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MADE IN BRITAIN SHOWROOM 228 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre London SW10 0XE Tel - 0044 207 3512130 HEAD OFFICE The Old Rectory Church Hanborough Oxfordshire OX29 8AB Tel - 0044 1993 882251 Fax - 0044 1993 882424

Peter Bowles


istory of Original BTC.

One of the first designers to capture the appeal of industrial styling, Original BTC founder Peter Bowles’ relaxed, familiar lighting is inspired by a family history steeped in retail, manufacturing and design. A carpenter by trade, Peter’s grandfather was chairman of Minty Furniture of Oxford, later bought out by Parker Knoll. After learning the ropes at Minty, Peter’s father launched iconic 1960s lighting retailer Cosmo Designs, employing 13-year-old Peter on his stand at the Harrogate Lighting Fair.

While inspiration is drawn from all quartersan antique lamp used to keep chicks warm or the searchlight on the back of a toy lorry- authenticity and attention to detail remain at the heart of the collection. When a visit to the Stoke-on-Trent shade manufacturer revealed the factory was under threat of closure, Peter promptly took on the business, including all staff. Later, unsatisfied with the finish of commonlyused plastic lighting flex, he replaced it with woven cotton braid snipped off the family iron, soon becoming one of Original BTC’s best-loved design features. Today, over 50% of Original BTC’s lights are exported worldwide, with their simple elegance recognised internationally by design luminaries including Andree Putman, John Pawson and Terence Conran. 01

Childhood visits to his father’s manufacturing facilities opened Peter’s eyes to the clean lines of traditional factory fittings and the versatility of mid-century style, while a stint working the machines at a French cutlery manufacturer ignited his passion in the “crash, bang, whallop of production.” Returning to England, Peter opened a Sheffield factory producing a million pieces of own-designed cookware

a year. Challenged by the design limitations of cutlery, in 1990 Peter went back to his roots with an Oxford-based lighting factory. “My goal was to design and produce lights that you are instantly at home with, that will fit easily and comfortably for many years to come”, he explains.

The Ceramics Factory With a passionate commitment to local manufacturing, where else to produce Original BTC’s bone china lights than Stoke-on-Trent, the historical heart of the British ceramics industry. For over three centuries, Stoke has been famed for its porcelain tableware. Fascinated by the area’s rich industrial history, Original BTC founder Peter Bowles set out to create a collection of Stoke made bone china lights, manufactured according to tradition by the region’s master craftspeople. Drawn to the material’s translucency and versatility, he approached a local factory with his designs. While Peter was certain of their appeal, the factory workers, accustomed to producing tableware only, took a little more convincing. Despite initial reservations, their skill and expertise helped create a beautifully crafted collection of hand-cast bone china lights, the success of which provided a much-needed boost for local industry. As orders rolled in, Peter was warned his latest collection could be his last as the factory was under threat of closure. Whilst other designers were looking at cheaper overseas production, Peter was determined to go against the flow. With the aim of safeguarding British manufacturing, ensuring efficient supply lines and providing an entirely British-made product, he took over the factory and its team of staff, whose years of expertise would otherwise be lost. The highly skilled, labour-intensive process begins with raw clay delivered on pallets to the factory. The clay is mixed with water to create slip, then poured into moulds. Once set, the moulds are split and the shade, base or ceiling rose is removed and left overnight to dry before being smoothed with sponges to remove any lines or imperfections. The items are biscuit fired then brushed once again. Finally, they are dipped in glaze then gloss fired for a natural white finish. Today, the factory is Original BTC’s lifeblood, producing the bone china components synonymous with many of its most popular designs, including the Hector, Drop, Pembridge and Cosmo. Whilst the glory days of The Potteries may be over, Original BTC is proud to play a small part in ensuring the Stoke kilns still roar.



The Ceramics

The Hector and other ceramic lights are supplied with fine bone china shades, made in Original BTC’s factory in Stoke-on-Trent. The fine bone china is very attractive unlit and gives a wonderful ambient light when illuminated. Fine bone china clay is fired at 1240 degrees C to achieve optimum translucency. The shades are slip cast and hand finished by skilled craftsmen.

