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Chapter 3 Multi-generational Living as Future of Elderly Housing


Giesserei, Switzerland FIGURE 3.08

Developed by Gesewo in 2013, Giesserei is a multi-generational housing located in a former industrial area in Switzerland.29 The complex offers 153 units of 2-bed to 8-bed for 300 residents.30 With close proximity to transportation systems and everyday facilities31, Giesserei also creates a vibrant living environment for residents of all generations.

The project consists of two blocks of six-storeyed buildings facing each other, forming a large internal courtyard in the centre. The blocks are connected at both ends by a couple of two-storeyed buildings cotaining the communal spaces. The courtyard not only serves as a passage, but also as the main meeting and playing area for residents.32

The building construction is as innovative as the multi-generational living concept with the use of a movel timber-frame structure.33 The simple structural

Year 5 Thesis  

Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing & Multi-generational Living in Future

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