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Eyes on Edelman Edelman Internship Program Marketing Plan Proposal

Situation Analysis Edelman is the global leader of independent public relations firms, with representation in over 50 countries. This year Edelman was honored as PR Week’s Agency of the Year and made the Ad Age “A-List.” This trend of industry leadership has translated into one of the most prestigious public relations internship programs in the nation. Through an online application process on the company website, Edelman hires an average of 5-12 unpaid trainees for a 12-week session. This selection process takes place four times during the year, with interns chosen for summer, fall, winter, and spring semesters. Applicants of interest are contacted for preliminary interviews with the Human Resources Manager, and then have the opportunity to move onto a second and third round of interviews with Edelman team members. Well-suited candidates will then be extended an official offer from the human resources department. Program participants will have the invaluable opportunity to have the authentic Edelman experience. Through the support network of intern coordinators, managers, and fellow trainees, the program provides students with the necessary mentorship to maximize their learning and growth potential. The program parallels entry-level work, by providing trainees with the opportunity to assist with client work, new business, crisis management, pitching the media, learn “tools of the trade,” and supplement their assignments with optional Edel-University (EdelU) seminars. At the culmination of this program, participants have the opportunity exhibit the skills that they have learned with their Edel Project, a group project completed by the trainees to be presented to all Edelman staff. Given the opportunity to work with top industry professionals, and gain practical work experience, it is important to maintain high standards for the program. It is possible to increase awareness of the program, without compromising the quality of trainees. In order to distinguish the Edelman trainee program from competitors, it is necessary to employ the same innovative thinking that Edelman values. Communication regarding the program currently targets those who are already familiar with Edelman, by providing access to information through the company website. The “Careers” section has a job posting and background information on the “Job Training Program.” However, by taking advantage of new communication methods, Edelman will be able to educate an otherwise uninformed segment of potential trainees. Edelman will need to reach out to college-age (18-22 years old) young adults, in order to familiarize potential candidates with the trainee program.


Competitive Analysis Jackson Spalding Jackson Spalding opened in 1995 as a smaller, local PR firm but was later deemed one of the largest independent marketing communications firms in the Southeast with three offices in Atlanta, Athens and Dallas, TX. The firm has more than 60 professionals and thus operates on a smaller scale than Edelman. Although small, the firm has large locally-based clients such as The Chick-fil-A Bowl, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Publix Supermarkets and the University of Georgia. Focusing on nine different areas of PR (financial, consumer, education, healthcare, non-profit, professional services, real estate, sports marketing and transportation) , the firm also has a creative group providing additional marketing services, graphic design, advertising, and web site design. Jackson Spalding’s internship program judges candidates on the “5 C’s” of character, class, confidence, chemistry, and competency. Interns must have internship experience, a GPA of 3.5 or higher and be able to present a resume and strong writing samples- which are heavily weighted. Hearing of opportunities mostly through word of mouth, about 100 applicants apply to a paid internship ($10-12/hour and subsidized parking) for approximately two positions. Jackson Spalding also requires that each intern work with all employees and places a high emphasis on the ability of candidates to mesh with the work environment. Ketchum Ketchum, another agency, was founded in 1923 and has its global headquarters in NY but operates in more than 50 countries with 5 practice areas (brand marketing, food & nutrition, technology, corporate communications, and healthcare). Large clients include Kodak, IBM, and FedEx. Ketchum also emphasizes pride in its employees and their positive contributions to the community through organizations such as the World Economic Forum, and Room to Read. Ketchum’s internship program consists of an 8-10 week program in which the interns can attend in-house classes, serve as active members of account teams, and work on their own group’s internship project. The company says they offer a positive culture and working atmosphere and believe in their interns’ active involvement on accounts, and that this firsthand experience is what sets their program apart. The number of interns hired, wages offered, and interview process vary according to office location. Manning Selvage & Lee Another global entity is Manning Selvage & Lee Worldwide (MS&L). The agency was founded in 1938 and has 54 offices worldwide. MS&L cites its mission as being dependent on the acquisition of passionate and diverse employees, saying this provides the “best people for their client’s business.” The local Atlanta office in particular specializes in 6 areas (consumer, corporate, healthcare, investor relations, marketing, and workplace communications). It is also a member of the Publicis Groupe- the world’s 4th largest communications group. The agency also proudly states that its employees are corporate citizens through volunteering with Hands on Network and Points of Light.