Hector Medium Dome Table FT 198

The Hector Range A British design classic in translucent bone china. With its moveable shade and smart cotton braided flex, the Hector table light and its accompanying floor light perfectly marry style and function. The range includes a selection of simple bone china pendants and practical, space-saving wall lights for a subtle source of ambient light. For the ultimate in versatility, the clip-on Hector provides an easy-to-position source of accent or task lighting wherever required. For a variation on the domed shape, choose the Pleat or straighter-sided Flowerpot. The Hector range is available in white, blue or green bone china or polished aluminium.

FT 018

FT 197


FT 198

The Hector Range FP 193

FP 132

FP 370

FP 371

FF 086

Hector Wall Lights FW 123

FW 397

FW 396

FL 344

FW 342


FW 317

Hector Pleat Range FP 156

FP 131

FT 380

FW 384

FF 388

Hector Medium Dome Table FT 198 ( pictured with black braided cable )


The Hector Flowerpot Range FW 441

FT 155

FT 429

FP 129

FF 430

The Circle Line Range

The Circle Line Range

The classic Hector and Drop One shape with bold black and white stripes, hand painted in Stoke-on-Trent. Available as a pendant, wall or table light, use the Circle Light in monochrome interiors or mix and match for a more laid-back look.

FT 198CL

FW 317CL


FP 345CL

The Cobb Rise & Fall

Traditionally inspired with a modern twist, rise and fall pendants allow you to adjust height and vary lighting effects, making them the ideal choice for dining tables and kitchens. Simply lower the light for intimate dinners or raise for a broader pool of general light. Choose from the bone china Cobb Rise and Fall, based on a Dutch cobblers light, or the prismatic glass Coolie Rise and Fall, featuring Original BTC’s signature braided cotton flex.

FP 350

FP 189

The Skio Range

Sidney Pendants

Swan Wall and Pyramid Pendant

FW 213

FP 438 Small Large

Mann Wall Lights


FW 318

FW 399

FP 312

- FP 460 - FP 461

FW 313

Task Ceramic Table FT 431

Task Ceramic Range FW 437


FP 436

FF 432

The Cosmo Range

The Cosmo collection includes pendant and table lights with a shortened, semi sphere shade. Available in ribbed prismatic glass or bone china with either a smooth, dimpled or stepped finish, the textural shades take on a new dimension when lit, creating beautiful shadow play on the polished chrome bases.

Cosmo Dimple Table Lamp FT 450 FT 448

FP 452

The Cosmo Range FP 454

FT 449

FT 450


FP 453

The Doma Range Small - FP 413 Large - FP 414

FF 412

FT 411

The Drop Range

Available in a matt or gloss finish, Drop pendants provide an elegantly simple central lighting source. Choose from the classically cone-shaped Drop One or the rounder Drop Two. For greater impact, the Drop One and Drop Zero pendant is also available in breathtaking groupings, a true statement piece for dining rooms, hallways or living rooms.

Drop One Grouping of Eleven FP 445 19

The Drop Range FP 434

FP 385

FP 346

FP 435

FP 345

FP 459

Drop Groupings

FP 444

FP 466


FP 445

The Tea Range

A whimsical, quirky collection of teacup and teapot shaped pendants and table lights ideally suited to kitchens and dining rooms, inspired by the 1930’s tableware once produced in Original BTC’s Stoke-on-Trent factory.

Teacup Table FT 168

The Teapot and Teacup Range FP 465

FP 439

FP 464

FP 466

FP 167


FP 463

The Pembridge Range With its overlapping tiers of fine bone china, the Pembridge collection gently diffuses light to create a soft, atmospheric glow. With an open top and bottom, the Pembridge throws light up as well as downwards, creating beautiful effects of shadow and light. The Pembridge is available as a floor light or in three sizes of pendant. Also available for bespoke commissions including a 120cm diameter pendant.

