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Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing and Multi-generational Living in Future

Community engagement is strengthened as residents are given a balance between rights and duties. On one hand, they are granted freedom to choose new tenants and to launch their own activities, while on the other they know their obligations towards things like nominal payments for participation in activities or obeying house rules set by the organization.

Hence the method of housing management is as essential as the architectural design. By keeping the management organization fair and unprejudiced, it optimizes its neutral role as motivator, moderator and networker.28 The financial model Am Bahnhof employs has the potential to be adapted to future housing projects in Hong Kong. As the units are open for sale, this would fit some elderly people’s traditional belief in leaving an inheritance for their offspring. When the owners do not need the accommodation, and have to let the flat out, the property can still be regarded as an investment that provides a stable source of income.

Year 5 Thesis  

Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing & Multi-generational Living in Future

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