Competitive Analysis (Continued) The MS&L Internship Challenge seeks to find the most savvy and inventive individuals to provide professional development. Each office usually receives about 100 applicants for three intern positions from students who must have completed their junior or senior year of college with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. To apply for an intern position, which offers minimum wage compensation, applicants first must submit a resume and application form. They are then called to take a pop culture quiz and are subsequently divided into randomized groups and given a PR assignment. The applicants work together as a team to come up with a strategy to compete against the other teams. Of the winners, the staff then further examines the applicant pool to select the interns who will be offered an internship. MS&L says they deliver measureable business results and that this progressive exposure as well as continued professional development classes throughout employment at MS&L is what makes their agency unique.


Overview Goal •

Increase the overall awareness of and curiosity about Edelman Atlanta among college students in the surrounding region; emphasizing the prestige and value Edelman provides to the public relations industry. We aim to increase application submissions by 15% in the next two calendar years.

Key Audiences • Smart, well rounded and driven college students • College students in the surrounding region (Southeast United States) who display an interest in communication studies • Executive-level student participants and faculty advisors of communications organizations (i.e. PRSSA) Objectives • Raise awareness of career mentorship that the Edelman internship program provides • Emphasize the unique hands-on internship experience offered by Edelman • Familiarize college students in the region with Edelman Atlanta Strategies • Establish and increase proactive outreach through print and digital material advertising Edelman Atlanta to colleges and universities in the geographic region surrounding the Edelman Atlanta office • Utilize social media in efforts to appeal to more potential Edelman Atlanta interns • Emphasize the unique details that distinguish Edelman’s internship experience from any other PR agency


SWOT Analysis Strengths • Edelman is the largest public relations firm in the world and the number one firm in the nation. • Edelman has a variety of different clients from Starbucks to UPS, which gives every employee a place to fit in no matter their background. • As for the internship program, Edelman makes it as open minded as possible, and gives the interns possibilities to grow. • Getting to work with the best in the business gives interns a great opportunity to network, and helps them find work upon graduation. Weaknesses • A weakness of the internship program is that it is unpaid. • Currently the internship program is not well known, and that is due to the outreach. • No “perks”; i.e. paid parking. Opportunities • Opportunity to experience a wide variety of industries including: consumer brands, financial services, health services, technology, and industrial sectors of the PR market all in a twelve-week session. • Offers a real-life learning experience, allowing interns to complete same tasks as an entry-level employee. • Edelman offers the ability to learn the complex world of PR from the smartest, most respected individuals in the industry. • Internships at Edelman are flexible, full-time, and can even count for class credit. Threats • Other internships may offer compensation for intern work, an aspect which Edelman does not. • Edelman’s application process is much more involved than many other programs involving three interviews as well as a lengthy online application process. This difficulty may deter some candidates but Edelman knows that the final candidates are the most dedicated and determined of the prospects.


Tactics Social Media • Blog – Set up a blog that is run and maintained by the current interns. The blog will serve as a place for interns to write about what they’re learning and experiencing during their 12-week internship at Edelman. • Twitter—Have present Edelman interns “tweet” about their daily activities. A condensed version of what is being reported on the blog. • Facebook – Current Edelman interns should be in charge of maintaining the Edelman Intern Facebook page. Updates to the Facebook page should include challenges and learning experiences that the interns are facing. • Daily Candy – Human Relations director and/or Intern Coordinators should submit Internship opportunities to the corresponding Daily Candy webpage. This will act as an informative measure to reach potential Edelman interns. • Creative Loafing – Similar to Daily candy, Human Relations director and/or Intern Coordinators should submit Internship opportunities. This will act as an informative measure to reach potential Edelman Interns. • Ning – Currently there is a Ning created for all Edelman employees (past and current). Either a new Ning page may be created to advertise the Edelman Internship experience or information pertaining to Internship opportunities may be added to the current Ning page for interested students. Internal Relations • HR Preview Day – “A Day in the Shoes of an Edelman Team Member” This will occur four times a year, paralleling with the time when students are applying for internships with Edelman. A day in the Fall, Spring and Summer will be sponsored by the HR department allowing students who have expressed interest in Edelman to come and tour the office and learn a brief background of the company and what the internship has to offer. • Edelman Website – On the Edelman Internship website, we propose to add an electronic version of the brochure highlighting the Edelman internship experience. This will allow for college advisors to print the brochures for students who have expressed an interest in Edelman. • Ning – Encourage Edelman employees and current Edelman interns to actively participate in posting experiences with Edelman. Use Ning as an indirect marketing scheme to entice potential interns to learn more about the Edelman internship experience.