FP 442

FP 440

FP 441

The Pembridge Range

Bespoke Pembridge


FF 443

The Prismatic Range

Moulded prismatic glass shades sparkle and refract light, providing an even, glare-free illumination whose tone can be changed dependant on the bulb used. Prismatic pendants provide a great central lighting source. Choose from the Phane, inspired by a light on the Paris Metro, the Coolie, Optico or Circus. Prismatic glass wall lights include the Optico, Circus and Mann, in addition to a Primo table light.

Primo Table Lamp FT 311

The Prismatic Range

FW 303

FP 300

FW 328

FP 297


FW 363

Prismatic Pendants FP 304

Small - FP 464 Large - FP 465

FP 455

FP 309

FT 451

Phane Pendants and Primo Floor FP 468


FP 249

FF 463

The Metals

The metal ranges are made with either aluminium, brass or copper shades in a range of finishes. The shades are made by hand from metal discs over rotating metal forms. The natural aluminium finish can be mirror polished or colour coated. Great care is taken to achieve our expected quality and attention to detail.

The Oxford Factory

The Task Range

Lights that can be moved, angled or adjusted bring greater flexibility and creative scope. The classic British Task range of table, floor, overreach and wall lights are in polished aluminium, red, olive green, putty, white or black-painted aluminium focuses a high level of illumination directly where it is needed. Stable, flexible and solid, shades can be angled and swivelled, to throw either a concentrated pool of light or illuminate a larger area. A matching pendant is also available.

Task Overreach FF 393 FT 427


FT 378

The Task Range

FP 389

FF 379

The Task Range FW 341

FC 394

FP 389


FW 390

The Victor Range

With its neat shape, chrome detailing, polished edges and gentleman’s club feel, the Victor range of pendant, table and floor lights is distinctive and refined. Pendants and floor lights provide high or eye level illumination, while table lights are ideal for side tables or studies. Available in black, cream and red.

FP 409

FT 407

FF 408

The Victor Floor FF 408


The Hugo Range

With its curvaceous stem and wide base, positionable shade with polished edges, the elegant Hugo collection offers portability, flexibility and style. The floor light is ideal for delivering local light to an armchair or sofa while the table light provides a warm pool of task light whilst highlighting the beautifully finished, hand-spun base.

Hugo Table FT 417 FT 417

FF 418

The Task Range 60s shape in polished or brushed aluminium available as a floor light, pendant and table lighter.

FP 400 Brushed FP 334 Polished

FF 416


FT 419

The Titan Range An original 1940s design, often seen in factories, offices, stations and industrial units of the period, the Titan range is available in a choice of sizes in either polished, black, olive green, putty, red or white painted aluminium. Supplied with Armour steel braided cable, with optional coloured interiors. Available with etched glass visors to prevent glare and provide a softer, more diffused light.

The Titan Range Size 1 and 3

The Titan Range

FP 005

FP 005GL

FP 033

FP 033GL

Wired Glass Visor


Etched Glass Visor

The Giant Range Inspired by traditional factory fittings, metal pendant shades bring a clean-lined, industrial flavour. Highly polished, reflective Giant or cylindrical Time pendants are fitted with Tinned braided cable and can be grouped together for added impact. Available with etched or wired glass visors to prevent glare.

The Giant Range Size 0, 1 and 2 Size 0 - FP 233 Size 1 - FP 066GL Size 2 - FP 065GL

The Ginger Range FW 170

FT 082


FF 084

The Stirrup 3 Range

Inspired by a searchlight on the back of a toy lorry, the Stirrup collection is the ultimate in industrial chic. Portable and flexible, freestanding floor lights and uplighters with positionable shades can easily adapt to changes in furniture layout. The uplighter, floor and wall light come with an etched glass visor to prevent glare and provide a softer, more diffused light.

