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Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing and Multi-generational Living in Future

Elderly people are no longer merely the receivers for care and support. Rather, they can contribute the wisdom, knowledge and experience they have obtained over the life to younger generations, and in return gain new skills and a sense of worth. Through participation in intergenerational activities, their health and wellbeing can significantly improve. By developing friendships with people beyond their usual social network, they feel less lonely and isolated.8 Through a better understanding of the older generation, younger people can gain a sense of community and social responsibility.9 Inter-generational interactions enhance their self-esteem and social skills, bringing them high personal development.10 The gathering of diverse groups together dispels negative misconceptions and strengthens community bonding. Residents recognize they can all be contributing members regardless of age, gender or backgrounds as they share inspirations, talents and resources. Traditions can also be passed on more easily.11

Year 5 Thesis  

Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing & Multi-generational Living in Future

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