Tactics (Continued) University Outreach • University Newspapers, Newsletters and Special Publications - Edelman believes reaching out to university publications to announce its internship program will increase knowledge and awareness of its prestigious PR agency opportunity. The article can be written by an alum of that specific university, a current intern or simply provide a copy of the Eyes on Edelman brochure. These articles will provide information on what interns will experience and skills they can expect to learn, if chosen as one of Edelman’s interns. • Speakers - Having Edelman employees speak about their work experience and the internship program that Edelman provides will allow for a personal connection to the selected colleges and universities. The ability to speak to specific classes and students encourages more investigation into Edelman’s internship program and will ultimately bring the highest caliber of PR, advertising and communication majors into consideration for internship positions. • Career Services/Fairs – By developing relationships with career counselors, we aim to create awareness of Edelman’s prestigious PR agency and its internship program. This will able Edelman to reach out to a variety of colleges and universities and pull in a diverse group of smart and highly motivated interns and employees. Promotional Material • Pens, Pencils, Buttons, Pads, Papers, Post-Its, USB Drives/Travel Drives - Providing promotional material with the Edelman name in various forms to select college and universities will keep Edelman in the spot light to be recognized. The various materials will provide communication majors with information on Edelman’s internship and employment opportunities and will also educate other major students on Edelman’s services and expertise for future business. Ultimately, it will keep Edelman’s name and reputation in the public eye. Print •

Brochure and Flyer – These print communication tactics will highlight the most imperative information for potential Edelman interns. These will be sent directly to the universities in the surrounding geographic region and also will be posted on Edelman’s intern website so that it can be viewed digitally or printed off the website.


Survey Questions & Results 1. What is your gender? a. Male – 19.7% b. Female – 80.3% 2. How old are you? a. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 3. What year are you in college? a. Freshman – 1.5% b. Sophomore – 3% c. Junior – 13.6% d. Senior – 71.2% e. Graduate Student – 4.5% 4. Where do you look for new internship opportunities? (Check all that apply.) a. Company websites – 57.6% b. University career adviser – 27.3% c. Academic adviser – 48.5% d. Speaker/Guest on university campus – 21.2% e. Academic Clubs/Activities – 36.4% f. School data base – 31.8% g. Other (Please specify) – 27.3% 5. Would you accept an internship offer even if the internship was NOT paid? a. Yes – 37.9% b. No – 13.6% c. Maybe – 48.5% 6. What size company would you prefer to intern for? a. Large (more recognizable company) – 22.7% b. Medium (regionally recognizable company) – 24.2% c. Small (locally recognizable company) - 4.5% d. Not a determining factor – 48.5% 7. Would your ideal internship be in a big city? a. Yes – 54.5% b. No – 7.6% c. Not a determining factor – 37.9% 8. How willing are you to travel out of state or away from college for an internship? a. Not willing – 6.1% b. Would consider – 50% c. Willing – 43.9%


Survey Questions & Results (Continued) 9. How important is a company's reputation to you when applying for an internship? (Whereas 5 is Most Important) a. 1 – 0% b. 2 – 1.5% c. 3 – 13.6% d. 4 – 53% e. 5 – 31.8% 10. What is the most appealing aspect to you when applying for an internship? a. I’ve worked an unpaid internship and it is awful. I have also worked a paid internship that I love. The most important aspect of being an intern is knowing that the people in the company are going to treat you as an equal and help you learn as much as possible during your internship. b. The tasks and goals of the internship, I am very interested if it falls within my field of what I want to do c. The quality of the experience it provides; the contacts I will make d. Potential for Networking/Connections e. I look for a company that offers me the best experience, the place where I can learn the most and expand upon my schooling. The size or place doesn't matter as much as the reputation. I want something that will stand out on my resume! f. Having a friendly environment with interesting coworkers. Also being part of a company that could help me in my future careers! g. If it is something that interests me and would help me for what I want to do in the future h. Opportunity for practical experience i. The amount of real-world, life-application working experience that I will receive. j. Location, Job description, Pay k. some type of pay, either salary or living stipend to cover expenses l. Pay/Experience


Internship Project: Edelman Communication Plan  

For future internship program.