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combination of physical accommodation with the integration of healthcare and community support services. Today, people not only live longer, but also begin ageing later than those in previous decades. At the same phase of life as our ancestors, Hong Kong's elderly population are generally healthier, fitter, and more health-conscious. Educational attainments and financial power have also risen, allowing the upcoming elderly generation to become more independent. While there are still preconceptions associating the elderly with negative images of a sad future, the vast majority in fact still have a lot to offer to society. Instead of overseeing their potential and treating ageing as a social problem, we should regard elderly people as valuable assets in leading our society towards a better future. This thesis examines housing options for the ageing population in Hong Kong. Divided into three chapters, the first describes a field visit paid in February 2014 to review the current housing situation of the elderly in the city, and to identify shortcomings in existing provisions. The second chapter introduces the prospects of local elderly housing developments and set out the challenges ahead. The concept of multi-generational living is brought up in the final chapter. Suggesting that subjective quality of life is more important than physical and mental wellbeing for most elderly people, future housing should empower successful ageing through bonding the young and the old together to bring satisfaction in life. Noting a growing trend of elderly people who are living in solitude in Hong Kong, the chapter looks at how multi-generational living can tackle the negative impacts caused by social isolation. With reference to overseas case-studies, it will discuss if multi-generational living, in contrast with conventional isolated ways of living following retirement, might offer a way forward for future Hong Kong elderly housing developments.


Year 5 Thesis  

Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing & Multi-generational Living in Future

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