Stirrup 3 Uplighter FF 463GL FF 463GL

FW 078GL

The Stirrup 3 Range


FP 194

FF 079GL

The Stanleys Range

Hand-spun in Birmingham, three sizes of Stanley pendants are available in solid brass, solid copper or nickel plate. Available in a hammered or smooth reflective finish, group together for dramatic effect or mix metals for a laid-back, eclectic look.

Stanley Pendant

The Stanley Range

FP 457HC

FP 458HN

FP 458PN

FP 457PB

FP 456PC


FP 456HB

The London Range

A new retro-flavoured desk light designed by Charlie Bowles, the London features a spun aluminium semi-sphere shade available in black, grey and yellow with a solid chromed base. Cotton braided flex is woven through the curved chrome arm for a clean-lined, neatly tailored finish.

London Table FT 462 FT 462

The Codie Pendant FP 354


The Metal Hector Range

FT 315

The Ripple Pendant FP 322

FF 426

FP 322

The 700 Pendants FP 353 The Quay Pendants


FP 036

FP 467

The Time Range Size 1 - FP 357 Size 2 - FP 358 Size 3 - FP 359

Paxo Pendant FP 034


FP 034

Braided Cable One of Original BTC’s most recognized design features, the signature cotton braided flex is available in green/taupe, blue/taupe, sand/taupe, gold, gold/burgundy, burgundy, black/tango, black/white and plain black. Joining the cotton braided flex are two woven metallic cables, Tinned and Armour, used for industrial-style lights.

The Showroom The Original BTC showroom at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is the first port of call for designers sourcing lighting for residential and commercial interiors. Also open to the public, the 1,200 square foot showroom showcases the manufacturers full range of British-made table, floor, wall and pendant lights. Located just off London’s King’s Road, the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is the largest of its kind in Europe and home to the very best in British and international design and decoration. Opened in January 2010, the new showroom is the first opportunity to view Original BTC’s collection of over 200 lights in full and has rapidly gained a reputation as one the centres’ must-visits. Lights are grouped in ranges including areas dedicated to table and desk lights, bone china and prismatic glass and an entire wall of Original BTC’s now-classic industrial-style metallic lights. The inviting, airy space allows visitors to view all lights in comfort and includes a seating area to discuss projects and explore bespoke commissions with the friendly, knowledgeable team. The showroom also showcases Original BTC’s latest designs and bespoke commissions, including a giant 1.2 metre Pembridge pendant made up of 500 bone china petals. Additional gallery windows are used for a changing display of new and forthcoming lights - watch this space!





04 05 05 06 06 06 06 06 07 07

FT 198 FT 018 FT 197 FF 086 FP 193 FP 132 FP 370 FP 371 FW 317 FW 397 FW 343 FL 344 FW 123 FW 396 FW 342 FL 281 FT 380 FT 021 FF 388 FW 384 FW 122 FP 131 FP 156 FT 198 FT 155 FF 430 FW 441 FW 036 FP 129 FP 345CL FT 198CL FW 317CL FT 018CL FP 132CL FP 350 FP 189 FP 312 FW 313 FW 213 FW 318 FW 399 FP 460 FP 461

07 07 07 07 08 08 08

08 09 10 10 10 10 11 11 11

12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13

Description Hector Medium Dome Table Hector Small Dome Table Hector Large Dome Table Hector Medium Dome Floor Hector Size 1 Pendant Hector Size 2 Pendant Hector Size 3 Pendant Hector Size 4 Pendant Hector Medium Dome Wall Hector Medium Dome Wall-Switched Hector Medium Dome Wall - PSC Hector Medium Dome Clip Hector Small Dome Wall Hector Small Dome Wall - Switched Hector Small Dome Wall - PSC Hector Small Dome Clip Hector Medium Pleat Table Hector Small Pleat Table Hector Medium Pleat Floor Hector Medium Pleat Wall Hector Small Pleat Wall Hector Large Pleat Pendant Hector Medium Pleat Pendant Hector Medium Table Hector Small Flowerpot Table Hector Medium Flowerpot Floor Hector Medium Flowerpot Wall Hector Small Flowerpot Wall Hector Medium Flowerpot Pendant Circle Line Drop Pendant Circle Line Medium Table Circle Line Medium Wall Circle Line Small Table Circle Line Pendant Cobb Rise & Fall Large Cobb Rise & Fall Small Skio Pendant Skio Wall Swan Wall Mann Wall Mann Wall - Switched Sidney Small Pendant Sidney Large Pendant

