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Building Stories of the Multi-generational Housing for Local Eldery and Cross-border Students in Hong Kong

Lee Ying, who is now 62 years old, has moved into the building after her divorce a 2 years ago. She is a healthy person and wakes up early everyday for morning exercise.

Everything is still quite new to her.

She installed a smart mirror in her bathroom which helps her to monitor her body conditions everytime she uses the bathroom.

Her elder sister Lee Kei lives in the same building too. After all these years of having their own families, they finally have time to get together again.

All living units are connected to the public open-air walkways which runs through the building. These walkways are good jogging tracks for those who do not want to run in the streets.

Usually the two stop at the sports area for stretching and a bit of Tai Chi after jogging around the building for 2 times.

Wong Oi Ling, now 87 years old, lives with her domestic helper. She is still healthy and fit and does not need a caretaker, but her son wants her to enjoy life more and hired her a domestic helper to do houshold chores for her.

Her husband Mr Wong passed away due to cancer a year ago. She has one son and one daughter, but she does not live with them. Her son is very independent and her daughter has moved to London to start a family.

Mrs Chan’s domestic helper June lives in the deployable platform tower connected to the house. Mrs Chan enjoys such privacy.

Mrs Chan is a very traditional Chinese, she still prays to her ancestors everyday after she gets up from bed.

Have been living with Mrs Chan for almost a decade, June knows Mrs Chan’s preferences on food very well.

Mrs Chan still misses her husband a lot. It is especially difficult for her when her daughter is away from Hong Kong.

After retiring from his job as a secondary school teacher, Ah Wai puts his focus on helping to manage the multi-generational housing by joining the residents’ committee.

He is actually the son of Mrs Chan, but he chose to live apart from his mother as his wants more privacy. Even though he does not live in the same house with his mother, he still tries hard to take good care of her.

Ah Wai prefers others to call his Steve rather than Ah Wai as he spent most of his student life in the US. At the age of 65, he still cares a lot about his looks.

Meanwhile at the teenager house...

Meanwhile at the welcome centre...

Qing Ya is going to start her school year in Hong Kong afte summer. She wants to settle down earlier to learn speaking Cantonese and writing traditional Chinese, which are not the languages she commonly used in her hometown.

Year 5 Final Submission - Final drawing (Comic book)  
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