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ahead. Little incentives for private developers, and low purchasing power because of inadequate retirement protection are two problems yet to be solved. But in the long run, there seems to be a positive future for elderly housing developments with a growing interest in new living arrangements that can empower successful ageing.

The thesis also looks into the wider criteria for creating desirable living environments for elderly people and the definition of successful ageing. While most people regard physical and mental wellbeing as important factors of successful ageing, in fact it is the sense of fulfilment that is more crucial to elderly people. In the midst of growing number of elderly people living in solitude, promotion of multi-generational living can be a solution to counteract the loneliness and isolation most would encounter in their later stage of lives. In a multi-generational housing projects that are open to all regardless of age or origin, the young and the old are given opportunities to devote their skills and talents to achieve mutual support. Elderly people regain their sense of worth as they contribute the wisdom and experience they have gained over their life course. Such a form of living is in the long run more beneficial and sustainable compared to other conventional forms of living for all ages. By looking at specific case studies of multi-generational living in Europe, the thesis has also identified that the success of these projects mainly lies in active participation of residents with high degree of autonomy and flexibility in terms of management. Abundant provision of communal spaces to encourage spontaneous or regular interactions between the young and the old is equally vital to strengthen community cohesion.

There is definitely a future for multi-generational living to be integrated into elderly housing developments in Hong Kong. The ultimate goal of this thesis, though, is not to argue which housing model is the best for elderly people. Instead, the solution of accommodating the expanding older population lies in the extensiveness and flexibility of choices available. While some elderly persons enjoy having their


Year 5 Thesis  

Ageing in Hong Kong? Study on Local Elderly Housing & Multi-generational Living in Future

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