Max Height

Max Width

57cm 46.5cm 70cm 127cm 13cm 16.5cm 21cm 25.5cm 16cm 17cm 17cm 23.5cm 16cm 16cm 16cm 23.5cm 55cm 48.5cm 127cm 16cm 16cm 21cm 20cm 57cm 48.5cm 127cm 21cm 17.5cm 13.5cm 24cm 57cm 16cm 46.5cm 16.5cm 17.5cm 14.5cm 5.5cm 12.5cm 16cm 22cm 22cm 24cm 28cm

30cm 20cm 27cm 33cm 12cm 15cm 19cm 23.5cm 20.5cm 21.5cm 21.5cm 25cm 20.5cm 18.5cm 18.5cm 24.5cm 22cm 30cm 33cm 20.5cm 20.5cm 19.5cm 12cm 30cm 30cm 33.5cm 20cm 21.5cm 12.5cm 14.5cm 30cm 20.5cm 20cm 15cm 35cm 22.5cm 19cm 25cm 15cm 23cm 23cm 10cm 7.5cm

Shade Bulb Bulb Base Diameter Diameter Cap Type Wattage

15cm 15cm 18.5cm 18.5cm 8.5cm 10.5cm 10.5cm 11cm 8.5cm 10.5cm 10.5cm 11cm 15cm 15cm 18.5cm 8.5cm 8.5cm 15cm 15cm 18.5cm 8.5cm 8.5cm 15cm 15cm 15cm 19cm 9cm 10.5cm 10.5cm -

12cm 9cm 15cm 12cm 12cm 15cm 19cm 23.5cm 12cm 12cm 12cm 12cm 9cm 9cm 9cm 9cm 12cm 9cm 12cm 9cm 9cm 19.5cm 12cm 12cm 9cm 12.5cm 9cm 8.5cm 12.5cm 14.5cm 12cm 12cm 9cm 10cm 35cm 22.5cm 19cm 8.5cm 9cm 12cm 12cm 10cm 7.5

E27 E14 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E14 E14 E14 E14 E27 E14 E27 E27 E14 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E14 E27 E27 E27 E27 E14 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E14 E27 E27 E27 E27


40 40 40 40 40 60 100 100 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 60 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 60 40 40 40 60 100 100 40 40 40 40 40 60 60

13 14 15 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 17 18 18 18 18 20 20 20 20 20 20 21 21 21 22 23 23 23 23 23 23 24 24 24 25 26 27 27 27 27 27 28



FP 438 FT 431 FW 437 FP 436 FF 432 FT 448 FP 452 FT 449 FT 450 FP 453 FP 454 FT 411 FF 412 FP 414 FP 413 FP 345 FP 346 FP 433 FP 434 FP 385 FP 435 FP 459 FP 444 FP 445 FP 466 FT 168 FP 167 FP 439 FP 463W FP 465W FP 464W FP 466W FP 440 FP 441 FP 442 FF 443 FT 311 FP 300 FW 303 FW 363 FW 328 FP 297 FP 304

