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Mind-Body Psychology Body Dysmorphic Disorder exists?

In whom the disorder is manifested? Factors influencing its development Treatments and Solutions Spot the difference

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder exists? It was originally described as Dysmorphophobia by Dr. Enrico Morselli in 1886. And refers to the distorted image of himself or exaggerated concern for real or imagined physical defect that causes significant distress that may impair work areas, academic, social and individual partner.

In whom the disorder is manifested? The disorder usually manifests from adolescence and according to the actions taken by the parents for teaching limits and values, can develop as a real disease or not. Similarly, it is possible to see it in adults with fragile personality and widely manipulated. It affects both men and women and people seem to be predominantly in high social class.

Factors influencing its development Canons of beauty promoted by advertising: beauty stereotypes that show the media and advertising in order to sell products widely distant from reality and the concept of health and wellness. creating figures impossible to anyone trying to copy them risking their physical and mental health

Treatments and Solutions Treatment includes psychological treatments, drugs or both, depending on the severity of the disorder.? Speech therapy: This therapy exposes you to what the individual becomes anxious. The therapist will teach you other ways to control negative feelings. This is repeated until you no longer have negative feelings. It will provide cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure therapy and response prevention.

Medications: If symptoms greatly affect daily lavida could recetársele antidepressants.  There are numerous types of antidepressants, but selective inhibitors serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) work best in people with body dysmorphic disorder.  People with body dysmorphic disorder are usually not hospitalized, unless they have another mental health problem, such as an eating disorder, major depression or schizophrenia.

Spot the difference

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