residential

Who is a retailer? Barefoot Sports Shoes Roll – Columbus bike shop Billabong Brooks Sports Emotion kayaks Garmin USA Ivar backpacks Marmot Nalgene Nature’s coffee kettle Nicros climbing wall Patagonia/Patagonia footwear Quiksilver Revolution climbing Ryka-Avia RVCA clothing Teva Timberland Company Workout nutrition YMCA


Fitness and Wellness FITNESS FOCUSED [This wellness district will offer choices of many sports activities and shops to residents and visitors] [The plaza is a year round testing space for sports euipment, as well as event space for races and sports activities] SOCIAL CONNECTION [A regional draw for sports and wellness related activities] [A place for people to go after school or work and be active] [Public field space is an amenity


that Dublin currently lacks]

n ExisƟng Sports Retailers Bo Kimly’s MarƟal Arts Alliance Marino’s Grand Slam USA Volleyball Club Core TacƟx Baƫng cages Pilates Club Performance Bike Trek

Ryka-Avia running track Brook’s Sports pebblestone mats

RevoluƟon Climbing climbing wall

Although the existing Dublin Village Center is 50% vacant, the businesses that remain consistently bring revenue to the site. This is evidence that there is a dedicated sports audience living in Dublin and this should be capitalized on. The businesses near Dublin Village Center on North Sawmill Road are also sports related. There must be physical connections to these businesses to bring together a cohesive and complete design.

PerspecƟve of plaza


Precedents and Materials

SecƟon through mixed-use sports retail

RooŌop dining overlooks plaza area

Parking garage decks

Retail fronƟng plaza

Pedestrian streets

Cafe with outdoor seaƟng

Corner retail



Rubber and pebblestone

Mixed-use retail along Bridge Street

Joyce and 12th Ave Columbus east side 84 acres

This housing community has a long history, and is presently in partial disrepair. The goal of this studio was to create a cohousing community with an academic campus located onsite. Stormwater t r Management

My plan took a cue from the present drainage ditches and sought to daylight them in a way that the community could observe the natural process of filtering stormwater runoff. The units are arranged along the swale in a way that recalls the historic waterfront living in the city. Roads andd

The studio project continued the following quarter where the task was to continue development of the campus through SD, DD, and CDs. The American Addition Campus for Horticulture and Agronomy (Soil Science) is a place where students will get real-world and hands-on experience in soil testing and the care of plants, both edible and floral. The beds are arranged in the loosely defined courtyard of the campus, and follow the curve of the swale as it winds through campus. The campus buildings are arranged at the head of the swale, where rainwater is collected from the roof during a storm event, and allowed to mix with graywater where it will then be filtered as it flows through the campus. This connects to the larger neighborhood concept. Images are of select construction documents and the final model.

Pedestrian Circulation

Reinventing Role Reversal Dublin Village Center American Addition




3 2


Site Conditions water


Millersburg Fairgrounds Millersburg, OH xx acres

The Millersburg city fairgrounds are currently located right outside of town in a lowland area adjacent to a canal that runs through three connecting counties. Naturally, the site is flooded fairly often, sometimes forcing fair events to be canceled. City officials have secured a new location for the fairgrounds about 1/2 mile further from the city, and are looking to have year-round activities occur there. This plan shows how the city can stay connected to the new fairgrounds through a park link, and how that park can function for the people and for nature as it takes in more stormwater during flood events and slowly releases it to reduce subsequent downstream flooding.

vegetation veg ve ge eta tation

habitat habita t t


New Fairgrounds 10’

S.R. 39



Created Wetland

Killbuck Creek

Extent of flooding

offsite 845'

Slope retained with vegetated wattle


Wetland boardwalk

Seating created in vegetated wattles

Connecting trail

Linking the Lowlands

offsite 835'


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