Pyramid Pendant Task Ceramic Table Task Ceramic Short Wall Task Ceramic Pendant Task Ceramic Floor Cosmo Table Cosmo Pendant Cosmo Stepped Table Cosmo Dimple Table Cosmo Stepped Pendant Cosmo Dimple Pendant Doma Table Doma Floor Doma Large Pendant Doma Pendant Drop One Pendant Gloss Drop One Pendant Matt Drop One Pendant Small Gloss Drop One Pendant Small Matt Drop Two Pendant Gloss Drop Two Pendant Matt Drop Zero Pendant Drop One Grouping of Six Drop One Grouping of Eleven Drop Zero Grouping of Nine Teacup Table Teacup Pendant Teapot Zero Pendant Teapot One Pendant Teapot Two Pendant Teapot Three Pendant Teapot Four Pendant Pembridge Pendant Size 1 Pembridge Pendant Size 2 Pembridge Pendant Size 3 Pembridge Floor Primo Table Coolie Prismatic Optico Wall Circus Wall Mann Prismatic Coolie Prismatic Rise & Fall Optico Pendant

Max Height

Max Width

26.5cm 75cm 34cm 16cm 155cm 36.5cm 23.5cm 23.5cm 23.5cm 23.5cm 23.5cm 50cm 135cm 27cm 15.5cm 24cm 24cm 21cm 21cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 32cm 35cm 56cm 35cm 51.5cm 17cm 15cm 21cm 15cm 15cm 11cm 21cm 21cm 21cm 164cm 56cm 17cm 14cm 16cm 21cm 17cm 14cm

17.5cm 52.5cm 35.5cm 22.5cm 166cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 22cm 22cm 37cm 22cm 14.5cm 14.5cm 12.5cm 12.5cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 48cm 40cm 12.5cm 40cm 32cm 14cm 22cm 20cm 21cm 26cm 17cm 33cm 42cm 57cm 33cm 29.5cm 30cm 22cm 25cm 22cm 22cm 19cm

Base Shade Bulb Bulb Diameter Diameter Cap Type Wattage

19cm 12.5cm 23cm 18.5cm 18.5cm 18.5cm 15cm 18.5cm 15cm 23cm 15cm 8.5cm 8.5cm 10.5 -

17.5cm 22.5cm 22.5cm 22.5cm 22.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 30.5cm 22cm 22cm 37cm 22cm 14.5cm 14.5cm 12.5cm 12.5cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 12.5cm 14.5cm 14.5cm 12.5cm 13cm 14cm 22cm 20cm 21cm 26cm 17cm 33cm 42cm 57cm 33cm 11cm 30cm 12.5cm 16cm 10.5cm 22cm 16cm

E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E14 E14 E14 E14 E14 E14 E14 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E14 E27 E27 E27 E14


60 60 60 60 60 40 60 40 40 60 60 60 60 100 60 60 60 40 40 60 60 60 6 x 11 11 x 11 9 x 11 9 9 11 11 11 11 9 100 150 150 150 40 60 40 40 60 100 40






28 28

FP 309 FP 465 FP 464 FP 455 FT 451 FF 463 FP 249 FP 468 FF 393 FT 378 FT 427 FF 379 FP 389 FC 394 FW 341 FW 390 FF408 FT 407 FP 409 FT 417 FF 418 FT 419 FF 416 FP 334 FP 400 FP 005 FP 033 FP 233 FP 066 FP 065 FF 084 FW 170 FT 082 FW 078GL FF 463GL FP 194 FF 079GL FP 456H FP 457H FP 458H FP 456PL FP 457PL FP 458PL

28 28 29 29 29 31 31 31 32 32 33 33 33 34 34 34 36 36 37 37 37 37 39 39 40 40 40 41 41 41 42 42 43 43 45 45 45 45 45 45

Description Circus Pendant Large Prismatic Pendant Small Prismatic Pendant Cosmo Prismatic Pendant Cosmo Prismatic Table Primo Floor Phane Pendant Phane Pendant Large Task Overreach Floor Task Table Task Solo Table Task Floor Task Pendants Task Ceiling Task Wall Task Short Wall Victor Floor Victor Table Victor Pendant Hugo Table Hugo Floor Trump Polished Table Trump Polished Floor Trump Polished Pendant Trump Brushed Pendant Titan 1 Titan 3 Giant 0 Giant 1 Giant 2 Ginger Floor Ginger Bracket Wall Ginger Table Stirrup 3 Wall Stirrup 3 uplighter Stirrup 3 Pendant Stirrup 3 Floor Stanley Small Pendant Hammered Stanley Medium Pendant Hammered Stanley Large Pendant Hammered Stanley Small Pendant Plain Stanley Medium Pendant Plain Stanley Large Pendant Plain

Max Height

Max Width

14cm 25cm 15cm 36.5cm 23.5cm 127cm 27.5cm 31cm 308cm 88cm 60.5cm 159cm 21cm 55cm 77cm 32cm 136cm 39cm 12cm 62cm 136cm 44cm 175cm 44cm 44cm 36cm 42cm 28cm 28.5 32.5 153cm 15cm 68cm 35cm 50cm 35.5cm 182cm 20cm 28cm 32cm 20cm 28cm 32cm

16cm 20cm 13.5cm 33.5cm 33.5cm 33cm 33.5cm 43cm 180cm 68.5cm 66cm 170cm 21cm 25.5cm 51cm 36cm 31cm 31cm 31cm 56cm 35.5cm 28cm 28cm 28cm 28cm 36cm 45.5cm 38cm 36cm 41cm 55.5cm 23cm 44.5cm 47cm 18cm 26cm 51cm 31cm 23cm 26.5cm 18cm 23cm 26.5cm

Shade Bulb Bulb Base Diameter Diameter Cap Type Wattage

18.5cm 18.5 30cm 15cm 15cm 23cm 12.5cm 12.5cm 12.5cm 23.5cm 12.5cm 11cm 23cm 18.5cm 28cm 29.5cm 9cm 20cm 18cm 31cm 23cm -


33.5cm 33.5cm 15cm 33.5cm 43cm 21cm 16cm 16cm 21cm 21cm 16cm 16cm 16cm 31cm 31cm 31cm 29cm 29cm 28cm 28cm 28cm 28cm 36cm 45.5cm 38cm 36cm 41cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 27cm 27cm 27cm 27cm 18cm 23cm 26.5cm 18cm 23cm 26.5cm

E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27


60 100 60 100 60 40 100 100 100 60 60 60 100 60 60 60 2 x 40 2 x 40 2 x 40 40 40 100 100 100 100 150 150 100 100 100 40 40 40 100 100 100 100 60 100 100 60 100 100

46 47 48 48 48 49 49 49 50 50 50 51 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52



FT 462 FP 354 FT 315 FF 426 FP 322 FP 353 FP 036 FP 467 FP 357 FP 358 FP 359 FP 034 -

London Table Codie Pendant Hector Metal Table Hector Metal Floor Ripple Pendant 700 Pendant Quay Pendant Large Quay Pendant Small Time Pendant 1 Time Pendant 2 Time Pendant 3 Paxo Pendant Armour Cable Tinned Cable Black Braided Cable Burgundy Braided Cable Black/Tango Braided Cable Black/White Braided Cable Gold/Burgundy Braided Cable Gold Braided Cable Sand/Taupe Braided Cable Blue/Taupe Braided Cable Green/Taupe Braided Cable

Max Height

Max Width

43.5cm 17.5cm 54cm 126cm 29cm 19.5cm 30cm 23cm 28cm 37cm 45cm 31.5cm -

38cm 42.5cm 19.5cm 26cm 31cm 70cm 39cm 23cm 28cm 34cm 40cm 30cm -

Base Shade Bulb Bulb Diameter Diameter Type Cap Wattage

14cm 15cm 18cm -

31cm 42.5cm 12.5cm 12.5cm 31cm 70cm 39cm 23cm 28cm 34cm 40cm 30cm -

E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 E27 -


60 100 40 40 100 100 100 60 100 100 150 100 -

Low Energy Bulbs: A wide selection of electronic compact fluorescent lamps can be used. These are available in cool, natural and warm tones. These lamps have up to 80% power saving, are long life and very cost effective.

Catalogue designed by Photography by

- Harry Cooke - Julia Bowles - Grace Vane Percy - Objective Images for Elle Deco page





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